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Anime Industry Returns to TAF, Grovels Before Ishihara


The anime industry has grovellingly conceded that censorship under the firm hand of Tokyo fuhrer Shintaro Ishihara is OK after all – Kadokawa et al. have all humiliatingly folded and agreed to participate in the Tokyo International Anime Fair, all talk of their own “Anime Contents Expo” quietly forgotten.

The roster for TAF 2012 sees all the major publishers back under Ishihara’s heel, and the ACE homepage is blank with no word released about it since the devastating March earthquake Ishihara hailed as “divine retribution” against the corrupt innocents of Japan.

Their craven submission is particularly humiliating given Ishihara’s contemptuous treatment of the industry – “the earthquake serves them right,” “if you don’t like it, don’t come,” “they’ll just come back next year,” “they just have a persecution complex,” “otaku have corrupt DNA,” “mangaka are despicable people,” etc.

As an evidently spineless industry with no influence whatsoever, the success of further bans seems assured.

Meanwhile the Japanese government has been fantasising about Japan creating a cultural export industry on par with its manufacturing industry, and led by the state – quietly ignoring the fact that both regional and national governments are busily attempting to pass bans of all kinds on 2D material, and apparently not grasping the rather more basic realisation that no government has ever had any success in doing anything but strangling its own creative industries.

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  • I checked about and at least one of the companies – Kadokawa Shoten – said that they aren’t actually participating in the TAF despite what the TAF website says. The TAF just haven’t bothered updating their website since the boycott, which wouldn’t surprise me given the earthquake and the possibility of causing a little controversy

    I’m willing to bet the same is true for a bunch of the other companies as well, if not all of them. So I wouldn’t be too concerned guys.

  • ACE forgotten? Mabye not:

    “Anime Contents Expo 2012 (ACE 2012) will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 31 and April 1, 2012, at Makuhari Messe.

    The primary purpose of this event is to express gratitude to the fans who have supported ACE.

    ACE 2011, previously planned for this past March, was cancelled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.

    After repeated consideration of various issues, the members of the Executive Committee subsequently decided to hold a new event in 2012, primarily as an expression of gratitude to the numerous fans who supported ACE 2011.

    This event will give fans the opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge anime and related content through various activities, including on-stage performances and exhibitions. Merchandise will also be available for purchase.

    We are working energetically to prepare for the event to ensure it will be the best possible experience for all those attending.

    Anime Contents Expo Executive Committee”

  • Why won’t this geriatric motherfucker just kick the bucket already? Jesus tap-dancing Christ! I had a sister who died of leukemia when she was nineteen. Why is it always rat-fucks like this who live for so fucking long!?!? No wonder the world’s such a fucked-up place!

  • To-Love-Ru Darkness is still publishing. Ero-Manga are still rampant. Ecchi anime still air on TV. Dozens of ero-anime are released every month. Eroge is still popular amongst otaku.

    Where’s your precious little ban now, Artefact? Afraid of losing readers? Afraid that people will get tired of looking at titties and flat chests? Afraid that you’ll be a homeless motherfucker in the future because you’re not getting enough hits?

    Grow a fucking beard. This isn’t the news industry. You wanna make up bullshit, go write for CNN, BBS, or whatever. You’ve been going at this crap for more than a year. I bet these people will be glad to hire you. You’ll be able to make up all kinds of bullshit conspiracy theories about whatever kind of subject you think people will get butthurt over.

    And to all you asshats who still believe in this crap, you are idiots. This so-called “ban” started in July, and I have yet to see a single goddamned manga, anime, or game banned. If you did not notice this, you are either blind, illiterate, or just downright retarded.

  • I can not understand Japan. If a Mayor of a city or a Governor of a state here in the USA tried to ban or stop a publication we would laugh them out of their jobs. What is wrong with Japan, and why is it a government can shut down anything at all? The laws are made by the people. The people vote in the nuts if you don’t like them vote them out!

