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Koreans “Flee Supermarket at Sight of Black Woman”


The tale of a supermarket descending into mass hysteria and flight at the arrival of a black woman has lately been the subject of much discussion online.

From a recently published report describing some of the difficulties Korea’s one and only Kenyan entrepreneur faced setting up shop in a nation renowned for its xenophobia:

One fine morning, pandemonium broke out in a South Korean supermarket, and customers and shop stewards alike scampered for safety.

Babies strapped on their mothers’ backs, others in prams screamed as their parents sought the nearest exits.

And it wasn’t a terrorist attack, neither was it a band of robbers who had raided the convenience store. No, it wasn’t a fire alert either. One Kenyan woman had just walked in to make a purchase.

“It was terrible!” recalls the woman, Everlyne Nyambegera. “Children were crying, their mothers dashing for the exits and all this made me also break down and start crying too.”

“I was so upset and I said to myself that I will never go back to Korea again . . . one of my aunties in Kenya told me I’d be mad to return to Korea,” she told Lifestyle in Seoul recently.

She did apparently manage to overcome such difficulties and now runs a small business selling tribal kitsch to Koreans.

As the only developed Asian nation which is more parochial than Japan, this has aroused much raillery on 2ch, pinnacle of diversity as it is:

“As expected of the nation with the world’s most severe racial discrimination.”

“What’s wrong with those Koreans…”

“She was wrong to go to Korea in the first place.”

“If she’d bothered to check, she could have found that out before going there.”

“If it’s Korea, it can’t be helped.”

“Why? Haven’t they ever seen a black person before?”

“Descending into chaos at the sight of a black woman – what’s wrong with these Koreans?”

“At least they didn’t rape her.”

“This is Edo period level stuff.”

“What a horribly racist country. Despicable.”

“Why do those filthy Koreans respond like that to black people?”

“As expected of pseudo-humans, when a real human comes to their store they freak out.”

“It’s the same reaction a human would get if he entered the monkey park at the zoo.”

“This is worse than an island nation like Japan. I guess they are cut off from the mainland by North Korea so they are practically an island.”

“An Indian friend of mine went to Korea on holiday and said he kept getting nasty looks and would never return there.”

“Well, Koreans are crazy to begin with. It’s foolish to expect any better of them.”

“A Joumon period level reaction.”

“But passing by a group of foreigners is scary isn’t it?”

“You don’t get this even in Japan’s most backwards countryside.”

“Did black people do something to them? Why do they hate them so much?”

“For a whole supermarket of people to have never seen a black person… pretty surprising.”

“I can imagine one or two freaking out like that, but en masse?”

“I heard a story about a black person getting into a pool in Korea and all the Koreans getting out, I suppose it must be true.”

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  • If only those idiots know they should be more worried at the presence of a white man! HA! worthless bastards! the nerve of them…imagine bottom feeders trying to act like they’re better than that.

  • I wonder if someone actually checked the authenticity of this story. I am korean and I’ve seen often black people in a supermarket or on the street, some even with a burka. No one made a fuss about it.

    Either something happened and the woman interpreted that she was the center of the story or maybe she did something to cause the incident without realizing it. African and Asian countries have different habits and cultures.

  • Wow these are the most entertaining and racist comment I ever saw. My personal favorite is “MY GOD, Guys GO BACK TO AFRICA”
    LOLOL I got the mental image of a freckled skinny white nerd raging hard, oh god its so racist that I’m sure its trolling, but it made me laugh so hard.

  • Sound advice anon 22:41 I went and read the entire article it say a completely different story than what is posted here.

    Seeing that most of the articles here are slanted for shock value and entertainment for the masses it’s not really any surprise to me.

  • The thread here on SC seems to have quickly mutated from the original issue into a “blacks are scum” vs “no they’re not” flamewar.

    To add my cup of kerosine to that:

    Regarding criminality: Tendency to criminality is based on culture, values, and environment. It’s not based on genetic race.

    Regarding they-are-taking-over: There is always SOME group in power, and SOME group(s) trying to “take over”.

    Regarding affirmative action: This is something created by idealistic and/or guilty-feeling white people in an attempt to repair the injustices of the past and/or make the guilty-feeling white people feel better about themselves.

    The results have been poor in both areas.

    Regarding the original issue: Xenophobia partly based on monoculture, or near-monoculture. Monoculture reinforces the “different-from-me/us == bad” reaction.

  • I’m seeing a bit of craziness here about Africans going back to the own land being accused of various things. Almost as if it’s like that Blacks are the only troublemakers in this world…whose to say whites, chineses, and etc, don’t cause the same trouble on their own land. It’s too late to say crap like that, some blacks do have the means to go to Africa, but we’re centuries far too late for anybody whose black to be sent back.

    I’m just seeing people talking nonsense as always not getting a damn thing. The problems is not the black people, it’s possibly anything that’s also a cause for plenty of racial discrimination. I’m just saying, because what some of you guys said is wrong in some many ways. Making it look like the world will never get along..ever.

    BTW don’t think only Blacks can prove to be dangerous, everyone else has the potential to be the worst beings as possible on this planet, this applies to all races.

  • 비판을 위한 비판도 아니고
    .그냥 비방.

    외국인들께 p.s
    다른 부탁이 있는데 제발 사우나실 들어와서 때’좀 밀지좀마요
    알려주면 창피준다 나가버리고, 눈치주면 인종차별한다 그러고

  • LOL. This wouldn’t be too much different in Japan. It does make me scratch my head and ask the question yet again, “if Koreans hate black people so much why on Earth does the #1 thing for them to do in America seem to be opening up stores and restaurants in almost 100% black neighborhoods?” I live in GA (to be specific, Stone Mountain, the birthplace of the KKK where, and a place where KKK parades were held when I was a child) yet the most direct racism I’ve experienced has come from Korean establishments.

  • “I was so upset and I said to myself that I will never go back to Korea again . . .” Well, that should be great news for Korea. I don’t blame korea for this kind of reaction, look at what Black people did to USA, or what black people represents in the world. The rest of the world doesn’t have to pay for USA’s mistakes, they took an harmful specie out of their natural habitat and now this ethnic group is trashing their nation, and they deserve it.

