Outrage as Chinese Motorists Flatten Little Girl


Chinese and non-Chinese alike have been sickened to see security camera footage of a Chinese motorist knocking over a toddler and then driving over her and off, with a subsequent vehicle not even bothering to swerve to avoid her, instead crushing her legs to a pulp.

Meanwhile, pedestrians witnessing the atrocious scene merely walk around the writhing infant – the kindliest drags the child off the road and then abandons her as mere roadkill.

The incident occurred October 13th in Foshan City in Guangdong province early one evening, when a 2-year-old girl was involved in a marketplace accident.

The video, undoubtedly highly disturbing to all people of conscience and even to many of those without:

This has provoked outrage amongst virtually all viewers, not least in Japan – although with this being China, sadly the outrage is not accompanied by much in the way of disbelief:

“This is sickening!”


“That poor girl’s legs, crushed flat…”

“I’m not watching it, what happened?”

“A car runs over a little girl with its front wheels, seems to notice, but decides to drive over the kid with the rear wheels. All the passers by ignore her. A second car drives up and just runs over her feet. A woman approaches and just moves the kid off the street like she was some dead animal.”

“There are hundreds of millions of Chinese so they don’t care. Life is cheap there.”

“Her lower body is ruined now, isn’t it? Those filthy chinks really ignored it all…”

“They saw her and just ran over her anyway… why?”

“Honestly, I think it was deliberate. There’s no way the driver didn’t see her.”

“I feel ill.”

“Does the person who calls the ambulance have to pay or something?”

“Why aren’t they even shocked? Do they see dead bodies on the street all the time?”

“If you’re not careful you’ll get involved in something very bad, I guess it’s that kind of country.”

“Perhaps they just thought she was sleeping? If I saw a child lying in the street I’m not sure I would have the guts to intervene. Although if I saw them hit by a car it would be a bit different.”

“What are you on about? Her legs were flattened,ย  there was sure to be blood all over the place.”

“The parent and child just ignored her – honestly, Chinese people…”

“It must happen all the time? I can’t believe they are the same species as us.”

“It’s horrible, but this is all you can expect from the cultural standards of the Chinese.”

“This is the sickest video I have seen all year. Those Chinese treat their own as less than animals.”

“China is really done for. Thank god I was born Japanese.”

“However rich they become, the standards of Chinese people don’t rise at all.”

“No wonder they just buried their crashed trains whilst there were still people in them.”

“Watch this and you may understand.”

“I could never live in China.”

“To think there are over a billion of these scumbags.”

“What happened to her?”

“There’s a report from a doctor from a few days ago – ‘she’s cold but not braindead, I can’t say the chances of her surviving are great, but I’d like to how things progress.'”


“To think we are next to this country.”

“It’s shocking to think a country like this still exists.”

The girl later died from her injuries. Police have apparently since arrested the drivers of both vehicles.

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    • I wish everyone could see my comment explaining just why this happened. Like Japan and it’s serial ineffective law system that often punishes good deeds, China often does not look too far into cases due to the fact that it is impossible due to the sheer population. Whoever helps this poor girl would most likely become liable and responsible, and sadly it is also highly likely that the parents of the girl would pin the blame on her rescuer resulting in them having to pay for all the damages as well as any thing else they can milk out of a good Samaritan. If you find this unbelieveable – things like this have happened before.

      • Sadly but is not the only reason. The reason why the driver decided to double tap is because in China it’s much cheaper to pay for a persons funeral than a persons medical needs and insurance. There’s also the issue of victims looking for more money, black mailing, cout cases etc. So the most money saving course of action is to make sure they’re dead. The sad sad minds of the Chinese these days >.>

        • It’s always about money , isn’t it ?
          These people aren’t human, I would rather go to Jail for nothing than walk past ANY human race , any age , any colour, that is dieing.
          I’d rather live on the street and be poor , but know I saved someone’s life.

          It’s disgusting that someone would walk past a human , no matter if it was a child or not , and not even help.

          At least call an ambulance and than walk away ?

          There is NO excuse for this , whatsoever.
          I think it’s sad if you think this is a “good” excuse , and explains it.

          Humanity makes me sick..

        • I think Anon 12:44 sums it up quite succinctly. There has been this story being passed around here in Singapore where a Chinese woman stands behind a man at starbucks, then suddenly squats down and cries saying that he touched her and demanded money to see a doctor. Fortunately there was a security guard with enough sense not to leap to conclusions. So even though I’m of Chinese descent, I still keep my guards up around PRCs (there are really a lot here).

        • You’re right, it is extremely sad, and it’s why China’s cesspool of a society will never change on its own.

          Because whatever horrible disgusting things happen because of themselves or others, it doesn’t matter because they will always have excuses, excuses, excuses and just continue the same way they always have.

          China needs an invasion.

        • @14:48

          But this isn’t going to jail, at all. If the person in question lived.

          What did he do wrong? Hit a girl, what’s the result sue the living shit out of you. Even in Australia this has happened, in America this has happened. So don’t you say at all that’s a second world country is an exception.

          It’s better to kill the person and go to jail for manslaughter than to make the person suffer and wrung you out dry. After all you are driving a weapon.

          So Africa is not a cesspool, America is not a cesspool, Australia is not a cesspool (Someone who was dead for 7 years and no one bothered to check?).

          This guy was lucky because their is a security camera and wanted to prance around showing this to the world. However China is not an exception even such things would happen in First World Countries as much as Second World Countries.

          I’m Sorry for being such an misanthrope but it’s the truth, every country has a few bad eggs.

        • Little moral guardian.
          If you actually spent your life in poverty and struggles, would you still be able to make the bold statement?
          ‘These people aren’t human, I would rather go to Jail for nothing than walk past ANY human race , any age , any colour, that is dieing.
          I’d rather live on the street and be poor , but know I saved someone’s life.’

          If you were in China, you would probably have a children and wife, both in desperate need of economic support. Of course, you could become the unknown hero, but, YOUR FAMILY WOULD SUFFER.

        • I’m going to say something that many of you may not understand, but I’ll do my best to explain. Consider for a moment the idea that the entire universe is a blanket of energy vibrations, which is proven by physics. Consider then that if all positive and negative emotions are effecting this energy, then it stands very simply that humans are part of this energy, and therefore effect reality around them. Whether you believe this or not, it is the truth, and the evidence exists around you, just not in the way we were generally taught to perceive.

          If you truly want to do something, even something simple to assist in changing the energy of China, then there is something you can do that requires little to no effort, but en masse can change the world: send them light.