  • Anime companies, you USELESS cowards! What do we, you supporters, pay you for? If I had the time to attend this event, I would personally visit each booth of the ACE bail-outs, tell them they are spineless, and cross their names from the roster. Then I would leave their traitors’ convention. My only regret would be paying to get in. Anyone ever snuck in?

  • I find funny a lot of people are calling the Japanese spineless for letting Ishihara taking over, but try to publish a Loli manga outside Japan and you’ll probably be arrested for child porn. Japan is just catching up with the rest of the world. If the Japanese are spineless so are all of you.

  • kajunbowser says:

    Well ain’t this a bizanatch. This Ishihara d-bag is the kind of arsehole “civil disobedience” would call for (since it’s basically a violation of artistic and expressive freedoms, but I don’t think Japan explicitly protects that). Either way, great job of not standing on principle to a former rape-themed novelist. Their industries days are numbered.

  • “and apparently not grasping the rather more basic realisation that no government has ever had any success in doing anything but strangling its own creative industries.”
    Looks like someone really needs to go to school or read things other than manga. O_o

  • All we can do now is spread the word of how all Japs are sheeple, not forgetting to mention the hypocrisy of their so-called “westernization” where they really xenophobically refuse anything that threatens their neoconservative lifestyle while importing all draconian moralfaggotry, even the kind that had been abolished years ago.

    As we do this, their e-peens will keep shrinking and shrinking until all they can do is scapegoatishly “YOU’RE JUST A GAIJIN WHAT DO YOU MATTER” as their economy finally and totally collapses while the OWS movement picks up steam in places where protesting for change is celebrated.

  • Is there no honour left ANYWHERE?!?!?!?

    (+100 random otaku points to anyone who knows what I’m quoting. Hint: it’s made in Japan, but it’s not the standard definition of anime and I’m quoting the dub)

  • What the hell people, you know this changes nothing. You won’t notice the diference next year, and even if TV moe anime is heavely censored, the Blu-Rays will go trough the roof, since that is impossible to censor cause of freedom of speech and other laws.

    Next stop saying Japanese don’t have sex. You are all otakus yourselfs and i bet most of you are still 13 to 18, and don’t fuck much. Sex isn’t the same has having kids, hell if it costs that much to have a kid, i wouldn’t want one. Most couples don’t prepare to have a kid, it just happens. Japanese are just carefull cause of all the money issues, it doesn’t mean teens don’t go fucking like monkeys on school, like in our countrys, and adults cheat on one others, and go fucking like rabbits everywere.

    Just think this “DO YOU WANNA HAVE KIDS, OUR DO YOU WANNA FUCK?” Just anwser me truly.

  • There’s always The Seasteading Institute.


    They’re this group of rich libertarians who plan to create independent micronations in the seven seas.

    Just simply leave Tokyo and Ishihara behind and start anew on a floating city, making all the anime and manga with the stuff he banned there without fear or repression.

    ‘Cause there is NO LAW in the high seas. It’s free.

      • So we chip in and buy an even bigger one. I heard Yamato is still moored a few hundred feet below the sea level. We hoist it from the sea floor, scrub off the scallops, slap a new coat of paint, a couple of plasma batteries and nova cannons, add an antigravity engine and an AT field generator and voila, our own space pirate battleship. The only thing missing is a gruff one eyed captain with a scar running across his face.

  • ”It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

    The only way this could change is that the international population would rewrite what is acceptable or not in 2D. From local, to regional, to state/provincial, to national, and finally, international. Or just skip all those and create an uproar of unheard of proportions on the net.

  • Does anyone else think this pudgy-would-be-emporer looks like a lost and confused prairie dog? I look at that photo and think of surprised prairie dog.

    Seriously though, America forced Democracy on a theocracy minded society, so the theocratic bureaucrats crawled out of the wood work and started reimplementing ridiculous laws with which they knew nobody would object.

    Love the culture. Hate their governing. Still managing their whimpering decline 20 years strong keep the dream alive baby!!!

