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Sekuhara Training Teacher Busted for Sekuhara


A teacher who instructed teachers to “inform the vice principal if you ever have to be alone with a female pupil” during sexual harassment training has been arrested for indecently assaulting one of his pupils whilst he was alone with her.

The 47-year-old teacher taught at a Shizuoka prefecture high school, and as a 20-year veteran of the profession was esteemed by his principal as “a teacher who was expert at instructing younger teachers.”

He recently participated in a sexual harassment (“sekuhara”) reduction training session at the school, during which he advised teachers that they “should inform the vice-principal if they are ever alone with a female student” and that it “should be in place where both people are clearly visible from the outside.”

However, no sooner had the training finished than police arrested him for indecently assaulting a 17-year-old student during the summer holidays.

According to their account, he threatened the girl into letting him kiss her and grope her breasts, telling her “you’ll pay with your academic career if you don’t keep your mouth shut and obey me!”

He admits kissing her, but maintains he kept his hands off her breasts.

One of his colleagues who undertook the training with him is almost speechless – “We just got out of the training, I can’t believe he…”

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