          What I mean is, take a deep breath, and clear your mind. It is physically impossible to think (and therefore fear or hate) when you are concentrating on breathing. You can try it now. You have to force yourself to do one or the other. You need no more than take some deep breaths to clear your mind. And when you do, regardless of how you feel about them as a people through whatever experiences you may have, just imagine white, positive glowing energy enveloping China. You don’t need to tell the energy what to do, where to go, any of that. In fact if you try, then you need to clear your head and take more breaths. The universe knows where the energy is needed. There are those in China and across the world who are seeking this light from any and all who will give it, and those are the people who, whether they know it or not, will change the future of the planet even in the darkest of areas. If you expect instant gratification, then take more breaths. If you expect to be thanked, then take more breaths. If you expect to be special, take more breaths. It doesn’t matter if you hope to get something by doing this, nor if you think it’s stupid. Just breath, and ask whatever you call the energies of the universe to grant them light, and let the intelligence of that energy do what it knows it needs to. Your mind cannot do that, so don’t even try. It isn’t necessary to the process.

          This is what prayer really is, by the way. If you’ve ever had a vendetta against prayer as being indoctrination, then know that true prayer is not about prostrating yourself to an invisible being. It is being a beacon of light for the world around you. If you want to do something positive that you can do right now for them in the face of this darkness, this is it.

      • this video completely defends against the cleaner who helped her thank god there was a surveillance camera, wouldn’t want that lady to be accused at all, plus this had been spread worldwide so i doubt if she gets accused that the world would not do anything, more so that we would accuse china of being incompetence with their law and wateva else

      • You’ve got that right on the mark. In China there is an actual clause/law where it does say “If you help anyone involved in such events, you will be held responsible for the victim”. That’s just fucked up. Understandable but to have it as acutal written law is fucked up in so many ways.

        • True, it is less costly to just “kill” rather save, since they’ll extort you dry.
          Am in a trucking business and am familiar of a lot of cases of mindless motorbike-riding kids better to just die, rather than their equally mindless parents (letting them ride a motorbike at such an age) extort whole profits for months!

          And yes, First World Nation Citizens, you are prosperous, therefore you have “morale”. Dood, try scraping grains of rice from a wasted food in the bins for breakfast and I dare you, I double dare you, to think about morale right there.

        • Not only in Jakarata dude, Medan here too pun some people are like that. My father kena I think twice already ==

          *sigh* Just.. what kind of people do we have in our country? (no offense intended)

    • Sadly, I am from China ( techniqually the place I am from wasnt part of China until 1997.) I know how insane people are in China. I can tell you guys China is a shit hole and no way in hell I will ever get out of the border of Hong Kong and set foot on the other side. This is why I always tell people that the only race I dont trust is Chinese. I blame the commies for destorying the good old Chinese culture. My grandpa told me that back into his days, if someone got robbed, the whole village would jump on that guy. Today is a totally different story. When I was younger, I tried to think how can I change that country into a better place. After I got older, I know there is no way in hell unless you nuke that place. I’m not saying all Chinese dont have souls, but there are more than 1/2 of them dont have soul, 1/4 of them do whatever those 1/2 do and only 1/4 of good folks. To be honest, Im really ashamed of being a freakig Chinese.

      • Urgh, I completely agree, now I wasn’t born in China but my parents were and I have been living in both China and Hong Kong when I was a child and holy crap it’s just fucking shocking how some Chinese are. I know not all Chinese people think the way these sickos do but at the same time it’s hard to change things when the government is fucking messed up

        • I think it’s more to do with who and what you’re exposed to. Like if you live in the slums and ghetto’s of US. You will think Americans are all crack dealing bastards. My friend was like that till he moved to New York, though he became fairly obnoxious and arrogant since lol. I’ve been to China and every time I went there, I met really nice people. But no doubt even they told me to be careful in China. Because alot of them in the poorer areas are out for themselves and will do whatever it takes to make you part with your cash.

          There is a saying they told me; “Don’t get involved with anything that stands out. If you do the government, police or triads will come looking for you.” There wasn’t even a “might” come looking for you. It was straight out they “will” come looking. Which tells me that the average citizen lives in fear everyday. Which is just sad…They have said things aren’t the way it use to be. It’s kinda like poison. Once it enters a glass of water it becomes undrinkable unless it’s sorted. That poison has already got a grasp in politics and law enforcement.

      • Very interesting point of view.

        I was scratching my head so hard at all this chinese news. running over their children, burying hundreds of bodies along with train/plane wreckages. WHAT about the families?

        China’s neighbor korea and japan have such family tight nit societies, and they adore youth especially (idols). But China seems such a polar opposite…

        Well seems like China used to be more like it’s neighbors based on what your grandpa said, but so so sad what it has become now.

        • China maybe in the lead of economic growth. But that doesn’t mean there is less poor people. If anything, it’s that there are more people in the poor. The further segregation of rich and poor is so large now. Everyone is out for themselves.

          With the government gaining more power, all it does is instill more fear to it’s people. Were they to challange the government, they may end up on the opposite side of a rifle.

          Also the police is more corrupt than ever. You can’t tell who to trust. Your complaint to the police about someone may just signify your end as chances are those in criminal activity already has someone working in the police force to protect them.

          All that plus the law where if you help someone like that little girl, you will be held responsible in that instant. Which ends in the conclusion of civilians being afraid to do anything as even being a samaritan can land you in prison or worse.

          I’m not defending the government, but you have to realize that when you have billions of people you need to govern. You are going to end up forsaking and ignoring countless category of people. In China’s case, it’s serve the rich and profitable.

      • Shoot, I believe it. My mom’s family grew up in same kind of community too. She said you could leave your doors unlocked and no one would mess with your stuff. They would leave a note side the door saying they came by and no one was home. That’s it.

      • Yeah bro, my parents moved when I was born to here in Vancouver. Even though my dad still say something about Chinese pride every now and then he’s fully aware of the shit that happens in China. I grew up thinking of how china was an awesome country with an amazing cultural background until these recent years. When I went to my home village near Guang Zhou, everyone there seemed sensible and kind. So I know there’s still a bit of hope in that country.

        • hi, i work as an assistant producer in a local news channel.

          i would like to tell you that the field reporters don’t always get the footage and most of the time they get there too late, probably hours after the incident happened. the only way for us to tell the story then is to interview the witnesses and reconstruct the story from there. IF we get the footage however, we show it to the viewers no matter how gory it is because we get high ratings for it.

          if you think we don’t broadcast footage because it’s censored by the FCC, you’re wrong, IF we have the footage and it should be censored, we use mosaics, color invertion, and black strips but we broadcast it! MORE RATINGS, MORE MONEY!

          why the hell would you think we don’t broadcast it. are you an idiot?

          and also, only Obscenity, Indecency, and Profanity are censored by the FCC, the above videos are not and should not be censored in American television, but we will warn the viewers about it.

        • i’m that same guy up there. what i’m saying is we won’t hesitate to show viewers this. there’s no such thing as “good media blockage” in the US, only good lawyers. you won’t believe how many times we’ve been sued for showing something “inappropriate” and won out in the end with media rights.

          i don’t know much about china, but i heard your internet is censored. can you even find news articles about this on the internet? just wondering… maybe you can “elgoog” it.

