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Kuroneko Haters More Dangerous Than Ever


The 9th volume of the Ore no Imouto novel is in general circulation, and to say the developments therein have not been favourably received by all fans would be a major understatement – but this is as nothing compared to the spiteful joy of Kuroneko detractors.

Whilst some Kuroneko fans are put out at her being dumped in favour of Kirino like last season’s unwanted moeblobs, there are plenty of Kuroneko-hating fans to whom the news is being greeted with perverse and rather creepy delight:

“Kusoneko is finished, go home losers!”

“Kuzuneko is even more worthless now!”

“What are you Kuroneko fans going to do now, eh? She’s ruined!”

“You crazy Kuroneko bashing Kirino fans are the reason people hate Kirino!”

“She’s just a minor character butting in on Kirino and Kyosuke, no wonder people bash her. I’ll never forget Ayase being sacrificed for her sake!”



“The people who post about how much they hate Kuroneko are seriously as bad as her followers…”

“Gross, creepy, gross, these people are like that weirdo who destroyed all his Aya Hirano CDs…”

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  • Anonymous says:

    >> how can anyone hate her, i dont mind her at all. i think she is just quite adorable and crap. Probably for her bitchy personality but heh, don’t care. don’t need to get so srs ’bout it though

  • Hmph! I like both kuroneko and kirino. Hell I would just choose both of them and add them to my harem. Who wouldn’t screw a slightly dark lolita girl and a tsundere imouto at the same time? I sure as hell would!!!!


    p.s. add in ayase for a little flavor. I would tap that too. gimme a 4some!!!

  • lol at them. a knife?. that’s all they could do? dangerous is when you burn the book. yeah, i collected all my text books for high school and burned them in the school yard just to say “fuck you”.

    a knife to a book? son, go and play with your barbi dolls or something cause i think you have pussy? lol.

  • eh…. ok so she ruined. can we move on now? it’s totally expected anyway since the title is a dead giveaway. still waiting for a twist by the end but hey, if it’s this predictable, it would be boring

  • To anyone wondering why would anyone hate Kuroneko:

    Think about it, which fraction started all this hate bullshit in the first place? The Kuroneko fans.

    Fuck, I think the greater most of Kuroneko fans are in in the bandwagon because they dislike Kirino. Its always cool to jump on the hate wagon…..and that is how this hate war started.

    Its only right that we Kirino fans return this hate after so much bullshit by the ‘haters’.

    Oh and, to all you Kirino haters:

    I feel sorry for you guys, your narrow-mind made you only see what Kirino does on the surface and yet you’re too bull-headed to see reason.

    Its too bad you know, you’re missing out on the single greatest joy in the Oreimo series, trying to decipher the grand puzzle that is Kirino. Like i’ve replied to entropy13 just now (post #19:27), Kirino is a character that requires more than just looking on the surface to understand, you must put yourself into her shoes and view everyone’s actions through her perspective in order to even grasp the basic step to understanding how intricate her character is actually designed.

    And finally, to everyone here:

    I am officially awaiting more info about the 9th volume to be released. The final countdown is upon us, which fraction shall emerge victorious will soon be revealed.


  • Is anyone actually surprised by this? In any harem or similar (with at least a few love interest choices), being the first girl to start dating the guy is a well-known loser flag. It’s like being the main character’s partner in a cop movie and being 2 days away from retirement. Or like gloating that you’re an elite and can’t lose to a commoner such as the main hero. Unless the anime/manga/whatever ends with the first relationship, that first relationship is doomed to fail one way or another.

    • As far as I’ve heard from released spoilers so far, it’s not a continuation so much as a bunch of “while this was happening” side stories. If anything, though, it probably solidifies the Kirino bit while making sure Kuroneko’s chance is functionally dead with the short part that *does* take place after volume 8. No one’s uploaded raw scans yet, I hope someone does soon.

  • Jeez, I’m not a fan of the hardcore Kuroneko fans either. Indeed, they started this acrimony by hating on Kirino so much–I don’t remember any other fandoms having such a broken base. Still, this isn’t much better. For the record, the character herself is my third ranked after Kirino and Ayase. Her fans, however, made me very irritated at times for hating on Kirino so much, and I do think *most* Kirino fans are actually fine with Kuroneko as a character, but really get annoyed by the trolls among her fanbase. It’s kinda similar to how I didn’t really dislike Sakura from FSN until I ran into her fans.

