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Square Enix Unveils Dragon Quest X Online



Dragon Quest X Online has been unveiled, though the news that it is apparently both an MMORPG and developed by Square Enix has prompted a great deal of scepticism.

The game is said to be due in 2012 for both Wii and Wii U (with 3DS combined play possible), with play data portable across the two platforms.

Gameplay details released include the fact it is based around 5 races, has job, skill and housing systems, along with the usual generic RPG and MMORPG staples. An unusual feature mentioned is the ability to gain levels whilst renting a character to another player. A USB keyboard is “recommended.”

What kind of charging system the game will incorporate has not been revealed, and the announcement is oddly reticent about describing the game as MMORPG or similar, although an Internet connection is definitely required and it not clear whether there is any offline play (although it is promised the game can be enjoyed alone).


Financial markets seem less than convinced – Square Enix stock plunged on the announcement:



2ch is less than convinced also, although the reaction is far from universally negative:


“What the hell, it’s online?”



“It’s for the Wi!!!”

“Online and for the Wii…”

“Seriously, it’s online?”

“Seriously, 5 races?”

“It’s an online game…”

“An MMO…”

“Not an online game, please.”

“I can forgive it being online. But an online game for the Wii? No.”

“The leak was right then.”

“This is a total online game!”

“Looks good, for the Wii.”

“Scary ogres!”

“Ogre is quite hot…”

“This looks good!”

“Calling it ‘online’ – it must be an MMO, right?”

“So how much are the monthly charges?”

“There’s sure to be monthly charges and item charging.”

“I was excited, but the thought of a Square Enix online game fills me with uncertainty.”

“It’s really a full MMORPG?”

“Is this an MMO or more of a MO game?”

“What are they going to do about updates for Wii with no HDD?”

“Aren’t there any normal humans in the game or what?”

“Can you even play solo?”

“They do say you can enjoy it alone.”

“They’ve abandoned true single player fans…”

“Can’t we have a normal sequel to DQ8?”

“I love DQ but there’s no way I’m playing an MMO.”

“Dragon Quest is now done for…”

“At least there’s a Wii U version!”

“The Wii is finished and so is Square Enix, why does it have to be these two?”

“Will they make this one in China too?”

“So they made such a mess of FFXIV that they are now trying to drive everyone onto another MMORPG using Dragon Quest?”

“Square Enix are making it themselves, what could possibly go wrong?”

“Square Enix…”

The apparent reluctance to openly describe the game as being a MMORPG seems to be regarded as highly suspect by most – presumably there is sensitivity over the fact both Dragon Quest fans and Wii owners may very well want nothing to do with an MMORPG, and that Square Enix is developing it.

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  • I’m confused, can anyone explain to me why this game had anything to do with sony’s stock plummeting lol?

    I can’t see the relevance this game has to the ps3 at this point in this console generation.

  • “Weeeelllll Sheeeeettt!!”

    If it aint the… awww hell with it… it’s SE…

    nothing I say will save these bastards now…

    versus 13 is the VERY LAST CHANCE i’m giving them…

    the direction the KH series is going is pure fail after the amazing part 2 for the PS2

    14 was crap, and 13 wasn’t bad per se’ but it left much to be desired.

    Also nothing against the Lara Croft franchise… but if they make ti to be a watered down version of the Uncharted series… then they really will in my eyes have confirmed that they’ve run out of ideas…

  • I’m starting to get tired of MMORPGs, ’cause when they first come out there’s not much content. Another thing is that I like for them to have an ending.

    I don’t think they should have wasted their time, but it may do good for a while.

  • Easy fix. Call it Dragon Quest X and have a killer online element. You know, lobby, chat, trade items, and form parties with others to let them play through the story mode together if they so wish it. Actually that’s how I wanted IX to turn out but it was still great nonetheless.

    • That’s a nice addition seeing as how they’re making it “based around 5 races, has job, skill and HOUSING systems”, so if it’s almost like real life then they might as well add in baby making system.

      Also, if they’re adding a housing system, then they should add in a locking system to keep people from looting your house while your out on a quest. Then this also goes back to what Kazaza2 said, since no one can see you in your house when renting out a female character for sex.

  • LOL at Squeenix. After the disastrous FFXIV, do they seriously think people will trust them and buy their MMORPG? And its for the Wii for crissakes!!! Why not put this in PC? Are they afraid of piracy? When in fact most MMOs let people download the game for free. The money comes from subscription or buying items/increased exp rate not from the number of games sold.