    But we don’t. We never bring blacks to our nation against their will, they have rights, the right to be blacks and we have the right to be what we are. Blacks should be back to Africa, Jews to Israel and Muslims to where they belong. Nature is wise, and there’s several kinds of “contamination” not only the acumulation of trash, brutal noise, polution, etc. There’s another kind of contamination as well, ETHNIC CONTAMINATION. If you have pride to be what you are, and you’re proud of “your people” and “your kind” THEN STAY IN YOUR OWN FUCKING LAND WHERE YOU BELONG. AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS OF THE LIKES AS YOU IN YOUR HOMELAND. LEARN SOMETHING FROM THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE.

    Stay the fuck away from the white men, if you hate white men so much. You know already white men hate blacks, then why to go near them? Why ask for jobs to them? Don’t you blacks have no pride at all? To let a fat white piece of trash to insult you and your children and heritage in your face? MY GOD, Guys GO BACK TO AFRICA and save your homeland from the brutal hellish nightmare it’s suffering.

      • To be slightly accurate, Americans are just European Colonists. I’m from England, how do you think I feel knowing that we pretty much had a hand in screwing over most of the world. Le sighs…

      • Where do all of you self righteous fucks get off? Go back to your homeland because no one fucking likes you is all your saying no matter how much you pretty it up, fact is America is at least trying to accept everyone regardless of their race and ethnicity and it’s a beautiful thing they attempted. I cannot deny that removing the black people would be a major plus to pretty much every aspect of the USA but that isn’t happening, so what is bitching about it going to do, be a realist and try to figure out smething that MIGHT ACTUALLY HAPPEN! Oh and honor died with the last samurai, telling people to have pride for what they are or where they came from is just self indulgent narcissism towards your own. (Look at me, I’m proud of where I’m from and you should go back to where your from too, haha feel good about myself for 5 minutes.

      • NO. NO MY GOOD FRIEND. You ain’t gonna throw to the garbage the culture of a once great nation with that kind of missleading speach. USA did it’s part in turning our world into a better one, the rest of the world will be ever grateful to what they did on the W.W.I and W.W.II. They gave us the legacy of people like Lincoln, Delano Roosevelt. The beautiful art of Elvis, Orbison, their advances in medicine, technology, arts and filming, literature, Mark Twain, etc. Do I really have to make a fucking list?!

        They loose their path as any empire do, with a piece of trahs like Nixon, then Reagan, and finally the Bush family, to end with the most atrocious thing: a Black president. A black president in a nation were blacks are in jails, with out respect in society, with out jobs, with out dignity. That’s atrocious. And this black president can’t do a damn thing about that. How much humiliation can black people take for fucks sake?! just to seat in the poor crumbling wooden houses that white rich families leave behind? Really? Come on, rise your head, have some pride, take your things, your sons and daughters and go back to your suffering homeland in Africa to build a place for you and your children. You’re free, don’t you realize? Why to keep being insulted in the face?! My God.

        If Europe is the cause of all evil then why all the black people: Mexicans, africans, muslins, jews, etc are going IN MASS to little beautiful countries like england, sweeden, holland, Germany, france, etc? Trashing their economy, their culture, their ethnicity, this is real and it is happening. You can’t look away, you can’t expect a nation to stand in silence when are being deprived of what they are up to the DNA level. Our beautiful white women, with silk skin, rosy spots in their precious skin, instead of black gruesome ones. Their beautiful big blue eyes like the sky or green like a clear lagoon, their sharp and delicate figure and gesture, their beautiful golden and straight hair, their beautiful offsprings object of poems, lost forever into a dark filthy genetic pool of blacks. NO, the world can’t allow that to happen.

      • It’s the Europeans fault partly,because we didn’t burn that trash-pack and just threw them out of our good old world.The truth is that Americans are the offspring of all these f**ked up sectists, atheists, criminals,traitors,jews and lowlife scum who left Europe because they were rightfully hated everywhere and tried to defile/disturb religion,social order,morals,politics etc. in their homecountries.
        That’s why they tried to eradicate the Native American People, started the slave-trade on their own and bring endless warfare over the world.

    • This man speaks the truth.
      Black people and others like them stop trying to push your “diversity” ideals onto other pure race countries. Keep that in America or go back to Africa and be proud of your origins.
      Also you Blacks saying you are ashamed of hip hop black Americans are actually worse than them. At least those guys have pride in their race and actually like to date black women. You guys are actually the racist ones and refuse to date or marry in your own races!

      • There seems to be vote manipulation again. Which isn’t anything new in articles like these. Any sane person can see a trend and consistent correlation about these votes if you’ve been in sancom long enough. It usually follows the same pattern.

      • Oh wow I never thought Sancom would stoop this low and actually upvote a comment like that. I guess this site really does support racism more than I thought. Sancom probably butt fucks the Minutemen, BNP and Uyoku for their same ideals.

        Ironically while Anon 11:17 and 12:00 tell blacks stay in their countries; we’re too busy enforcing our White views on the rest of the world, slapping military bases on every other country, emmigrating to non prominent White countries, trying to steal resources from other countries, polluting other countries with our factories and “Dey tukk ar Jurbs!” Seriously? Did they lose their woman to a Black man or something?

        • Are white supremacists that desperate to recruit that they come to a site that caters to people with Japanophilia? Doesn’t seem like it’s failing so I guess it works.

          My question to you white supremacists is what do you think about white people living in countries like Japan, Africa, India and Korea then?

          And by the sounds of it, you white power dudes just seem angry because the black man is getting all the white women ass you can’t…Since well, you guys keep talking about white women disapearing and all.

        • White power comment in Sankaku? This site attracts the most random of people…

          Gonna have to agree with Anon 23:04, Mauvais. You’re either turning a blind eye to the countless amount of racist slurs towards the Chinese by Anons and users alike or you really don’t see them…Not saying you are one but the only people here who outright deny any of it are weeaboo’s, japanophiles and namely racists.

          Votes mean little I have to say. A select few can be racist and vote in large to mess with the system. Sankaku is no different to any other site and has it’s own “circle” of friends. But that doesn’t mean all of Sankaku are racists. Those who didn’t down or up vote aren’t counted of course. I’ll admit that there are racists here, but I’d like to beleive they are in the minority. A loud minority but a minority.

