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Ika Musume – The Invader Speaks English!


Charming cephalopod invader Ika Musume is apparently able to speak English, if only in squidgin form.


Ika-chan’s own attempts at English may or may not rank higher than the efforts of the official English version:

Whether this attempt is considered valiant or foolhardy, the eccentric puns and wordplay of the original present an almost insurmountable obstacle to a straightforward English translation…

The English version of the first season is available now for an unreasonably low price.

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  • I started loling my but off as soon as that dub came on haha thats world domination for ya xd
    I am squid girl &_&
    Well that was a dissapointing reacting
    Well that moment was good for dub lol

  • The Japanese seiyuus are on the same level as the dub VAs… =_=;

    I don’t get the pointless devotion to the seiyuus… there’s really no difference. And if you think there is, you’re deluding yourself.

  • Has anyone picked this up? As long as the sub track leaves out all the terrible puns I would consider picking this up, cause that dub is pretty atrocious, but I can’t find any info on the state of the subs

  • Fun fact 1: The voice actress for Ika Musume in the English dub, Christine Marie Cabanos, will be the voice actress for Madoka in PMMM. (Also voices Azusa in K-On! and Filia in the upcoming Skullgirls game). Seems fine. Appropriately aged, too, with her being 23. Definitely not a regular.. not yet, anyway.

    Fun fact 2: The voice actress for Ayumi Tokita, the girl at that rival beach house in Ika Musume that first appears in episode 4, will be playing Sayaka in PMMM. No further known anime experience otherwise, though her official demo tape sounds good and varied, and she spoke what few lines she had for Ayumi appropriately.

    Fun fact 3: Many of you appear to think that standards for English dubs haven’t noticeably improved since the ’90s. Enjoy being in that weeaboo dreamscape, guys. 😉

  • Fun fact #1: The voice actress for Ika Musume in the English dub, Christine Marie Cabanos, is going to be voicing Madoka in PMMM. (Also plays Azusa in K-On! and Filia in the upcoming Skullgirls game). Seems fine to me. Appropriately aged, too, with her being 23.

    Fun fact 2: Sayaka is going to be voiced by Sarah Williams, whose only other known anime role has been Ayumi Tokita from Ika Musume’s rival beach house. Her demo tape sounds varied enough, and what little she says in episode 4 is very fitting for the character.

    Fun fact 3: Many of you guys still seem to think that the standard for English dubs today is much like the standards for dubbing in the ’90s. Have fun living in that dreamscape, guys. 🙂

  • You know, if you guys hate dubs so much, you can always press the “language” button on your remote and change it to Japanese. Ever since DVD became available, 99% of American anime releases have been dual audio.

      • That is what I don’t get. What’s so prickling everyone with the whole dubbing hate? Westerners should generally be glad they get content at half or even third the price (or in the case of boxset Blurays, it can run up to about $600 equivalent in Japan and you can get the same episodes for $35 in America. It can be really crazy sometimes).

        And like someone said before, it’s just the difference of the size of the market and the talent that has been organized to make it run smoother. A lot of Japanese voicing talent doesn’t make much money actually. They’re ‘treated’ like celebrities, but the only difference between the dubbing quality is the organization. This may shock some people, but almost all Hollywood movies are dubbed after they’re filmed. Maybe it’s that much easier to dub your own voice, but there’s a culture of dubbing in the States too. Just in a different arena.

    • Indeed. One of the only noteworthy titles in recent memory that was dub-only, was the BluRay release of Kurokami. Though it had an excellent dub, so I didn’t mind personally. I would have watched it in dub format anyway, even with the dual audio.

  • I can understand that a lot of people dislike dubs more than subs but isn’t that because a person’s mind has adapted to the sub version of an anime and if that same person were to listen to a dub version of it, it’ll sound bad to them? For example, say if you drank almond milk(sub) for a week and you got use to the taste. But if started drinking cow milk(dub) during the following week, it’ll taste bad to you since you’re tongue is only use to drinking almond milk instead of cow milk. Same principle applies to subs and dubs and vice-verse. My point is that if your used to listening to the sub version of an anime and by chance you listen to the dub version, you’ll end up hating the dub over the sub version because your brain is used to listening to sub and vice-verse. Ya get what I’m saying.

