Tales of Xillia Sells 525,000 in First Week


Tales of Xillia has proven a major hit, shifting over half a million copies in its first week and already securing the title of fastest selling Tales title ever.

The latest week’s sales figures show Tales of Xillia firmly in the number 1 spot with 525,605 copies sold (as opposed to merely shipped to retail channels).


It is also the best selling Tales title ever, and the second best selling PS3 game in the Japanese market (second only to FF13, and in both cases in first week terms – its eventual sales remain to be seen):

TOX  525,605
TOD  450,099  829,271
TOD2 498,142  762,861
TOE  384,790  669,248
TOR  372,767  596,493

More recent Tales titles had tended to exhibit weaker sales, putting the future of the franchise (at least as a major JRPG) in doubt, but it seems that trend has been dramatically arrested.

The game itself has received some of the best critical reviews of any Tales title, and online raillery is largely absent – although there is the usual grumbling about Bandai’s aggressive use of DLC in place of elements which were formerly part of the game proper.

So far, fans have not uncovered any evidence of Bandai’s much reviled beta-marketing strategy, which can only add to the game’s popularity.


With the Final Fantasy franchise under definite strain in recent iterations, and Dragon Quest reduced to an online game for its latest title, Tales fans are hailing this impressive showing as a sign of a Tales renaissance – although international fans are still left to worry over when, if ever, they will ever see the title.

The Japanese edition is however available internationally now.

In other news, Bandai has announced Tales of Innocence R for the Vita – the “R” standing for “Reimagination” rather than “Remake,” although the latter seems to be more accurate.

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