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  • revolutionary? revolutionary implies changing something. Madoka was awesome and all but it hasn’t changed anything or sparked a new genre of magic girl anime…neither has code geass. Pokemon has, so has DBZ and many crappy American targeting animes…tiger and bunny? seriously…you people are fucking idiots…go to school….

  • Pokemon, really? If you mean the whole “kids uses monster for battle” then digimon hit that plateau long before. And what did K-ON! do again? this whole “cute girls” thing (what people seem to constitute as “moe”) isn’t anything new and has been around anime since it’s infancy.

  • Modoka? K-On? Tiger & Bunny? What about Dragonball, Sailor Moon, Urusei Yatsura?

    Now I like Modoka, but at its core it’s just a grim-dark series. The only thing it did was be a small crack of sunshine in the cloudyness that is the Moe-boom… With equally Moe characters in a dark story. It’s good, but not revolutionizing.

    K-On? I absolutely hate it. What the hell happens? They sit around, drink tea & eat sweets, and act cute. What a waste of animation and a spot on a list.

    Tiger & Bunny? Too new. I can accept the whole “CGI being implemented” but the thing is CGI is implemented in nearly everything, and I think GiTS did a better job mixing the two mediums.

  • This list… Where’s Gigantor or Mazinger Z? From what I can tell those were the first in the Super Robot genre. And what about Doremon? Isn’t he one of the most iconic characters in anime? Yet all 3 of them were beaten out by new faces that haven’t “revolutionized” a damn thing (Madoka, Tiger & Bunny, K-ON!) and only claim to fame is being popular at the moment.

  • Okay, let’s start a sort of objective review on this list.

    1. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Totally agree. Evangelion is THE anime which made a revolution out of the anime industry. Many anime purists state that, after Evangelion, the anime quality decayed horribly in terms of plot, character development and story.
    2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica: First mistake of the list, I think this one is too new to revolutionize anything. Magical girls are as old as Sailor Moon, therefore you can’t ask a show released this very year to do anything relevant.
    3. Gundam: I don’t like Gundam, but not accepting it influenced many of the things going on, Mecha fighting among them, would be something only blind people would do.
    4. Haruhi: The Melancholy is considered by many as the second most important anime in history, second only to Evangelion. Nagaru Taginawa is a genius. Only he could grab so many of the traditional stereotypes in anime and mix them in a bizarre fashion with a more than surprising finish.
    5. Tiger & Bunny: What is a 2011 anime doing here again.
    6. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: I personally like this anime, but it is kinda hard to find why would this make a revolution. Maybe it was all about tsundereism, which was already present in some harem anime, but if we are talking about the introduction of the visual novel world into anime, this is kinda old.
    7. K-ON!: I’ve been reading many comments here about K-On! revolutionizing the anime world by putting the moe factor into the game. Unfortunately for K-On! fans, moeness was already present, mostly in harem anime. The only thing K-On! did was creating creepy, self degrading otaku who are willing to lick their own screens in order to pretend they are actually kissing a 2D girl.
    8. Space Battleship Yamato: Uchuu Senkan Yamato, another one of the good ol’ anime. Due to the age of this production, it is often overlooked, but this one would fall second only to Gundam, considering they put the same ingredients into the anime revolution.
    9. Code Geass: This anime is also kinda new, but it caused something in its era, something special, something similar to the feeling Evangelion sent into its viewers.
    10. Pokémon: To all people who say Pokémon does not belong here, the whole system of “people controlling beasts/anthros in battle” was taken from here. From Digimon to Yu-Gi-Oh!, also including Monster Rancher and Medabots.

    Some anime missing from the list:
    Dragon Ball: Inspired the “current big three” of anime (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece).
    Sailor Moon: Created the whole Magical Girl genre.
    Death Note: An island of intelligent anime among an ocean of repetitive stories.
    Card Captor Sakura: Probably the first anime which put loli, yuri, yaoi and other perversions into mainstream. Also, it made the CLAMP revolution have a great impact.
    Mazinger Z: The birth of all mechas is here.
    Elfen Lied: Its importance derives from it being a transition anime for most otakus.

    I would add some more, but then again… later.

  • Where is GALAXY Railways 999?

    Where is Doraemon?

    Where is My Neighbor Totoro?

    i watched them over 20 years ago in hong kong, before i moved overseas to canada in 1996 and became a citizen.

    did anyone here on sangaku complex grew up with these shows?

    please give a shout!

  • Why do we torture ourselves with these top ten lists? They’re always a joke. Sometimes they’re good for a laugh but when you call Madoka and Pokemon’s anime revolutionary, then it just gets sad.

