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A “Successful” Launch, China Style



Chinese are aghast at the launch of a luxury riverboat which sank during its launch ceremony and was subsequently claimed as a successful launch by the authorities.


The photographs show the launch ceremony of a new luxury river boat designed to offer “5 star” river cruises through the rivers of Gansu province. The ship was built at a cost of several million dollars.

Unfortunately, it sunk during the event, with photographs of the humiliating launch being rapidly circulated online.


The government reportedly announced the sinking as a successful launch anyway, only to be immediately ridiculed online by Chinese with access to photographs of the sunk vessel.

The official response was to claim staff had simply made an error controlling the ship, and to promise an inspection of the vessel “for the sake of caution.”

The ship’s owners can at least take solace in the fact that the vessel did not explode…


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