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Police Hunt Man For Telling Girl “Your Pantsu Are Showing”


Police are warning the public to be on the look out for a man who verbally assaulted a schoolgirl by telling her that her pantsu were visible.

Osaka police issued the warning to be on the look out for the miscreant after a man on a motorcycle warned a highschooler that “I can see your pantsu, you know.”

The suspect is described as in his forties or fifties, thin and wearing a yellow-green sweater, and was riding a black motorcycle without a helmet.

Police warn the public to treat the suspect man with caution should they encounter him, and to report any sightings of him to police.

This is being greeted by the usual dismay online:

“They were showing I expect.”

“Stop reporting people over this retarded stuff.”

“It’s the one showing them who’s at fault.”

“Schoolgirl: ‘Pay up!'”

“He saw and warned her, what’s wrong with that?!”

“You can’t be nice to girls now.”

“Please tell me the correct behaviour when I am witness to panchira?”

“So if you warn a schoolgirl on a bicycle whose underwear is not covered by her skirt, you’ll be reported as a probable sex criminal?”

“I’ll be sure to quietly watch over any poor schoolgirls with their pantsu showing in future.”

“You’ll just be reported for looking at them.”

“Hot guy: ‘I can see your pantsu, you know.’ Schoolgirl: ‘Take me!!’

You guys: ‘I can see your pantsu, you know.’ Schoolgirl: ‘Kyaaaa! Hentai!!'”

“If he hadn’t reported her he would have been reported as a suspicious man looking at a schoolgirl’s underwear anyway.”

“Was it really pantsu or just something which looked like them? We need pictures to be sure.”

“No good deed goes unpunished.”

“What a stifling and intolerant world we live in.”

“What happened to Japan…”

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