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That’s a really great tat, hell I couldn’t blame anyone for getting it even if they weren’t obsessive over a seiyuu!

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  • Guilty Gear Xrd Sign: “In 3D & Using The Unreal Engine!?”:
    My only complaint was the music. Hopefully the ost remains just as charming as ever, because w/e was used in the video was just boring.

  • Lone Father Dies Protecting Daughter From Blizzard:
    Kinda surprised at how many are commending this as heroic, what eventually became a last ditch effort on his part to give his daughter a chance… And then going on about survival trivia? I agree, perhaps public awareness in precautionary or basic survival info may be lacking, but even that now is not my concern… How could he even think to put his daughter in danger by deciding it was a good idea to travel in a vehicle with no emergency supply or plan of any sort? Or in face of coming severe …

  • Mikudayo Creepier Than Ever:
    also, I’m somehow reminded of child’s play : /

  • Mikudayo Creepier Than Ever:
    k, ill admit… that second pic, really got me

  • Square CEO: “Our Merger With Enix Was A Total Failure”:
    Tbh I hadn’t enjoyed a square game since 2000, was kinda hoping for a fresh setoff when they merged later… Still waiting on that, apart from ValkProf2 I’ve long since forgotten about em.


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