  • Shame on you, you ball-less piles of coward-trash!

    Don’t count on Japanese to fight the good fight. They are fucking useless. Sure, let them continue to slave their butts off. They deserve to lick Ishi’s arse, since they are so fond of it.

    Whatever. This just strengthens my resolve to only support carefully selected Japanese sources.

  • The industry is only okay with it now because they’ve realized that if they censor pointless stuff on the TV airing of their shows, that the uncensored bluray sales will increase. In short, it’s all about money.

    Censor pointless stuff on TV + Have it uncensored on bluray = will cause more people to buy the bluray = profit.

    • How exactly? Hackers can usually only really hit institutions that rely on the security or availability of their computer systems. Unless he’s got an insecure e-mail account full of compromising messages there’s nothing they can do.

  • Just to remind everyone- I’m friends with quite a few sex workers in Tokyo and all these government geezers talking about morality during the day are down at the S&M clubs and hostess bars every night. They are just common-or-garden shysters, nothing more, nothing less.

    • S&M clubs? Well, even though politics must not make that stuff public for their own good, they are still people, and people need to release built stress and tension, to have a breather. I mean, read Nana to Kaoru. It’s a good illustration.

  • And the spineless anime/manga industry takes another step towards the cliff’s edge.

    Most industries will try to avoid being destroyed, but the Japanese government seems intent on killing the anime/manga industry, which the industry itself seems to not care if they are destroyed.

    A sad day for anime and manga fans who seem to care more for the industry than the industry itself does.

  • The only thing you can do: boycott!
    Come on, guys, we, consumers, decide here. Even if anime industry is OK with it, why should we?
    Don’t visit TAF, tell your friends not to. You can make a poster and block the entrance though.
    I think lots of people understand now, that neither banksters nor politicians are willing to represent the interests of 99%.

  • Fuck man and here I was hoping for good news, like the repeal of the manga restriction law. It’s over. Life is over. Nothing’s going to hold back Ishihara now. God dammit I give up. Maybe it’s time I quit wasting my life on anime and just move on and focus 100% on work. This depresses me man I mean dammit Japan how can you be so spineless? I seriously believe that it was Ishihara that caused the earthquake to put the economy in such dire straights just so the anime industry would come back groveling to TAF due to revenue. If it weren’t for economical revenue problems the fight would still be going on. Such bad luck.

  • I don’t know what any of you cunts are even raving about.

    I currently LIVE in Tokyo, and I can get my porn everywhere like usual. If I want special books, I go to Akiba, which is 10 minutes from Shinjuku and ~260 yen. Since I do have access to the Internet, fuck that anyway.

    It’s not like anything is taken from you. Especially from YOU people, who just take from untiring scanlators and recorders, and still have the balls to bitch around.

    I agree the person Ishihara is a faggot as much as you do, but there’s no lost battle, there never even was one to begin with.

    • I don’t know what any of you cunts are raving about.

      I currently live off an island near Antarctica. And i can get porn everywhere like usual. If i want special books I go to Akiva which is 10minutes from Shonjoko and its only 10cents USD. Since i do have free interent access, fuck that anyways.

      Its not like anything was taken from you. Especially YOU people who just take from urinating in escalators and rectums, and still have the balls to put in bitches cups.

      I agree the person Ishihara is a faggot as much as you do, but theres no lost battle, because Ishiahra crossdresses and already lost to begin with.

  • I am amused by all the silly gaijin rage.

