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its still around, just buried underneath all the super loud garbage

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  • “I Got a Seiyuu Tattoo”:
    I object to that. Forget not that one who has fought the temptation of lust is to bestowed the powers of Magic. magic powers vs sex now… let the war begin

  • “I Got a Seiyuu Tattoo”:
    i wish the tattoo artist made that seiyuu tattoo cuter. Totally not a bad tattoo even later in life when you couldnt give a fuck about that seiyuu because that kind of tattoo is much easier to play off like its something else . other tattoos mmmm hope he stays an eternal fan :3

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  • Hitomi is Your Bride: “Biggest in the Business!?”:
    I never liked her boobs. I think people forget that boobs come in all size and shapes n shit in every size category there are gross boobs. in every size category there are tits of a goddess.

  • Punch Line High Impact Pantsu Anime:
    I don’t think i’d mind wimpy so long as they had like a burning desire to get stronger and don’t punk out. : It would be nice to have like a pervert that wants to see more but constantly gets cockblocked by things out of his control thus not being able to obtain the girl rather than being too much of a bitch. or even better. The dude scores. It can be obviously implied without being a hentai. I’d be cool with that too.

  • Triage X Oppai Extravaganza:
    : I don’t get what there is not to like about chicks with big/huge boobs Same thing I don’t get what’s not to like about girls with small/flat boobs/chests If I had a harem I’d want the variety but I sure as hell would still be happy with just one type too. though the one in the bikini is a bit large for my personal tastes. but the others are fine. I’ve seen boobs that size on real chicks before and they look fine, and no they weren’t fat.

  • Huge Percival Bunny Figure:
    that face is pretty good… to bad for the fishnet shit. Maybe the fishnet looks better IRL than in the photo. I just know I haven’t found it appealing on any figure thus far. Why no pantyhose? I’ve never seen a pantyhose figure. What I mean when I say that is I’ve never seen a figure with pantyhose fabric. They are just painted to look like pantyhose.

  • Absolute Duo “Absolute Nonstop Action!”:
    :3 I want two Miyabi’s The shy one and the crazy one. If only she could be like the teacher and retain both of those personalities that’d be flawless <3


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