  • About the one voicing Ika in the English dub, she’s a newbie voice actress. I listened to her voice reel she had and she had a wide display of voices.

    She just needed to go a different direction with Ika.

    inb4 downvotes

      • SERIOUSLY????

        I didn’t think Saban did any of that During the old Power Rangers series.

        Also most of the anime fans japan like JYB for one thing.

        Being the perfect Vash The Stampede.

        Though it was taken up a knotch when he did Lelouch for Code Geass. Most of the fans ever there when it comes to english see JYB as Vash, Vic for Edward,Freeman as Alucard, Ayres as the perfect Negi, and O Brien for his role as Garra.

        However for one series that the fans give credit to was for the entire eng dub for Black Lagoon. And everone agreed it sounded better in eng than in Japaneese.

        Also for all the dub haters, KNOCK IT OFF.


  • Actually watching the episode in question, the English was surprisingly good, and filled with bilingual (Japanese/English) puns that were actually funny.

    Clever script writers deserves praise. ^^

    • I always feel sorry for Japanese VAs who have to speak some English since their character is supposedly English-speaking. Those poor girls in Genshiken!! Not just one or two lines, but dozens and dozens over two episodes. They weren’t AWFUL, but….
      You get so used to hearing bad English in anime, it’s startling when, on occasion, one of the VAs does a good job (Sejougahara’s impressive “I love you” in Bakemonogatari. Yeah, only three words, but even so!).

    • Well, if you listen carefully and looked at the credits, you’ll know that it wasn’t the same voice actress who spoke English for Cindy(likely also Japanese, considering her name was written in Kanji).

      I thought it’s a good thing though. Forcing Hitomi Nabatame to speak perfect Californian just for a role would be too harsh. At least it was a good effort to maintain attention to detail.

      • Marine-RX179 says:

        But Ika Musume’s seiyuu did speak in English herself. I always though Ika Musume was “cute” more than “moe”, but for something reason in this episode listening to her speaking in English somehow gives off a feeling of “moe” for me lol

        • Well, I did only talk about Cindy.

          I think it’s more important for her since her character’s supposed to be an American-born. The rest of them all had Japanese slang, except for the obvious lost guy.

  • Ew.

    I honestly can’t stand watching most all English dubs of anime. There seems to only be like 6 voice actors in the entire business, and it’s obvious they don’t take their job seriously.

    None of their line reading seems to be done by anyone who considers themselves a professional.

    I really don’t understand how English cartoons have totally fine voice acting, and are able to convey emotions, but the moment they start working on anime everyone involved ceases to care. I question why they even make dubbed anime anymore. Seems the only people who watch it are children that can’t read fast enough to keep up with subs.

    • -plays video out of curiosity..
      ..stops it 8s later and goes for the brain bleach*
      (it take 6s to get to her line)

      The only thing worse and an English(US) voice dub is a badly done one.

      And they do seem to have a VERY limited selection of voices.

    • My theory is that the VAs do better when they can see the lips change shape to conform to their words (in the cases where they see that beforehand).

      The other thing is the translator and script writer for anime need to fit the English language into the time the anime character spoke. Doesn’t always work, and VAs might be pressured to make it work and lose the quality of their eccentricities.

      Simple solution. Everyone learn Esperanto, then all anime gets voiced in Esperanto, then VAs will never suck again.

    • there’s a lot of issues to localized anime as far as voice acting is concerned.

      first off is pretty much just the quality of the voice actors.
      i forget which now bankrupt localizing studio pretty laid this point straight out but one of them did.
      it sounds mean but it’s true. for the most part, in the Western industry no actor gets into voice acting because they want to get into voice acting.

