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Square Enix “Racist to Blacks”


Time has accused Square Enix of racist portrayal of blacks in it recent transhuman stealth shooter Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The (admittedly terrible) character in question:

Time’s writer rants about the inclusion of a black character who he views as embodying a racist stereotype of African Americans, though he otherwise rates the game highly (as does practically every other reviewer):

Letitia’s a really bad part of a really good game. When lead character Adam Jensen encounters her in Detroit, she’s picking through the trash.

It becomes clear that she’s an informant from Jensen’s police days and, as their conversation continues, she gives Jensen a few hints and a general sense of the mood of the city.

Letitia’s horrible character design doesn’t stop you from exploring the cyberpunk world of 2027. Instead, she makes you wonder about how she even came into existence.


Why is this in here? Humor? Any mirth to be had from watching the sequence dissipates about 30 seconds in. No, the purpose of talking to Letitia is to move the player forward and give some hints about Jensen’s backstory.

Yet in doing so, you encounter something really ugly. Letitia embodies a strain of racist stereotype that renders black people as less than human, as the worst that society has to offer.


Mind you, I’m not calling Eidos Montreal or Square Enix racist. What I will say is that the Letitia character swims in the same dirty stream of ideas that gave America the welfare queen myth and the mysterious black criminal often cited as an alibi in other people’s crimes.

The horrible broken English Letitia speaks is so far removed from any actual slang that it renders the character practically extra-terrestrial. It’s not from an alien planet, though.

That slang harkens back to the worst blackface minstrelsy of the last century. Even the voice actor sounds embarrassed at the things she—even though it sounds like a man, at times—has to say.


Some people reading this might counter with, “Ok, fine, Letitia’s just a poorly drawn character. What’s the harm in that? Weak character construction isn’t racist.”

But it’s what this particular weak character construction draws on that makes it so appalling. Making her a black, jive-talking street person echoes decades of racist imagery about poor African-Americans.

That imagery’s said that blacks are too inherently dumb, lazy or foreign to America to share in the American Dream. It’s “those people, they’re not like us” talk.

Oh, I can imagine some of the responses to my criticism: “You want to censor creativity. You just want everything to be politically correct. It’s just a video game; what’s the big deal?”

Those responses are wrong. To those who’d retort in that way, I ask this: Can you stand by Letitia? Could you sit someone in front of one of the best games of the year, have this sequence come up and not squirm at her every line?

Defenders keen to burnish the game’s politically correct credentials (or avoid lawsuits) might point out that a number of the game’s many black characters (most of it takes place in the rotten core of Detroit) are scientists and managers, and that the game only features a grand total of two characters speaking with folksy accents in any case.

Oddly, the hammy faux Asian accents the game’s English speaking Chinese (a third of the game takes place in a dystopian Chinese city) universally speak with escape mention, as well as the fact that virtually all of the game’s Chinese characters are either triads, prostitutes or scientists.

The obligatory inclusion of the “English accent arch-villain” character also tends to suggest the game is more guilty of constructing its cast from crude Hollywood character templates and stereotypes than any actual racism.

Square Enix still takes the accusations seriously enough to dismiss them with an apologetic non-apology:

“Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fictional story which reflects the diversity of the world’s future population by featuring characters of various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

While these characters are meant to portray people living in the year 2027, it has never been our intention to represent any particular ethnic group in a negative light.”

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  • All other comments aside, it’s probably not racist…but it’s incredibly insensitive. Almost like they went out of their way. It takes people to voice act that. It’d have been easier for a normal black person to just talk normal I think. Majority of black people I know do NOT talk like that. Ironically I was watching the help (movie about subserviant black women in the old days) before reading this…and this dialogue IS WORSE.

    The thing with the “hammy Asian accents” is that @ least there are scientists. With the aptly named Letitia…(seriously…) she’s just a street urchin.

  • I’m black, and I can honestly say I don’t see the racism here. There REALLY ARE people like this in the world, especially in large cities like NY and San Francisco (in which I’m sure this game takes place IN a large city, though I’ve never played it). I doubt if the character model was of a poor Caucasian woman, she’d be using ebonics like this woman. It would be purely unbelievable. I’d admit, some things CAN definitely be seen as racist these days whether it be intentional or unintentional, but this is not one of those things. Until people like Letitia cease to exist and disappear off the planet, her character is believable and realistic.

  • I love it whenever a white, brown, yellow or red human is portrayed fulfilling their common stereotypes, people just brush it off and 99% of the time don’t even notice.
    Just because there’s a race portraying their common stereotype doesn’t mean it’s “racist.” Honestly, it seems only blacks get overly concerned with this.

  • It’s funny because Square-Enix didn’t develop this game. They only own the rights to it.

    Besides, one fucking character, and this guy creates a (rather small, but still dumb) shitstorm about it. Honestly, people, kids are starving in Africa, dying in the Middle East, people are suffering from real racism in the country, and this guy has a hissy fit with this one scene? Jesus fucking christ almighty.