        • USA has better media blockage, especially if something like this ever happened. All you’d har is a woman or a man commenting on the same exact story, but the video would be of a cop car, some yellow police tape, and… that’s it really, nothing like the above two vids you can see up there. which is what USA news NEEDS. we NEED to see the gritty footage that most stations are too chicken to show and/or the censors want blocked from even being considered “TV worthy” in the first place.

          Most pro’s will come up with the bull saying that “If you cant convey the story through the skill of your words and you have to rely on footage to do your work for you, then you’re in the wrong field.”

          To that I say WRONG! If you REALLY want the public to take action, you SHOW them the footage that no one dares show and get the results you WANT from such atrocities!

    • The second vid WTF? The road is not small for a two vehicle? Why just can’t they make their way in side ways? Man what kind of Driving they teach in a Driving school…Everybody is ROAD WARRIOR in China MAD MAX style, please Chinese people mount some Gatling gun or Bazooka in your vehicle next time.

      • I remember hearing from someone who worked in china, all someone had to do to get drivers licence was drive in a straight line for 10m.

        Also the mind set of they have a bad mentality of “wanting to be first”. Must be first on the road, must be first on and off the train, but be first in the queue if they even bother to queue.

        • China needs to straigten its society properly how come is it that its a developed country but still got so many issues are u kidding me….. just burn the country down excluding the good chinese people because i love watching TVB LOL!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ everytime i watch it im like china pretty good then i look at this video and other posts on sankaku and im like WTF is this the real CHINA

        • Typically they can drive, but the problem is they don’t give a fuck about rules of the road. Simply put drive as you like, just don’t fuck up when driving.

          In this regard, the driver is a complete cunt and needs to be disembowled while he’s still breathing. Thing that’s sad is this doesn’t just happen in China. I’ve seen it documented in Africa, Brazil and even India. What shocks me more is when I hear this type of thing happening in 1st world countries.

        • You heard wrong. The test is pretty extensive. The problem is, once people get out on the road, they revert to complete fuckwad dickbags. People in China drive like they want to hurt everyone around them and kill themselves in the process and I’ve driven about 12k miles in China over the last few months.

        • I like how you’ve skillfully included the Japanese in the mix which reflects in your comment’s bad rating. I feel you. Some of these selective racist fcks are more ignorant than I thought.

      • I give you props for looking that up, but chances are those kind of comments will be drowned out by “Die Chinks!” and “Fucking Nuke China” type comments splattered everywhere on the net by now from ignorant fucktards.

    • all this countries hailed as beeing the next economic leaders, are only screwing up the world, and truly act like barbarians, i wander why do people keep hailing them.
      and yes both China and India are arming themselves up with nukes, when the rest of the world isn’t. i wander why don’t they put an embargo on them like they did with Cuba. they are far more deserving of it.

    • Obama & GE (General Electric) just gave them 2 million more jobs – can’t say it’s gonna help their manners.

      Say what you want about lazy Americas but they 70% at least have empathy for total strangers lying unconscious on the street.

    • Artefact: You sick piece of shit. What the hell do you gain by doing a post like this? Is it to get more traffic for your site, for a “sensational story” or is it get more people to stereotype a group of people even more than you’ve already done with your past posts. This is fucking sick, but it happens anywhere in the world. It seems you always find this kind of shit about China and posts here to get people to say how shitty that country is? Hinting a whole race of people are the same. Is that your goal? You human garbage, no better than that asshole who ran over the girl and the bystanders that walked by.

      • It’s to expose China and Chinese dogs for being the lowest shit that they are.
        Still trying to defend an immoral country, just because you are Chinese? well fuck you, you are just thinking about yourself trying to defend your pride just like those chinese dogs that walk pass the little girl. so fuck you bitch.
        PS: and fuck your shitty country too.

      • Not necessarily only in China but all around the world too unfortunately. Another incident like this was in America where a homeless guy was stabbed and people walked by him. He was dying on the floor and one person even picked him up and dropped him back down. Hours later helped arrived but it was too late.

        To put it in simple terms, it’s not only China that doesn’t give a shit about life it’s humanity itself.

        • The initial driver definately knew there was a little girl. That place is not dark. It has lights coming from stores everywhere. He stopped at first and then decided he wanted to run her over.

        • In today’s litigious society people could be sued for anything, including trying to save the little girl. It is a sad state of things. Had there not been a video, any person that try to save them could be accused of being the perpetrator, and be ruined financially or worse end up in jail. I am not talking about China or US specifically, but all around the world. It really hits a new low in our society’s decadence when you have to be careful when being a good Samaritan.

        • Mistakes on the drivers part he didn’t use his headlights like you said “that the street was a bit darker than the footage made it appear”.It appear the that person who ran over the girl didn’t know how to drive.

          Even when in the video second Large truck flashed a light right at her body he didn’t notice?

          Even when Motorcyclist stop and flash a light at her body he didn’t notice it was drunk or a child?

          How many Midget Chinese triad gangs are there in China running around causing terror to the population?

        • That’s not a very good comparison. Did the people who walked by the homeless guy even know he had been stabbed? They probably just figured he was some drunk guy laying on the ground, and didn’t bother to look at him closely enough to tell that he had a life-threatening injury. As for the woman who was attacked, I’m sure she was just interested in getting away from her attackers, and might not have even noticed that the guy became seriously injured in the process. It’s not necessarily that any of them have anything against homeless people, just that they’re not going to carefully examine every homeless guy laying on the ground, in what may have been a rough part of town.

          In this case, it should have been quite obvious the girl was injured, as she was laying in the street, and had a trail of blood behind her. It’s possible that the street was a bit darker than the footage made it appear, but at least some of them had to to have noticed.

        • It’s cause the Chinese system is fucked up. The person who helps the kid has to pay a shit ton of money up front before medical procedures. If the kid was from a family with government ties, the suspects would be jailed and most likely killed. No one wants to help๏ปฟ the kid cause no one has the financial ability to help her. Pretty damn sad.

        • I think what he said was that one is a child, while one is an adult. Not knowing that the guy is injured, u may just prefer to leave him alone (since there are weirdos that just lie on the streets for no reason) , but not to a 2 year old when u saw it.

        • Before even talking about the cruelty of humans, has anyone ever thought of why this 2 year old girl was walking by herself and for those minutes her parents were nowhere to be seen? This could’ve been avoided if it wasn’t for bad parenting.

