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Aya Hirano “Finished as a Seiyuu”


Scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano’s voice acting career seems to have finally come to an end – her swarm of online detractors cannot help but notice that she has not netted a single role in the upcoming autumn 2011 anime season.

Her followers are as supportive as ever:

“She’s finished!”

“She never wanted to be a seiyuu in the first place, so this is good for her.”

“Who was this again?”

“There’s no demand for her any more!”

“She’s not a seiyuu any longer – stop appearing in anime, woman!”

“Did she even have any major roles apart from Haruhi and Death Note?”

“Don’t get too excited, haters – she still has a few ongoing roles.”

“There’s a rumour she has a role in Gundam AGE…”

“Don’t worry – she should be due in Kizumonogatari in 2012.”

“Shinobu-chan needs a new voice actress!”

“The life liners aren’t breathing any more…”

“It’s what you’d expect. Since the leaked pictures came out she’ll never land any new work. Expect her to announce her retirement as a seiyuu soon.”

“I’m really worried she will actually show up in an AV…”

Whether she will manage to hang on to her existing roles may not actually be a foregone conclusion either…

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