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Seiyuu Otaku Reach New Lows “Can It Get Any Creepier?”


The creepiness of seiyuu otaku is reaching legendary lows – after hearing that Aki Toyosaki apparently lives with her boyfriend, one seiyuu fan-cum-stalker decided to confirm it once and for all by sending them recorded delivery letters as a way of getting them to sign for the letters and thus confirm they lived together.

The evidence, in the form of the tracking page, the delivery confirmation and the innocuous card used in the ruse:


His explanation:

I sent recorded delivery letters to the residence thought to belong to Toyosaki and Oshima. They were deliver without issue today.

Additionally, I left off the room number, so the delivery company must have made the delivery based on their names, demonstrating that they had most likely received packages with those names before.

Online they’ve all been saying I should be arrested for doing this – I don’t recall “sending people mail” being a crime?

Their address is already busted and I removed it from my pictures.


My feelings at this point are a bit complex, but isn’t this a huge victory?

This sort of behaviour is too much even for 2ch:

“Ah, he confirmed it…”

“This is frightening!”

“Seiyuu otaku and doll otaku are seriously creepy – there’s no way I could go along with this.”


“Scary stuff.”

“Anyone not acknowledging them as a couple after seeing this is fleeing reality.”

“Criminals pretending to be detectives, is it?”

“Seiyuu otaku are utterly crazy.”

“I really think it would be better if seiyuu just stopped showing their faces altogether.”

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