        • Haha, yeah, Anon 23:04, this is one of Artefact’s articles after all. But I’ve never seen a display quite like this. Multiple-paragraph, bigoted posts describing the physical characteristics they hate in a race, and why they shouldn’t be allowed to migrate.

        • Strong words, Anonymous, strong words. I dare you to make an account and continue posting these sort of things. Not that there’s anything to fear from the opinions of others on the Internet, but would you have the balls to say the same sort of things if you lost a bit of that anonymity? If not, it means the majority does not share your views. Jumping hot out of the pan from /b/, hidden behind the mask of Anonymous, and going on about your primitive opinions of what makes a race, is nothing short of cowardly and pathetic.

          At first I thought the things being said here were sarcastic! I’ve visited this site frequently for a while now, and I must say, I have never run into such racist behavior as this in ANY post. I won’t say this place is a hall of saints, but on the whole, I think the real members of this community at least know how to practice moderation. With that in mind, I attribute your consistent +7 scores to one of two things:
          1. Whatever posse you rolled through here with.
          2. You reloaded the page over and over to up-vote yourself.
          Judging from what can be observed from your maturity level, I’m going to assume it was the latter. I sincerely hope that I right in thinking that the majority of users on this site would not welcome you here.
          In summary: Get the fuck out.

          On a more RELEVANT topic, in an ideal situation the people of one race would recognize that this black person, someone from another race, is still a person. They don’t have to like her face, but the least they could do is tolerate her as a human being. The way they reacted, you’d think a tiger had entered the building!

        • Well, take a good look to that “Good (+0.8)” because it means something alright. Of course Sancom it’s not an ” evil racist” comunity, WE ARE ALL PART OF A RACE, PART OF A CULTURAL HERITAGE, PART OF A NATION. It’s only natural to protect what we are. We are proud of what we are. We make art inspired in our beautiful children, our beautiful women, our beautiful culture. Songs, paintings, films. And you know what? The rest of the world likes to do the same! In southern countries like mexico or Brazil they use white people with blue eyes to do their tv adverts or to appear in TV shows.

          Now, how many “art”, Tv shows, advertisings, super models, etc has a black person as a subject? The thing is that even black persons hates themsleves, that’s fucking atrocious. They hate themsleves! They prefer to fuck white women any time, no one wants to rol in a sweat dump with a creature with a black disgusting looking “thing” covering it’s body. Or what it’s worse and much more common: a dark skin showing blaks spots all over the place, with the plus of little scars turning into disgusting marks due to their dry dark skin. It look like they’are fucking dirty, suffering of some infection in their skin or something. What I just say are HORRIBLE WORDS but they’re true, we don’t usually watch “Black porn” we go for the white, delicate, silky skinned, looking bitches. And I don’t want to use those horribles descriptions in my community, in my daughters, my sisters, my grandsons. Is that evil? To love my people as they are? to protect them to become something that they will hate? To prevent them from a life of regret and sadness?


        • Mauvais, I don’t have an account here, but you’re right, I would never wrote this using one. You’re mistaken in one thing though: to think that expressions from the anonymity doesn’t have a general concensus. On the contrary, when we express under anonimous faces we show our true selves, and I just proved that when I saw that (Good+8) rating up there in the first post. I couldn’t believe it either I thought that people would bash that comment and thow it to the pits of hell, but no, they didn’t posted comments but they voted positive.

          You can describe those comments as coward and pathetic, BUT they ARE part of a REALITY. The reality some people don’t want to see while hiding in their basements faping to something (mostly non black “somethings” of course) See what I’m talking about? HYPOCRICY. The only way to see what’s going on truly in our society is by an anonimous way, so god bless anonimous because they speak the truth, and the truth hurts. Search the picture of a black or dark skinned bitch in this whole page, in the adverts, the banners, the galleries, did you find something? NOW, are you really that shocked to see a comment like that being voted up? COME ON MAN!

          Now there is a real world out there that’s being taken over ethnically, the culture we fap to in sites like this one is in danger. One day you would want to actually go out of your fucking room to find one nice girl to fuck, just like the ones you see on your screen. And then you will find the truth, that you will be sorrounded by persons that don’t match your tastes and you will wonder what the hell happened, were are YOUR people? YOUR beautiful women? You can insult this anon all you want but this anon speaks the truth, a truth that is happenning in America, in England, In France, In Sweeden in the whole europe. And you better listen now, if you really care about this. A beautiful ethnic group is dessapearing.

          You can’t look away, you can’t expect a nation to stand in silence when are being deprived of what they are up to the DNA level. Beautiful white women, with silky and rosy skin and beautiful big blue eyes like the sky or green like a clear lagoon, sharp and delicate figure and gesture, beautiful golden and straight hair and their beautiful offsprings object of poems, lost forever into a dark filthy genetic pool of blacks. NO, the world can’t allow that to happen. But no one is listening, they hide behind hypocritical “policy” until one day they realize that they are gone forever.

          Different ethnicities are part of the world’s heritage as much as our natural marvels, or historic monuments and places. Europe is being devastated by uncontrolled inmigration. We must go back to our senses and preserve what we are as human beings. Blacks to Africa, Jews to Israel, Muslims to the Arab nations, Asians to Asia. And Whites to Europe. Insulting me will not make this reality to dessapear. Don’t answer me if you don’t want to, but keep these words to yourself, and be sure that there’s a world out there that is thinking this things right now. The London riots are not a joke, the riots in France weren’t either. Someday those nations will realize about where they’re heading and violence will show up truly as desperation rises. No one want that, so first of all we should stop hypocrisy, and admit that these koreans behaviour was a natural and totally understandable self protection reaction.

  • Would have loved to see what would have happened if it was a black that guy walked into that market with his trouser unzipped. See? It’s not just “white devils” who are racist! EVERY race is racist to a degree. It is individuals who learn to rise above it.