    Squeenix is just digging their own grave…

    • I only going to say monster hunter tri , if you doesn’t know that is one the best sallying games of this generation in japan only for the wii(the versions for the pc and the xbox was a big failed) apart that the dragon quest are being stok in the nintendo consoles for all this generation(very good sales in the east and the west.)

  • People can not read “online” next to “Squareenix” that they tremble with fear.

    The game is exactly like Dragon Quest IX (that is DQIII with local multiplayer), the best selling game in the series, but with multiplayer online and versions for Wii and Wii U.

    What worries me is the battle system. Remains by turns, that’s good, but being able to move your character seems to have broken the momentum.

  • Didn’t they know? Online Wii services are shit.

    They may as well release this to the PC, because up until I found out it was only Wii and Wii U, I thought it was alright…

    But noooooo

    Wii U and Wii release with possibly 3DS. Well LIKE I GIVE A DAMN! PC release please!

  • 3 important things to remember

    it’s Enix who is making it, not Square (we all know how well their side does MMORPGs)

    It’s keeping to the basics of the last few DQ games, and not fucking with them (i.e. turn based, seeing enemies on the field and jobs)

    the Nier producer is behind it; so fuck all y’all for not playing that game

  • Seems like Squeenix wants an easy way out when it comes to making games by either creating incomplete/buggy games, remakes, interactive movies pretending to be games or MMORPGs. I lost my trust to Squeenix since the Dissidia Expansion pack called Duodecim… Seriously they just want to milk fans to death and not care about the brand that the pioneers(Sakaguchi, Uematsu, etc) created.

  • I can see it coming already, like FFXI had “PS2 Limitations” that held back updates, it’s now going to be “WII Limitations”, Generally when people do things wrong they wont repeat…. Good job SE

      • You don’t get the reference. PS2 was only “the” platform for FFXI for a couple of years, for most of its life it’s been 360 or PC, but because they want to “keep all versions equal”, until recently their excuse for not doing much of anything for updates was basically that “the ps2 can’t handle it, so we can’t do that for any platform”. This game being announced for Wii is the worst possible news for it, since that console was outdated 5 years ago.

        As far as this…well, if they don’t divert resources from FF14 (which, after almost a year of what’s basically been an open beta, is finally getting playable) I don’t care. I’m certainly not getting it though, and I doubt anyone outside of Japan will either. They’d be better served making good singleplayer games than trying and failing to penetrate the MMO market yet again.

    • Sadly, I can’t possibly see the business logic of this at all. The Wii is a piece of shit console and is very much dead as a medium, but a very nice toy, nothing more. MMOs do not draw casual players unless it’s WoW, and the Wii is not powerful enough to make the game face off against things like Tera Online and Blade And Soul and the like.

      Developers hate the Wii because game sales outside the first party are generally crap, and making games for it becomes more of a chore than a benefit. As innovative as motion controls are, they’re a peripheral, nothing more. Ironically the PS3 and XBOX360 have it correct even if they did it later. Their base control is a traditional controller with the extra of the Move and Natal (Fuck Kinect) as an option when appropriate.

      I honestly am sad, this would have been a far stronger announcement a year ago. The timing is just completely terrible. I get the feeling they’re just getting it out to air out the dirty laundry of their MMOs that they couldn’t back out of, and with a bit of luck, they realize they went the wrong direction.

      We’ll find out in a year or two when their next batch are up. MMOs are still perpetual income, and from a business end, still shines brightest, but that market is completely saturated.

      • Sony has try many times to put MMO game on Console but the problem was from what I remember two games which was FF Online and Ever quest online didn’t have good impression among a lot of players who play Madden or other games online for PS2 at the time.

        Online Multi-playing was still developing so far Sony made I believe only 2 MMO games for PS3 which is DC Universe Online and FF Online so far it still has problem but people keep playing.

      • The Wii is almost dead, not because of piracy, but because the big publishers/third parties don’t want to make games for it, just like the same publishers in the West who don’t want to make/release games for the PSP. Look at PSP in Japan, the handheld and games are still selling pretty well for a handheld that’s supposed to be dead. Why? Because in Japan games developers and publishers still release a big amount of good games for the PSP. And Nintendo is also trying to keep the Wii alive ’till the Wii U is out, e.g. working with Namco to release those games such as the family friendly Go Vacation, or Prope’s Fishing resort by Yuji Naka (Sonic the Hedgehog’s creator).

