Ayana Taketatsu Boyfriend Snaps Leak “Azunyan is Ruined!”


K-ON! fans are aghast at the appearance of leaked “purikura” photos of Azusa/Kirino seiyuu Ayana Taketatsu, formerly best known for her angelic cuteness and large breasts, with many despondently proclaiming that “Azunyan is finished!” and “My little sister can’t be this second-hand!”


The leaked “purikura” (a type of photo booth which adorns photographs with various cutesy decals, popular with schoolgirls and couples) appeared on 2ch, and appear to show Taketatsu posing with a young man who is widely suspected to be her boyfriend.

Predictably, particularly given her innocent image and Azunyan role, her fanship has imploded:


“It’s a lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”



“So, she is up for the full Hirano course?”

“Serves you seiyuu ota-pigs right!”

“Wait, who is this?”

“She plays some character called Azusa in an anime by the title of K-ON!”

“The K-ON! movie is done for!”


“There will be casualties!”

“My head hurts!”

“When is the pic from? This year? Before?”

“I think it is older:”


“I thought it was fake, but the clothes really do match up.”

“Boyfriend: ‘give me some fellatio with Azunyan’s voice again!'”

“I laughed – she’s finished now, isn’t she?”

“My little sister can’t be this second-hand…”

“Yes, she wasn’t a virgin after all. You were all tricked.”

“At least Azunyan is still a virgin.”

“You creepy otaku are done for.”


“Their screams are like music to my ears!”

“Azunyan is second-hand! You moetards fell for a non-virgin! Ah, this is sweet…”

“I’m jealous of anyone who gets to do a busty loli like that…”

“THE END-nyan.”

“I can’t believe anything any more.”

“Don’t you think it would be more odd for her not to have a boyfriend?”

“Don’t die, you lot. You can find little fatties like her anywhere.”

“My little sister can’t be this much of a bitch!”

“I never thought I would be in the same position as the lifeliners!”

“What fools are those who trust other men.”

“This is true ota-NTR!”

“That guy is going to smash all his figures…”

“You’re just another fat bitch to us now!”

“Seiyuu otaku’s cult of virginity is seriously creepy, isn’t it?”

“This is going to mess up the movie, isn’t it?”

“Debuynan is done for now…”

“I want to cry. The world can be so cruel…”

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