          China’s Foshan is a rural part of China and their mentality is really awkward, particularly being very selfish and cheap. That and the fact that people may blame the people who helped them to be culprits instead and in turn sue them. There was one incident where a 20+ year old female saved a bunch of kids from death when she pushed them away from packs of cement falling down on top of them. The kids were saved but she wasn’t and ended up with her becoming paralysed. The city wanted to award her for bravery but the parents are instead accusing that she’s the one that led them underneath the bags to purposely do an act of heroism… Again this was somewhere in rural China.

        • What gives you the right to say it’s fine to hate hobos because of what they’ve done? You don’t know who they are. They could just be homeless, not criminals! Please elaborate on this harmful conduct to society. They may beg for money and sleep on benches, it doesn’t mean people can kill them. This just goes to prove that people don’t care about shit unless society tells them to or unless it’s beneficial.

        • The homeless guy saved a woman if I recalled from being attacked, people even saw this happened and saw the homeless guy got stabbed and no one did anything.

          one thing that caught my attention… where were the parents? How long has the girl been there and no parents arrived?

          No parents around? What good parenting…
          No people helping? What great humanity…

          No matter how you see it, this could have been avoided as well if she was with her parents.
          My condolences to her family though…

        • I have to agree that it was bad parenting they were not there.Even that the person who ran over the girl is a bad driver who couldn’t even turn headlights on while it was dark.

          Both are responsible for making it happen.It won’t matter ether way in China because it happen and nothing could be done its sad that the little girl was hurt and didn’t get help until her mother of the little girl show up.

        • Just to clarify my reply, I’m not implying that we should leave the homeless guy to die. I’m trying to say, I can still understand that he’s a fucking huge dick if he knocked a homeless guy over, but what kind of person would be that heartless to knock over a little girl who’s barely 3?

          Some people may be some huge ego-bags who doesn’t care about other’s life, but to a 3 year old girl, that’s the question.

        • What a nice collection of retards. Of course life is precious in all its forms and of course hurting a hobo is no different than hurting a little girl, but the level of desensitization necessary to harm a hobo is on another scale compared to the one necessary to harm an innocent little girl.

          It’s hard to deny someone’s hate of hobos as long as they declare they hate them for the choices they make and consider them harmful to society based on their conduct, but a child is innocent and hasn’t had any chance to make a choice for himself or herself. To kill an innocent human means to have no regard for human life itself, no matter what reasoning one attaches to it, simply because an innocent has no logically attributable fault (it wasn’t his or her choice to be born).

      • Not only do they copy everyone else’s tech, they have control over a majority of materials, If I had seen a little girl in any country hurt like that I would help immeaditely, FUCK those chinks, I would go over there and wipe those insects off the face of the earth if I could

        • This probably coming from a 12yr old kid living in an enriched environment with 1st world problems. This act is horrible, but by gods you retards have the most ridiculous reasons for your rage. Really this is why kids today are getting so ever fucking stupid in 1st world countries.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          “If I had seen a little girl in any country hurt like that I would help immeaditely, FUCK those chinks”

          Yea sure. It’s really easy to say that when you don’t considering how the fucked up government operates over there.

          If you get involved in anyway, the police WILL drag you down to the station and put some ridiculous charge on you. Trying to reason with them is meaningless, as they do not care if you are innocent or not…all they care is if they get money out of you through blackmailing. If you have good government ties and money, then you’d have nothing to worry about…but if you refuse to pay up to bribe the police (standing your ground that you are innocent), you are as good as fucked.

          Sad as it is, but the truth is that in China connection+money=justice…so basically no justice for the poor or the average people

          As people have pointed out…with money and connection in China you can and you will get away with even murder…

          You think only China is mess up? I wonder how many people in Japan would get involved in helping schoolgirls/children that are in trouble…considering how their police and justice system operate…

      • Things like this happen in Brazil and even when they are found guilty, paid a fine and will not be arrested…….
        Now this news should all world how the human being is becoming particularly in China..

    • I was always mad at how sankakucomplex critises China, but this time, I feel really ashamed to be a citizen of that demoralised country. Although I did notice that this Artefact kid seizes all opportunities to demonise the already evil China. In this case, from what I heard, the second driver simply did not see the little poor kid lying on the ground, and the “the kindliest” – a garbage collector lady – not only dragged the child off the road, but also called for help and that’s how the girl’s parents found their child(the poor couple were just nearby). Nevertheless, this is truly inexcusable. And to my astonishment there is even a mother with a small girl among the ignorant passes-by. I was sobbing uncontrollably while I watched the whole video. I was always aware that the moral standard in today’s China has been utterly degraded, but this incident… it simply cannot be concluded as the result of moral degradation, it is a completely lack of humanness! I tearfully prayed and hope that this is just a isolated or at least a rare incident. May those (hopefully very very few) pathetic immoral Cantonese grow some conscience. After all, it appears on the news, and news are not norms, right?
      Though I hate the government and society, but she is still my beloved home country…
      God bless China!

        • China is NOT the oldest civilisation on earth today, its only considered one of the oldest civilizations alongside the likes of religions such as hinduism whic forms a major part of civilization in india. Just saying. But get your facts straight.

        • Kirby: People are not as closely related as you think. In biology, the coefficient of relatedness for two strangers is actually close to 0. It doesn’t ALWAYS make sense to help a fellow human(non-close relative). Eliminating members of the same species can indirectly increase your fitness, given that the benefit of eliminating him is greater than the reciprocity you receive if you help him. Chances are, helping people like this little girl will unlikely give you any reciprocity, especially with the huge population in China and the constant population flow. Best case scenario the mother gives you some money, but is it really worth going to court, testify and risk the possibility that the neurotic mom blame the whole thing on you? People are calculating their fitness all the time and in an environment like the one China has, these bystanders are only doing what is sensible to do.

        • that is why we are destroying nature. we blame nature for everything we do. henceforth, let’s all kill one another since we can all blame nature for it.

          give credit for being the oldest? cut the crap! this is why we never progress since we have to do this or that just because they are senior. they aren’t disabled and only contributed majorly before WW I. in the current times, they’re just douchebags putting on airs just because they’re the “oldest civilization”

        • @anonymous 02:52 you’re talking bullshit. ever heard of passive fitness?
          there are two ways of increasing one’s own fittness: either have your own children or help children of close relatives.
          they share parts of the same genes and so helping your brother and his children is all too well smart in the eyes of nature.
          and if you now compare the diversity of human genetic make up to those of animals you will see that humans are all very close related and it always makes sense to save someone from this bullshit -(e.g.) if you’re male she’ll be a possible mating partner.

          so don’t blame nature for your narrow-minded beliefs of how this world works.

        • China is the oldest living civilisation on earth. We should give them credit for that. They survived due to the lack of empathy. Empathy from the position of the nature is a worthless paradox, which stops natural flow of evolution. ^_^ I’m just saying… Don’t blame me, blame nature.

    • Please understand the world before commenting any dumb comments like that.