  • bullshit, bullshit bullshit, bullshit. How the FUCK does Tiger and Bunny and Code Geass fit this category? I unno about T&B, other than the fact that it looks fucking gay, Code Geass was good, but it was DEFINITELY not revolutionary. For those with the same rage as me, here is a REAL top 10 list(mind you, i’ma just going to make this off the top of my head, and probably wont be that accurate, and since i am not a FANATIC, this list may seem ignorant):

    1.Mazinger Z
    3.Dragon Ball Z
    5.Space Battleship Yamato
    6.Neon Genesis Evangelion
    7.Crayon Shinchan
    9.Magical Lyrical Nanoha

    I’m sure other good ones fit. but the list should look SOMETHING like that. I mean, this is a list of REVOLUTIONARY animes right? I think this list works.

  • Fail list is fail and shows the current japanese situatuon.

    Where is Ghost in the Shell?
    Miyazaki’s movies?
    Death Note?

    Sorry, but such shit like K-ON or Haruhi is just simpel minded slice of life crap. Ok to watch but zero substance

  • My favorite missing from this list are:

    Sailor Moon, did more for anime than any series in history. Beware of the American chopjob on the dub version and gawddamn Linda Ballantyne, who can live if she promise never to open her mouth again.

    Kanon, the ultimate in moe and Visual Key.

    Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, hard suits, great characters, great story, great music and a vast improvement over the first OVA series.

    Bible Black, did more for hentai than any other series in history. Beware of the dub.

  • I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but the way America and fellow nations among to view then anime revolution in a historical and fan following from children to adult:

    History Anime
    1. Astro Boy
    2. Speed Racer
    The Japanmation Fandom
    3. Sailor Moon
    4. Pok’emon
    5. Neon Genesis Evagelion
    6. Dragon Ball Z
    Turn of the Millinium (or how ever you spell that)
    7. Bleach/Narato/OnePiece
    8. Death Note
    9. The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    10. Lucky Star

    There was so much more I wanted to place in The Japanmation Era (Revolutionary Girl Utena, Cowboy Bebob, Inu-yasha) but they just didn’t change how fans would come to love (and bash) anime as it is today. Lucky Star just made it because it set the standard for today’s Moe themed shows (4girlgroups, slice-of-life, etc…) and Haruhi had a major impact because it was LS’s predecessor in production team and spirit and it had that “dance” that made the world go crazy for.


  • Who nub make this top ah? there is only 3 anime concept who mark the revolution of anime, the principal be Mecha, Gundam and other mecha series mark the start of the revolution of anime lols. i dont know how much the hype of Evangelion infect the World, specially when GUNBUSTER is included in the revolution not eva, Eva is only a poor copy of IDEON, the same hideaki say: i dont know how can be possible to evangelion have that fame…plsss next time make a decent top ten anime revolutions, and left the stupid tardism moetards fans of K-on, evatards, haruhitards, cctards,pikachutards,madokahypetards.

  • I think everything here in it’s own way is deserving of “popularization”, but not necessarily “revolutionary”.

    Evangelion: Duh! Without this, I think mecha would be REALLY stagnant. (Like the harem genre!)

    Madoka: Not the first, and certainly won’t be the last, but quite possibly the most financially successful subversive magical girl anime ever made. People keep going on about Nanoha, when it was actually Revolutionary Girl Utena and Princess Tutu (actual shoujo!!) that started deconstructing Mahou-Shoujo tropes.

    Gundam: Practically built the Real Robot sub-genre. A very important title indeed. Even if I’m not a fan of the series… (Macross is where its at!)

    Haruhi: Influenced a massive improvement in animation quality in late night anime due to KyoAni’s superb sakuga. Otaku became more aware of “Production Value” after this came out and are ready to point out any off-models in an instant. Also caused a lot more light novels being adapted… For better or worse. Some otaku tropes were popularized here as well; concert scenes, seiyuu power, and dancing themes. I don’t think LN’s such as OreImo or Bakemonogatari wouldn’t have been adapted if it wasn’t for this gem.

    Tiger & Bunny: I honestly can’t explain this one, even if I’m a fan. It certainly wins underdog of the year though. Maybe proves how powerful the fujoshi dollar is?

    Higurashi: Yandere shit. Groundhog day storytelling.

    K-On!: Possibly the most financially successful moe/slice-of-life ever created. While Azumanga began the trend and Lucky Star popularized it, after K-On… There was a huge boom! Many, many, many more vapid moe/slice-of-life shows started to air. Very accessible to non-otaku too. The iDOLM@STER is shits on it though.

    Code Geass: I really have no idea of what this revolutionized. Gankutsuou was a much better revenge story. Maybe the up rise in nationalist-themed stories like Eden of the East and the upcoming Guilty Crown?