      Western actors get into voice acting because =
      A) they are Hollywood stars and the animation is banking on their name in the credits list (rarely the case with anime but i thought i’d make the point)
      or B) they are B-list (if even that) actors who aren’t getting any real live acting roles so voice acting work is how they are paying the bills.
      check out the resumes of some of the more well known Western games and anime voice actors/actresses. there’s a pretty consistent theme of them trying to get into regular acting jobs but never getting further than bit roles.

      that’s not EVERYONE in the Western voice acting industry, but it is the vast majority.

      second is more of a technical issue, but the studios localizing anime don’t have the budget to re-draw lips and other such details.
      so the script and the voice actors are modified to match lip movements of the original Japanese release otherwise you end up with the Godzilla effect.

      that leads to a lot of unnatural sounding dialogues and pronunciations.

      • A huge amount of seiyuu in Japan sees the job as ‘a job’ and to make it as a voice actor in the West, one has to go out of their way to get through individual auditions since the voice acting studios are not as coordinated or as involved as it is with the Japanese system.

        Some legendary voice actors in the west had to had some divine intervention or do a ton of work just to get recognize. I’m not liking how people have to drag the actors through the mud just because the overall quality of dubbing isn’t as good as it can be. But when it does with some videogames and anime, it can very well surpass the original.

    • I’m pretty sure that English cartoons are not dubbed. They do the voice acting and the animators animate to it. Unless this has somehow changed in recent years.

      Dubbing a clip is a little more difficult than voice acting without any restrictions. That doesn’t mean that it can not be done well. It’s just extremely difficult to find an English dub worth watching.

      For the most part it’s a lot of the female dubbers who ruin things for me… I believe some women should never ever be allowed to voice an energetic/enthusiastic character… They may do fine with more serious rules, but with energetic characters it’s like death to my ears.

    • Tell me about it. Why does the acting sound so forced? Is it because they are trying to emulate the original Japanese voice cast? How bout DON’T? Why not voice the character in a way that you want to voice the character? That way, it would at least sound natural…

      My dislike of dubs notwithstanding, I also don’t understand the fandom for dub actors. This must be an American patriotism thing, but I can’t for the life of me imagine being a fan of someone who is not actually involved with the original in anyway whatsoever.

      • Actar, the Japanese VA aren’t more involved than the American actors. So what’s the difference? What about Gundam Unicorn? The English and Japanese voices were done at the same time (the Japanese DVDs/BDs have both Japanese and English voices on them).

      • @Actar

        People have been fans of stranger things.

        I don’t really think it’s a patriotism thing per say. Part of it may be that there is a fear of being labeled as a weeaboo if you like sub or the original Seiyuu too much, but this is more a fear of being judged than true patriotism. Although patriotism could be a motivating factor for certain people, I just haven’t seen it personally.

        Although I think a large amount of people who are fans of English dub actors are just honest fans of their voices, with no real hidden motives. Fear of being judged I think is somewhat prevalent, but once again I wouldn’t call that patriotism.

        I can only name one English dub actor that I could actually say that I really like, and that is Crispin Freeman. The reason I like him is purely because of his voice.

        I can understand the dub actors having fandoms, and besides there have been fandoms for stranger things.

        But when it comes to the English dub actors, there is one thing I truly cannot understand. That is having the dub actors do episode commentary on the DVDs/BluRays. They weren’t involved in the making of the show, they just re-voiced an already finished product. They really don’t have a much greater level of insight into the show than the fans watching. As a result they often sound something like a fan commentary on youtube, not insights into the making of the show, which a dub actor cannot give. They are a pointless exercise in my opinion, and they should find other special features (or things that come with the DVD/BluRay) to fill the space instead of having people who weren’t involved in the making of the show do commentary.

    • Not everyone has perfect eyesight. If there wasn’t any dubbing, I wouldn’t be able to watch anime without pausing every time a new subtitle appeared.

      And only six actors? What’s with that comment. Half of the time people say “there aren’t enough dub actors”, and the other half they say “they just grab random people off the street”. It can’t be both, so which is it?

