Finally – Naked Azusa Action in K-ON! Manga


K-ON! fans are rejoicing at finding the latest chapter of Azunyan’s own manga actually shows her bathing completely naked with her sexy companions, some of whom are evidently exceedingly busty.


As no males are involved, the reaction is limited to detailed disputes over the size of their breasts:

“So sexy!”

“Supremely sexy…”

“This is the greatest!”

“Ui’s boobs are…”

“Flat Azunyan is great too!”

“Somebody is going to draw in those nipples, I know it.”

“There are no nipples in the world of K-ON!”

“Jun-chan is a bit big?”

“Even bigger than Yui.”

“He’s trying to boost sales of the spin-off with this I bet.”

“Ui is surely supposed to be smaller than Mio and Mugi? She looks good but this seems inconsistent with the setting and story.”

“Their cup sizes are like this then:

D+ Sawako

D Mio/Mugi/Ui

C+ Yui

C- Jun

B+ Nodoka

A Azusa

A- Ritsu”

“Ritsu seems to be a C at times though.”

She’s bigger than Azusa!

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