    Pokemon: So influential. If it wasn’t for this, we wouldn’t have the crazy amount of toy commercials, I mean, Gotta-Catch-Them-All/Mon animu! Yay?

  • Modaka was good but not that good and k on just fuckin sucks 2h thinks k on is good but its not I couldn’t even get through the first season everybody thinks it sucks so it officially sucks and tiger x bunny I won’t even give the time of day. Why isn’t bleach and to aru majutsu no index up there. I mean come on. Another one that should be up there is cowboy bebop only 6 up there deserve to be up on that listing

  • madoka magica sure revolutionized magical girl genre, where previously typical magical girls are all fun, madoka magica puts some reality into it by showing that the power doesn’t come out of nowhere, and sacrifices need to be made… and as much as i hate k-on, it did bring moe blob anime up to a new standard, many remember k-on more than lucky star

  • I like how people actually think Madoka deserves a spot on that list.
    Same with K-on…
    Just because it is successful doesn’t mean it’s good or worthy of being on the revolutionary list.
    Take Bleach and Naruto as examples; They are overwhelmingly successful but they definitely aren’t held in high-regard with critics.

  • The only thing that I’ll say is that Eva has to be at or near the top of lists like these. I’ll allow some wiggle room since the terminology of these polls tend to be so crappy and vague.

    Everything else, people may debate as they see fit, and more power to them.

  • Madoka revolutionized anime because it had a pretty much otaku centric fanbase. But it became a phenomenom that is accepted even in schools (the dog advertisement). Nevertheless, its effects won’t be seen to their full extent until at least 2 years.

  • higurashi should be a little higher, okay the grounhog day thing is not new but higurashi introduced it and make it popular, and evangelion with what the 2nd movie implied, madoka wwhole story and haruhi’s endless eigth certainly are proof of that.

  • Madoka? Tiger & Bunny? Higurashi? Geass? They are way too new to be considered revolutionary

    DBZ and HNK inspired the entire Shonen genre, including Naruto, Bleach, HxH, Reborn!, etc… but they are not on the list…

    Sailor Moon is the definition of mahou shoujo genre (i don’t know if there’s anything older)

    Geass is Death Note with mecha so Death Note should be on that list instead of Lelouch..

    Love Hina with the harem genre…

    The only one I agree of this rank is NGE

  • I cannot really think of any anime that is truly revolutionary. As I see it, anime gradually changes in style with each season being a small jump from the previous. One also tends to see similar anime close to one another. A particular anime might the first of a kind with a few following up but it doesn’t really revolutionise anything.
    As is pointed out in the article people probably think of original (or rather unique since nothing originated from it) as revolutionary even though no revolution occurred. People only liked it and maybe 1 or 2 shows tried to create something similar but better.

    Also, I wish people would forget about NGE. I think its great and all but Haruhi and Higurashi are just as good or better in my books.

  • Bait and swap anime/cartoons have been around for a lot longer than EVA.

    Megazone 23 should be on there, it was the first successful OVA.

    K! is nothing new, Seinfeld, went many years with exactly the same plot. But K-ON! did is with oh so much MOE!

    Gatchaman should be on there as well, being the first 5-team.

    Iczer-1 was also influential go yuri!

    Then there was Dirty Pair, showing that death and destruction could be funny, no Dirty Pair, no Slayers.

  • They should only make list if they truly think so, not because it’s a favorite of theirs.
    I wouldn’t say any of these really did anything.
    I’d go back to older anime from like the 80’s.
    Robot Carnival should be one, also Akira.

  • What I would love to see is how the creators justified their listings. Like, “This-title-right-here is considered revolutionary because ‘insert a damn good reason here'”

    Might make some of the ranking make more sense.

  • Tenchi Muyo made the HAREM genre. That or Love Hina. I think that’s revolutionary.

    Astro Boy MADE anime internationally popular.

    Sailor Moon and the Mahou Shoujo genre

    I cant think of the first shoujo. Fruits Basket? Fuushigi Yugi? Idk, but whatever it is needs to be on the list.

    This list is made by a bunch of ignorant bandwagon otaku. Madoka proves this.