    • When I was a kid we used to get anime is South Africa and it was dubbed into Zulu, so you had to listen to the English simulcast on the radio.
      Anyway the Zulu version only had one guy and he did all the voices, only 3 variations really.
      1. Hero voice / Normal guy voice
      2. Female voice / Effeminate male voice
      3. Bad guy / Evil voice

      • Steven Jay Blum as Spike was also excellent. Hell, pretty much every voice he does (half the characters he voices sound almost exactly like Spike so you know it’s Blum, while the rest are so different you can’t tell it’s Blum without reading the end credits)

        Spike Spencer as Shinji Ikari was great in Eva (or at least as good as one can possibly voice Shinji without the audience thinking “wow, the voice actor must really suck at life to do Shinji’s voice so naturally!”). He also did the voice of the actor playing Misato’s father in the movie Shinji was watching, as well as the purple-haired doctor from Excel Saga (and one of the dogs in the episode with the dogs). Hell, he had at least a minor role in damn near every anime ADV released from 1995-2004ish.

    • Then there must be an awful lot of people out there who are as you describe, because English dubs are in high enough demand that I say many anime fans swearing that they won’t buy a series *unless* it gets dubbed.

      I watch most of the dubs that come out every year, and the proportion of them that truly suck is far lower than what people ’round here claim. I have long thought that anime fans get too stuck up on what they think characters should sound like based on their Japanese voices (which – let’s face it – are far from universally perfect) that they can’t even consider different interpretations.

    • Spot on… I know most people are complaining on the dub of K-ON, Madoka and any new show coming out soon that is getting an English Dub. Personally I REALLY wanted a dub for Kimi ni Todoke and Clannad (yes, you heard right, the one out now doesn’t exist, just like how there’s only one matrix movie, which is a shame they never made any sequels XP)

      SO looking forward to the Madok a release but the dub is already shaping up to suck, like the K-ON dub does. Demon King Daimao is by no kmeans a perfect show, but even that dub was just barely passable.

      So now we’re at odds here in the American dubbed anime world:

      DO we “pray” for a studio like Funimation or bandai to grab a title because they have the majority or are able to contract a majority of the actors we KNOW and love? Wendee Lee, Laura Bailey, JYB, Steve Blum, Crispin Freeman, etc. etc.??

      Or do we HOPE for a new studio to pick it up… BECAUSE we’re tired of all the voice actors we cycled through time and again in EVERY damn american dub we have…

      Either way… the AMERICAN anime bubble (at least from a dub’s point of view) has, I believe, BURST.

      We so BADLY want new talent, but will NOT deal with giving them the time to get better. I personally want variety in my english dubs now, not later, but It wont happen anytime soon, and the worst part of it is, the “practice” runs to GET better english dubbers will HAVE to be on the shows that are even getting licensed, (i.e. POPULAR shows) that are getting grabbed right now.

      Luckily the only good dub to come out in recent years was in fact, the New Eva movies, and Summer Wars wasn’t so bad either, pretty good I’d say. Eden of the East was well done as well. But for every one of those shows, 5 bad dubs emerge and force people like me to never click towards the english dub on a legit DVD or Blu-Ray.

    • There are also very few voice actors in original anime too… hirano, mizuki, chihara for example… but i will agree with you that the voice is pretty bad… squid-girl has misty’s voice, i swear to god… One good enlish dub was Kiddy Grade, the voices were in character and matched well.

    • The thing that puts me off of buying anime BDs and DVDs – apart from the galactical price – is the fact that they all come ’round ‘ere through the US of A where they have a silly habit of dubbing just about everything, and I do not want to support the raping of good characters by talentless voiceactors.

      • The way I see it, cartoons on TV are going to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people, even millions, and it’s the main product and priority, so they hire top-notch professional voice actors. Anime dubs, however, will be purchased by a few thousand, possibly. It is not going to be a huge thing on TV, so they hire less experienced voice actors. Does that make sense or am I rambling?

      • Yet with all the dubbing, which is almost ALWAYS JUST AN OPTION, the price for anime in the US is still several times cheaper than what the suckers in Japan have to deal with.

        The fact that dubs survive is simply because there are more people out there with more common sense who prefer listening to dialogues while concentrating their views on the artwork and animation, NOT TEXT. You’re not the center of the world; what you don’t like may be something other people do.

        Besides, people like you tend to antagonize anime dubs anyway, which is why publishers continue to hire ‘talentless voiceactors’ so that it’s cheap enough for them to mark the price down enough for you to afford them.

        I swear… people these days have too much sense of entitlement.

