China Plays “America the Beautiful” Over Space Lab Launch


Chinese state TV has been humiliatingly exposed as having played unofficial US anthem “America the Beautiful” during an animation celebrating the non-exploding launch of its Tiangong-1 space lab module.

The video, showing the majestic CG animation CCTV played in celebration of the module’s launch:

The tune features such partiotic lines as “America! America! God shed his grace on thee” and has previously been proposed as a replacement national anthem.

Fortunately for CCTV, the version they played was an instrumental.

Online, those Chinese unlucky enough to recognise the song report feeling utterly humiliated:

“At the time, I was eating in a hotel with foreigners from an American company and Chinese clients and we were watching the live broadcast.

All the Chinese there wanted to disappear.”

CCTV has been silent as to how this happened, although as they have previously been caught passing off a clip of Top Gun as footage of their military’s latest fighter jet (many of which are themselves of dubious provenance) the incident is unfortunately not an isolated one.


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