Top 25 Types of Anime You Want To See More Of!


Anime fans quizzed on what type of anime they would like to see more of seem to be tired of the staple bishoujo anime formulas, instead craving more long-running originals boasting high production values – although they would say that, wouldn’t they?

The ranking:

1. Original anime (as opposed to adaptations)

2. Anime with more than 2 seasons

3. Emotional anime

4. Anime with gorgeous art

5. Continuations

6. Comedy/gag anime

7. Anime with all star seiyuu casts

8. Quality over quantity!

9. Heart-warming anime

10. Romance anime

11. Robot anime

12. SF anime

13. “Healing” anime

14. Adventure anime

15. Anime with appealing protagonists

16. Future anime

17. History anime

18. Freely distributed anime

19. Anime adapted from novels and light novels

20. Moe anime

21. Anime based on classic literature

22. War anime

23. Sports anime

24. Ghost & monster anime

25. Tsundere anime

“Ero” is also narrowly beaten by tsundere…

With most of the staples of the last decade evidently at saturation point, it seems what fans really think they want is more along the lines of Code Geass and Madoka – although unfortunately producing such hits is probably vastly more difficult and less financially rewarding than simply providing an endless succession of Type B schoolgirl anime, which it seems anime fans lap up irrespective of their vociferous complaints.

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