      • You can’t see the business logic of it?
        -The complete saturation of the Wii. They’re fucking everywhere. Even if they aren’t being used, they’re fucking everywhere.
        -Also on the wii U. So not only are they getting the saturation of the wii console, the market’s open for people who replace their wii/enter that market with a wii U.
        -It’s an MMO. If it does well, then square enix are in the money. It’s why they aren’t giving up on the idea of an mmo, and why they’re going with the wii/wii u angle.
        You can’t claim ‘I don’t see the business sense in it’ and then rattle off a bunch of gamer observations.

        • HouseLife

          been sick a few days.

          the wiiu has a base station that in the e3 press conference, appears to be comparable to the wii in size, but a bit thicker.

          the thing they showed off is the tablet.
          what you are thinking of the whole time is that its the only screen, this is not true.
          with mario, they showed that it CAN be used as a screen, if the main one is taken, but doenst have to be, and with the zelda demo, showed off that it can be used as a second screen.

          now, me personally, i have used touch screen devices sense i was in 7th grade and got a the way nintendo and them did touch screens, are far better than most if not all cellphone implantation that i have used. there is a good chance that the wacom touch screens are the best, but i never used them.

          i believe that the nintendo solution will be close to there ds soltuon apposed to current tablet and ipad implementations.

          and ill also give you that a team can come up with better over all ideas, however smaller teams with a focus can push out better games than full teams, granted this is a subjective idea. and more recently, an idea of mine in the real world that i had sense the first iphone/ipod touch is finally coming out, google Spider Concept phone and it should take you to it.

          and with the tablet moving in your hand, i have used an ipad, and have played infinity blade on it, it doesn’t move enough to annoy, the only real problem is using it 1 handed, you don’t have the best grip, which i believe nintendo solved as there is a ridge you can grab on with the wiiu.

          and with precision controls, i’m assuming you were thinking of the whole game being played on the screen, which it wouldn’t be. but here is the thing, on most pc’s, the hotkeys are probably as small if not smaller than what i proposed, and you have to hit them with a mouse courser.

          now lets also realism, this is a japanese mmo, if it is an mmo, typicality they follow the status quo, not innovation, just doing what they know well. so lets assume that its a wow clone with dragon quest. ill admit, i don’t play wow, and didn’t go past level 20 when i was in the trial. but most of the mmo was go to enemy, select them, attack, pull it back, and lay into it. now, going to the enemies can be done with a analogue stick, as i have used them in the past apposed to wasd, selecting the mob can be done with by an auto target system, which would be good enough for most situations, if not, a second alaouge stick and a dot on the screen. attack can be done with 1 button or pressing the touch screen, pulling the mob and getting it into position again analogue sticks, and after you get that done, laying into it you aren’t really moving.

          i do believe a touch screen would be preferable over the traditional mouse and keyboard for this type of game, but i can honestly see square fucking this up and makeing everyone else turn a blind eye to the genre.

          on a side note, you should really look into the wiiu, as i believe you got the completely wrong impression of it. granted its far from perfect, but i can see gamers going to it next, as nintendo is taking a more pc approach to online with it, if i am reading it right, the better graphics, and the fact its analogue sticks and not a full on motion controller (though those are still usable with it).

          gamers will jump to it if it comes out with even 1 great game, such as battle field 3 day 1
          parents will get it for their kids if the tablets are cheap (people are thinking sub 100$)
          and people will get it just for the tablet side of it, as you can use the web and such, and its over all FAR more powerfull than an ipad like device, and will most likely be cheaper at sub 350 for whole package.

          the reason that hard core games didn’t sell on the wii, is because the hard core abandoned the system, and didn’t know of most the games that did come out for them on it, and even than, didn’t like motion controls. with out them, and being more powerful than current gen, so it can get ports, this could turn into the console you develop for first and port from when it comes out.