        • Yeah, speaking of multitasking, it’s a LOT easier to multitask anime watching when they’re speaking ENGLISH so you don’t have to look at the screen all the time. The way MY schedule is, it’s usually more efficient for me to put a show on and listen to it and look back and forth at it every so often when something interesting happens while being online and working on something. Can’t do that with subs. I have several sub-only shows that have been collecting dust because I haven’t had the time to actually sit down and WATCH them. Besides… It’s 2011 and dub actors are no where near as bad as they were over two decades ago and most dub productions these days are high quality affairs. If your ears are so sensitive that dubs make them bleed, than perhaps you should save us a little time and your self some medical bills and just don’t click on the video and go watch your precious subs away from the rest of us normal people. Okay? Okay! XD

          Fun Fact: Many of today’s great English dub actors which are popular and sought after started out on Robotech, the show that really sticks the 30 foot pole in subber’s asses. XD

        • “…more people out there with more common sense who prefer listening to dialogues while concentrating their views on the artwork and animation, NOT TEXT. “

          You do know that people who can simply multitask between watching a video and reading the text below at the same time without loosing any focus (unless the sub texts are inappropriately coloured or if the show has too many mouthful dialogues) isn’t really that uncommon nowadays, right…?

      • Tara Strong is probably one of the very best voice actresses in the entire world. You can’t deny she has an incredibly versatile voice. She’s one of those voice actors like Houko Kuwashima who can easily play the squeaky voice girls to mature sounding ones to nerdy/emo/gothic to male voices.

        And there’s many English voice actors whose tonality is quite unique in that nobody quite sounds like them. There’s a huge depth of talent out there. Just because they aren’t being utilized perfectly doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

      • Personally, I think Laura Bailey did a decent job of voicing Tokru Honda (but now I can’t stand her in anything else because her voice range sucks and she always sounds the same to me. This is unfortunate when they stick her in games like Nier and make her cuss like a sailor).

        And Mary Elizabeth McGlynn will forever be a goddess in my mind for her excellent job voicing Motoko Kusunagi (plus her vocal work in Silent Hill’s music). Definitely surpassed the Japanese seiyuu.

    • It would be refreshing if for once they hired a teenager to voice a teenager. Then again we could always pass laws busting the VAs union so they didn’t cost hundreds per hour to actually make them competative, then tie their pay to product sales.

    • Note all English VA’s are sh*t…

      Take some of my favorites gents below for example:

      Liam of Brien (My #1 fav)…

      (Dis the Rose/Reaper from “Tales of the Abyss”, ZVATTO the Waysiders Leader of Episode 3 from “Lost Planet 2”, War from “Darksiders”, Asura from “Wrath of Asura”, Gaara from “Naruto”…

      Too many to f*cking count, since he’s like the Christopher Walken of English VA’s when it comes to really f*cked up/homoerotic/Raging/Batsh*t-insane characters~)

      Simon Templeton…

      (The charismatic voice of the equally charismatic vampire Kain from the “Legacy of Kain” Series~)

      Michael Bell…

      (The awesome voice of Raziel from the “Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver” Series and “Defiance”…)

      D.C. Douglas…

      (Famously known to voice good old Albert Wesker from “Resident Evil 5″~)

      As for my favorite Female English VA, see below…

      @frunobulax (Phydeaux III)

      “Ika sounds like a 65-old girl. Seriously.”

      I would have preferred if Ika-chan is voiced by the awesome English VA that is Barbara Goodson (Voice actress of “Laharl” from NIS’s “Disgaea” Series AND the voice of “Rita Repulsa” from Saban’s “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”~).

      Look her up on Wikipedia…

      Oh, and she’s 62~

      • Don;t forget Vic Mignogna or however you spell it. He was great as Edward in FMA.. but, that one role that got him popular… has now made him the “go-to” guy for roles he quite doesn’t fit.

        One episode is all it took for it to convince me he does not fit Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight
        (I dont watch the show, so if I butchered the characters name or anything then forgive me, I only saw one episode XD)

        Also Greg Ayres is simply shit unless he’s in a comical role like Akito’s friend from Kodocha or “shinji” from Full Metal Panic, Kouta Tsuchiya was his BEST role thus far in an American dub in Baka Test.

