Top 10 Failings You Wish Your Lover Would Fix


Japanese quizzed about what deficiencies they wish their boyfriends and girlfriends would put some effort into fixing supply a set of instructive rankings likely to ring true the world over…

The ranking for women, by men:

1. She becomes emotional when angry

2. She’s a negative thinker

3. She’s loose with her time

4. Her room is dirty

5. She’s rash in certain respects

6. Her use of money

7. She has a great many likes and dislikes

8. She can be restrictive

9. Her use of language

10. Her fashion sense

The ranking for men, by women:

1. His table manners

2. He’s rash in certain respects

3. He becomes emotional when angry

4. His fashion sense

5. His use of money

6. His room is dirty

7. He’s a negative thinker

8. He’s loose with his time

9. He has a great many likes and dislikes

10. He grumbles about things

Possibly as informative as what heads each list is what respondents were least bothered about – what does not bother men with respect to their female partners:

22. She’s tight with money

23. She’s overly influenced by fads and fashions

24. She stays at home all the time

25. She tosses about whilst sleeping

26. She doesn’t talk much

27. She forgets anniversaries

And women with respect to their male partners:

22. His sense of cleanliness is overly strong

23. He’s overly influenced by fads and fashions

24. He talks about others of his sex a lot

25. He’s overly enthusiastic about some celebrity

26. He’s quick to cry

27. His cooking ability

In summary, it would seem women need to maintain a cool head whilst perhaps giving their strange fixation with anniversaries a rest, whilst men need to eat with their mouths closed and leave the cooking to trained professionals (or, this being Japan, women).

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  • Huuuh… Japanese guys are so lucky to have to deal with so tiny problems with girls…

    Actually, I’m living in Montreal and girls are freaking eating with the mouth open! They do a lot of noises without realising it. I mean, who the fuck was they mothers?! Cows? Is that Montreal? Girls are grown up with cows?

    Maybe this city is somekind known by tourists for the biggest concentration of cute girls, but they are disgraceful when they start to eat and they know nothing about good manners…
    I’m a guy and I’m more polite than every single girl I know.

    (sorry it wasn’t a thread about girls from Montreal but, I think you can understand how I feel)

    • Women never complain about men not crying. That’s some shit men made up when they try to tell other men what women want, instead of just asking the women themselves.

      Think logically for one second. Who the hell wants to see their partner cry?

      • Actually, relationship between male gay couples is much more calm and peaceful than a heterosexual relationship, because there is no woman, and there is also no need to choose “whos man and whos woman”, you are comparing apples to oranges here.Last I heard and saw 99% of husbands treat their wives very well, maybe your dad or your husband don’t, but I could not care less about this 1% of the population that is scum.

        Also, women are the ones that get too emotional sometimes and things can go crazy when they have hormones peaks, DV is started by the woman 90% of the times, too bad if the husband go press charges he only gets laughed on, might even go arrested because the wife words are valued so much more. (hooray for equality!)

        The lesbian relationship can work, but it can also be a living hell, now you have 2 women together, which can both become a living bomb at the same time. You would be surprised at the ammount of DV charges there are of lesbian couples, and the girls can be pretty mean to each other, ouch. Even rape charges can be found, and you will ask me how? You dont need a dick to rape anyone darling. Any instrument will do the trick.

  • I just want my girl to tone her body a bit. That’s all. Flatten her stomach and tighten her thighs and that’d be fine. She can keep her girly emotions and tendencies as I know how to read her like a book.

    Outside of that, I’m absolutely fine with her in every other aspect. She has absolutely no problem with my gaming and only wishes she had as much time to game as me, so between that and her sex drive, things are wonderful.

      • Whoever says that girls are unpredictable, period, usually says that people are unpredictable.

        Guess what: just because you’re unable of simple things doesn’t mean we’re all unable of it. I admit you have to alter your usual thought patterns to read most women clearly, but it’s doable. That’s the same with recursive or multithreaded programming. You need to think it in a completely crazy way, and you can’t do it because you’re not interested, but it’s easy and some of us can.

  • 1. His table manners

    I’m not sure if I really can pass this one. I certainly have the least tendency of eating like a pig in front other people but my Sakura Kyouko-ish habit of hate to waste food can sometimes make my meal sessions look awkward whenever I try to finish every bits of rice, strands of noodle and bits of meat from the bone on the plate..

  • 1. She becomes emotional when angry
    2. She’s a negative thinker
    3. She’s loose with her time
    4. Her room is dirty
    6. Her use of money
    7. She has a great many likes and dislikes

    This all is so fckn true, it’s like post about my GF)

  • The table manners aspect is confusing to me. Isn’t this a country that uses chopsticks to eat, which can be tough to control, and where slurping while eating is considered extremely polite?