    First of all, Artefact is a political troll, and you shouldn’t take him at face value.
    Now, Japan has a number of social and economic problems, chief among them insanely high levels of unemployment in the under 30 age group and an anemic birthrate. These problems are caused by a political system biased toward the over 60 age group, institutionalized discrimination against immigrants, and a bloated system of government pensions. Since getting the older population to vote for you is more important than the younger, the politicians court the elderly, and the best way to do this is to increase the pension system. However, this massive government burden only drags down the economy and retards innovation and job creation, causing both the high unemployment of younger generation and the growing trend of outward immigration from Japan. Now, the politicians have decided that it is not their policies that have created this situation, but it is the fault of anime and manga. They claim that watching anime creates NEETS and freeters while it truth it is the other way around. So when Ishihara and his ilk launch jeremiads against anime, they are using it as a scapegoat to cover their own misguided policies. And it works, because the youth have no political power.
    In this case, it is probably better for the industry to try to work with the government that against it, because the government can destroy the industry, and the industry can’t destroy the government. By working with Ishihara, they can try to minimize the damage, and hopeful create better industry self-regulation instead of having the government force regulation upon them.

    • I can see what you’re saying. I’ve never lifted a finger on Japan’s actions, and not just them, every single gov’t around the world. BS starts happening because of their mistakes, then they cover it up blaming something else. That’s one way. I’ve had a feeling Japan was a mess despite the positive things I’ve heard. I’m still going there to just explore what’s beyond the country I live in.

      No gov’t goes without some BS from time to time, thinking that everything will be alright, but it isn’t.

    • “Artist use lies to reveal the truth, politicians use lies to conceal the truth.”

      “People should not fear their government, their government should fear the people.”

      It’s up to the industry though to reveal what the Government is doing. No different from Johnathan Swift using: A Modest Proposal” to deride the English attitudes towards the poor/the Irish. To deride the one size fits all social engineering ideas being floated around in their time.

      Considering how much the Japanese mirror themselves off of the British, mayhaps they should absorb this type of rebellion as well.

      And they already have a character most suited for exposing the idiocy of the system. Namely, Captain Harlock.

      How hard would it be to have the good Captain fighting against an incompetent and deceptive government, who persecutes groups to hide their own inadequacy?

    • A somewhat sound societal analysis on SanCom? I must be dreaming.

      I really do have to take issue with the “work with the government”-claim though – to make an overblown Godwin, that is what Chamberlain did, and see where it got him.

  • so, what now? boring korean-like story plot? less comedy on a romance comedy manga? no more heart-racing love series? no more galge? worst.. no more eroge?! damn! what next? taking down vocaloid as they aren’t human? bravo japs, i concede in such a way of life. can i get a little whore when i visit? wait, i don’t need to ask since i could just slap money on your face and get away with anything i want. that is your country’s bright side anyway. other than that is the sengoku stories that are far more better than what you turn out today.

  • Here’s my question:

    What are those creepy otakus doing meanwhile this insane policy keeps going more insane?

    If they want to keep their Anime and Manga going, how about stalking and posting creepy pictures of Eat-Shit-Hara with knives and fake blood on the web? It wouldn’t be a good idea but it would be better than bitching about their forever roneryness.

  • I know of someone who has information of making a appeal to the court
    Sep 08, 2011 (Thursday)
    Now that we have appealed to the Tokyo High Court rejected, because it appealed to the Supreme Court appeal. Jul 13 2011 – –

    Equal to 門前払I ruling in Tokyo District Court, the appeal was appealed to the Tokyo High Court, orz rejected.
    “Non-existing regulations” are beyond the scope of review so that, Muripo. That.
    Of such and ordinance implementation date has already been decided, but that is kind of weird advertising? I think.
    And have passed 01 July 2011. The Tokyo High Court sentenced to dismissal from the day before.
    So, now Act has been fully implemented, “non-existing ordinance,” no longer does.
    Also, it matters cans standing to sue, and one of those I have expressed, that the sale of the 51 prints in Comic 80. Of course, there is no problem with standing to sue matters.
    First of all, the constitutional court made it possible to fit a variety of ordinances against the Constitution, since the law was revised several years ago was about the administrative court. The act of judicial decisions in good faith seek to confront the law of Japan as one of the nation, I think it was more appropriate early are respected.
    However, it is equipped with all keys. In the shortest route as long as it is also conceivable.
    Today, when the appeal was filed at a later date, “grounds for appeal” to be sent to the Tokyo High Court. Therefore, documents under review, if certified as necessary for constitutional justice has become possible to talk to the Japanese as one of the people in this story want the Supreme Court finally sadness.
    Was a long way so far, goes a long way in the future. Not mean that in time, come to mind, and I (‘-ω-`).

