Police Hunt “Otaku-Like” Man for Asking Directions


Police have warned children and the public to be on guard after an “otaku-like” man asked a schoolgirl for directions.

The advisory (such missives are typically deleted without comment if widely questioned):


At 7:40PM on the 12th, and around 8PM the following day, a man used asking directions as a pretence to start talking to a schoolgirl on her way home.

The two men are thought to be the same man, described as being aged 25-35, 170-175cm in height, of medium build and with unkempt hair, wearing trousers and a dark coloured polo shirt, and otaku-like in appearance.

Parents and guardians are advised to have children undertake the following precautions:

Have them carry an anti-crime buzzer

If they encounter a suspicious person, they should not speak to them but instead flee immediately and seek help

Travel in groups wherever possible

Utilise brightly lit and well travelled routes home

Any suspicious activity witnessed should be reported with a 110 call or straight to a police station.

Since it is now possible for a man to be hunted by police for merely smiling at or being spoken to by a schoolgirl, there is some scepticism as to whether this man’s conduct warranted such a response:

“So they want us to report any otaku we see to the police?”

“This is harsh.”

“What do they mean, ‘otaku-like’!?”

“That is really harsh…”


“They actually wrote that. Harsh discrimination right there.”

“What do they even mean by that?”

“Being an otaku is about being immersed in a particular hobby – how can you tell that from what they look like?”

“Didn’t you know? ‘Otaku’ just means ‘creepy guy’!”

“The whole report is a bit suspect really.”

“This is an official advisory by the Kumamoto police? Damn…”

“What do you expect?”

“What have you lot been doing to that poor girl?”

“What part of this is even a crime?”

“It’ll be an offence under prefectural anti-nuisance ordinances, mark my words.”

“I doubt you lot have the guts to even ask a girl for directions in any case.”

“How can they say ‘otaku-like’? What the hell is that supposed to point out?”

“Try looking in a mirror!”

“Anyone being asked the directions by you people would want to report it.”

“Otaku angry at being called otaku-like.”

“Stop crying guys.”

“What do they mean ‘using the pretence of asking for directions’? Wasn’t he just asking for directions? And nobody would tell him so he had to keep asking or something, right?”

“What should an otaku do if they get lost?”

“Use your phone or try a police box. You mustn’t frighten normal people going about their business.”

“It’s no good. The only way to avoid this stuff is to become a hikikomori!”

“This is like that one about police looking for a man who smiled at a schoolgirl…”

“Otaku-like… as if the perpetrators of most crimes against children aren’t their parents and guardians?”

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