Korean Hospitality: “We Celebrate Japan’s Earthquake!”


Japanese football fans have been outraged at the reception laid on for a Japanese team playing in Korea recently, with a banner goading them by celebrating the deaths of 20,000 Japanese in the recent earthquake and tsunami.

The banner appeared at a recent football match between Cerezo Osaka and a Korean team (which the Japanese team was to lose), held in Korea:


In broken Japanese, it reads “we celebrate Japan’s great earthquake.”

Once match organisers spotted the banner, they ordered it removed.

Whether this is the result of the famed animosity Koreans feel towards just about everyone else or the incredibly crude standards of behaviour the world has come to expect from football fans is not clear – a recent away match a Japanese team played against a Belgian team saw supporters there chanting “Fukushima,” which prompted an official complaint from the Japanese side.

Online there is not much doubt:

“As expected of the filthy Koreans.”

“All you can say is that this is to be expected of them.”

“Koreans, it’s not like you would expect normal conduct from them.”

“Will the Japanese press even report this?”

“Between normal countries this would be a diplomatic incident.”

“You can really tell what kind of people the Koreans are from this.”

“This isn’t even news, it’s just normal for Korea.”

“The original report on this even avoids using the word ‘Korea’ or ‘Korean’ anywhere at all…”

[NB: This is actually true – the report manages to mention Japan and Belgium, and the names of the teams, but completely avoids the matter of which country was involved]

“That’s amazing… they wrote the entire article and headline without mentioning the name of the country once. They are really trying hard.”

“They went to the trouble of translating and writing this, then displaying it during the match. What motivation.”

“In 9 years they have not changed a bit:”



[Both pictures show Korean placards showing funeral photographs of German players, telling them they should lose]


[Hitler’s children go home!]


“Do they really not realise this sort of thing only makes the world hate them?”

“With the Belgian team they officially apologised for it – I don’t see the Koreans doing the same.”

“It’s a mistranslation?”

“How is it a mistranslation?”

“It doesn’t make sense as a mistranslation or misreading.”

“In an earlier match they had a ‘welcome, war criminal nation!’ banner and another one offering ‘bananas for monkeys'”


“I’d be more worried if they actually started expressing sympathy.”

“Koreans acting like Koreans. A good chance for the rest of the world to see what Koreans are like.”

In other news, the Korean government recently approved a private initiative to install a “comfort women” memorial statue next to the Japanese embassy in Seoul, further cementing Korea’s image as a nation of master diplomats.

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