    I do admit… I am a bit baffled. What is it men are doing INCORRECTLY there if that is considered correct? I’m truly curious.

    • Perhaps not using chopsticks (instead eating with bare hands) is poor table manners in Japan? And that slurping when eating being polite in Japan is such urban myth. It’s more considered to be normal, you just make some noise when drinking soup or tea.

    • Another problem might be eating food while on the go. In Japan, if you grab a hot dog or ice cream cone, you’re expected to stand in one spot and finish eating it as opposed to, say, walking towards a destination while chowing down.

      I don’t know why, but Japanese have a lot of bizarre pet peeves about multitasking while moving. They even have signs in the subways and trains telling people not to read newspapers or apply makeup in the cars. Hell, it’s even considered bad form to read manga or novels on the train without some kind of blank, featureless, brown dust cover obscuring the nature and title of your reading material.

      Honestly, eating and doing anything other than just sitting/standing around like the rest of the mindless automatons made me paranoid. 😛

      • Compounding the strangeness of not being able to move while eating or drinking is just how many vending machines there are in Japan. No joke, there are at least two vending machines every two blocks, if not every block, whether you’re in the city or a small community. Food and drink are so readily available in portable packages, yet you aren’t allowed to take advantage of it that way.

        • Tell me about it. I was staying at the Excel Hotel Tokyu near Yokohama Station a few years back and there must’ve been something like five or six convenience stores within a five block radius of the place, not counting restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, etc. I don’t even want to think about how many vending machines were hiding behind the corners and in the alleys I didn’t explore.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, it’s not so bizzarre once you think about it.
        Whether a hot dog or an ice cream cone, when you are eating, it means you are relaxing and/or
        enjoying yourself. So, why would you need to rush or do anything else while you are enjoying?
        With that mindset, it is obvious that people will stand in one spot and finish eating their food, so that they can fully enjoy its taste.
        Also, about the not reading newspaper in the subways or applying make-up in the car. It’s clearly indicates that everyone should pay attention to what they are doing. Accidents usually comes from these kinds of situation. Obviously nobody wants to fall into the railroads or crash into another car just bacause they are not doing what they were supposed to do: watch where they’re going, right?

    • Slurping aside, there’s a ton of etiquette for eating in Japan. Not everybody minds it terribly, but of course, the typical complaint is how guys typically slouch when eating or the elbows on table, stuff like that.

      Or the big cultural no-nos like sticking chopsticks into rice, which can be seen as sacrificial.

      It’s not the same for public and private places, but unlike in America where people seem to become chatterboxes in a restaurant, people usually don’t chat away too much in a formalized restaurant setting. At least from my experience. It might be different in less formal cities/towns and if you’re hanging with a bunch of friends. But being hush-hush is a kind of ‘the thing’ with etiquette in Japan.

        • @19:04

          My argument has nothing to do whatsoever with punishment for legitimate crimes. It has to do with the double standard and lack of accountability when a female holds equal responsibility for breaking the law and/or the overreaction to non-issues in society at large. If I saw a child crying in a mall, looking like they were lost, in all honesty, I would hesitate to run over and help her. I would probably have to find a female employee and point the child out to avoid being seen as a pervert or kidnapper. If it was a women who walked over to help the child, no one would worry or say a damn thing, and that’s fucked up.

          I’m sorry if you had a shitty experience and an actual pervert wasn’t punished for his crimes, but the societal issue is a real and increasingly problematic one, and not just relegated to a single country. Fear mongering, particularly from the religious front, is going to systematically eradicate freedoms if this continues, and the fact that women are almost universally portrayed as the victim, regardless of the actual circumstances, does not help.

        • Oh, and to those who wonder how I knew he fucked his students… He asked. I had a “private” talk with him in his office. I didn’t respond favorably. I failed his class. Meanwhile a girl who had been having private talks with him for the first few days of the semester came out, announced that she would be getting an A, and then never showed up for that class for the rest of the year… and she passed. It was not merely suspicion, before anyone pulls that card.

        • Your issues are with sensationalism and the culture mainstream media has created, not feminism. I dislike feminism too, but you cannot take one small outspoken group, or two, and claim they represent everything. Otherwise, animal activists are all murdering psychopaths- due to PETA and ALF. That line of thinking, mass generalization, makes no sense.

          That said, things are not as severe in the states as they are in japan… not nearly. It’s true that in the US there have been mistakes- there will always be mistakes, in any country. But at the same time, due to the harsh environment created by people who think all women are fakers, whores, sluts etc it becomes impossible for real victims to speak up without becoming even more persecuted by their peers and the media.

