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“9 Things Women Are Desperate For In A Man”


Those wondering just what it is Japanese women are looking for in a man need look no further than this latest attempt to encapsulate it into a handy list – though the response from most men appears to be howls of anguish and despair.

The listing, supposedly based on a survey:

1. He works for a famous company everybody has heard of

‘You definitely think ‘ohhhh’ if you meet a guy like this on a group date’ – 20-something woman. There are certainly a lot of women who are hot for men who work in famous companies. It lends a sense of stability if they are at the age when they want to marry. It might not go down well to say this straight off, so men hoping to exploit it should time handing over their business card well.

2. He rides a cool luxury car

‘If I could only date a guy like this’ – 20-something woman. It seems plenty of women have high expectations of going on a gorgeous drive for a date.

3. He’s appeared at the Koshien Stadium [as a high school baseball player]

‘That’s a huge venue – I’d really respect any guy who appeared there’ – 20-something woman. Men can really play up their heroic image with something like this.

4. He’s a doctor or lawyer or has some other top intellectual qualification

‘He must be loaded, and have status if he is one of these. If I could marry someone like this…’ – 20-something woman. A lot of women’s hearts flutter when they think of a future like this.

5. He owns a condo in the best part of town

‘This really gives a sense of stability! If it’s in a good spot, my dreams of living a celeb lifestyle are a step closer…’ – 20-something woman. It seems the hearts of most women thinking of a future living in such a property skip a beat.

6. He has mastered a foreign language or languages

‘It would be fun going on holiday with a guy like this!’ – 20-something woman. Language ability seems a plus for many women.

7. He’s a graduate of a top university

‘It’s a cliché, but I’d love to date a graduate of Tokyo University’ – 20-something woman. Looking for men with a promising future may be instinctive for a woman! But men should still wait until asked to reveal it.

8. He’s a famous model, celebrity, talent, etc

‘If a superior man like this loved me, I’d feel superior too!’ – 20-something woman. Certainly many women are weak kneed in the presence of famous men.

9. He has $100,000+ in savings [10 million yen is the “magic figure” in Japanese thinking]

‘It’s not good to pick based on money, but after all!’ – 20-something woman. The power of money is indeed absolute. The power to move a woman’s heart. However, showing a woman your bank balance is frowned upon, so it is better to merely intimate the fact you have huge savings by saying ‘I dream of buying a condo’ and so on.

The fact that the entire list could not unfairly be boiled down to “he is loaded” certainly has not escaped notice (nor has the amount of money 2ch denizens constantly boast of squireling away):

“1. A 1 ton gold nugget.”

“They need to face reality.”

“Basically 90% of this can be translated to ‘money.'”

“You’re rich with $100,000 now?”

“Right… you can’t even build a piddling little house for that much.”

“I have that much and I still can’t get laid.”

“They sound like 40-something old bags who missed their chance to get married.”

“Nothing on that list is going to be possible for a man in his twenties.”

“You can tell the contents of the list without looking.”

“This is like something from the bubble years.”

“Women have absolutely no intention of labouring to better themselves. They are relying on others for everything.”

“Do they think they automatically get all his savings? Are these women beggars or what?”

“Koshien stadium appearance – what the hell???”

“I have a fat bald forty-year-old boss who brags about appearing there, somebody take him!”

“You lot are still dancing to that stupid site’s tune?”

“I bet they only surveyed that one ’20-something woman.'”

“It’s all money related, isn’t it?”

“I graduated from Tokyo university and have a PhD from a famous overseas university, but I only earn 3 million yen a year and I am 5 million yen in debt. What are my chances?”

“Getting the condo and the savings at once might be tough, but doing either is OK.”

“Nobody fulfilling 1, 2, 4, or 5 is going to have that much in savings…”

“Anyone on that list wouldn’t pick a girl like that in the first place.”

“Women like that are as dim-witted as they are open-legged.”

“It’s like the setting for some tawdry drama.”

“That stuff about the stadium is really embarrassing.”

“The stadium stuff…”

“So women are basically parasites?”

“Women have always preferred money and resourcefulness. If you don’t like it, stick to 2D wives and harlots.”

“It doesn’t matter how much money you guys have, you’ll still be just as creepy.”

“Men are just a revenue stream.”

“The type of woman men are desperate for:

1. She doesn’t date a man just to get hold of his money.”

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