      First of all, let’s say you are a by-passer. You see this poor girl, of which I am reallly REALLY sorry about and hate the driver w/ everything I’ve got. But let’s say you see her.

      You have three choices:
      (1) Walk pass and think as though nothing happened
      (2) Call the police and walk away, better than (1) but still pretty sad
      (3) Ok so you decide to save her and check up on her until help comes. The ambulance takes you and the girl to the hospital. The hospital needs you to pay $50k otherwise they don’t have the resources needed to save the girl.

      WILL YOU PAY THAT MONEY TO SAVE SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW? And if you don’t pay, what kind of person are you? Leave a poor near-death girl at the hospital?

      Of the people in china, probs 95% of the population can’t afford ICU, my grandma was in there once, and a day’s bill was like a thousand cnd. People’s average wage in china is like .. 400 dollars cnd / month. They don’t have money to do it.

      Also, let’s say that a different scenario happens. Scams. A person runs up to you and accuses you of doing that to the girl, and demands you to pay. Doesn’t even let you go unless you pay up, and even threatens you w/ weapons. You are screwed. Scamers like those happen everywhere in the world not just in China.

      Now think about what you would do. I have to admit the ppl who just walked pass are absolutely heartless, but what would YOU do? Save her and spend thousands of dollars from your own pocket for stranger? What if you are broke? Would you still do that?

      Please think about yourself in that position before bringing shit up like that.

      Thanks for reading.

      • China got too much problems more than other countries do, freakn pollution, working conditions, scammers, drugs, gangsters, wage problems, population issues, waste management, heartless population and etc… so many… more, i swear this video changed my whole perception of china even more…..

    • I just have to wonder where the fuck was this child’s mother while all this shit was taking place? Hasn’t anyone ever heard of babysitting?!?

      I’m sure there’s a nice cold place in Hell for the people who just stood/walked by this child while she was suffering. And a nice wood chipper in Hell for those who ran the little girl over.

      RIP, little one. T_T

    • The whole thing is sick. The girl doesn’t look particularly poor… in places like that, cars are always driving next to people. But still, as a 2 year old – she needed to stay near her parents. But also in such places, it could be easy for kids to get out and about.

      – Recently, I almost hit some stupid kids on a bike at night going through a parking lot. But in this video, there is a lot more light.

      – The time from the girl got hit and people FINALLY came to help her was 7-8 minutes! That is a long time for anyone, but for a CHILD, having been crushed!

      It was BAD enough when he hit her, but he did MUCH more damage with his rear wheels, thats when blood shoots out. Runs over her body. Being that its a LIGHT-wright tiny truck (maybe 2000lbs, if that) – it doesn’t kill her.

      Its about 1 minute after the inital hit that people saw her and ignored her. That FIRST guy could have made a difference!

      Several people walk by this crying, in horrible pain little child… its about 2 minutes before the 2nd truck runs over her legs. Because he changes his directions, he had PURPOSLY ran over her legs. He flashes his lights just as he runs over her. Her arms out for someone to help her. This 2nd Truck is easily 4000 lbs, double wheels.

      4 minutes after first hit, a woman and her 5year old girl walk by this child.

      6 minutes after first fit, a woman drags her off the road, her back is most likely broken. She calls for help, takes about another minute to locate mom.

      This is some serious sick shit. May bad things happen to such people. I’m shocked she survived so long – but according to reports, she died or at least brain dead. Too much damage for a normal life.

      18 people didn’t help. They are lower than the dogs they eat.

  • This damn situation cause by a unmoral action in china now,victims use to accuse people who first save them.Beacuse they think it is impossbile to catch the criminals,so need a scapegoat pay the medical fee and so on.For this reason,chinesis won`t save anyone in case be made unfounded countercharges.

  • It’s not like behavior like this is located specifically in China.

    If I’m not mistaken it wasn’t that long ago there was a video from New york where someone stabbed a guy and he laid there bleeding to death for several minutes while people just walked passed him.

    Though I guess this is worse considering someone actually ran over her a 2nd time. That guy is, in my opinion, even worse than the guy that initially hit her.

    • That’s because everyone knows new york is a cess pool of shit and that doesn’t surprise them. My teacher here in california also went to new york on a trip and *gasp* also got mugged and stabbed, and she also said no one stopped to help her as she lying there bleeding and calling for help they just walk around her ROFL. Shit is so common there that they don’t even put it on the news.

      • You know most Americans here hate it when their shitty side is exposed and will downvote comments for it. Double standards doesn’t fall far from racists.

        I laugh at some of you guys saying you’re not racist, when you specifically use the word “Chinese” before or after an insulting word. Fact that you highlight what ethnicity they are proves you are being racist. Assholes are assholes, it doesn’t matter what ethnic they are. Unless there was multiple ethnics in that video, you wouldn’t need to highlight what ethnicity they were. Keep playing double standards and ignorance guys.

  • Reminds me when my car’s e-brake failed and started to roll into the car in front of it after I had closed the driver’s side door which had a broken handle.

    I had to run in front of the car and stop it from rolling, a small distance mind you, but on a grade, I got my leg caught between my car and another, I yelled for help for about 15 minutes, people stared at me and gave me this “whatever” look and kept walking.

    finally one man with his son came by and helped me hold the car while I put the car in the reverse gear as the e-brake was worthless at this point.

    I offered him money but he refused.

    This was after about 7 people passed by and looked away.

    People just dont care, they’re selfish and greedy, people who do care are far and few between. Sadly here it’s also the fear of getting sued. help someone? if they cant find someone responsible for their woes (usually themselves) they will sue the shit out of any good samaritan.

  • Where the hell was her parents?

    Its sad about this little girls fate, more so how asswhole adults can be….

    English teacher here in China, I rarely see children, let alone 2 years old, walking alone, but I do see it. As of yet, I have stopped three kids from getting hit by bus and car.

    1. Teen boy reading comic book, walking in road, HUGE bus, green light (These people don’t stop for anything). Pulled his ass out of the way, he freaked out, saying thank you….

    2. A three year old whom got away from his running mother, no one stopped him, I was just walking by. Saw a car, moved a little bit faster, stopped the kid. My back pack got hit…Mother was greatful.

    3. another kid, reading a flipping comic, crossing the road, walla, TAXI! Found it was one of my students….now her family is greatful for what I have done and I get free food as gifts…

    I want to know, how people can be drivers here in China…

  • Took an old garbage collector to actually call for help for the little girl. Apparently the higher in stature you have in China, the less conscience you’ve got. In fact, I think this logic can pretty much explain everything that’s going on over there.

  • For those who don’t understand, what the reporter in glasses said near the end was :

    The problem is why didn’t the first few people help. It’s not like people would accuse them for breaking the girl’s leg. Come on, it’s a tire mark, nobody would say something like “hey did you just stomp over the girl’s foot till it broke?”.