    If I don’t really like any of the girls, it’s Manami for being dull as dirt. Of course, in real life, she would be by far the best girl out of all of them.

    Inm any case, I clearly have to go find spoilers or raws or something and find out what happened.

    • Most Kirino fans are actually more level-headed than Kuroneko fans because of the amount of patience and understanding it takes to like Kirino.

      Unlike Kuroneko’s fraction….which is 60% composed of Kirino hating dumbfucks whose average intellect is lower than that of a 4ch troll.

  • Why all the hate? Damn this all…as devoted I am to Kirino and the Imouto cause, bashing Kuroneko is just too much…I love all of the girls, even if I do prefer one in particular-so why can’t everyone just do the same?

  • Considering the name of the series is “My little sister can’t be this cute”, the target audience is pretty clear. And considering that, is it any surprise that some people would be frustrated by Kuroneko becoming the love interest in place of the titular little sister? So of course they hate Kuroneko and are now overjoyed with this turn of events.

    It’s as if Lotte no Omocha suddenly changed its focus entirely on the mature characters and left all of the lolis on the sidelines. All the lolicon fans of that series would grow to hate them. So while I think destroying memorabilia is overdoing it, I say give the siscons a break. Anyone who reads something called “My little sister can’t be this cute” and has no interest in the little sister character is reading the wrong thing. The Kuroneko haters are entirely justified.

    Also, while I don’t hate Kuroneko, I think she’s one of the most boring characters in the show.

    • Yeah but at least Lotte no Omocha gave lolicons a lot of loli fanservice. What did Oreimo give siscon fans? A “Thank you, Aniki” and “Sorry I showed your porn collection to your childhood friend, so watch me throw shit at you while wearing a maid outfit and take this eroge as an apology”. I didn’t watch Oreimo for Kirino and I’m sure a lot of fans didn’t either

      • I watched the series because of Kirino, she was the only character I came to like. Who needs “dere” anyway if you can get a good beating by your lovable sister? Sadly I came to hate most of the remaining characters, like in.. everyone else. That’s why I never bothered with the novel, but maybe now I’ll pick up the latest one for some hot siscon action.

      • The anime doesn’t cover the whole story, and it’s a relationship that develops slowly. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s the central theme and the one you’d likely expect given the title. It doesn’t have to be 102% fanservice and -2% plot like Lotte no Omocha and have the obligatory beach episode + hot springs episode + summer festival episode combo to be judged by those standards.

        My point is that it’s entirely understandable why the siscon fans would feel it was a case of bait-and-switch when Kuroneko pushed Kirino aside. For a different example, it’s like if Jimmy Olsen suddenly took over the Superman comic and when the fans got mad, others started saying that Superman sucks and it’s great that Jimmy Olsen is the main character now. Why on Earth would anyone even read Superman if they don’t like the main character? And why would they expect the fans to react in any way other than angry when he gets replaced?

      • Kusoneko is a pretty bad friend to Kirino. Knowing that her best friend is in love with Kyousuke (incest or not) yet she still butts in? That’s not being a very nice friend.

        And I love flat chested lolis as much as the next guy, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna prefer her just because of that. :p

        To be unbiased though, Manami really is his best choice, as much as I like Kirino.

        • I didn’t really think of it that way at all. If that’s true then, I guess she’s not as awful as I thought.

          Then again, why butt in in the first place? Well, I guess it’s better for Kirino fans since it’s finally made Kyousuke realize, so whatever lol

        • The fact she dumped him doesn’t change the fact that her intention was to fuck over her best friend.

          And getting back at Kyousuke by telling everyone in school he’s a siscon.. I sometimes wonder how people that have read the novels can stand her.. Probably because of her DFC lol

        • And the reason she butts in is because she is tired of Kirino´s half-hearted resolve and tries to force her to act by confessing to Kyosuke.

          Even though she herself loves Kyosuke, she confessed to him to force Kirino to act herself if she didn’t want him to be taken away.

      • Kuroneko’s not too bad. On my personal scale, from most to least sweet:


        And for those people who’re wondering why I ranked Ayase so low, it’s mostly because of how judgemental she was upon discovering Kirino was an otaku. She’s light years ahead of the latter, though.

        • She really does have a lot of background ‘dere’ though, but people don’t notice it if they don’t pay attention, or just completely deny it’s there in the first place.