  • (captain obvious posting, but can help anyone that didn’t watched all of the anime in the list)

    1. Neon Genesis Evangelion – evangelion fans can detail that one… for me the psychological “flaws” of the characters made them way more “human”, and with it the anime became deeper than most titles of tne nineties

    2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica – broke the “always-happy-fighting-for-love” magical girl stereotype. i doubt it was the first one to do it that well, but it was the most popular doing it in the last years

    3. Gundam – not the first, but was one of the most popular mecha anime involving politics, “grey” characters and factions (no one is 100% good or evil) and (again) deeper characters than the average shounen

    4. Haruhi – Haruhi fans can say it better. IMHO, it took the whole “fan milking” thing to new heights

    5. Tiger & Bunny – Saw superhero characters under a new light. one again, not the first to do it, but one of the most popular doing it in the last years

    6. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – barely started the series… Higurashi when they cry fans can say it better than me

    7. K-ON! – Moeblob/Fan-Milkong ace title of the last years

    8. Space Battleship Yamato – haven’t finished the series

    9. Code Geass – politics, discrimination, “imperfect” characters, intelectual battles, mechas…

    10. Pokémon – game-to-anime most sucessful conversion i know.

  • Revolutionizing anime at least in the US market would be:

    1. Evangelion
    2. Tenshi Muyo
    3. Sailor Moon
    4. Pokemon
    5. Dragon Ball Z
    6. Akira
    7. Cowboy Bebop
    8. Rurouni Kenshin
    9. Gundam
    10. Galaxy Express
    11. Crest of the Stars

    I’d be willing to bet if you’re of a certain age you would consider at least one of these “revolutionary” because it turned you on to anime in the first place.

      • Outside of CGA and other animation technologies there hasn’t been anything “revolutionary” in anime since the 90’s. Most are rehashed plots characters and story lines, just like tired old French detective stories, Monsieur Lupin. :3

        • M. kazaza2,

          If you wish you may study those mediocre writers who again are irrelevant (apart from Maurice, of course).
          I refer more to Rocambole of Ponson du Terrail, whose stories were most comparable but very different to mine (and not as magnificent). For reference you may also read of the next most similar persons (who only had their environments in common, really). These are Monsieur Lecoq, Fantômas, Rouletabille and Auguste Dupin. The less interesting Sherlock Holmes may also be noted.
          Study those then you will realise how truly great and original my exploits were!


        • Dear M. kazaza2,

          I am again confused by your irrelevant nonsense.
          Though I agree that there “hasn’t been anything “revolutionary” in anime” but my point still stands, you said something unrelated to the topic at hand.

          Now, being the great Lupin, I noticed the hint you added at the end of your letter. I would be dishonoured if you thought of my biographies as detective stories and even worse, tired. They are highly original at the time of writing and can barely be described as detective stories. I would recommend you study your French literature. I hope that you will and know and respect me for who I am.

          Now please permit me to be, M. kazaza2, your faithful servant. A.L.

  • I find the lack of DBZ being on the list disturbing.
    It’s basic plot is only the most ripped off thing in Anime, Bleach,Inuyasha,Naruto, One Piece etc.
    Plus No Ranma 1/2 or Tenchi Muyo? Those two shows practically invented the harem genera and Sasami was the prototype for the token loli character most anime have.
    Many reoccurring mad scientist type characters are an expy of Washu.
    K-ON would be no even exist without Lucky Star,Haruhi, and Azumanga.

    Azumanga was doing the moe thing years before K-ON.

  • What did Madoka ever do?

    How come they missed the old Macross but included anime that didn’t do shit for anime as a whole like Higurashi, Tiger/Bunny, Code Geass or Madoka?

    Also, revolution take place only once every ten years or so. It was Evangelion for the nineties, Gundam and Macross for the early eighties and I don’t really remember anything from before those times.

    After ten years from now we may judge which of the anime from 2000-2010 really had a lasting impact.

    • Nay, you can see the wave of influence almost inmediatly. In the fandom, in the industry.
      Happened with Macross, and later with Eva. And later then with Haruhi.
      Its happening now with Madoka?

  • Yeah, this is a bad list.

    K-On isn’t a trailblazer in moe, just one that people remember.

    Madoka is more well known for the odd things people do with their Figmas and hentai imagination… kind of like K-On.

    Tiger & Bunny is good, but they really haven’t done anything new in the series.

    Same with Code Geass. It’s a series I truly enjoyed, but it wasn’t revolutionary.

    Speed Racer, possibly, should be here. By today’s standards, it’s not very good, but when it came out, a lot of people were all over it.

    Super Dimensional Fortress Macross was very VERY different from what came before it. It changed the path of our imagination on both sides of the Pacific.

    Naruto also has tremendous fanbases due to some pretty good storytelling and very engaging visuals.

    Pokemon… it irritates me, but it endures, and I can’t deny that it did a terrific job of selling DVDs, toys, and games.

    Evangelion. I know why it’s here, but the series isn’t for me. Still, it was the quintessential ’90s anime.

    Haruhi was the first series I’m aware of for being moe for moe’s sake. I’d keep it, but move it down.