  • It’s not that Chinese people don’t give a damn about injured individuals, but there is a large number of scams (or deliberate but real self-injuries) that prey on those “kind strangers.”

    Overtime, it’s just simple math. You either risk financial loss to help someone, gaining nothing but slightly elevated self-worth, or just walk on by.

      • Yea well, since the people walking by WERE NOT DRIVING CARS, and probably did not have cars, how could they possibly get in trouble for helping the girl considering they did not run her over? I mean seriously dude.

        • Yea, no. Thats no excuse. My point still stands. The Nanjing judge incident was stupid, but considering that once again, the people who walked by her could not have run her over, and could easily have proven they didn’t run her, by either not owning a car, or having the tires checked for blood, since you might note there was blood on the tires, they couldn’t have been found responsible. They just didn’t fucking care.

  • This shit seriously got me…
    I almost cried seeing this poor kid suffer!
    I almost cried seeing sick bastards wandering by!
    What in the world is wrong with this country?
    Seriously, this is fucking sick!
    Things like that have NO RIGHTS of existing!!

  • from my experiences of living in China for a month or so…I can tell you that sadly, this isn’t surprising. Everybody just assumes that you’re gonna get out the way, and so they don’t stop. This is what happens when you introduce cars into a society w/o a decent policing system.

  • Why is no one asking where the parents of this child were at the time? This kid is what 3? Left to just wander around? Obviously everyone just strolling by is a sick subhuman fuck who should be bludgeoned to death but seriously if the kid was being watched this probably could have been avoided easily.

    • Watched it unfortunately , the subbed one on youtube … you could feel the irritation in the guys voice,

      I’m shocked at myself for not having fell ill during the “scene” , just anger and me putting my hand in front of my mouth .
      i knew what was going to happen , but i was sort-of hoping that artefact was going a little overboard with this , seeing how many article bash china … So it was horrifying to see how accurate the tittle was .

      Still i don’t know if i would recommend people to not watch this , in a way it’s the same thing those guys passing by did .
      Just knowing what happened will never equal the terror , disgust and anger of seeing it .
      just like me you could think people are overdoing it , saying it must not be that bad, that that kind of thing can happen as much as any car incident , people didn’t see the poor child etc etc …
      To me this is something people that are blinded by this kind of mindset must see to realise what kind of world we live in .
      But then again , not everyone can handle this kind of video as you said so i don’t really know what you’re supposed to do in this case.

  • I love how the Japanese bash China when they were actually the cause of it all.

    Everyone in the world has the rights to talk shit and look down on the Chinese EXCEPT Japanese and Koreans.

    Japanese pretty much drove the democratic party out of china into Taiwan in ww2 and after that ended, the Koreans helped the communist party take over china.

    I’m ready to get some bad votes for this post.

    • You sound like the niggers who are always crying about the reason they are fucked up is because they were slaves 160 year ago.
      Get over WWII nobody else gives a shit anymore except the Jews and that’s because they make money from Germany by crying about it.

    • Arse, what generation do you live in? What does the japanese nowadays have to do with WWII?

      Its like, what are you expecting? If your 10x ancestor did something horrible, you are as horrible too. Simple and best logic./sarcasm

  • “Ok, this is horrible, but it doesnt belong on Sankaku. I really hate comming here, hopeing for cool anime stuff, and finding this crap.”

    I second this comment.

    I’ll just say I’m a pretty sensitive idealist (at least I try to be), and from reading the title alone (I won’t even dare to see the video) I’m already in a state of mind that merely “sickened” is not enough to describe. Sure, many people need to know about this stuff since -in my honest opinion- ignoring these kinds of incidents and doing or thinking nothing about it is spreading nasty indifference and apathy… but seeing post of such an abominable incident HERE of all places, where I often come to have a laugh at silly news, worry and discuss about japanese young-culture-related and government-related fuck ups, and sexy anime/manga-related things, is extremely jarring and upsetting.


    I dont care if you hate my comment but please understand im in tears and in RAGE! what if that little girl is one of yours or mine I am just reacting to my feelings right now and right now i dont feel to work today or talk to anyone its just seeing this today its too much for me.

  • This just goes to show that now matter how far as a species we progress, we’re always going to have that ugly side. It’s sickening, not because it’s just a once in a while incident but because this sort of thing happen ALL the time. How do we as a species brake away from something like this?

  • Nothing in China is new, it is all stolen or copied, pretty much like Russia. Unbraindamaged humans can be trained to do lots and lots of tasks endlessly, but you cannot teach them to be human.

    • How about we bomb your house with 10,000 missiles, with you in it, and then start over again from scratch, because you don’t a shit about a whole country of people and talk like a racist fuck. I don’t see why not.

      • Well someone’s mad. It’s called using crude humor. But I would expect an anonymous to reply to the recent comment. And besides, if 10,000 missiles were about to head to my house, I’ll deflect them and they’ll hit your house instead. And again, I’m not racist, just using crude humor to see if someone would reply.

  • It’s because it’s a little girl. Little girls are seen as “excess” population in china, they often will abort fetuses if they’re female.

    It’s because of the population problem there, girls lives are seen as unnecessary. “Oh you ran over a kid!” “OH SHIT WAS IT A BOY?” “No, just a little girl” “Oh okay.”

    It’s pretty fucked.

    • “little girls are seen as excess population in China”

      –Which is a completely ridiculous, counter-reality mindset. Demographers are saying that there’ll be a 100 million-person excess of marriageable-age *males* within the next 20 years or so. And having 100M mostly-poor/uneducated, sexually-frustrated Chinese men running around is not going to be good for national or even international stability.

      I mean, surely Chinese parents want their precious sons to grow up, get married, and have a grandchild or two, as per traditions. But I guess they all expect some other couple to provide the “bridal” part of the marriage equation.

  • Oh god now I feel sick…Word of advice never ever visit China unless you’re going to Hong Kong. That is the only safe place in China. My god that was so…If the parents did not lose the child because it got lost then…I can’t believe they would just walk by like that, and run her over a second time like she is roadkill, and then drag her into the trash pile. Humans are not treated as humans there. This is another reason I don’t like the Chinese. All my parents ever talk about is how the Chinese are better than others, but that’s all bullshit. There is no way in hell I can feel ok with myself if I was from the same race as those heartless bastards.

  • “In China, this kind of situation is referred to as the ‘Peng Yu’ effect. Before you condemn then, you have to understand their situation. The law right now in China means that many victims of traffic accidents, or people who have fallen ill in the street have actually successfully sued the people that helped them for sums of money that could easily destroy lives, even if there is no evidence that they are the ones that caused the accident (because they were not). There is a China Daily article on this topic.

    In a country that executes more than any other, I wonder how willing you would be to potentially implicate yourself in a crime by helping a stranger. Yes, its very sad. But I, for one, find it hard to blame them in this situation. The law needs to change before people can become less suspicious.”