          First of all, the only reason she’s so popular is because she wanted to impress Kyousuke. That in itself is super dere. She’s just not showing it physically.

          Second is the fact the only people she’s a bitch to are Kyousuke, Kuroneko (since she was her rival from the beginning), and Manami (rival in love. at first anyway). The two latter explain themselves. The reason she’s mean to Kyousuke is because she can’t make out her own feelings for him. She’s trying to understand how she should act around him and since she doesn’t know, she ends up being a bitch. That’s all there is to it really..

          And third, the reason she acts like being an otaku is a bad thing is because.. well, try growing up in Japan and then explaining to all your friends you’re an otaku. It’s a taboo thing. She’d end up losing her friends and going through what Ayase did, again. Referring to Saori and Kuroneko as ‘weirdos’ was pretty fucked up but you really can’t blame her, since she didn’t wanna lose Ayase as her friend. And I doubt she thought of how it would affect Saori and Kuroneko in the heat of the moment.

          All in all, yes. Kirino IS a bitch. But she does have her redeeming qualities. Maybe less than other tsunderes but hey, so what? Not saying everyone should love her, and I’d understand where you’re coming from by hating her. But imo, she’s not ~that~ horrible. :p

        • I know I’ve said this before but I’m not going to deny that I have mix feelings towards her character both in terms of liking and hating. As for the hate; pretty obvious to tell just like what most people would say, I despise her for being bitchy, abusive and frequently burst her tantrums for no reason. Now back for the Like factor; one thing that sorta made me got into her is the fact how she’s facing her self-inferior-complex for being an otaku and living as a closet one. For certain factors (on the otaku part), she pretty much resembles what I feel like for being a closet figure collector.

          Of course, I’m not some hunk working as a model or declared as the ace of the track club in highschool, it’s more have something to do with social status. In my country, race-wise, that kind of hobby is usually situated with Chinese hobbyist and a certain portion of the Malays. Very seldom (if not inexistent) that eastern natives like me are known to be into collecting figures and if any of my friends ever find out that I have a casual amount of Figmas, Transformers and Figuarts, 95% of them will tend to frown and asked me why didn’t I use my paycheck to get hi-tech cellphones or any electronic gadgets which every youths and adults nowadays are hungry for.

          That episode where Kirino got angry over Ayase for questioning her what she does to her Meruru nendoroid collection pretty much explains what I feel everytime I get that “Why?” question thrown at me. I don’t do Silent Treatment to my friends like Kirino did, of course.

        • I don’t know what people see in Kirino, honestly. So she’s cute and popular. Big whoop. She also got a lousy attitude, a massive amount of self-loathing for being an otaku in several ways, and seems to look down on other members of that same group. When she referred to Saori and Kuroneko as weirdos she didn’t know upon encountering Ayase while leaving Comiket, I seriously wanted to punch her in the face.

          Maybe it’s just me, though. I absolutely loathe tsundere types, which probably puts me at odds with most of the anime and manga fandom out there.

        • “Referring to Saori and Kuroneko as ‘weirdos’ was pretty fucked up but you really can’t blame her, since she didn’t wanna lose Ayase as her friend.”

          That raises a serious question, though: if someone is that superficial, shallow, and unaccepting of who you really are, is that person really worth keeping as a friend or even a real friend in the first place?

          As for tsunderes…you know how Sasahara from “Genshiken” once said that “I can vouch that [brother-sister incest games] are a result of fantasies by people who don’t actually have a younger sister.”? Well, I can vouch that anyone who’s into tsundere types is either a masochist or has never actually had a friend or (potential) love interest who was one. It’s irritating as fuck to be walking on eggshells all the time, be constantly yelled at or berated, and have the “you pissed me off but I won’t tell you why because if you care for me you should know” card pulled incessantly.

        • “The reality is the vast majority of fans of a given work are going to be fans because they actually like the main character of that work.”

          That’s my problem, actually.

          How can I best describe this…let’s take “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, for example. While the eponymous character is the female equivalent of a jerkass a lot of the time, at least she occasionally displays some selfless, redeeming features, like when she replaced the lead singer of ENOZ during the school festival despite having a reputation as a weirdo. Plus, her antics are amusing at least (even if I don’t approve of her endless molestation of poor Mikuru).