    Sep 10, 2011 (Sat)
    Ordinance amendment regarding the healthy development of young people, Tokyo is a clear violation of the Constitution

    Appeal made by the Supreme Court to stand trial, “grounds for appeal” was sent to complete the Tokyo High Court.
    In discussion (published trials of oral argument to the people of Japan) is whether or not have?
    In accordance with the new information-sharing concept, presented “grounds for appeal” to share information here.

    Finally, it was this far.
    But variety was told. Can crushed depressed, rising again, but close to zero hit points, I could do better yourself … done.
    One voice of the people of Japan, whether it reaches the Supreme Court decisions make constitutional law only 裁判Taru.
    The result is I do not know, but I can do it utmost. Dattara Moshimo bad, m sorry (_ _) m.
    I also know nothing about amateur tonicity Toka Toka law court, feeling that life and politics closely, contrary to the principles of the Constitution Ordinance is determined to take the support, hard law book did in the best reading.
    Important in Japan, the message from one of the people of Japan.
    Moshimo, voices get through to the Supreme Court …. Ordinance to this eastern Kyoto, somewhere people do not know much, according to the law to protect this country Mirai, the force is still fighting to protect but not impossible as some, who have exhausted and, even Kuretara at the corner of the mind to remember, there was a sense of how my behavior, What.

      • No one has gone after the Junior Idol industry because:

        a: It would give Japan terrible publicity worldwide….even super-sexually-repressed America has beauty pageants for girls as young as 5. Japan turning around and banning girls 3 times that age from doing the same thing would immediately rocket them to number 1 in the western world when it comes to fear of sex (they’re currently #2 behind America).

        b: Legal ramifications. These girls have their parents’ permission so blocking them from working would infringe on human rights. JI pictures are in no way sexual (that part is all in the mind of the viewer) so there can be no excuse that it would be “for the girls”.

        c: The big one. The money involved here is incredible and not just for JI. Every single Watanabe Mayu fan for example, has been a fan since she was 14, so it’s clear that JI success sets you up for adult success; getting the girls young (remember Oku Manami was 10 when she joined AKB, Ono Erena was 11) has been one of the key reasons AKB48 has succeeded so well…it took them a few years to hit big and when they did, their girls were still of prime idol age (18-21). The music business, the movie business, the TV business and the adult idol business all rely on JI for talent.

        • Guys, you need to wake up and look around. The United States, compared to other parts of the world, is still very sexually repressed.

          ESPECIALLY when you mention that p-sexuality that is bashed upon almost every single day on TV and in newspapers.

          I personally do not think that we are too far past and could not devolve back to the point where homosexuals and heterosexuals outside of marriage were grabbed and strung up!

        • lol @ the US being sexually repressed

          …maybe if it was still the victorian era, stop looking in a history book and look around.

          Japan is the most sexually repressed country around, as said they’ve censored/repressed normal interest/feelings about sex to the point that when it does find an outlet it’s some pretty wierd s@%*

          I mean it’s probably the reason that the japanese created henai and tentacle porn, but have a whole industry for it

        • compared to some parts of europe the US is sexually repressed, but it’s a free for all orgy compared to japan.

          The japanese are so sexually repressed that they’ve become some of the most sexually/socially F’d up countries on the planet

      • If that happens the only thing left to look forward to is idols and their appearances on variety shows and dramas. Reminds of that 2ch poster who says if they ishihara kills their otaku culture then japan will turn into korea.

  • At this height it’d be and overstatement to say “So it begins”. We’ve been through a lot of times. While the anime trend cools outside Japan, domestically it has nothing to worry.