        His greatest failure? Sunohara From Clannad… such a fucking waste >.<

        • I’m surprised someone else didn’t bring him up sooner- if I didn’t see his name on this wall of comments, I would have said something myself xD
          Ouran(in which he played Tamaki)is the first show aside from Cowboy Bebop I can recall that I could stand to listen in english, and I ended up grudgingly liking it by the end of the first episode.

      • Perhaps the dubbing is not the most horrible thing in Ika Musume, but it’s the English script they used, they are mostly very dry and humorless for a comedy show like Ika Musume, and literally translating Ika Musume into Squid Girl is already wrong, Squid Girl does not sound as catchy as Ika Musume.

        • Long story short, the show is great popcorn material, its a fun ride, no more no less.

          Don;t let a bad dub stop you from watching it in japanese from a FANSUB group that doesn’t put in the shitty squid puns. that just KILLS the show for any sub reader out there.

          Also Crunchyroll fails hard, last second comment there 😀

        • @Actar The general anime audience who are already used to many Japanese terms would think that, but I have some friends who aren’t so used to such terms. Whether it be subtitles or dubs, if a Japanese term is used without context to explain what it means, they are completely lost and either have to ask me or look it up. It ruins the experience for them, and they don’t typically remember the terms, anyway, since they don’t know how the Japanese language works. Even the random 2-second side notes put on the screen in subtitles are a bit distracting. Some subtitles are also so flashy, they take from the original experience, too. Watch a high-quality anime without subs and you’ll see why I prefer watching RAW instead of (or before) watching the subtitled versions.

          On the other hand, by “translating” or leaving out honorifics and such, there is a lot of potential for misunderstanding or a loss of context, ruining the experience just as much.

          There are no legal standards to dubbing/subtitling/translating anime and manga, which is actually kinda nice, since by indulging in both results, you become more conscious to the fact that people do it differently and are more curious and willing to do research about why that is… if you care. And if you don’t, to each his/her own. =)

        • @ anon 21:51:

          Precisely. Using the ‘dictionary excuse’ is absolute rubbish.

          There are terms and concepts that are unique to a certain culture that are impossible to translate from one language to another. ‘Tsundere’, ‘Freeter’, ‘Skinship’, ‘Lolicon’, ‘Otaku’ and even names of stuff like ‘Taiyaki’, ‘Sakura’ and ‘Bento’ are all Japanese terms that aren’t in the English dictionary, but are usually left in translations as they are all important cultural concepts and/or proper names. There are much better examples, but the above is what I can think of at this time.

          People who refuse to acknowledge this are either lazy to learn or are just purely xenophobic. Or perhaps they are simply forgetting that Anime is a *GASP* Japanese cultural product.

          Speaking of translations, I hate it how they don’t put honorifics in subtitles, but for American cartoons and movies, they deliberately add in the -san to emphasize the Japaneseness of someone. That’s bullshit.

        • Yeah some dubs sound good. Of course cowboy bebop, samurai champloo… even Gits that old commander guys english dub voice matched the the character better than that japanese version, which sounded like a generic old japanese man. ^_^

        • @ Anonymous 21:24 18/10/2011

          The fact that “Ika” and “Musume” are not in the Oxford Dictionary mean nothing. Japanese names like “Yuki”, “Kuro” or even “Nami” in One Piece aren’t in those official dictionaries too, but they do appear in subtitles in anime, manga or J-drama. Literally translating these names would sound awful; Nami would be called “Wave” in the English version of the One Piece anime/manga. That’s why there are something that are called romanized terms/names. And Ika Musume is not only a term to show Ika Musume is a Squid girl, but it’s also her name, so Ika Musume is perfectly fine in an English translation.

        • People like you make me angry. This is an ‘English Translation’ and last time I checked, the words ‘Ika’ and ‘Musume’ aren’t in the fucking Oxford Dictionary. I’m sure Ika Musume isn’t any more catchy to a native Japanese speaker. Just because your brain wires all things Japanese as cool or catchy doesn’t make it true.

          Regardless, all dubs suck and this show isn’t worth it anyway.