        • i don’t believe HouseLife’s profession claim. Now if he’d claim that he was a shareholder then I would probably sob for the Wii U’s future demise, but no. The Nintendo ever since it’s golden age has proven people wrong time and time again. The only reason people really bashed the Wii was because of a dry game library and sucky internet. Sony supported the PS2 long into PS3s lifespan and now Nintendo plans to do the same. You don’t just drop a console completely and not have it supported in some manner, and I find it awesome that they’re putting in 3DS/Wii-WiiU compatibility (something sony has already done and is quite successful when it comes to people who want to use the feature + its fun!). The fact that this is going to be next to the Wii U guarantees this gets sales. If you really were a “developer” or at least serious about it you’d be aware that Dragon Quest X is one of the most anticipated and it was already speculated to be on a Nintendo console. Dragon Quest 9 was wildly successful and I do not expect anything less from the Wii/WiiU release, especially if there is an offline mode (like something PSO did with the Xbox/Gamecube release; i never played that thing online but i played it with friends and by myself). I do see the appeal of a Vita version but I am super excited about the Wii U’s release and even though critics and developers may bash, a lot of people will be trading in their wii’s for one and it’d be worth it (that is of course if you don’t own any gamecube games). Case and Point, this will be successful no doubt because of the long awaited wait for DQ10.

        • @alidan

          Good points in general, but you don’t take into account the human element. You looked at it logistically, and unfortunately many a game has failed because the developers did exactly what you just did. You can’t just list out the numbers of what’s possible without taking everything else in as a factor, including average age and weight of players for things as simple as touch screen.

          If the WiiU is as powerful as you claim, so be it, I still don’t like it as a gamer from what I have seen. Granted, I haven’t seen much beyond the E3 displays, but frankly, I didn’t need to see more to know I couldn’t care less for it.

          And all the touch screen control potentials you touted don’t work very well. I don’t own a smart phone yet, but every friend of mine who does is constantly screwing up with the touch screen. Now even with a bigger screen, put that in an MMO environment where you need to constantly cast spells and use abilities with precision and speed, and touch screen becomes more of a hindrance than an assistant. In fact one quick mis-press and you could be sent running away from the creature you’re fighting and get yourself killed (depending on the interface of course). And I won’t even get into the fact that you’ll be covering your screen half the time and how that will annoy the hell out of every gamer, not to mention tapping the screen of a larger hand-held causes it to move in your hand and can cause problems too. Minor problems, but they add up and must be considered.

          I give you credit for considering things, but you don’t have the right to claim you’re more innovative than most developers, because I can promise you hundreds of ideas get thrown around on a team and are rejected because they have unforeseen consequences that every person who thinks they have the ‘next great idea’ never considers. That’s what a team is for, to catch our mistakes and pitfalls to make sure they get polished. Some obviously get through, but those are the games that don’t sell well because they’ve got problems.

          And you speak of every MMO game being from A to B. And regardless of the controls, that IS every MMO game. This decision was terrible business-wise not only because of the console choice, but also because of the timing and the franchise usage. An MMO right now that even SMELLS like a cookie-cutter automatically loses a massive percentage of us who have played a couple and are sick of it.

          The touch screen may be great for inventory… if the entire game was inventory. Otherwise, it’s only a good idea on paper.

          Again, you bring up some good points, but completely ignore many other key elements that must be taken into account. On paper the 3DS sounded like an innovative idea as well.

        • @houselife

          ok, you are a developer who knows noting about the wiiu… are you indi, or work for a really… little known studio?

          the wiiu basically has a gpu that is 3-4 gens farther along than the 360 and ps3, the controller, from many people who have had first hand experience, doens’t feel bulky at all. take a look at the ps3 controller when you think of this. it could literally be split in half and still function right, the wiius base controller is litteraly just if you had a really wide ps3 controller.

          now look at any mmo game. i don’t know what you experience with them is, but there are 2 main aspects of mmo, interface wise, number 1 is running around and getting from point A to B, which i have to say, for an mmo, would be done VERY will with a analogue stick, its just that you need so many hotkeys that an analogue sticks not possible.

          and the other is the hotkey side, take a look at a end game wow skill bar, or an ever quest end game hotkey var.

          ill go into everquest specifically because i know it the best.

          there are i believe 12 spell slots for magic classes, and 40 different hotkey slots all with 10 pages for different set ups, literally making it 400 hot key options, along with custom buttons and the like, but you only ever need 40. so all in all 52 buttons and 40 buttons switchable in 10 button chunks on the fly.