  • I don’t usually respond to the juvenile garbage that’s posted on this site. A lot of comments are exactly what you’d expect from a bunch of people, who still live in momma’s house, and want to throw themselves off a building because a voice actress has nerve enough to have a life outside of anime, something they themselves can’t seem to accomplish, but I couldn’t pass this up. As an African American, and a USAF member I have to call bulls**T where bulls**t is do. I spent six stationed in Korea. African American have been stationed in Korea since the end of the Korean war, Seoul is host the largest US Military community in Korea. There are literally thousands of African Americans serving there, just as there are in Japan. You people are really brave, making your ignorant comments while hiding behind “anonymous”, just goes to show you’ve got little balls, to go along with your little dicks. You are correct in one aspect, the Korean men are extremely insular, but their women aren’t, they love us, because we can actually reach the bottom, and Japanese women love us for the same damn reason, regardless of what they tell you, all I hear is how little your dick is.

    • Given the number of Black men who fought in the Korean war, and the composition of US forces occupying SKorea after the war, there probably wouldn’t even be a South Korea without Blacks. Just saying…..

  • I think the problem is mostly the media. If the only black people Koreans or Japanese are guys like Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy, of course they’ll be racist. Its wrong and ignorant, but that’s what they learn. I only wish they were exposed to the good black people like Morgan Freeman or Bill Cosby. These ignorant black guys are making hard for all of us.

    • Ignore it guys.

      These guys want to act badass by sounding like racist backwards inbred hicks who couldn’t come into the 21th century.

      Also, it’s just a couple of assholes who are making a bunch of accounts to make it seem like a lot of people agree with them. So don’t bother.

    • I wonder how this comment gets a quality rating of 1.0. One problem though, every single human being can have the potential to be the worst being on this planet. It does not apply on blacks only, any person from any race can be despicable due to their actions negatively.

      I’m black as well, but I’m 22 years old and in college with a good academic record. I understand that the potentials in me can be good or evil, no matter how much I deny the bad ones, but I can chose not to be a pain on society and just become the best I can be in any career I choose.

      How can a good person like me be dangerous, just be existing? GTFO!

  • “This is Edo period level stuff.”
    “A Joumon period level reaction.”

    I must admit, I laughed. Hard. Well played 2ch. Well played.

    “But passing by a group of foreigners is scary isn’t it?”


  • While I love some things from Japan, I don’t wanna hear criticism from a country where the kids alienate their own peers just because they spent part of their childhood in a foreign country; where they blatantly put signs in their stores saying “no foreigners allowed” and where you’re guilty until proven otherwise if arrested.

  • stop bashing japan , they’ll come back with their “gaijin hate japanese !” complex …

    “poor little thing …
    you find comment saying stuff like “what’s wrong with treating shit like shit” when talking about gaijin but it’s because they are scared, they loooove us !
    they love the world actually ! japan is filled with love !
    and those comment up there are just 2ch being tsuntsun as usual !
    they love korean !”

    meanwhile in japan:
    oh korean ? trash , dont even think about them …it’ll pollute your mind , by the way i thought of that doujinshi were 2 fat japanese rape a blonde loli from england but … what do you think ?”

    • froggy here

      You’re almost right. It does happened in france, but it wasn’t a french family.

      In a small appartment in which several africans families were living (illegally) together, one of the occupent was wandering naked in the house in the middle of the night (going to the toilet I suppose). Some other occupents of the house witnessed him, and jumped out from the window because they thought it was the Devil.

    • Never heard of that , actually France isn’t as much of a believing country so if there was a case such as this one there’s one explication possible aside from racism :

      They were nuts , which when you are believer AND french , is highly probable .

      Now i have to say i don’t think a whole family would kill themselves out of racism , killing the neighbour would be more logical on a racism mind . .

  • Well fine, I didn’t want to visit Korea anyway!

    But in all seriousness… this is just unfair, man. It is one. Black. Person. Not an entire army of black people with weapons. Sadly there’s going to be racism everywhere though.

    • It’s not racism if you run away,it is evading a possible thread? Who knows what those people have experienced with black people in their past?
      Of course one could feel humiliated by such an act but it’s still better than pointing fingers,throwing tomatoes or beating up these people.

      The Koreans do it right,in our country we have already tried to “integrate” the African and Turkish people with the result that they despise our culture and damage our society by commiting crimes. And if we raise our voice against them,people like you say we are racists?

      If they feel humiliated/treated wrongly,they can always go back to their homecountry but we,who live here since the first AMHs(Anatomic Modern Human)came here to Europe,can’t go anywhere because here is our homecountry.Do you really want to force someone to give his Homecountry to someone who doesn’t want to blend into it’s society but to live like they did in their country?

      The woman should be grateful not to get thrown out of the market and not care about those people who ran away… If evading counts as racism,too, then it’s one more evidence that racism doesn’t exist except in some peoples’ heads to profiliate themselves and discriminate against people who have a non-mainstream-opinion of things…

  • Really… are we not in a time where the only real racism that occurs is amongst the deepest of closet trash and gangs?

    I mean come on… being able to clear out a supermarket and get your shopping done alot faster is an admirable trait. Otherwise get over it I say. Instead of opening a shop she should be selling tickets for an express lane at a supermarket.

  • You guys are not much different from 2ch.. racist, bitching and digging every single excuse to ridicule Korea in anyway. And I’m not talking about Korea only, other country as well such as China, US, Canada etc…

    I suggest you all read the original article instead of this. That way, you don’t look like a dumbass when you bitch about it.

    Seriously, no wonder you dumbasses still lives in your parent’s basement.

    Also, Korea = Xenophobic?? pfffff…

    • Funny, to me it looks like most people here are standing up for the black woman without racist commentary, with the exception of a small percentage of racists who are getting downvoted fairly quickly.

      Also, talking about the faults of a country’s culture is not the same as racism, which insults people solely based on skin color. We, with some Korean Americans included, are pointing out the faults with the country’s culture.

      Are you just looking for something to bitch about?

  • Either those people are poorly educated morons, or I am for not questioning the legitimacy of this article. There was a long pause between sank stories and then this suddenly appears to stir some shit up. Im sure sank had this article a long time ago saved up for a time when their fail reporting had nothing to post. Few things gets people stirred up and talking like racism.

    Sank needed a hot button issue to post because they had nothing. You all fell for it x3.