        • I agree that though this dub doesn’t really sound “that” horrible(I didn’t get the urge to escape through the window like in some cases) but the fact that the puns just don’t work in english, just don’t do it…

          I also hate how most fansubbers change her name into squid girl(-ie), it’s a name damn it, don’t translate it! You don’t need to englsih-ify(yes, I know) everything…

      • Bitch got downvoted for prefering to listen to a language her understands. Poor guy, lol.

        I think at least 5 of those who downvoted him can’t even comprehend Japanese.


  • I can’t handle English dubs. Aside from the sad fact they can’t afford really good people, miscasting is rampant. I remember checking out the dub for Maison Ikokku and shutting it off in horror as soon as I heard Kyouko’s voice–she sounded about 45 years old!!
    And the conditions they work in make a good performance practically impossible anyway. I talked to a voice actor (Brad Swayle, I think) and he told me he would get called in, sat down alone in a booth, and told to “read the following lines.” A couple days later, the actor/s or actress/es playing against him in the scene would get the same treatment–they would not even be played his lines to work off of!! In the Japanese studios, the characters interact with each other in real time, which obviously is going to achieve a better result.
    Anyway, I don’t criticize people who like dubs. Everyone has their own reason and certainly if you don’t read fast, subs are distracting (I am very fortunate in that I read text as “blocks” and can do it in my lower peripheral vision). People watch anime because they like it, and if they prefer dubs, then, well…dubs FTW.
    Now, the crappy translations often used for both dubs and subs are quite another matter….

  • Hm, it sounds like a rather typical dub to me (aside from the fish puns, which was like being repeatedly punched in the gut, but since the original is rather pun heavy as well, I’ll let it slide. It’s just that I have poor tolerance for puns).

    I feel to this dub what I feel to most modern Anime dubs, and that is crushing apathy. Besides the squid puns, the voices are not bad enough for me to passionately dislike them, nor good enough for me to love them. They’re not poor enough for me to be critical and rip them to shreads, but not good enough for me to praise them. It sounded like they didn’t care all that much quite frankly, so I’m not going to be bothered to feel strong opinions one way or the other.

    Almost all dubs (modern ones at least) net this opinion from me. The only modern dub I felt was truly horrible was of Clannad. It was the worst I have heard in a long time. It was to the point that when I bought the DVDs for After Story I specifically got the sub only versions, as the thought of giving money to the piss poor job the Voice Actors did for Clannad turned my stomach.

    Though truly apathy and a whole lotta nothing are my predominant feelings twoard most modern dubs. The only dub voice actor I can actually say that I really like is Crispin Freeman, the rest I feel vary too widely (expecially with the dub voice actresses. I don’t know what it is with them but they are really all over the place).

    However I don’t feel that dubs are totally without their place. What the Sub vs. Dub argument really boils down to is “Ease of Consumption vs. Authenticity”. There is no refuting that a subtitle will always be more accurate than a voice over, as a subtitle does not have to fit mouth flaps, and does not have to fit within the timing of speech and conversation. You will always miss a nuance or 2 even in a simple text translation, by putting limitations in the form of length and timing on it, you will ineviatbly miss more. However, dubs are easier to consume, in that you could be doing other things while just listening to the tv instead having to stay fixed at the screen reading lines. Or if you are bad at reading subtitles in the first place, a dub will be easier to consume, and therefore it will be your viewing method of choice. Both sides have a point, it just comes down to which you find more important, being as close as possible to the original, or practicality. I’m most definitlely for closeness, but I can understand the idea of easier to consume formats and practicality.

    Also, I do think dubs have a strong suit in portraying series that are heavily Western in nature in a whole new light. I will openly admit that I prefer Baccano, Black Lagoon and Hellsing Ultimate dubbed. This is not so much in that one set of actors trumps the other, it’s just that the english VAs have far more familiarity with the setting and tone of series like these, so that it comes off as more natural. As for almost everything else, the familiarity the Seiyuu have for the subject matter (and often times, the fact that it seems that the Seiyuu have more interest in the show than the VAs do) makes me prefer the original voice track. That and the whole matter of accuracy.