          the wiiu tablet screen is 16:9 at 6.2 inch, to make this simple lets say that it was 5.5 inch by 3 inch high,

          if you make every square .5 inches big, a fairly hitable size, you would come up with 66 hitable buttons, making it the first viable interface that could replace the keyboard for mmos. add left and right triggers moving between hotkeys, lets say user defined, and also adding a map onto it for non combat situations, you seriously have the first viable console mmo interface that doesn’t require keyboard and mouse.

          in all seriousness, i see the wiiu being THE console for rpgs, as a touch interface is SO much better for inventory, and menus than on screen controls ever were, with only mouse and keyboard rivaling it.

          all that being said, thats just if developers in japan get their heads out of their collective asses and use an innovative interface right…

          seriously, im not a developer, but i have come up with better implementations than most people even think of, its annoying that it will take the indie game scene to make games right on it, and lets hope nintendo gives them the tools needed.

        • @ Mr.Demon

          If that’s the case, and it’s a single-player with multi-player capabilties, perhaps it could have potential. Frankly, I just know that means that the team will be split both ways if they do that, and both aspects will be less than they could have been if the entire team had a focus.


          I’m a ‘dickface’ for having experience in the industry enough to know that this is, at the very least, a risky move? I didn’t even bring up FFXIV’s catastrophy being an influence on it, because that goes without saying. I didn’t say anyone was wrong or everyone was an asshole for thinking different than me, I just said I can’t see the business sense in it at all for the long-term market. And I have yet to find a positive about it still. The only positive is name recognition, however the ones who recognize the name are generally the ones who don’t want the game based on 2ch’s comments.

        • @20:29

          Apparently you didn’t even read anything I wrote. First of all, I’m a developer, so my perspective is as a gamer and one whose seen business decisions backfire. There IS no business sense to this if they’re looking for a lasting game on a lasting console. In case you haven’t realized, the Wii is outdated and is not going anywhere in terms of growth. Everyone owns one, yes, so now sales are dropping and the other consoles are catching up. Few gamers who WOULD play an MMO play their Wii much at all unless first party games are released, so licensing isn’t getting them as much money as other consoles generally.

          The Wii U… don’t get me started. I can’t see that doing very well at all. If it proves me wrong, so be it, but there was absolutely nothing about that that made me think it was worthy of any praise. It’s linked to the Wii anyway, so its technology hasn’t really increased at all. And from what I was lead to believe, it’s a hand-held that can’t be taken anywhere. Even if that’s wrong, it’s too bulky to be a comfortable handheld to me.

          I went over the money aspect. If nobody plays it, they lose money. The market is saturated. Saturated market = less revenue due to people being sick and tired of MMOs that are obviously cookie cutter.

          So no, I can’t see the business logic. This game is too late in the life cycle of the Wii to make any sense to me, and it’s limited itself to one console on top of it. The console that doesn’t at all say “Play MMOs on this.”

        • And I have seen the video… This is not a MMORPG like Tera, WoW or Blade and Soul… is just a jRPG with cooperative online… like white knigth chronicles on PS3…

          And if this come out on WiiU release it will sell trillions…XD Except for those who have Wii already and Didn’t sell it before…

  • Just another MMO…

    Any only for the Wii is more than stupid, srsly…

    To get SQE some players they should develop an MMO… for all consoles and pc, but where everyone can play together…

    Otherwise I don’t see big chances for new MMORPG’s…

    • well the budget for the hd versions of a game like that are like 16 millions and this games sale really low in these platforms in japan and the only one that will published this game in the west are Nintendo…

    • It’s been for the Wii ever since it was announced, get over yourself, asshat.

      That said, FUCK this MMO shit. I should’ve never gotten my hopes up about a real game that would top DQ8. Fuck MMO’s and everyone who plays them.

        • What’s the matter, poor baby has to cry because someone is telling him the truth?

          Having the “time and dedication” to kill the same boss 100 times just to get a hat isn’t something to be proud of.

          The world would be a better place without people like you ruining games for the rest of us who don’t want to torture ourselves with useless bullshit like that.

        • HHAHAHAHA time and dedication

          I spend time and dedication to get nice things. It’s called a job, earning money, and buying games that are fun to play so that I can come home and not have to work anymore.

          Your “game” that you dedicate your life to is meaningless. You’re not accomplishing anything. The “nice things” that you are getting are not real things.

          One day you’re going to wake up, and you’ll realize you’re old, and you flushed half of your life down the shitter paying someone else money so that you can work. LOL

          Might as well kill yourself now. Just saying.