          Kirino, however, has no redeeming features whatsoever. Everything she does serves to masturbate her own ego, is designed to maintain the illusion of the perfect, popular girl at school, or to hide her inner otaku from the world at all costs. The loyalty she displays to her friends at school is completely offset by her lack thereof towards Saori and Kuroneko. She’s an utterly self-centered, egotistical, and hypocritical bitch. In fact, I find her so thoroughly unlikable that, even during those times when I’m supposed to feel bad or sorry for her, I end up enjoying watching her suffer.

          The only thing that keeps me interested in this series is Kousuke and the rest of the supporting cast. And, given how much they have to compensate for, it’s amazing that they can manage that.

        • For me the tsundere type is not only frustrating, but also old and boring.

          Not to mention its also a cop out that creators love to exploit. If they feel that the characters are becoming to close, or they cant think of a way to insert humor, then they just turn her into a violent, spiteful, psychotic bitch.

          The real weirdness about tsudere is that almost always, except for when interacting with the protagonist, she is completely normal. To me, tsundere characters tend to have little to no depth, just black and white.

          Also, they tend to combine a tsudere with a pathetically weak male lead, that just lets her beat the shit out of him all the time. Even the reasons behind her rage generally are never the guys fault.

          If you like that sort of thing then more power to ya, but I just cant see the appeal. I am just not into Schizophrenic women, and I find it hard to root for a male lead that refuses to stand up for himself.

        • “I don’t know what people see in Kirino…”

          she’s the lead female.
          in all seriousness, that’s about all there is to it.
          it doesn’t really matter what her character type is, you can count on 1 hand how many manga where the main female character doesn’t top popularity polls.

          and really, that shouldn’t be too surprising.
          the reality is the vast majority of fans of a given work are going to be fans because they actually like the main character of that work.

        • Kuroneko is kind of a tsundere regarding feelings, because she doesn’t show them much, but you can see them reflected on her expressions.
          I totally concur with you about Ayase, she was kind of a bitch in that chapter. Not sweet at all. And for me, Kirino is just a spoiled girl, although some people may consider that moe.
          BTW, Saori’s so cool.

  • In my opinion the show would be a lot better if kirino wasn’t showed up at all. My favorite episode was the one when Kyosuke had a sleepover at his childhood friend (which I forget the name >_>). I laughed really hard at her brother ROCKU

  • Kirino definetly sucks way more than Kuroneko does (she’s a fake blonde with painted fingernails and a lame tsundere(no real dere and the tsun is more like aggressive hate +has no Kugimiya Rie factor <_<))

    + Kuroneko is more cute because she can change(from cosplay to schoolgirl to Gf-on-a-date-look) while Kirino only wears lame fashion(she reminds me more of Kawashima Ami from Toradora because of her strong fashion-sense,leaving no room for being cute/adorable for pyjama/cosplay/etc.)

    Tsundere is only cute with the right amount of dere and Kirino definetly has not enough dere to be considered cute while Kuronekos dere is really cute because she seems emotionless most of the time,even her anger doesn't show in her face(her voice indicates it,though).

    Overall rating would be like : 3/7 for Kirino, because of her appealing role in the anime while Kuroneko gets the credits for cuteness/developement/potential/seiyuu… She's not ideal but still better in like 4-6 points of 10 that make a female character a good character in the story. These points are:

    1. Having female traits(like being fashionable or having womanly skills like tailoring,cooking,ikebana,etc…)

    2. having a close relationship to your family and friends

    3. Having a steotypical trait(like Goudere,Tsundere,Yandere,Dojikko,etc…)

    4. cuteness factor (determined by how well her emotions are matched to the situation/character)

    5. developement (how well the character adapts to the story/interacts with other characters)

    6.potential (How much potential does the character have for changes/adaptions to/through the storyline/genre or even spawn new storylines)

    7. Seiyuu (of course,the way how well the seiyuu fits the role and her appeal to you is one of the main points why a character rules or sucks)

    8.interactions with other maincharacters (like showing rivalry/friendliness/interest in someone)

    9.screentime (how much you see or not see a character heavily influences how much he's liked by fans)

    10.Overall character design ( if everything fits together a character can become a god or a flop, even a badly concepted character can gain popularity if he can be promoted through the other 9 points,though)

    out of those 10 points,Kirino wins 1.,3. and 9. while Kuroneko definetly wins the rest because,as a side-maincharacter, she still has a better concept than Kirino as a maincharacter!

    • Now why didn’t I notice this post before?…

      Anyways, I laugh at your logic because it is so very wrong.