  • Madoka hasn’t changed anything. If anything, it’s just an overdue deconstruction of the magic girl genre, that mostly sold due to moe character blobs as the protags.

    The plot was “meh”.

  • Tiger & Bunny shouldn’t be on their imo. It didn’t introduce CG to anime nor did it integrate it seamlessly. It did a better job than any non-movie before, but that just the natural progression of technology. Every season shows integrate it better than those previous to it.

  • Another FAIL list. All are biased. Yet Artefact underlines most items on the list are original, which also fails to give this list relevance regarding its content.

    Madoka, Tiger & Bunny, and Pokemon should definitely not have been on the list. At least one of Hayao Miyazaki should be included.

    Haruhi was a grateful surprise. K-ON! certainly pushed the moe blob to new heights. Gundam revived and reloaded mechas. And Evangelion, I support it being on the top spot.

    • Clannad is not SOL: it’s a romantic drama, and (although it’s one of my all-time favorites) I don’t think it really revolutionized anything in that regard. If any of the Key adaptations can be considered revolutionary, it would be Air.

  • Oh come on, K-ON? It didn’t start moe. Neither did Lucky Star – it was around long before it. It became popular thanks to Cardcaptor Sakura, that’s why she’s “the mother of moe”. And what else did K-ON do? Slice of life? Also not new.

    And Tiger and Bunny just finished! Madoka is far, far too new too. Tiger and Bunny might be responsible for what, a new era of product placement in anime? And Madoka? It was Princess Tutu x Nanoha.

    And Code Geass existed because of Gundam SEED and Death Note, it didn’t revolutionize shit.

  • Madoka was no more revolutionary than its predecessor Uta-Kata, and where is Gunbuster on this list? It single-handedly revitalized the super robot genre and made Evangelion possible.

    Also I’m not exactly sure how Higurashi and Tiger & Bunny made it there, but whatever.

    • If it’s like most of these lists that get posted, it’s TV series only. Hence the absence of Gunbuster.

      Sailor Moon, which completely re-invented the magical girl warrior, and Tenchi (though an OAV, like Gunbuster) which gave us the modern harem story, are missing, too.

      And Yeah, I think it’s too soon to know the long term influence of Madoka or T&B. I’m not sure how Higurashi got on there, either, as I don’t see how it’s been all that influential.

  • Titles that had the most “revolutionary” effect on the anime world:

    – Astroboy
    – Hokuto no Ken
    – Dragon Ball Z
    – Pokemon
    – Sailor Moon
    – Card Captor Sakura
    – Love Hina
    – Lucky Star
    – Gundam 0079

    Most of the current anime follow the model of these.

    • You missed out on Macross, the early one.

      Evangelion too needs a place on this list, regardless of personal preference. Sailor Moon only accomplished introducing anime internationally, but did little for the mahou shoujo genre itself.

      Love Hina? Come on, this wasn’t anything new at the time, go back to Tenchi Muyo and do your homework properly. Same with Card Captor Sakura. Nothing really new.

      Try Ribbon no Kishi, which introduced one of the first traps in anime as a mainchar and it was still the 1960s!

  • If anything, Love Hina should be on there for making Harem anime mainstream and starting the downward spiral of rehashed/regurgitated 1-guy, every-girl-in-the-series-likes-him series.

    I’m not sure where the breaking point for the:

    – “let’s include shameless fanservice just because we can” and
    – “let’s blatantly censor the unneeded ‘shameless fanservice just because we can’ we introduced to promoted disc sales

    “revolutionary” (read: de-evolutionary) points in anime are, though.

    K-On! may not be revolutionary, but at least it didn’t completely devolve into some generic ecchi series with cheap fanservice just to entice an audience. Though I admit, even as a K-On! fan, the fandom for it is really fucking retarded with the extremes they get into. It’s bad when you treat entertainment as religion and behave like a fanatical follower, blind to everything else. (Fuck, that’s how Islam got a bad reputation.)

    K-On! is moe-tard food with no plot, but fuck, it has more char development and growth in it than many other series in recent memories (like the cheaper VN to anime adaptations.) Still, even I wouldn’t place K-On! up there as “revolutionary”. Not by a longshot.

    Madoka just continued what Nanoha kinda started. Both took Mahou Shoujo more serious within itself rather infusing itself with lighter moments all the time to kill the seriousness. Most other MS shows tend to have a lighter theme/plot to them than either Nanoha or Madoka. I’d put Nanoha in place of Madoka, if anything. (I wouldn’t really place Nanoha on the list either though. The time following Nanoha’s debut didn’t reflect much influence from it, though I could be wrong and forgetting stuff.)