    However, at the end of the day, I can litteraly name the Anime I actually prefer dubbed on one hand. A lot of people may add FMA and Cowboy Bebop to that list, but I have never seen either Anime in the original Japanese, so I can not say. And others still may be temped to add one of my old favorites, Samurai Champloo, to that list. To that, while I will admit that Mugen as voiced by Steve Blum is badass, it’s not like Mugen as voiced by Kazuya Nakai isn’t badass either. Not to mention that each voice cast had varying levels of familiarity with the subject matter, as even though it had the hip-hop/rap and modern culture influences, it is still a Chanbara, meaning at it’s heart, it is still a period piece. I will admit that Champloo had a very good dub, but to say it was better? I personally can’t abide by that.

    In closing, while I may prefer subs the vast majority of the time, I don’t think that dubs are totally without place, and this dub (besides my personal distaste for puns), is increadibly average, not worth feeling anything strongly to.

  • Quite honestly I heard far worse. The puns though, they gotta go. In other news, the chick voicing Ika will also be doing the voice your favorite magical girl Madoka Kaname. I can only imagine the level of anguish THIS will cause…

  • OY! that kind of forced emphasis makes me want to head-desk.

    Chizuru And Eiko seem okay, But the ever-present genki-girl is for some reason THE voice that doesn’t fare well in dubs. From these two clips you don’t really hear much of Sanae, but I hear some of that excessive breathyness from her that made me hate the Lucky Star dub.(that and how Konata was voiced to stereotype.)

    I think the dub problem is cyclical. It’s not a big market now, and it certainly won’t grow if the voice acting is needlessly irritating or not up to the quality of the rest of a series. Good thing there IS an increasing number of good dubs. And perhaps there will be some osmosis between that and the American series taking notes on how Japan brought animated media forward while over here it was being largely pidgeoneholed.

    • I think they dub because it’s one of the only way to differentiate it enough to fight against pirating (in theory if dubbing is good) Because really why would you buy a sub when you can download it for free in HD quality through the internet -_-.
      It would be suicide to only do sub, but yes they should improve their dub actors.

  • When will they get it real JP anime fans like THE ORIGINAL JP VER VOICE AND ALL with ENGLISH SUBS also the western faggs like to edit shit out i mean look what they did to bleach and naruto.. so horrible!

  • Blah Blah Blah Dubs, more importantly, does anyone of you actually have any of these? Besides the yellow and black subs how is the actual translation? Because I’m quite the sucker for those delicious squiddy puns.

      • I think it’s mostly only Americans that can enjoy dubs. To a lot of us Europeans, American VA’s sounds really cheesy and superficial. The voices just seriously get on our nerves.

        But, Obviously, I don’t speak for every anime fan in the EU.

        • For anime? Not really. However, I have read comments about Japanese consumers not liking dubbed western material such as Modern Warfare and Battlestar Galactica.

          Who would have thought? The original language wins out regardless of it being originally English or Japanese. And yes, I completely agree with Sangaz; we Europeans mostly find English dubbed shows, whether they be TV shows, anime, or movies, to be terribly cheesy. This is compounded by the fact that most of the English dubbed material are actually done in the USA. Most of us are used to reading subtitles for stuff anyways so I guess we’re just accustomed to not having our ears raped by dubs.

        • I may need to agree that the US voiceworks in ToA is good or at least bearable.. well, except for Tear. Seriously, it seems like the voiceactress doesn’t even aware or probably not even care about the fact that Tear supposed to have a cold and soft side in her character. No matter what Dere-Dere moment it was, she still keeps on phrasing out her line like a cold-hearted robot. Worse part is the dialogue texts did a better job in portraying her personality than the voiceactress.

        • yeah, english Dub really sounds bad 95% of the time. The voice actor just reads the script without putting any emotions to it. They probably even read the screams instead of actually screaming.

          Like in clip NR1 Ika musume she stands on the table and she just… speaks to herself, i couldn’t hear that in the back if i was there.

          And who is a voice actor anyway 12 a year old ?
          American voices don’t fit the Japanese anime industries or style
          At first i was watching anime in dub for about 6 month when i tryed watching sub, BAM!!! i switched instantly. No more dub for me