      • yeah clown walk originated from crip walk which is a dance blacks came up with. alot of his style and music is pretty hip hop but that goes for alot of asian music pop culture. for a group thats so hated they are so often imitated.

        • @23:10 I prefer my american melting pot mentality over an ONE RACE hitler-esk mentality. Thats been tried before, doesn’t work. So yes I would constitute wanting your child to marry within your own race racist. Race should not be more important or dictate something like who you fall in Love with. But I know asians are taught and raised differently and “preserve the culture!!” is something that is indoctrinated from childhood. But then you run the risk of getting Xeno’s, supremacists, hate crimes, articles like this one, people looking down on others ect ect.

        • oh ok, cool I learned something today.

          but most asians are racist lets be honest. if you don’t believe it just bring home a black person ur dating to your asian parents and family, see what happens x] if you would even date one that is ha. not tryna start a fight, jus sayin’.

          edit: put reply in wrong place.

        • Yeah I know what is clown walk me and my friend dances it. And it would be silly to say all korean hates black people, if that was true than that kenyan woman would not of decided to live in korea. In the end she obviously she found support from them afterwards.
          BTW T.O.P. is hip hop centric because he is in the group big bang. Their music producers are will I am and Ludacris, they even advertises products for ludacris since they are friends…

        • I wouldn’t say racist persay, but I would say older generation asian parents would definitely would want their children to marry within their own race. Would you consitute that as being racist?
          You have to keep in mind your dealing with countries with one single race, and to doublethink your American melting pot mentality before you come to a conclusion.

  • I call bullshit on that article. Its not credited to a single author and its distributed by “All Africa Global Media”.

    Black people have been in Korea for decades, especially (but not restricted to) around the US military outposts there. K-pop is like the only asian music that’s remotely accepted for having “legit” korean rappers.

    This is all stupid lies.

  • Weird I go down from Camp Casey to Yongson with my platoon like every week end. We got a couple of black guys with our group and we never ran into something like this. For the Most part the locales are friendly in Seoul, they just seem to treat us as foreigners

  • Same old hypocrite comments from 2ch. I’m starting to think that japanese people are real life typical elves. Xenophobic, superiority complex, prefers to keep things to themselves and doesn’t welcome people to their land in general.

    I’m glad to live in a region where a lot of immigrants lives. I (somehow) have yet to meet a single jerk from a different nation except for a hindu co-worker but in return, all other hindu people are nice. Hopefully, having a phillipino girlfriend will be a pleasant experience.

  • huh. that’s funny.
    I see black people ALL THE FUCKING TIME here in Korea. I’ve seen them most often as exchange students going to college (mostly people directly from Africa, non black americans).
    There are a fair share of black women here too, because an american army camp is less than an hour from here.

  • For a country that depends on the United States to secure its borders, South Korea is ridiculously xenophobic. Americans should just give them whatthey want and leave them to their pathetic little country by themselves. The world will be better off when their Northern cousins invade and the stupid racists wipe each other out.

  • Yea this article is stupid. There are so many black people in Korea, It’s not something new. The military has been here for 50+ years, you walk down the street you will see foreigners and more then likely they will be black. You get racist people everywhere but most the time no one bats an eyelid.

  • Emm… Isn’t this in the past already. The article states that she has managed to overcome this kind of difficulties. Anyway, did anyone read the original article? This was an incident in the past, while the rest of that article is actually quite positive which was about how to do business in Korea as Kenyans, the hardship she must endure, and luckily with success, many Koreans are buying her artworks (those mentioned carvings for example) and the Koreans like them pretty much.

    Then the article says something about getting Japanese as tourists in Kenya. So actually the article is not that negative, this incident even makes Ms. Nyambegera smile in hindsight each time she told her this amusing story to her friends and family, that’s what the article says.

  • I find this rather amusing because the South Korean President and First Lady visited President Obama and First Lady Obama just last week… Now i wonder how i’d be if President Obama visited Korea for vacation. But guess Secret Service would evacuate places for him anyway xD

  • lol at 2ch! in 9 years in Japan I’ve experienced a couple of pretty bad bouts of (direct) racism and one time unfortunately ended up getting into a fight. That was just a yanki idiot looking for trouble. I’ve been spat at by a lady on a bicycle and had blatant offers of help turned down because I was foreign. And I’m just a white guy from the UK!

    Now generally people are awesome ONCE you get to know them but some of the passive racism is pretty annoying. People refusing to sit next to you on the train, or people moving.. it goes on and on.

    I’ve had a black friend visit Korea and the pool thing isn’t far off; he was in the sea and noticed people would go as far as to get out just to keep distance from him. Mind, he was 6’2 military also 😉

    • Having stayed in Japan, Korea, and China, there’s a huge gap between China and Japan/Korea.

      When walking on the streets:

      In Japan/Korea, you can feel the gaze at the back of your head. The moment you look, they turn their heads. It’s unsettling.

      In China, they give at most one look, and carry on their business. You feel like just another person.

      When asking directions:

      In Japan/Korea (especially Korea) the most frequent response is holding up and waving both palms, as if you’re pointing a gun at them, then they make a quick gateway. Those willing to interact with you hardly ever know English.

      In China, you’ll usually get the directions on first try. They act friendly, and most people know at least some English, enough to carry on simple conversations. Even the old ladies know a few words. The kids tend to follow you around for a bit and talk about all kinds of unrelated things. I was told later that, apparently, talking with a native speaker is a good way to get some practice in.

      It makes you wonder what kind of cultural difference is responsible for this. It’s all east Asian block with a common cultural origin.

    • Interesting…Im a black guy from Brazil and whenever I go to Japan (7 times in the last 4 years) and I NEVER been discriminated or whatever…last time I was in the sub, I even sat besides some grandmas and talked with them no probs…maybe it was because I can talk with them….or because i was with some friends and we were all talking about whatever at the time…heck I’ve gone into their malls alone and ended up laying around with the kiddies in the arcade area and their parents were ther and never got any problem…and thats great Osaka and Tokyo area + some backward cities to boot.

      But I do remember goint to Kyoto and walking around the Eternal Peace Square (or whatever they call the place where the A-Bomb fell…the Baku Doomu was under reformation at the time…) and I did saw some turists – all asians – looking at us like we were some type of alliens…that was the only time I can remember ever being looked like that whenever I went in Japan.

