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Tattoo Removal, Japanese Style


A 24-year-old housewife’s desire to remove an ill-advised shoulder tattoo of her cat has resulted in a shockingly grotesque scene – so much so that many were left wondering just what the doctors were thinking.


Although getting rid of such an awful tattoo is an understandable desire, just why slicing off the unfortunate lady’s shoulder (presumably to be replaced by a graft from elsewhere) was considered preferable to simple laser removal treatment is not explained.

Given Japanese attitudes towards tattoos (only vile criminals get them) and personal indiscretions (best atoned for with a pointlessly extreme gesture up to and including suicide), an element of sadism or masochism does not seem out of the question, and Japanese TV certainly seems to be revelling in the grisly result.

Japanese TV gives repenting tattoo victims the full “anonymous victim/criminal” treatment, claiming most of the women who get tattoos regret them after marriage, as they find themselves banned from various public places and risk stigmatising their children:

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