    I won’t comment on the rest (I haven’t watched half of the list.)

  • Something that was popular long ago does not make it Revolutionary[I think]
    Revolutionize = did something different from the usual of the same kind [I think…]

    GUNDAM -before the type of mecha anime were, the SUPER MECHA TYPE, VOLTES V and their kind. Gundam went in and tried to make the MECHA more realistic [ie. they require some kind of training to use, powered by “something”, runs out of ammo, take some kind of realistic damage, and you can actually stab the cockpit. They also shown the horrors of warfare.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion – before the MECHA were made of metal. Most of them looks like stacks of tissue boxes. Evangelion comes in, their Mecha was NOT really a giant humanoid robot, the Mecha was an over-sized armored human cloned from some kind of ANGEL that can be controlled by plugging pilot into its spinal column. The series also created the first and most annoying EMO kid.

    Nanoha – before MAGICAL GIRLS fight for LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, and PEACE using magical. FIGHTS with fluffy costumes. Nanoha comes in… and fights for LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, and PEACE… except MAGICAL GIRLS were turned into Weapons of Mass Destruction. It kinda showed us a different way of how Magical Girls can fight

    Madoka – a MAGICAL GIRL SHOW which is NOT exactly about fighting for LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, and PEACE. They have shown a different way how a MAGICAL GIRL should DIE. I did not see a Magical Wand there.. I think.

    Code Geass – Before, protagonist were a bunch of good guys who saves the day upholding a high moral principle/standards [Except for the Death Note Guy]. They introduced Lelouch, who believes the “End Justifies the Means.” It is not really wise to have your children watch this kind of character. He is a smart guy got but has many flaws. Not exactly cold hearted. He always gets his ass kicked. He really sucks at pilot a mecha. And yea, Roller Blade-ding MECHA.

    Haruhi – shown a different way how a story is told.

    IF you have any corrections… go ahead 😀

  • Madoka lol
    Tiger & Bunny, well it has set new levels for the amount of product placement you can do in an anime which may in a few years time prove to be revolutionary.

    Glad to see Yamato on that list. It should rule it and how Speed Racer, Dragonball and Sailormoon aren’t on there is beyond me. Although it didn’t necessarily revolutionize anime, without Ghost in the Shell we wouldn’t have had the Matrix (not Optimus Prime’s one the movie (and admittedly duff sequels lol)

  • Utterly retarded list

    You don’t have to like or love Sailor Moon or Dragonball, but THEY had a shitload more impact on anime by making North America aware anime even existed.

    Not so much the shows, but Rumiko Takahashi likely had a major impact single handedly on anime thanks to her mangas. So not mentioning a single one of her’s just shows how totally worthless these polls truley are.

    It’s clear, nothing you make in anime, matters to whomever is being asked, a year after it aired.

    There’s only 3 shows that belong on that list.

  • Junk junk junk junk junk. Only Eva, Yamato, Gundam, and MAYBE Haruhi deserve to be on that list. Love Hina, the anime everybody loves to forget should be on there.

    Others include Chobits, Dirty Pair, COWBOY BEBOP, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Lucky Star.

    Madoka is great and all, but god damn flavors of the month. God damn them all to hell.

      • See? Clamp took a formula like only they could and made it their own, only to b e copied so much that people forget it was the original. From the style, to the writing, to the characters, you see so much of that in today’s anime that was absent in the 90’s. It was one of the FOUNDATION shows fromt he early 2000’s that created the stylized anime powerhouse that most shows have today.

        It’s the little things, really. But anybody who was actually around before Chobits and then after will know what I’m talking about.

  • I expected stuff like Kimba, Astro Boy, East of Eden, Messenger Z, Azumanga Daioh, Urusei Yatsura, Card Captor Sakura, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and maybe something like Chobits and Tsubasa Chronicles/xxxHolic.

    While I like most of the anime on the featured list, it is a joke to say that the revolutionized anything. Gundum, Haruhi, and Space Battleship Yamato are really the only ones that could legitimately be on that list.

  • So they mean all of these are revolutionary?…simply stupid.
    In my view, EVA(needless to say the reason), Blue Submarine No.6(first 3D+2D implement in Jap anime as I can see), Martian Successor Nadesico(maybe the best anime XEBEC have made), Cream Lemon(u know what I mean…) or something like that can be called “revolutionised”.

