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Otaku Learn Aki Toyosaki Lives with Boyfriend: “Yui is Dead!”


A stalker has made public his findings that Yui Hirasawa seiyuu Aki Toyosaki not only has a boyfriend, but even has the temerity to live with him – causing outrage amongst K-ON! otaku, most of whom are still reeling with the scandalous revelation that Ayana Taketatsu has come into contact with at least one male.

The revelations stemmed from blog posts made by her newly acquired stalker, whose fanatical dedication to scrutinising the minutiae of her private life transcends even creepy seiyuu otaku levels and is perhaps even on par with that of a tabloid journalist.

He began tracking her (how he got all this information is not clear), noting that she lived far away from her immediate colleagues (who “lived close together”) in an apartment which was so far from the nearest station that she used a taxi to get there.


Suspecting that she might have a boyfriend, he investigated her apartment, where he found that all the residences had nameplates (Japanese households and apartments frequently bear the surnames of their occupants at the letterbox, although this practice is becoming increasingly uncommon). However, the Toyosaki name did not feature, which he took as sure evidence she was cohabiting with someone.


He further confirmed his suspicions by noting that certain details of the apartment building matched with public comments she had made on her radio programme.

Finally, he noted that of the surnames present at the building, one matched that of the musician known as “Tom-H@ck” (otherwise known as Tomohiro Oshima).

To confirm this, he watched the building – the lights in the room corresponding to his surname went on when she came home.

He comments that “the two don’t really go out much together” and “he uses his apartment as a studio and doesn’t need to go out, and for suppers it seems Toyosaki does his cooking there.”


Naturally all this has provoked much indignation online – both from those revolted by the stalking and those more concerned about the hymenal integrity of Toyosaki herself.

From a relatively normal board:

“That blog is too scary…”

“What a pro he is.”

“Paparazzi are scary!”

“They do it for money and something to print… why someone does this for something to put on their blog with no likely income is another matter.”

“I thought it was for a gossip rag, but it’s an individual’s website…”

“The seiyuu fans are all dying.”

“Somebody’s trying to take out K-ON!”

“Is this reporter a stalker or what?”

“This isn’t even stalker level stuff, it’s like an insider is targeting them.”

“It can’t be helped. Seiyuu are idols now, but they still act they are voice actresses.”

“Azunyan and Yui-chan are down – who’s next?”

“There’s no real proof! She’s not even facing this way!”

“Wipe away your tears!”

“Open your eyes, seiyuu pigs. At that age they won’t not have lovers, and they certainly won’t be virgins.”

And from the seiyuu otaku on one of their boards:


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