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    Avatar of Yoshii-kun
    Comment by Yoshii-kun
    01:27 26/09/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    That Gen person looks alot less like a sexual predator now.

    Moe is really fucking serious business.

    Avatar of Diemeow23
    Comment by Diemeow23
    11:39 26/09/2011 # ! Good (+0.4)

    2ch = Were always serious

    Avatar of John
    Comment by John
    03:53 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    lol you talk like you dunno 'barefoot gen' its a classic

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:47 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Published from 1973 to 1985.
    In contrast, when you look at Maison Ikkoku (1980 to 1987) it looks surprisingly modern.
    So I think the challenge wasn't so much moefying an 80s manga, but moefying a manga with a completely different visual style. After all, today there's still Yugioh, which looks completely different from the things we generally read.
    What the various improvements did point out though was how much technology has progressed. A lot of effects that are trivial to do with computers would have taken an artist in the 80s an hour with shading sheets and scissors.

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:59 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Anybody who understood the context of the scene would be disgusted by this.

    Avatar of Yoshii-kun
    Comment by Yoshii-kun
    09:24 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    No, actually I don't.
    I'm a moe-boomer, not a baby boomer.

    Comment by Anonymous
    22:21 27/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    And you talk like you dunno sarcasm.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Yehh.. pedophiles on duty will love!
    A dumb solution, with results more ridiculous :P

    Avatar of Wierd Guy
    Comment by Wierd Guy
    01:20 26/09/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    Never underestimate the power of moe

    Avatar of konakona
    Comment by konakona
    01:43 26/09/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    Never underestimate the power of 2ch.

    Avatar of The Kiss
    Comment by The Kiss
    02:39 26/09/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    Never underestimate the power of otaku?

    Comment by Anonymous
    11:54 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.4)

    Never underestimate those with too much time on their hands :3

    Avatar of X_Bacon
    Comment by X_Bacon
    23:24 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Okay, that's enough.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Never undestimate the power of fap

    Comment by Anonymous

    Never fap the underestimated power.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Never underestimate those without their dick in their hand(s)!

    Comment by Anonymous
    03:51 26/09/2011 # ! Drivel (-1.0)

    Never underestimate the power of friendship!

    Avatar of kazaza2
    Comment by kazaza2
    03:46 26/09/2011 # ! Quality (+0.8)

    Never underestimate the power of too much free time.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Well 2ch pretty much comprises of NEET's or "Stay at home club" people (and every other pathetic lifeform you can think of). Well we get a laugh or two so it's no biggie. Might as well make the best of their social life....which is basically none.

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:35 26/09/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    they at least gave us this magnificent modern art masterpiece.

    YOU, what have you given to humanity? (apart from your unuseful and unfappable comment)

    Comment by Anonymous
    11:18 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    He provides the 2ch bashing.

    He seems to have some deep resentment for 2ch...

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:54 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.4)

    Never underestimate VIP QUALITY.

    Avatar of Gradius
    Comment by Gradius
    Avatar of Diemeow23
    Comment by Diemeow23
    11:43 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)


    And the whole MOEfication process was shown in all it's splendor as I quote "Needs an ahoge"

    *Bows* Epic

    Comment by Anonymous
    02:28 26/09/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    New show is coming : Moe Makeover

    Avatar of Actar
    Comment by Actar
    01:11 26/09/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    Honestly, this is freaking amazing.

    Avatar of The Kiss
    Comment by The Kiss
    02:39 26/09/2011 # ! Quality (+1.0)

    You can say that again!

    My hormones were on a roller coaster ride all of the time. Then it was over.

    Avatar of VillainousHanacha
    Comment by VillainousHanacha
    03:59 26/09/2011 # ! Good (+0.6)

    This was a righteous transformation. I love the fact that this encapsulates pretty well how visual tastes have changed over the years.

    I must say that the modern version appeals to me much more than the original. Personally I would have been fine with the bobcut, but twintails and an ahoge work fine for me as well.

    Though I most appreciate updating the boy's looks. He was pretty damn creepy in the original image.

    Avatar of Actar
    Comment by Actar
    04:22 26/09/2011 # ! Good (+0.4)

    Personally, what I liked about this post the best was the thought processes that went through each step in the design change. As you pointed out, it does give one a glimpse into the tastes and somewhat psyche of the modern fan.

    Personally, I find the original style somewhat off putting as well. The overall proportions are far more irregular and the face too mature and realistic.

    Also, I'm really glad that you're still around as I do have some things that I do want to ask your opinions on, but I'll have to take some time to flesh them out first.