      A Lame Tsundere? Right right, real sorry Kirino did not pander to your generic Tsundere clone.

      Seriously, Kirino is awesome because of her 99.99999999999999% tsun-ness, it what makes Kirino….Kirino lol. Even Kyousuke knows this.

      Lame fashion?

      Only to you. In my eyes, Kirino looks good in anything she chooses to wear for any occasion.
      She doesn’t need to ‘change’ because she has the innate fashion sense to bring out the best of her appearence in anything she wears.

      This fact already makes her better than Kuroneko.

      Oh and, here is my opinion on your ‘points’:

      2. having a close relationship to your family and friends

      – Oh yes, and somehow Kyousuke had nothing to do with Kirino becoming cold towards him. [/sarcasm]

      4. cuteness factor (determined by how well her emotions are matched to the situation/character)

      – Pathetic point. Kirino’s ‘cuteness’ can’t be measured by such a weak scale, her ‘cuteness’ is subtle, not obvious to the average low attention span viewer but apparent to those who are willing to go the extra mile and observe her character as a whole.

      5. developement (how well the character adapts to the story/interacts with other characters)

      – Read the LN summaries, and then come back and tell me that Kirino hasn’t ‘developed’ at all.

      6.potential (How much potential does the character have for changes/adaptions to/through the storyline/genre or even spawn new storylines)

      – Once again, read the LN.

      7. Seiyuu (of course,the way how well the seiyuu fits the role and her appeal to you is one of the main points why a character rules or sucks)

      – I found Ayana Taketatsu to be perfect for Kirino TBH. And her voice is certainly a lot more appealing to me than Kuroneko’s.

      8.interactions with other maincharacters (like showing rivalry/friendliness/interest in someone)

      – Lets see:

      Relation with Kuroneko: Friendly-rivalry.
      Relation with Kyousuke: Slight annoyance but still good at times.
      Relation with Saori: Friendly.
      Relation with Ayase: Friendly.

      And your point being?

      10.Overall character design ( if everything fits together a character can become a god or a flop, even a badly concepted character can gain popularity if he can be promoted through the other 9 points,though)

      – Pathetic point. The anime did a fucking horrible adaptation of Kirino compared to the LN, so how in hell does this even apply?

      As you can see, not counting those that she already won, Kirino can potentailly win all of those ‘points’ that you’ve mentioned. Maybe if you are not such a biased fan, you’ll actually notice this.

      Still, thanks for posting this. It was fun challenging your logic with my own 🙂

      • So I guess what we have going for the unpleasant portion of the fanbase

        Kuroneko Fanbase = Clamouring Mainstreamists with shallow tastes (who, ironically are similar to Kirino.)

        Kirino Fanbase = Elitist pricks who deluded into thinking they hold a higher level of taste above the rest of the dreck (who, ironically, are similar to Kuroneko)

        Ayase Fanbase= ALL-OUT M

        While this has been education, I still have yet to receive enough feedback from the Saori and Manami camps.

  • Well, yeah, the title is “My LIITLE SISTER cannot be this cute”, so go take a guess. But still, dumping Kuroneko is not cool. Thus, until I find out the reasons behind this choice, this will be WTF moment for me.

  • Eh, just don’t take your bashing to my door, I have the authority to empty two 16 round magazines of 147grn 9x19mm GDHP into your body. I’m then obligated to call the police, of which they then take your carcase for autopsy and deliver you back to wherever you came from.

    I love Alabama.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Kuroneko being left out sure
    Incest wedding sure
    Manami a secret love affair sure

    but all in all i wanna see all possible ends god this is making me want to raid the creators home and scrumage around and see some RAW manuscipts

  • Why not let Kyosuke marry Kuroneko first, have a child together and then divorce because Kyosuke is two-timing with Kirino behind Kuroneko’s back? Kyousukek has to pay a lot of alimony to Kuroneko, making his life miserable.

    Seriously, the problem is Kyosuke and not Kuroneko or Kirino.

  • I’ve only seen the anime but based on that, I can see why folks prefer Ruri to Kirino. Most tsundere characters show their better side during the series and Kirino never does, at least in the anime. At some point you wold think she realizes how much her bro is doing for her but she doesn’t. She is just downright mean to her bro and her buddy Ayase is just as bad when she kicks him in the face. Kuroneko on the other hand is shown to be a caring sister and actually envies Kirino having a big brother. The fact that another character can displace the main character of a story shows how weak that character actually is.