    Source: http://alturl.com/62mpo

    • I agree; it’s not the people who are rotten, but the core: the government. How fucked up is it that you try to do a good deed and get accused of the crime AND LOSE?? These people don’t give a fuck because why aid a victim if the parents/relatives of said victims will/can sue successfully?

      If the law wasn’t screwed up they wouldn’t have let scumbags sue the rescuers of the victims and thus set precedent for people to stop caring about one another.

    • You’re right. I’m Chinese, and I asked my mother about this. She said that in China, people sue one another left and right when things like this happen.

      Although it’s sad to see the little girl suffer due to this lack of help, it’s also sad to see that people would sue their savior. The courts really need to protect the defendant better. There is rarely concrete evidence, but people can be found guilty of things that they didn’t even do.

      Just one of the terrible truths about their government.

  • The first video states that 19 people passed by without helping. 19 PEOPLE?! It’s not like nobody noticed either; blood was everywhere, and the poor girl was writhing on the floor. Where has all the humanity gone?

  • Seriously, after watching this I feel so sick. I almost feel like I have to throw up. This is one of the worst things I have ever seen next to a video of a chinese teenage girl killing a baby cat by slowly crushing it’s hat with her heels. It seems to me like everything bad you actually can think of humanity takes place in China. I had an accident myself last year where I got hit by a car. I had an open fracture on my right leg and a busted knee cap. It was so bad that they almost had to take it of from my knee downwards. It took really long to heal. I still can’t walk properly. I’m sorry but I can’t think of anything else to say about this. I just feel so sorry for that poor child. (sorry for my bad english)

  • Say what You will…I don’t care about racism and “proper” morality approach now, after seeing this..

    I won’t say everyone, since even amidst Nazi officers there were the guys that despite the situation, tried to do good thing.

    But those…those worthless Chinese worms on the video, and just any of that rabble…

    All of those maggots deserve terrible and slow death.

    If you want to defend them, then f*ck you as well..die along with them.

  • Anyone trying to justify or rationalize the actions of the people who just watched this little girl die are complete fucking douchebags and need to shut the hell up. If any sane person saw this girl dying on the street the last thing on their minds would be worrying about getting sued. The fuck is wrong with people now a days, so god damn selfish

    • Don’t we all love ignorant people living in first world countries comparing themselves with third world countries?

      I love to see how you turn out living in places like China, Iraq, Africa or Kingston, Jamaica. Seriously I do worry about the future if people of this generation are so ignorant to pass off their experience of living in a comfortable environment as the same to those in less fortunate circumstances.

  • When people behave like that, there’s something wrong with the whole country.
    Also never buy stuff that is copied in china… it’s ALWAYS poor quality compared to the original, and even if it’s 1/10th of the price, it’s still a waste of money.
    China = bad, it shouldn’t exist. But then, no country is perfect… even in Japan, Otakus are treated like criminals.

  • Poor chinese society; suffer and destroyed because exists “some monsters and insensitive members” in your society. This is not a real China… This is a “dark side the humanity”.

    Similar cases exists around the world!

    • 30 passerbys ignore the girl and it’s not the “real” china? That’s what we call a random population sample. Real as it gets. There is an undeniable neurosis and desensitization in their society and culture in order to survive and thrive above the competition. This is what happens when countries get wealthy faster than their cultural mentality can develop to accomodate increase in living standards.

      • How about you not generalize?

        This occurred in a poor district in a very underdeveloped province of China (Guangzhou, basically the cesspool province of China), where most people get no education and break their backs working just to support a family of three.

        That is not a random population sample encompassing 1/5 the human population of Earth, especially since China has the most diverse sub-cultures and dialects and traditions in the world.

  • Like most of you, it takes some serious shit to fuck with my sensibilities. Well, I watched that video, and it tore at me. That poor girl. I can’t begin to fathom the pain and loneliness she was going through.

    I honestly can not imagine the souless pieces of shit that were in that van, or the many people who wouldn’t help. It seems inhuman; against every basic instinct I know.

  • Chinese are monsters. how horrible. I’m really upset. that really upset me.

    I can’t help but think about what the poor girl was thinking as she lay there in pain and no one was going to save her.

  • OMG i i i … im speechless…if the driver killed the kid ok it was still bad but at least the child wouldnt suffer. but he drove OVER her n left her there bleeding n suffering till death u can c her moving her hands while she is run over the 2nd time n nobody NOBODY helps the poor child until she is dead. this is UNHUMAN those drivers n more the pedestrians for completly ignoring the child. i hope they have nightmares about this for the rest of their lifes. my evil inner wishes to run with a car over their legs too n let them rot but then i wouldnt better than them. let the guilt consume them.

  • i cant believe that a country like china would have people like those… to think that the first car slowly rolled over the kid with its rear wheel and i think that was blood that splattered over the pavement and the second car deliberately crushed her with all those weight as if the kid was like a sack of something… this is the first time i felt sick and disgusted that i have Chinese blood running in my veins even though its only a quarter

  • Onlookers not helping someone in need of help isn’t specifically Chinese… It’s a social phenomenon that each onlooker expected the other onlooker to help. And the other onlooker expcted the other to help… It’s an endless loop that’s developed from our social conditioning, and it’s most likely amplified in AREAS with low education level.

    Many of these “chinese” news about exploding come fro rural and underdeveloped areas, and almost never happen in the center of major cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, etc.

  • I think someone got wrong idea about the woman who picked her up and put her to the side of the road. I understand cantonese, and from the vid, he said that the woman went to find help, she didn’t just leave the girl there. Just clearing that misunderstanding.

  • I don’t give a shit if there are scenarios that MIGHT play out if you decide to help that child. You see someone dying you fucking HELP THEM, or you seriously are messed up and have no shred of empathy or even a conscience. I hope it haunts those bastards that just walked past for the rest of their lives.

  • I am ashamed of my own people… WTF seriously!? u run her over… and then slowly crush her with the rear wheels!? OMG!!! WTF is up with those mainland retards!? huh? i know our older generations are fcked up but come on =___=

    I’m actually glad now i was born and raised in a foriegn country because being born here, it allowed me to learn stuff like respect etc which the people back at there lacked.

    Tbh i wish the older generations could learn something from my generation who dont care about racial difference and not let the hate and past get in the way of our lives and to actually care for others.

    I really do hope they catch those two people who ran her over, because they have ruined that lil girls life…

  • WRONG, Surveyor would definitely help out, because if you watch the complete news. you will understand why so many people voted yes.

