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I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that few women would want to have sex with a man tattooed with the face of a 3-D person.

Possible workarounds: he can

(a) Always wear long-sleeved shirts, AND,
(b) always have sex with the lights out.

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  • “I Got a Seiyuu Tattoo”:
    “for her to be in her thirties and still a virgin would be the creepy thing.” I think he expects her to have gotten laid at least once.

  • “I Got a Seiyuu Tattoo”:
    “But she might not even be a virgin!” “So.” Gotta love this guy. I don’t see anything weird about this at all. It’s the same as getting a tattoo of Hendrix, Martin Luther King Jr. or even Jesus. I mean, he went this far so Nana can’t possibly be bad at her job.

  • “I Got a Seiyuu Tattoo”:
    Did you really read the whole article?

  • “I Got a Seiyuu Tattoo”:
    i do wonder what hes gonna do once he finds out shes not a virgin

  • “I Got a Seiyuu Tattoo”:
    I wonder what he’s gonna do when he finds out that the seiyuu isn’t a virgin and that she lives with her boyfriend… blah blah blah.. will he break his arm? burn it?

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