    I was in Japan recently and juding from the figure collectors, its obvious that Kuroneko is more popular as her figures were almost always sold out yet there were usually Kirino figures available.

    • Your post has some value to it, so i’ll spend more than 1 braincell on replying 😀

      “At some point you would think she realizes how much her bro is doing for her but she doesn’t.”

      Look, she does realize what Kyousuke is doing for her. Its just that they’ve been both ignoring eachother for so long that Kirino doesn’t know HOW to respond to his actions. To quote Kirino herself in episode 5:

      “You’ve never cared about me my whole life, and only now you’re trying to act the Big Brother part?”

      To Kirino, Kyousuke is just as much as an ass to her as she is to him. And now that Kyousuke is starting to actually treat her as a little sister, she is confused to how exactly should she react to him. This is why her response always seem selfish and ungreateful, it is in a sense her way of expressing herself to him.

      Ever wondered why Kyousuke always ends up helping Kirino despite how she treats him? It is because Kyousuke himself knows that he has been a jerk to Kirino all these years and therefore know that Kirino needs time to adjust herself to this situation.

      That is why he is able to forget all the injuries he has recieved from her and still help her, because he himself is somewhat responsible for their relationship becoming like this.

      Kirino isn’t a simple ‘surface’ character, a lot of her actions contain hidden meanings to her true intentions and feelings. Even the lyrics to the OP ‘Irony’ show what Kirino is feeling towards Kyousuke.

      (continued in next reply)

      • “I was in Japan recently and juding from the figure collectors, its obvious that Kuroneko is more popular as her figures were almost always sold out yet there were usually Kirino figures available.”

        This here, is purely because of the anime. The creators did such a poor job of portraying Kirino that it resulted in a divide in the fanbase. LN wise, Kirino is JUST AS POPULAR as Kuroneko is.

        Many thanks for this interesting post, it good to see that at least 1 person that dislike Kirino has decent intellect.

  • Seems to me the issue isn’t them splitting up but more the character moving away. It makes sense that the focus is on the relationship between the siblings given the subject of the story. But Kuroneko would have been an interesting character to leave in after the break up.

  • Right from the beginning Kuroneko caught my attention because she stood up to Kirino, who I was ready to strangle 10 minutes into ep1. But it was the first time we see her at home taking care of her little sister I started to move to her side. Kyosuke and her could have a great relationship. Ruri would become a lot less extreme and tsundere as soon as she had someone to love who loved and understood her.
    But, yeah, the title tells it all and the author didn’t have much choice. They surely realized that the characters were taking over the direction of the story (anyone who has done any creative writing knows how this can happen) and Ruri had to go, despite being the obvious choice for Kyosuke. What the author should have done is split the novels and done a “Kuroneko arc.”

  • Meh the author probably realized that Kuroneko is more popular than her main character(Kirino) that’s why he was forced to remove her in the story. Well this is expected because Kirino is 100% Tsun, 0% dere Mary-sue. IMO Kyousuke should’ve ended up with Manami.

  • It’s sad. My whole reason for innitially avoiding this anime was because of the implications of incest. Then I saw the anime and saw that there was very little of that sort of thing. Now I’m seeing this and I want to just stick with what little of the anime has been made.

    Kirino, Kuroneko, Kyosuke, I love them all. But incest? No.

  • I still can’t seem to understand the mentality of these people… I love them both, wouldn’t men generally want more than 1? Doesn’t this contradict the teachings these men have been getting from Harem Animes while growing up? I mean wtf? Same thing goes for the high suicidal rate. I don’t get these Japs… but I still love em…

  • First, Ore no Imouto is a poorly written and designed fluff piece of garbage that serves only to give hentai otaku a raging hard-on for their imaginary little sister. Apart from some moe artwork, there is nothing redeeming about this franchise, and it will soon be tossed aside for newer fetishes like that corrupt whore that it is. That being said, it’s time for some ship to ship combat! Gentlemen and sailors, join with me in repressing this crude assault on Kuroneko! We all know that Kuroneko is only worthwhile girl in this lousy harem, and it is time for us to sink the hopes of the Kirino fleet and their disgusting incest fetish! Kuroneko is the one true love, her fate is written in the stars and we shall prevail over the evil temptations of the blond haired witch! To arms!