    The auntie that saved the children has been given $3,000 USD as a reward for saving that children. ALOT OF PEOPLE WAS REGRETED NOT HELPING THE CHILDREN

  • Sadly such things happen all over the world. Here in Hungary Budapest the following happend 5 years ago:
    A Man was on his way to work when he took a bad step on the street and hit his knee on a pointy objeckt pointing out of the ground, breaking his knee in the proccess. Hes kneewound started bleeding, so he asked for help, but the people just went by him. One woman even told him, that he should be ashamed of himself for being drunk early in the morning. Around midday an old lady came along who actually listened to him and helped him get up from the floor then she went to get help. By the time she returned she braught an ambulance car with her, and the MD’s wanted to take him to the hospital, but then the police arrived, who were called out by one of the nearby shopowners to get rid of the “homeless”-guy lying on the street. The police and the medics were arguing for over an hour cause the cops wanted to arrest the guy and take him in, knowing he had a broken knee. Inthe end by 4 P.M. he was in a sickbed in the hospital.


  • Even if she is alive, her life will be hell.
    Since her both legs are crushed, she has to survive in the HELL CHINA with disability.
    She will also meet discrimination. China has not human rights for people who have disability.
    Even if she can grow up, what will she feel when she watch this video.
    The life in the Heaven is better for her than the life in China.

  • seems it’s not aired yet on TV.
    have anyone watched in your region?
    people around the world should discuss about this.

    Dear Steve in Heaven
    it’s really tough to make the world better place.

  • can we just nuke the chinese, doesn’t look like their laws are getting better, and the people there are just heartless, with all the problems occuring in China that country doesn’t need to be here in this world anymore, give the opportunity to more worthy countries maybe shift all manufacturing to africa or something cause from the look of it China is progressing any better maybe in the economy but for humanity they are slipping behind

  • just so you guys know, the last lady… a scavenger, the one who actually did something… she didnt just move her to the side. she was actually calling for help and so the mother came. watched a translated video.

    yeh.. those with the LEAST to lose are the kindness at most

    if ever.. the #1 to blame are the parents who let a 2yo wander the streets. what took them so long

  • Vincentsedubun says:

    this act in the video is too annoying, he just attempted to roadkill a toddler.
    he didn’t even stop the car to not run over in the first place. the second driver is annoying too, like the first one. he just decided to ran it over and probably thought he was in a computergame and when to run over something he would earn kudo’s. look at the toddler’s hand sticking out in the air, assumingly trying to give a sign for asking help and the pedestrians are annoying too, just turn you cheek the other way and pretend seeing nothing, right.
    weither it happened in china and not elsewhere is just up to others to decide.

    do you really need to ride that toddler over? seriously?

  • I don’t feel sick after watching this. That was overridden by rage, sorrow and raw disbelief. The way I see it, if she survives, she’s not going to have much of a lower body to speak of. Aside from no longer being able to control bodily functions, she won’t be able to have children own some day. To think this could have all been avoided by pumping the breaks, which he did before he decided to reenact Deathrace 2000.

  • FYI, the little girl’s not dead yet, but she’s near brain-dead…
    no doubt her parents had themselves to blame
    but those ppl who saw her and did not help are far worse, not to forget the idiot who ran her over!
    he’s such an a**!

  • it’s easy why the community didn’t do anything.. do remember the news in China that a man got sued by an old women even though the guy just want to help her.. yes.. it’s insane.. but it’s the rule there.. that’s why people don’t do anything but just passing by.. because they didn’t want the same thing occurs to them… so don’t blame the community there for not doing anything but blame the government there all all the Chinese people there for not doing anything for that stupid rule..

  • There was a Chinese man who went to jail because he help an accident victim to hospital. His crime is: ruining the crime scene. No wonder the other Chinese learned that lesson.

    But they have the gut to ignore this girl completely is beyond believable.

  • 1st time i seen that video i cried and was very angry on how the people there ignored a child that was dieing right in front of them.. why i dont understand is it that hard to try and pull em aside and call the ambulance? seriously what is wrong with these chinese people…

  • This is what happens when the hearts of an entire nation become hardened. I pray that little girl is adopted to a loving family in the US where she can be treated by the best hospitals possible.

  • See “Nanjing judge” example, which is not a sole incident. The accident can be real, and good people who are willing to help are in turn being penalized. It doesn’t really matter if you do not own/drive a car at that time or be relevant to the case – you can be held responsible base on being involved, even if your sole association is “helping” the victim.

    It is now common practice for people who wants to be helpful to seek witness before they help (i.e. “Hey dude, see that elderly lady on the ground there? Please stand by and watch as I go over to help her in case something happens to me”), which discourages people to bother at all to start with.

  • It’s the utter inhumanity and indifference that’s the saddest thing here (after the child dying of course).

    If something like this happened in any 3rd world country half the pedestrians nearby would rush to help the child while the other half would block the vehicle from getting away, pull out the driver and beat the living shit out of them. I’ve seen videos of it happening.

    I could not bring myself to watch the video even if the gory parts are fuzzed out. I’m not religious, but if there is an afterlife I hope her soul finds peace.

  • Born and lived in Vietnam then moved to the states, first world nation? Nah everywhere Is the same, in this fucking rusted earth, we all have to work our asses off to get some rices in our stomachs and it’s not that easy whether it is in Vietnam or the US. We are the 99%, not the 1% that are taking control of wall street.

  • Very shocking indeed…

    I would have helped (well i live in a modern and civilized country)
    but the chance i would be called a children touching pervert is horribly high here anyway.

    But ok i rather die being stabbed by forks and burned from the torches of an angry pedochaser mob than leaving a little girl behind.

    Plus i would chase that tin can of a car on my bare feet just to rip off this guys teeth.

  • The 1st driver surrendered, he said he did not know he hit a child. He thought it was object. He was looking around searching for a person and the raining was too loud that he did not hear any crying. He got to know this on the internet news. He is a father of a little daughter himself. After discussion with his family, he turned himself to the police. He seems very sad and apologized.

  • I hoped that this was a fake until the end…damn, it’s true.
    Btw this article says the poor child is in coma, but still alive:


  • This is really sickening. Although I understand why some of the Chinese people merely ignored the little girl. In China, children are kidnapped constantly and their bones mutilated by the kidnappers – they are then thrown into the streets to beg for money (sympathy) and that’s how the kidnappers earn their income.

    It’s really disgusting but no one seems to be doing anything about it =/ And so the Chinese must think that it is just another child begging for money…

  • raitoryuulk says:

    I seriously cry after watching this video, literally, and honestly crying. I’m a 25 years old male and this video is the only one which manages to make me cry in 15 years.
    she’s still alive goddammit, how can a human react like that?!! if I’m a god, i would bring the Armageddon right here and right now because there’s no hope in human anymore!

  • “the kindliest drags the child off the road and then abandons her as mere roadkill.”

    The video is pretty horrible to watch, but why trivialize some else’s act of kindness. For all we know that person help the victim off the road and walked off to call for help.

    Please don’t lump everybody in the same group because of personal hatred. There is good and bad in every community.