    Ishihara won’t kill any more anime conventions.

      • He’s not Japanese.

        The Japanese government wouldn’t give a shit about mere thoughts of a gaijin.

        Unfortunately, few Japanese themselves think that way either. It’s always “I don’t have to do anything. Someone else will”.

        Japan will collapse. If Ishihara thinks that anime and manga have the slightest to do with their decaying social state, then the real problem won’t be fixed and China will still surpass them.

      • I honestly wonder how MANY government officials are still alive… let alone in office…


        You’d think some idiot out there would be pissed enough to TRY and off em; not that they’d succeed…

        Oh well, least we’re only stuck with our idiot here for a few more months; until the next idiot gets voted in… -.-;

        • More to the point Obama, appointed an ultra-conservative supreme court judge. Supreme court judges have historically tended to be able to exert much more power than presidents, with the added benefit of having a lower profile and not having to worry about the next election.
          But I disagree with Obama being an idiot. He’s getting richly paid for being president, and he may have been a conservative who ran as a democrat candidate (for political or personal reasons) to begin with.

        • Most people stop at being pissed, only resulting in endless whining and complaining. To actually go through the steps of traveling and executing the assassination acts as a pretty good regulator, unless you are mentally ill you are likely to stop and think in time.

          And the people who actually assassinate people are mostly part of some bigger organizations, and those don’t usually want the attention or the side effects.

          Take Obama, if you just think a little you might get the idea that some white supremacy group would like him dead. If you think a bit more you realize that an actual assassination would make him a martyr and would hurt those groups immensely.

          TLDR: most people aren’t pissed enough for long enough to actually do anything. =)

    • the battle was lost years ago, when anime stopped pushing the boundaries and manga artists stopped selling out.

      truth is anime has *always* had enemies, both in politics and special interest groups. but artists used to create quality material because, well, they focused on the quality their material. they didn’t let the opposition dictate what they should make.

      we don’t need the entire anime industry to stand up to that fucktard Ishihara, we just need another Fujiko Fujio, Rumiko Takahashi, Go Nagai, Hayao Miyazaki. basically people with great talent who have enough spine to follow through with what they truly want.

    • I am feeling bitter-sweet that even though this era will be strangled by both fools from both sides and 2d delishushness will be minimized thanks to the spineless folding of the anime industry, the future will still be made and purified when more anime-oriented (and hentai-wise) people take governmental positions in Japan…

      Fans and those who truly love not only anime, but all things created in art, sounds, and literature will have their chance when these old fossils get turned into oil and chalk beneath the cold earth of the eastern sun…

      Time kills, time heals, time deals with sh*t like this…

      Time is merciless to both sides after all…But my money’s on it forever when it comes to settling disputes~

      • ahah you’re so stupid, as if the birthrate in Japan, Germany, Russia… was due to a lack of sexual activity.

        Get a brain, children are a sociological and financial matter.
        For japanese people, mostly financial, they have to pay everything. Oh and often, women can’t work if they have children, another problem.

        • >> Imagine you never knew anime/manga, you would
          >> have gotten laid with a woman and live a manly
          >> life but it did not happen.

          No, you got that backwards. If there wasn’t any anime/manga I would’ve found something else. Like video games or comics or plain books. If there wasn’t anthing like that around (and there was a time in my childhood like that), I would have just stared at the wall and imagined awesome stuff while carefully staying away from social contact.

        • You are forgetting that Japan has over dozens of thousands of suicides every year. Of course the birth rate will decrease. People usually don’t have children either because of financial or ideological reasons.

        • If it wasn’t anime, it would be something else. It would be startrek, or powerrangers or whatever.

          It’s the culture over there as a whole that has a problem with encouraging people to have children. It can’t be blamed on anime as a whole.

        • But you can’t deny the fact that the low birthrate in Japan is also partially because of anime and manga.

          It has created a spineless society.

