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Host Makes Underage Girl Sell Herself “3 Times in Half a Day”


A Shinjuku host has been arrested for luring a 16-year-old girl into his club so he could force her into prostitution, making her service three customers in half a day.

According to police, the 21-year-old man worked as a host in a club known as “Extreme,” in Shinjuku’s notorious Kabukicho district. Appropriately enough, he worked under the name “Outlaw.”

In April he successfully enticed a 16-year-old “unemployed” Saitama prefecture girl into the club; she had run away from home.

He admits he did so with the intent of making her prostitute herself in order to pay his fees, and also that he knew she was underage (both for sex and alcohol).

She visited the club regularly until July, at which point the host confronted her over her tab, which then stood at ¥70,000. She could not pay.

He told her to “Earn the cash by finding customers at a deai-kei site! Come back here by 3PM with ¥40,000!”

The girl did as she was ordered, using a deai-kei site to solicit three men, whom she serviced at a Shinjuku love hotel not 500m from the host club, completing her business in less than half a day.

Her story came to the attention of police some days later when she was arrested  for attempting to solicit customers on the street herself.

They eventually moved to arrest the host on charges of inducing a minor to engage in obscene ,and for having her engage in illegal prostitution. He admits the charges.

Given her domestic situation, the apparent ease with which she solicited and serviced 3 customers, and the likelihood that she was able to pay for earlier host encounters, it seems she was already an experienced harlot before the host presented her with his bill – though she will not apparently be facing any charges.

Host clubs, the male equivalent of hostess clubs, typically lay on stylish young men and hugely expensive drinks to women looking for raucous entertainment and a faux relationship.

Providing sex is often part of the arrangement, although as the business hinges upon keeping customers coming back in the hopes of eventual consummation, it may be withheld as a sales tactic. Often their customers are other sex industry workers.

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