  • seriously, where you keep getting these list. Look fake. Theres no way those animes could be considered top 10

    I would rank Dragonball, Sailormoon, One Piece, Naruto before anything on the list first

  • 1. Yes Evangelion has a big impact no doubt with its sales and impact.
    2. Madoka (I dont know what impact this had)
    3. Gundam (A legendary Franchise without doubt worthy of list)
    4. Haruhi (Started a craze remembers all the haruhi dancers) Yes it has an impact
    5. Tiger And Bunny (Its new how did this revolutionize anime)
    6. Higurashi (Well it did have plot twists and a fair fandom but this is debatable) Along similar lines I could Say Death Note or School Days would have had similar effects
    7.K-on well fandom I guess but I will counter this with lucky star
    8. Space Battleship Yamato oldies (mentions Golden Boy and BPS and lets see Love hina on three of mention)
    9. Code Geass (Launch the revolution)
    10. Pokemon (Digi Digi digimon) although pokemon yah started a cardcraze gotta catch em all thats worthy of list

    11 Special mention
    Ghost Stories Adv dub if you get it you know why if not go watch the dub

  • dimanganime says:

    Jesus Christ, Tiger & Bunny? Madoka? Really?
    Madoka was one of the best shows of the last decade but at most, it revolutionized the Mahou Shoujo genre of modern days (and still, Nanoha would like to have a word). Now… in terms of all time, i think Sailor Moon should have been on Madoka’s spot.
    Tiger & Bunny was decent, but i’m sure every single one of us can find out plenty of titles which were far more revolutionary, reactionary, and industry-shaping than this one (say, Dragon Ball, GitS, even Cowboy Bebop?).

    In either way, i could not be more satisfied by seeing Evangelion as the king of the chart. It truly was/is phenomenal.

  • Macross – especially the Do you remember love movie – that is anime in its purest form. Its epic in scope, it appeals to the boys with the transforming mecha airplanes and girls with the romantic love triangles and pop idol singing. Combining singing idols and fighter jets fighting aliens now thats an anime that can do it all.

    As for Tiger and bunny – i’ve never heard of it.

  • You can’t make a list of revolutionaries anime titles and include anime that have at most 3 years!

    Titles like Astroboy, Mazinger Z, Doraemon, Dragon Ball and Cardcaptor Sakura should be in the list.

    Anyway Evangelion, Gundam, Haruhi and Pokémon deserve a place in the list (but not necessarily those).

  • If Madoka copying the structure of the Doctor Who episode “The Big Bang” for its finale is considered revolutionary, then I’d hate to think how would outright plagiarism be considered universe-changing by the same monkeys.

      • Please don’t confuse Macross with dildo-tech.

        Take Macross, drop the main characters IQ by at 20 points, or in the case of Misa 40 points. Then create a stupid plot-device to link the unrelated anime’s Southern Cross and Mospeda, also dropping character IQ, and you get the shit that they showed on US TV.

        And what makes things worse is that is was still a shitload better than anything on at the time; GI Jerk-off and Transvestites more than meet the eye. Then there were the Thunder-pussies, Galaxy Rump Rangers, Shit-turions, and so much other shit that looked good for maybe an episode, but was really aimed at 12 year boys with 2 digit IQs.

        And all those bait and swap shows, where the promo material has little to do with the actual plot, predated Eva by a long shot.

  • How can a bunch of new animes revolutionize anything? They haven’t been around long enough.

    Also this list is a complete failure just because it lacks DB\DBZ on it.

    And you guys fail for even posting it.

    • Code Geass was the first anime that really blew me away.

      Tiger and Bunny was something new for once!

      And Pokemon was a worldwide phenomenon. Even over here in Noanimeland Germany EVERYONE watched Pokemon and EVERYONE played Pokemon.

      Dragonball was quite something too, though not as much as Pokemon was. And like all 100+ Animes I’ve tried to watch (including Pokemon), it got boring to me after a while.

      Nausicaä was just anohter Ghibli Anime, they’re good, but they’re nothing you don’t already know about.

  • This is insane. Where’s Ideon? Astro Boy? Not even a nod to Dragonball Z for popularizing shonen to the entire western world? Another shitty misinformed list that gives too much credit to recent series.

    • I might be arguing semantics, but Astro Boy is more “seminal” than “revolutionary,” IMO. To some extent, the same goes for many shows from before 1970 or so, especially those that actually DEFINED a genre (such as Tetsujin 28-go, the original mecha; and Sally the Witch, the original magical girl) rather than REdefining it.

      Not sure how revolutionary Ideon really was, coming on the heels of Gundam as it did. Gundam had already taken things in a more serious direction than earlier shonen mecha shows, so Ideon might be considered simply be a matter of degrees.

    • Excellent point on Astro Boy. Ideon, particularly the movies are essential anime viewing despite the rebarbative enemy of the week episodes. Considering this and my high regard for it, I am still not sure if it would be accurate to place it in a “top 10 revolutionary” list.