          Deny all you want, but this industry has brought out the worse in Japanese people. Sure it brought creativity but at the same time it has created hikis, otakus and herbivore man.

          You know this has some truth in it. Ishihara is just trying to bring the good old Japan days. His method might be a bit too extreme for today’s democracy but nevertheless a right direction.

          Fans…urmm otakus might downvote me all you want….but I know a bunch of you who are virgins because of this industry. Imagine you never knew anime/manga, you would have gotten laid with a woman and live a manly life but it did not happen.

    • I think it’s mainly because it’s not nearly as bad as it was made out to be.

      Additionally, the anime industry has been having a hard time fiscally. Make things worse, the whole tsunami/fukushima events did a pretty bad number on things. What I am getting at, is that this is a very lousy time for infighting when business needs to be done. The whole point of TAF was to bring in revenue, and so that is what we are seeing here. The companies are taking the high road and manning up to keep the industry alive, rather than bitch about having their manga on the back shelf instead of the front at the combini.

      • You don’t seem like someone who knows what’s really going on.

        Sure, it was never a ‘ban’ in the strictest sense of the word, but aside from the decreasing sales, it also makes it harder for artists to get the pass for their works. Publishers have become so jittery about it that they have literally forced certain titles out of the production. In return, some artists are now getting sidelined and have to look for another job.

        Ishihara can’t be too stupid to see that his imposed ‘restriction’ isn’t really a ‘ban’. It’s exactly what he’s after. Them old fucktards in Japan have really strong opinions about what can and can’t be done in the society and they’ll see to it that everyone follows their thinking. Isn’t that a violation of a man’s right for free speech?

        Of course, some artists themselves are to blame too for pushing the envelope(shoujo mangas glorifying sex read by 15 years olds , anyone?), but this restriction is a haphazard solution. It’s just closing the problem with a thin lid hoping the carcass would disappear by itself.

        The things they think are leading to crime and disorder in their society is nothing more than a product of their own social taboos, stigmas and tight rules. Those crazy sexual media is also a product of those, but unlike crime and disorder, media is just a man or woman expressing ideas. The only people getting hurt are fictional people that don’t exist.

        Old men like Ishihara can’t seem to think that it’s them and their pre-WWII relic thinking that is no longer needed in Japan.

        Oh well, ain’t my country.

        • Anonymous, what is wrong with ‘glorifying sex’? The fact is that since we are born with FULLY FUNCTIONAL genitalia outside of reproduction, it’s kinda fucking obvious that nature expected us to be having sex from birth or soon afterwards.

        • Ain’t my country either, but I still think it’s a shame since I share in some of their assets.

          I agree with most of what you’ve said, I agree it is ridiculous, but I still think this is something that will not do too much harm in the end. The man is obviously crazy and people will realise it. I also realise that in other countries there are rules/laws that are just as stupid and that we should be better off. Still, we have our entertainment.
          This industry and its market is also pretty strong and will overcome its obstacles. Even if it means change, they will make the best of it and still produce.

        • I still live despite some changes in just about anything, but I’ll feel slightly sad that the world and their gov’t are going off the deep end, making decisions that doesn’t make sense and putting their people in some deep s**t.

          I find it more sad that no one seems to realize, that we are all in this mess regardless if where we are and how bad it is in our country. It’s so easy for anyone whose arrogant and ignorant to just attempt to shut up anyone whose actually speaking some truth in the matter about us.

          I’m as pissed as anyone else about the BS that the USA, Japan, and a few other countries are coming up these days and stuff like this throws us back in that loophole that never made anything better for ourselves. I’ve no choice but to live through it all for now, being repressed by the people in power whose yanking all of a chains, more than that, throwing us all around for a loop.

          It’s sad. It’s sad for USA to be in their predicament (which I think started it all was 9/11 following the decision made by all powers in that country, which lead up to their worse turning point in 2008), it’s sad for Japan to blame most of their troubles on fictional works, some of it (although some fault might be on the publishes who give their adult works to people ages 15+ or lower, something like that), and it’s sad for anyone else in the world having to deal with the BS that could have been prevented.