        • yupp, the us government was going to target kyoto because it was an intellectual center of japan… but the kyoto bomb was instead sent to nagasaki. kyoto experienced hardly any effects of the bomb.

          im a history nerd dont judge ^^

      • There are exceptions to every rule, but I also used to live there and saw horrible discrimination for the most part.

        It’s fine to acknowledge that you didn’t really experiences it but it would be ignorance to ignore that it happens.

    • don’t compare your experience with other people. i’m not japanese either but when i was there the people were nice. not saying that’s how they are all the times, but just because you experience problems doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how it is all over japan or that happen to every foreigner 🙂

    • I am living in Tokyo since 13 years, and I had a problem ONCE where the guy at the JR station looked at me like I was a thief (except the machine eat my ticket and I just wanted to exit)
      But except that, yeah sometime I may have had a look from somebody in the train but seriously I never had ANY problems like you are describing.

      Are you sure you were not a “noisy foreigner” in the train, not respecting the courtesy rules or something, coming big mouth over japanese and such etc…etc… ?

      Because ALL the foreigner I know in Tokyo never had such trouble. So I was wondering what kind of place do you go.

        • Those youtube bashers are mostly a handful of people, although very persistent. I’ve noticed some of them are not actually japanese but of other asian ethniticities, but try to pass as japanese nationalists.
          Usually they are saying dribble like I hate kpop, or pleading with japanese women not to be brainwashed by koreans, or calling kpop idols prostitutes…of course there is more radical comments as well.
          In any case you can say they are korea stalkers, since they are so obsessed with bashing anything korean related.
          But anyways koreans don’t even use youtube… its mainly for westerners like us that uses it that are forced to see the comments, so their efforts are kind of in vain.

      • This blame the victim mentality really isn’t fair. Do you do this in your home country also? Because you don’t see it it doesn’t happen?

        Just because you didn’t experience it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Your narrow scope of the world is not reality itself.

        Most foreigners I know (especially those of us living in Japan for a long time who actually know it very well) have seem and experienced a lot of racism. Some of it subtle, some of it not.

        The point is, you don’t have to be noisy, rude, or irresponsible to be a victim of racism any more than a girl should be blamed for rape because she is a girl or a murder victim should be blamed for been alive to murder.

        People have bad experiences, and it isn’t up to us to invalidate them because we don’t have to walk in their shoes.

  • It’s regrettable but they are ignoring the part where she successfully set up business afterwards and all is well… it’s kind of like a horror to happy ending story but they cut out the happy ending.

  • IF you actually read the story, it has a ery positive report on it. I am happy the lady managed to pique alot of interest from the korean market and hopefully it can bring about a better relation between kenya and korea… and also make koreans less surprised about black people.

    • Dude you’d totally get your own pool. I’d be all over that.

      I don’t know why people see black people as dirty. I’m always fascinated when I see a hot black woman. You know the type with that really healthy, shiny, smooth looking chocolate skin? Yes please.

        • Men in general like attractive women regardless of race. I honestly believe that it’s Japanese women who would throw a fit if their tiny world was shattered and they had to put up with the reality that men fap to people who don’t look like them. They’d take it as some sort of personal insult.

        • 18:02

          I know how they usually depict them, but I’d love it if more cute, attractive black girls appeared in anime as main characters.

          And I mean girls that actually look black. Not like that Nadia bullshit that was a pathetic attempt.

          I know it won’t happen but I’d love it.

        • meh, I think its fine because 1) anime character doesn’t look like real people anyways…

          and 2) have you SEEN how japanese depicts black people? you’ll get more stuff like this

          Actually this video is an improvement as they usually make black people talk really slow with a high pitched voice in a down syndrome like manner… even IRL in variety shows.

        • I’ve always been a fan of Gabrielle Union myself. And Zoe Saldana.

          I’d love it if they had actual black women for anime characters. I like dark skin but most of them are just “tanned” Japanese chicks.

        • @22:33 Darkrockslizer
          You dumb little weeaboo whose never been to Japan, there are tons of black people in Japan that you see them just by walk down the street everyday it’s so normal.

          In fact I saw more black people than whites in Japan, but most of them I saw were standing in the middle of the street and will break the law and physically grab you to drag to their hip-hop cloth shops that’s actually run by Koreans… in Japan… I know it sounds weird but true story

        • For reals. Black women look exactly like Black men. Ugly and Brutish. And they’re as primitive, stupid, and violent as they look. Show me one hot Black chick that’s not biracial, Mulatto, Blackanese, or Black-Portuguese Brazillian. I’d be amazed. Nappy hair, gorilla build, and brutish faces to not make for attractive women, ghetto booty be damned. It’s not even the skin color that matters, it’s the robust gorilla build and fugly facial features (something that admixture with other races usually solves). Even Black men near universally prefer women of other races. That’s saying something.

          On the other hand, scientific studies have proven Blacks to have intellectual impairment by genetics. The frequency of a person of avg intellect among the world’s Black population is the same as the frequency of super geniuses within the general population. Why else would Africa alone have inferior technology and cultural development to Cro-magnon and Neandertal even going into near modern times? Niggers chucked spears, when the white man shot guns. It’s sad but undeniably true. Can’t help but shed a tear for the *few* ordinary folks who just happened to be born Black, but the fact is Black people are by and large a horrible group of primitive, brutish, violent, proto-human/ape monsters.

        • There are tons of very attractive black women out there. You’re not going to convince any straight man otherwise so don’t bother trying. Even those with racial preferences can at least recognize an attractive black woman.

          And it has nothing to do with being biracial, and some of the hottest I can think of are full black women with deep chocolate skin.

          If you can’t think of any hot black women, you’re gay, blind, a jealous female of another race, or too racist and stuck in the wrong century to think straight (and for some reason you think it’s cool to act like you’re someone’s racist great grandparent.)

          I’m betting you’re a girl though, because usually comments like this are girls bitching that men don’t find them attractive because men give someone credit who doesn’t have traits that they do. Another case of girls telling guys what they should find attractive at its best.

