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Crushed Girl Dies – “Farewell, There Are No Cars In Heaven”



The 2-year-old girl who was repeatedly run over by Chinese motorists and ignored by no less than 18 people as she lay bleeding in the road has died.

So severe were her injuries that she fell into a coma and was later pronounced braindead, with doctors holding out little hope for her survival.

She finally passed away after lingering several days, with the hospital claiming the cause of death to be “systemic organ failure.”

Meanwhile, the humble rag-picker who dragged her off the road has been feted as a national hero and given $15,000 by corporate benefactors as a reward for her heroic conduct in the face of conceivable risk:


The circumstances surrounding the girl’s death have provoked outrage and revulsion in China, with millions angrily decrying the undeniably wretched moral character of modern China.

Many Chinese have expressed the opinion that Chinese law is so backwards and corrupt and the Chinese people themselves so immoral and treacherous that they would fear to help anyone in need lest they be turned on and held financially responsible for the incident by the person they helped – as has in fact happened in several widely reported cases.

Others have pointed to the flagrant disregard for the most basic standards of ethical behaviour routinely displayed by China’s government and businesses as evidence of a society which simply does not care about individuals or tolerate them acting morally.

However, with all this universal outrage some will doubtless be left wondering where all these kind-hearted Chinese were as the little girl lay dying in the middle of the road after being run over twice.

Aside from the arrest of the two drivers who ran her over, the only official response has been the provincial government mooting a law to force people to help accident victims (seemingly highly unpopular) and calling for suggestions on how to better promote “socialist morals” amongst the people – although an increasingly large body of Chinese appear to be of the opinion these are what got them into this situation in the first place.

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