    Avatar of Shizu's Waki Obsessor: MaidNiac
    09:21 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Too be fairly honest, the original one kinda freaked me out in a traumatizing way mainly because (like what I said in my other comment here) it reminds me of the Nagasaki Hiroshima bombing manga I read in my childhood, the art style is completely the same either because it's done by the same mangaka or it just happened to be the popular and most copied style during that era. The images of the victims with their skins melting and a lady with glass shards sticking half of her body are still haunting my mind...

    Avatar of Kixiv
    Comment by Kixiv
    07:07 26/09/2011 # ! Good (+0.4)

    I was genuinely amazed. The comparison shot is saved on my pc for future amazement now.

    Comment by Anonymous
    04:14 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    blue sheet in minecraft lull

    Avatar of Megidola
    Comment by Megidola
    01:52 26/09/2011 # ! Good (+0.7)

    Moefy a whole manga like this, and sales will go through the roof...

    Avatar of The Kiss
    Comment by The Kiss
    02:40 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    They'd probably not fail like Cartoon Network is currently doing with the Thundercats reboot.

    Comment by Anonymous
    10:25 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Thundercats 2011 is ok. Atleast the Art style is Much more cleaner than the original. I can't say much for the story except that Memory scene with the thundercats's ancesters on Mummra's ship.

    Comment by Anonymous

    "at least art style is much more cleaner than the original.."

    WELL DUHH...2011 reboot..newer tech...against something that came out years ago...stupid mofo...kill yourself..

    Avatar of Uncommon0taku
    Comment by Uncommon0taku
    09:39 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    gott damnmit - they're not moe unless they have dfc!

    omg,... gradually that face started to morph into Azunyan-chan,.... or or Luccini-chan!!
    Oh wait Azunyan & Luccini are DFCs!!

    This is so wrong!!


    Avatar of patamon
    Comment by patamon
    03:33 26/09/2011 # ! Good (+0.4)

    Wow, what an amazing transformation... xD

    Avatar of John
    Comment by John
    03:54 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    I agree! Now imagine anime and manga in another 20 years!

    Comment by Anonymous

    They will be just eyes with twintails, boobs and panties.

    Avatar of Chemin
    Comment by Chemin
    01:08 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Vipper challenges are the shizzle.

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:41 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    The best post in Sankaku.
    I'm tired with all the "rankings" shit.

    Comment by Anonymous
    20:10 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    good job turning them from Japs into round-eyed, brown haired, white people.

    Avatar of Kinny Riddle
    Comment by Kinny Riddle
    04:39 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    Man, it's been ages since I cracked up so much in laughter at a 2ch conversation on SanCom.

    BTW, pardon me for being pedantic, but the Showa period hardly covered the 1990s AT ALL.

    This is because the Showa Emperor himself died at 1989, heralding the end of the Showa Era and the beginning of the Heisei Era, thus making 1989 as the dividing mark between the Showa Generation and Heisei Generation. (e.g. Kamen Rider series)

    Avatar of EleutheroZeroONE
    Comment by EleutheroZeroONE
    05:02 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    At least the Shôwa Era was a better time.

    More manga, anime and freedom back then.

    Avatar of Artefact
    Comment by Artefact

    You are of course completely right... the fashions and visual styles of the late period does spill into the nineties quite a bit though.

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:59 27/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    That's like saying disco fashion of the late 70s spills into the 90s era of Vanilla Ice and Nirvana, which is kind of hard to see.

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:58 27/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Actually Barefoot Gen was published between 1973 and 1974. Urusei Yatsura (1978 to 1987) from roughly the same time period looks much more like what we're used to reading.
    Meanwhile there's still things like Yugioh around which look nothing like what we're generally used to.

    This challenge wasn't about the ‘showa’ date at all; it's about making a manga in a completely different style moe.
    And some of the modifications are just some neat effects that nowadays take half a minute in a painting program, but that used to take an hour of fiddling with screen tones. While these do improve the image, they don't really add to the moe-ness.

    Comment by Anonymous
    08:45 26/09/2011 # ! Neutral (+0.2)

    If you have a chance, please read origianl manga.
    it's Hadashi no Gen (Barefoot Gen).

    Comment by Anonymous
    16:01 27/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Impossible for these kids. All they know is moe fap material. Hell, even stuff from the mid 80s is considered Neanderthal era to them.

    Comment by Anonymous
    04:46 29/09/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Well, I can't exactly blame them for wanting 14-year-old girls to look 14 instead of 40, as she does in the original image.

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