        • I’m sorry for laughing,but I indeed laughed hard after reading about gorilla and brute build,it sounds like Black People are Orcs or some other kind of demihuman race…
          Yeah,I kinda can sympathize with you guys because I like the petite asiatic women more.
          The horrible truth is,though, that most white chicks look like huge brute or even gorillas,too. Women have a general disadvantage in evolution because the males have to actually “fight” with each other to get a decent women and thus have the better genes than women in general.

          The average Man is superior in looks,strengh,fitness,etc. while the woman can be a mixture of broken/defective genes and look like a gorilla more easily because for the last centuries looks weren’t considered as important as today and nowadays you can fake beauty with make up and plastic surgery… so even bad women actually got/get a partner…

          So,to sum it up, of course in metal age societies, there isn’t anything to be picky about so Afrikas population is at a genetic disadvantage( because of plagues,droughts,etc. only the tough “gorillas” survive and the slender women mostly die as little kids already) and a weak woman could mean the end of your family line.That these builds+the darker skin colour don’t appeal to the eyes of East-Asiatic People who only know petite women doesn’t surprise me, I’d even add those women from most parts of Europe and America to the list,too…

      • The bleach in the pool makes the black run and pollutes the water.

        Filthy stinky monkeys, go to the primate house and you’ll know why the Koreans ran. It’s like “Gorillas in the Mist”!

  • Uh pretty sure Japan is the country that protests en mass against foreigners that live in their country… a lot of which are these same 2ch nationalists. “Go to hell gaijin, get out of japan.”
    Amusing that they put up an angelic front when confronted with a country that may be as xenophobic as their own.

      • So does every country. But black people are the originators of the vast majority of modern music, including the above mentioned, and rock music via blues. So unless they’ve been living in a cave they are seeing black people through the entertainment industry.

        And I’m not talking about stereotypical losers who make all black people look bad. I’m talking about the good, talented ones, which is a much larger percentage.

        So Koreans really have no excuse. And have you heard their music? It’s shit. I’d go elsewhere easily for music if i were them.

        • Guys just relax.
          You have to remember that first if you read the full story it is meant to be positive story of overcoming adversity, and the kenyan woman is doing quite well for herself now in Korea.
          Secondly the administrator of this site gets his news from 2ch, full of japanese nationalist. They hate korea. Even the admin of this site openly says his dislike of koreans. Does not take a genius to figure out that it’s bias.
          Only dumb people would use this as an excuse to hate more, as they can’t see the full perspective of reality.

        • This is really confusing me. I am black and I am deeply into Korean Music, Tv and etc. From the way I see it, Korean music is DEEPLY influenced by Hip Hop and R&B. I am pretty sure they know where it comes from. So why are they so damn races. Also Stop mixing up black and African. Where I live Black Americans and Africans don’t even get along and seriously me being a american and my family being here sense god knows when I don’t know shit about Africa and I damn sure don’t want to go there. Second, Why the heck do people always say *go back to Africa* Like we immigrated over here or something. How the hell do you think we came to america. It damn sure wasn’t on our own. Seriously? Other then that, Korea view on black people can be pin pointed on Korea watching to much damn TV and also the rest of the world being whitewashed.

          Either way you look at it. It was really wrong. What did they think she would do. She just wanted to buy some damn food.

        • I don’t know if blacks are originator of all that stuff you said and I don’t care, but blacks has contributed a lot to american culture in particular which is true. But don’t you dare diss my kpop ^^

  • Lmfao. I’m sorry, but that was too funny. It’s like they’ve never seen a black person in their life. How secluded or maybe racist can a nation be? such a ridiculous overexaggerated reaction. Well at least it was only one person, just imagine what might happen if she brought her family along with her.

  • As a white person who grew up in a mostly-white environment, I’d never with-my-own-eyes seen a black person until I was 17 years old, visiting a major city.

    I knew black people existed, because I’d seen them on TV and in National Geographic magazine, yet upon seeing such a person, the very first time, I was shocked.

    I didn’t feel fearful, nor hostile. It was just simple, temporary, surprised-shock, which lasted about five seconds. After that, everything was fine.

    How many black people do Koreans typically see on TV? I’d guess, “none”.

    I’d guess that the conflict between their mental model of the universe, and reality, literally “rocked their world”.

    • It shows how narrow-minded and uneducated people are in this world. Its sad to say but there are still people who grew up where their dads’ and moms’ are blood relatives to the rest of the town. Its ok people, big cities aren’t scary… Boo!

    • had the same experience, but honestly i had no shock other than maybe thinking, where do this guy came from? and this in the sense that there were absolutely no African descent citizens in my city back then. so it was really new to me seeing one. and people around i think shared the same thought, but absolutely no racist panicking or stares.

    • @ Anon 15:43

      Consider yourself blessed to have gone 17 years without dealing with Planet of the Apes.

      Check out South Africa or Zimbabwe to see what happens when you let the monkeys run the zoo.

      • @ Anon 23:20

        I’m surprised an inbred backwoods dork like you can even spell Zimbabwe much less articulate your moronic racist diatribe.

        I’ll take what you describe “Planet of the Apes” over your cousin-fucking toothless shitstain of a place you call home any day.

        • 02:54

          They don’t give out masters degrees in racism, dipshit. Mastery of racism entitles you to one title and one title only – FUCKWAD.

          So the fuck what if you have a masters degree? It only shows that higher education doesn’t cure ignorant morons, only gives them an inflated sense of self absorbed douchey self importance.

          Oh btw, tell your dad I won’t be making it to his NAMBLA meeting, seeing as how he’s not only a member but president too.

        • @ Anon 01:04

          Some of us “racists” even have masters degrees in the sciences and have well paying careers.

          The truth is the truth no matter how odious you find it.

          I’ll let you contemplate that on the way to your next NAMBLA meeting. Perhaps you’ll find a nice dark boy to bugger.

        • You seem to know nothing about the social issues facing poorer people in general. And you seem to be lacking any sort of historical knowledge.

          If you really think it’s an issue of skin color then you need to get out of your basement and do some research.

        • @ Anon 02:50

          Stop spouting the party line. It’s you that has to go out and live among the savages as I do.
          See livable and once nice places destroyed by monkeys with the intelligence of a houseplant. Whose only existance is to loot, steal,rape and murder. Open season should be declared to cull the tribe of beasts.

