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Top 15 Anime Which Made You Check Out The Original


Anime fans who have checked out the original work their favourite anime were adapted from share some of the most interesting.

The ranking:

1. A Certain Magical Index

2. Steins;Gate

3. Bakemonogatari

4. Natsume’s Book of Friends

5. Baka to Test

6. Haruhi

7. Gintama

8. A Certain Scientific Railgun

9. Kamisama Dolls

10. Working!!

11.ย  Durarara!!

12. Usagi Drop

13. Highschool of the Dead

14. Infinite Stratos

15. Clannad

Since popular anime adaptations generally stem from originals which are already popular (such as the Index series, a huge best-seller in its own right), the effect of an adaptation on the sales of the original work generally seems to be moderate – although in some cases, notably K-ON!, the huge success of the anime can propel a formerly obscure title into a becoming best-seller itself.

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