          Let’s face it, we’re all in this sticky mess together regardless of where we live, who we are, our thoughts and feelings and all that. And I’ll tell you one more thing, All we’ve been doing is the same thing for most of us, Complaining, bickering, calling names, punching, kicking, yelling, screaming, discriminating, and blaming each other every single day, every single year, every single second that goes by. Those stuff some of us we’ve been doing won’t help and will never help get us out of our troubles.

          This is a really long paragraph….hmm..

          I may have gone a bit off the edge, but I just wanted to get this out. I just said this because even though I’m American, I’m not somebody who you think I am. I’m grown up and learning the truth every day, seeing as I’m not the only one whose been seeing all the mess that’s been made and the people I meet, are just the same in a sense, we’re both proud of ourselves and our country, but we listen too much of the crap that’s not always true about others.

      • I agree. Once the economy stabilizes and the Ishihara old fogey network dies out, things will go back to normal. I think that the anime/manga industry knows this and, for now at least, it is simply in their best interest to toe the line.

        • Sorry, doesn’t work that way. Japan is a country where once something is written, it becomes very difficult to reverse.

          Japanese writers have even written books addressing this issue, but they’re fallen on deaf ears. And it’s been the subject of a few scifi novels too. Battle Royale is one of them. But you’d only know that if you read the novel.

      • You make a good point. ^^

        Besides, it’s not so much a ban, as marking them 18+… unfortunately, a 18+ mark also lower sales by a lot, forcing them to cancel…

        Some of those “bans” I can actually kind of agree with, though others I don’t get at all…

    • You must be new to the internet if you’re not aware that the Japanese are doing those stuff as well, in fact most likely even more active. Still, America is not worthy to be called superior considering even a mere drawing of a character who’s not above 18 flashing her panties can be instantly removed and screamed over by moral crusader deviants.. *cough*Deviantart*cough*

  • They assassinated so many great people.
    When is he next?
    I wanna know, dun care if police will smash my door or blow up my house.
    This needs to be stopped, he is a racist against his own roots and he deserves nothing he has now, including his live.

  • Fucking spineless cowards, but then that’s kinda what the Japanese are known for, bowing, apologizing, and boot licking like your standard company kiss-ass lookin to get a raise from his boss. It’s no wonder the country’s economy is shitty and they keep putting out the same shit every year, be it in anime or games.

  • Great man do a great job. Cheap man do a cheap little job.
    He should consider to mess with disaster prevention system. Tsunami, earth quark and nuclear crisis not directly hit tokyo but anyone can guarantee it will not happen.

  • Well hate to be a bubble burster but could this not be a good thing? Anime industry got lazy and rely on loli + fanservice way too much instead of quality product. Now they have to focus on story and such it could be a good thing.

  • Chillax boys & girls

    Tokyo Metropolitan Government will only restrict NON-ADULT manga/anime/game that feature:

    1) Marrying to one’s self OR ANYONE OF THE SAME SEX.

    2) Marrying an immediate blood relative. (Children and parent, grandchild and grandmother, etc.)

    3) Marriage between a relative by affinity within the third degree. (Siblings, uncle and nephew, etc.)

    4) Marriage between two relatives formed by marriage in a parental relationship. (A husband and his wife’s mother or his mother-in-law.) This holds true even after divorce or if the spouse has died.

    5) Marriage between an adopted child or adopted child’s spouse with his or her adopting parents, their immediate siblings, their blood relatives, etc. (An adopted son’s divorced wife and the father of one of the adopting parents, etc.) This holds true even after divorce or if the adoption is nullified.

    What genres will be affected by this?

    *** Romance (typically shoujo) and social commentary ***

    So that means NON ADULTS-ONLY LABELED titles like ToLoveRu Darkness is still A-OK as long as it doesn’t cover points 1-5