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Brother Rapes Imouto 22 Times, Imouto Pleads For Leniency


A brother who raped his little sister 22 times has been spared the maximum sentence by his own sister’s plea for leniency.

The incident occurred in Taiwan’s Miaoli county, where a 19-year-old youth was found to have regularly raped his little sister, in the 6th year of elementary school, a total of 22 times over a 6 month period.

His crimes were supposedly prompted by him watching pornographic films, after which he would assault his sister as she bathed or slept.

As their parents were rarely home as a result of their jobs, it took some time for his conduct to come to light. His sister bore his attentions rather than report him.

After his arrest and conviction for multiple counts of rape, his little sister reportedly asked the court for leniency in sentencing:

“I want you to give my brother the chance to make a fresh start in life!”

This, coupled with his apparent strong remorse and the further intercession of his mother, caused the judge to sentence him to 8 years in prison rather than the 10 years the prosecution sought.

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