        • Or you could move to any city where there’s a lot of black people and watch them every day and see what a shithole they make of any place they live and breed, how they act in society, and what they do in their spare time.

          I wasn’t racist when I lived on the West coast where there’s less black people. Then I moved to the East coast and holy shit, if these motherfuckers weren’t here, America would be AMAZING.

  • Oh god my sides….they hurt from laughter. 2ch critiszing about racism? The irony is strong with these people. These quotes really shows how much 2ch sticks their heads up their asses:

    “At least they didn’t rape her.” – This coming from someone in Japan…

    “What a horribly racist country. Despicable.” – Sorry, but Japan has and is still known to be the most racist country amony developed nations. There have been many blogs from Brazilians, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Africans and Americans who had nothing but bad experiences in Japan.

    “You don’t get this even in Japan’s most backwards countryside.” – Funny because you sure do get similar responses from 2ch and internet overall.

    • I have to disagree with you about japan being the most racist country, yeah there might be some xenophobia depending on where you’re at or who you’re around but if you want to see true extreme racism, go to russia or somewhere like bulgaria.

      A lot of people throw the racist word around frivolously now of days to where it has nearly lost all meaning, someone who’s not the same race as you gives you a funny look at a store or something and you want to scream out racism! More than likely that’s not fucking racism, and if it is, the situation it’s probably too ambiguous for you to accurately discern.

      That shit that goes on in places like japan and korea is child’s play compared to happens in places like russia. When a group of skinheads gang up and stab and attempt and kill a 9 year old little girl simply because she looks too dark to be russian, that is fucking racism!

      This is the kind of stuff that should be brought to peoples attention so something can be done about it. Not this petty pussy bullshit about someone looked at me the wrong way and it hurt my feelings.

      • Well it’s a case of overtly being racist and being passive aggressive racist. People still have their lives ruined even when a racist never laid a finger on them. In this case it’s more on the side of ignorance to be exact. More xenophobic rather than outright racism.

        Now in the case of passive aggressive racism. Imagine your police, doctors, lawyers, judges, solicitors, teachers and anyone else in a profession with a high status is a racist. In a community where such is normal or accepted. A foreigner will have their whole life crippled to every degree. You will be mentally tortured. Not being able to find work, get into education, refused medical treatment, having false charges slapped against you including blackmail. You may not be hurt in any physical way or form, but there is no way you will live out a normal sociable life. Imagine if it was a family going through this. Moving sounds easy, but how can you move if you got no money because you can’t even get a job?

        That is how white collar racism rolls. Both kinds of racism is damaging.

    • >Oh god my sides….they hurt from laughter. 2ch critiszing about racism? The irony is strong with these people. These quotes really shows how much 2ch sticks their heads up their asses:

      yeah, I must said I lol’d as much as when seeing sankaku users calling 2channelers stupid and racist

      korea <- 2ch <- sankaku <- me

      I guess everyone is somebody's fool

    • Japan is horrible to black people in general. And the nicer the black people try to be and the more they keep their heads up, the harder Japanese people are on them. They keep finding more and more passive aggressive ways to be horrible to them. It’s fucked up.

      • One of my friend’s British Jamaican. He lived in Japan what was suppose to be half a year on a sponsorship. The reason why I said “was suppose to” was due to him recieving constant hassle from the Japanese that he had to come back. I wouldn’t say his Japanese is fluent but he can survive no problem there if he had to.

        The things he went through was,

        #He had banana’s put through his letter box multiple times. I honestly thought this was mainly a European thing.
        #Constant racial slurs thrown at him day in day out. In Japanese of course. Apart from the odd “Braku Fasu”.
        #Clerks, waiters/waitresses always tried to avoid serving him.
        #He was even called a thief. The culprit was caught in the end, but the reason was because the old lady who pointed the finger said “That’s him, he was black definitely black.” wait for it….”Black men are all thieves!”. This was the final nail in the coffin for him and he returned back. Stating “He will never go back to Japan for as long as he’s black.” Obviously that meant never.

        I always believed that the Japanese at the least would never be so overt about their racist view. I’m clearly wrong.

        • I’ve had black friends treated like shit over there too. It makes you feel angry and helpless when you can’t be there for them. At least if you were together you could walk around and they could at least try to ignore some of that shit.

  • My friend is korean and thus im surprised. More surprising, 2ch’s oxymoronic actions….the only thing not surprising is how funny everyone’s comments is to each other about how xenophobic other ppl r. Sankaku and 2ch should be television!

    • Gypsies are a problem in Hungary too(They are some exeptions tough). They get a monthly fee of at least 100.000 Forints as unemploied fee (an avarege hungarians minimal pay is about 80.000-90.000) + fees after every child they have, that is about 15.000 for each child. Still they live like refugees. They get free gas electicity and water, and still they say hungarians oppress them. They steal, rob, plunder,(some exeptions) and the police isn’t doing anything about it, cause gypsiecrime (Crime committed by gypsie minorities) does not exist according to politicans and so by law. I only hope this will change for the better.

  • “As expected of the nation with the world’s most severe racial discrimination.”
    “What a horribly racist country. Despicable.”

    Yeah … come to japan , we bring a whole bunch of xenophobe branding “white pig go home” sign before their hotel to show our hospitality !


    Hypocrites racist , i wonder why they aren’t friend with the korean , they are the same .

  • …just wow…
    which century do those people live in, did they think she was going to eat their babies?

    >2ch blaming people for being racist

    that’s got to be the most hypocritical thing ever

    • Koreans and Japanese hate each other due to Japan attacking Korea 2 times with no provocation (1st and 2nd Sino-Japanese war). With Japan being denied their imperial expansion twice, they felt bitter towards Koreans ever since. Japan even went as far as massacring thousands of Koreans living in Japan after the Great Kanto earthquake b/c they blamed Koreans for it. So, from this, it’s obvious why Koreans hate Japan as well.
      And yes, Japan would react the same way. The Japanese are very racist against foreigners. For example, my Japanese language teacher (a white man) claimed that some hotels in Japan refused to have his family just b/c they were foreigners.