          Although it wont change anything, I also have personal experiences to prove that the whole “loli” thing is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be in the states as well. It’s not how you think- in this case, I was the loli. The gym teacher in our highschool was pretty open about the fact that he fucked his students, only the prettiest and only the youngest. He would frequently send us out to practice some sport and then take a few students inside for private tutoring, or so he said. When I got sick of his BS, and his favoritism (the girls who fucked him got to do anything they wanted, those that didnt failed the class and were yelled at), I tried to report it. They stuck me alone, in a room, with the bitchiest dean and him, staring me down, and told me to repeat what I had said earlier. I was young, and scared, and I couldnt.

          Despite my hesitation the school was legally obligated to investigate the case… and they did, for about 2 days. Nothing happened to the teacher, he was not fired, the only thing they did was move me from his class into a class with a female teacher instead.

          I’ve had other experiences, where I’ve been flashed as a child by older men, and in our neighborhood a few children were abducted as well. These men, if they are caught, usually just get the minimum sentence. The US is very unlike japan in this regard. Personally, as someone who has been through these things, I do think that the punishment should be harsher… but of course, my thinking that must just be part of the feminist agenda, right? Even though I hate the feminist movement myself, and in fact am a bit of a chauvinist.

        • @ Anon 16:26

          Forced to agree in general there. There’s a world-wide epidemic of over reaction to some things that really should NOT be overreacted to. It’s like the irony of our security situation at the airports, otherwise ‘the terrorists win.’

          They’ve already won. Most of the supposed ringleaders are dead, but their legacy of having fucked with western perceptions of safety will live on for generations. They did everything correctly and our dumb fucking moron ‘leaders’ allowed it all to happen.

          The same effect happens with over-reacting to anything relating to prostitution, pedophilia, or sexuality in general. If you make such things widely known and fear-based, all you do is make more and more people curious and aware of that it’s presence, there to be examined.

          It’s like an accident on the freeway. Everyone will stop to look. If pedophilia is shown on the news every other day, it will spread as people become more curious about the fact that it’s showing up everywhere. And then the inflated fear will spread, and then it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy as parents will see nothing but pedophiles and eventually those same people flooded with it will go ‘screw it, if I’m being called one regardless of my actions, guess I must be one. Wonder what that means…’

          Fear does nothing but spiral things out of control, in every aspect. Trace anything at all that lacks any logic or has blame for one party or another, and I can point you toward the fear that caused it with minimal effort or research. It’s that simple.

        • If there wasn’t overwhelming evidence that it was a problematic double standard, you might have a point. But the stories keep coming in about men being thrown in jail for stupid shit like saying hello as they walk by or giving directions to a little girl. And in almost every case of prostitution, the female gets off completely free while the male ends up arrested. That is an absurd double standard that is in no way defensible.

  • so how are u supposed to get angry without emotion?
    u mean like scolding people with a straight face?

    and what’s wrong with having many likes and dislikes?
    are u supposed to only like everything or hate everything and aim for the world’s destruction?

    this list is… well whatever, to hell with that kind of women

    • So you’re looking only at the “to men” list without realizing that men dislike many of the same things about women?
      Surely you have to realize…. that just because many people do get emotional when they are angry, doesn’t mean other people like dealing with it. My boyfriend does not like to see me crying or upset, so why would a girlfriend like to see her boyfriend upset? Also, this list is from japan, where people are expected to be much more socially and emotionally reserved in general.

      People on this website are so painfully biased, it almost ceases to amuse me… almost.

        • I wouldnt say that, the accounts I’ve read of americans living in japan who had sexual relationships, it’s boring compared to US sex. When I’m with my boyfriend we both take turns being dominant or on top, in japan there is a strict set of “roles” one MUST be dominant and one MUST be submissive, this is why in a lot of porn the girl seems to just sit and be ravaged, the woman usually takes the submissive role. If a girl is on top though, the man will usually just stop doing anything and be confused because he is forced into the submissive role.

          As well, they have a harsh hygiene regiment- you MUST take a shower before and after copulation… even if you just took one before meeting up.

          It is different… to someone who has no sex at all, or who only sees the craziest AVs which try to cover a huge range of fetishes, it may seem “crazy” but the reality is it’s harshly structured and reserved… like everything else in japan.

    • Poor little Momoyo; apparently some people do. Sorry to burst you bubble, but take a look at real life. There are entire magazines devoted to this kind of thing.

      And even If you don’t care – I have little to nothing of interrest in the matter. So as they say: stfu – and listen.