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Nichijou Broccoli Pranksters Escape Arrest


Japanese police have opted not to prosecute a trio of students for their Nichijou inspired stunt.

The incident occurred at the campus of Tokyo University (Japan’s top university, generally regarded as a free pass into the civil service or other occupations which pass as “elite” in Japan), where 3 male students in their twenties apparently decided to recreate a scene from “Nichijou” at the expense of other students and staff.


Accordingly, one morning they removed the saddles of 11 bicycles parked at a university parking area and replaced them all with stalks of broccoli, bananas and similar.

The removed saddles were placed in the front baskets where possible, and at least one moped appears to have found itself adorned with broccoli as well.

Police were called, and on investigating the scene of the crime discovered two of the perpetrators still in the vicinity.

They explained that it was part of a prank engineered “so we could enjoy the surprised expressions of the bike owners.”

As police found no evidence of damage or thievery, they opted not to press charges against the trio.

Bemused observers can probably be forgiven for having trouble determining what is most surprising – the stunt itself, that police were called on them, that police did not arrest them all, or that their antics found their way into the pages a major national newspaper.

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