    • Akira and GITS were designed to avoid anime-like qualities. There are no sexy ladies nor fantastic giant robots in these films. The same is true with Ghibli works bar Lupin: They are made for a different audience than anime fans. Miyazaki writes for young general audiences, and Oshii writes for himself (he acknowledges this) and the quite justified fans of his work. Both worked on anime projects before abandoning increasingly stagnant anime. This is implicitly acknowledged as none of the very popular Ghibli films are in this list.

      Dragon Ball is a good point as well as perhaps Urusei Yatsura. Revolutionary Girl Utena explicitly tried to “revolutionize” Shojo but it hasn’t gained mindshare.

        • I can’t really see GITS as having revolutionized anime. No anime really derives elements from it from what I’ve seen. SAC itself which was done by Prod. I.G is remarkably anime-like for the same material – Motoko is highly sexualized, it has fan service, it parodies Senkosha, and the opening credits has a pop theme.

          SAC also has serious science fiction themes but the direction is also unlike GITS or Innocence. Sadly, concepts like stand alone complex or the location of the soul (as it concerns the Tachikoma) are exposed in heavy dialogue between Tachikoma instead of being shown with striking multivalent imagery as occurs in Oshii’s works.

          In the west GITS may be seen as anime but I think it bears little resemblance.

          Evangelion is a good counterpoint as it completely circumscribes anime/otaku imagery and cliche. To understand the imagery of Eva you have to have broad knowledge of typical anime genres.

  • I guess when it’s a vote, recent stuff will be selected, though this is especially silly since it’s yet to be seen if most of these have revolutionized it.

    But I wasn’t really expecting titles like Gegege no Kitaro or Mazinger Z on a poll here anyway! heh

    • I think Tiger&Bunny is included because of the effect it’s had with fanbase. It’s a series that has been incredibly successful not just with ‘the usual suspects’ of anime fandom but with people who usually don’t watch anime, particular in the older age brackets. (having an older main character helps here)
      While people of all ages read manga in Japan, anime isn’t watched as much by many viewers over their early 20s (who aren’t otaku) so shows like T&B could be considered ‘revolutionary’ in that regrad. Sure, it isnt the first do this, but hopefully it could start at least a small trend.

    • I literally just started it, and have completed episode 3 as of now and hopped on here to see this article. So far what it’s revolutionizing to me is integrating 3D into anime style animation. It’s something you have to look carefully for, but these animators are matching anime mannerisms gorgeously in those suits for Tiger. I can say that my professional animator side is truly enjoying seeing them finally starting to adapt to the movements we love while maintaining the style and character in the 3D models. That is the only real thing I would call revolutionary (so far). The rest is more a brilliant concept, but in reality, something revolutionary changes the industry forever from its creation. This list isn’t necessarily inaccurate, just, as usual, generally shortsighted. Eva’s only in its rightful god damn place because the movies are coming out now probably. Madoka did change the face of Magical Girl Anime, but to a degree so did Nanoha in many ways. But it’s too soon to tell if it really changed anything for the rest of the industry.

      Haruhi did change many things. It set the bar for animation quality and as such has changed the industry standard for animation, on top of being a very interesting story in general based on a Light Novel which spawned many other light novel adaptations.

      The one that strangely doesn’t seem to belong to me is Code Geass. In terms of revolutionizing anything, it really didn’t, but it’s easily one of the strongest plot/character driven stories in anime history. I can’t quite tell if it’s done anything beyond do well for itself, as opposed to changing the rest of the industry.

  • 2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    4. Haruhi
    I love this series but what? Light novel adaptation success?
    6. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    doujin VN -> anime = decent?
    7. K-ON!
    9. Code Geass

  • exactly how did Code Geass, Tiger & Bunny and Madoka revolutionize anime?

    Sailor Moon had more significance than Madoka, Code Geass was just Gundam with a pretty boy pilot and it’s too early to say if Tiger & Bunny will have any long term effect on anime. [doubtful]

    Japan really loves to pick only the newest titles and throw in a few randoms, for these polls, don’t they?

  • Isnt madoka redefine/destroy the mahou shoujo genre? From “cute girl getting power from cute magical pet fighting for love and peace of the world” to “cute girl manipulated by sinister creature fighting in despair and tragedy”?

    btw: i only starting watching anime from 2003 so i dont know much about older title but Code Geass is the first anime make me think is a demon with his blood soaked hand really evil?

    • Evangelion dominated the late 1990s and introduced anime internationally to an adult audience. Also, Sailor Moon only introduced anime internationally to little girls. It didn’t do so well in japan itself. Go back to the 1960s and disvover the roots of the mahou shoujo genre.