  • Nice, Artefact, real nice. Are you really so desperate for insults to hurl at western games that you will seek out the most ass-devastated leftist grievance-mongers you can find just to find any complaints about Deus Ex? What’s the matter, too busy to just play it yourself and cherry-pick complaints? You have to let other people dredge up superficial crap for you to complain about. Because that’s all these complaints are, they’re based on superficial observations and they fall apart if you actually view the elements being complained about in context. I’m pretty sure if Letitia had been the “white bag lady” archetype we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    I love how you go out of your way to lie about the game so you can bolster your claim about it being “based on Crude Hollywood Stereotypes.”

    Here are some inconvenient facts Artefact doesn’t want you to know. Most of the NPCs in Hengsha speak Chinese. Letitia is depicted as tough, street smart and an invaluable source of information. Virtually all the NPCs in China are not gangsters, prostitutes and scientists there are a great many normal people as well.

    Anyone with two working brain cells can see you’re just terrified of the truth. JRPGs are rapidly becoming a niche market. They are falling behind and rely increasingly on retreading the same tired storylines and characters spiced up with an ever-escalating side of sexual wish fulfillment fantasies. Western studios are the only developers willing to experiment and advance RPGs as a storytelling medium accessible to everyone, not just creepy, basement-dwelling nerds.

    These are the facts. Now deal with them.

  • “Blacks are racist to blacks, get upset when a non-black takes their racist shit serisouly!” News at 11.

    I haven’t seen one thing made by a black person the last three years that showed black people in a positive light aside from 3 bland and boring Tyler Perry movies.

  • *Looks up Evan Narcisse, realizes his black*

    OF COURSE, it explains everything. Course he would take offense to a fictional rendition in a video game of a quite possibly lower educated woman who just so happens to be black.

    But on top of that he’s a columnist in Time. Which not only adds to his concept of racial identity, but it teams up with the rampant political correctness.

  • Why is it that when a race of people act a certan way, if those people dont like the potrayal they call it racist? I have met plenty of blacks who talk like the uncle tom sterotype, it isnt like there isnt good number of people who make no attempt at changing the way they talk and do in face sound like that.

    If you ask me the blacks should just shut the hell up and stop bitching consdiering that Chinese sterotypes in this game are far wose and untrue.

  • She’s a hophead. Of course she doesn’t use proper English but yeesh. I haven’t heard jive this heavy since the Montgomery Bus Boycott episode of The Boondocks. Though I can’t remember if that was before or after the Catcher Freeman episode.

  • Are you fucking retarted sankaku complex, square enix only made designs and videos, eidos are the ones doing the gameplay you fucking stupids.


  • Maybe black people should look in the mirror at their own culture.

    Remember the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with the widespread looting, raping of some teen girls in the Superdome, and other criminal activity perpetuated against their own community by themselves?

    Compare that to the aftermath of the Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011, where the Japanese victims pulled together and performed acts of altruism without looting, stealing, or knifing each other.

    No one forced either group to react in this manner. They chose their own actions. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

    • Actually most of that was found to be false, particularly the rape incidents. People of all races weren’t so much looting as scavenging what they could to survive.

      And there was plenty of looting in Japan which appeared in the news during a piece about people who were left behind after the chaos.

      And if you were more concerned with facts than being an asshole you’d know all that.

      • I’m glad you think I’m an asshole. I take pride in it.

        Obviously the “scavengers” after Katrina must have felt that liquor and TVs were very important for their “survival.” Moron.

        There was plenty of TV coverage of said liberation of consumer electronics and alchohol beverages to support their starving families. Look it up dickface.

        Oh, and fuck you very much.

  • Whatever, there’s always something to bitch about for some people.

    I’ll bet if they made Letitia a lighter skinned black person that spoke eloquently and dated white men, there’d be some black people that would be all up in arms about that too.

  • So are they saying that if Letitia was a white person, then it would be okay, because she is then not a minority?

    I’m sorry, but that is just bullshit. I have seen and heard black people in the street recently that act just like if not worse than this game character. It may be a poor representation of the African American woman, but blame that on the accuracy of the character portrayal.

    This is a case of entertainment mimicking reality, plain and simple. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe it’s because it hits too close to home.

  • One of the reasons why I hate black people now. They ruined the typical single player Resident Evil game. Forced Capcom to ad co-op and because having a black partner was not enough, they had to make whites and mexicans appear in Africa too?

    I think the worst thing about black people, they were the reason the Rocky Statue was taken down because “It depicts a white man as heavyweight champion.” Mayor was black and with votes, he was able to get it taken down. Did they forget that Rocky was Italian?

  • This reviewer is clearly someone who has never spent time with bums or crackheads on the streets of Detroit, because it doesn’t matter what color they are, they can easily fit this character. Meanwhile, she’s an informant so obviously she’s going to be money-grubbing and petty.

    This review reeks of sheltered white boy who has no idea what the real world is like. Just because you’ve taken a course on black history doesn’t mean that all blacks are Martin Luther King Jr. Just as not all whites are Bill Gates or George Washington.

    There ARE scum-sucking shit people of all colors.

  • Ugh! There is nothing racist about this– at least not to me! And I’m Black! Would the writer have said the same thing if ‘Letitia’ was Oriental, Indian, Pacific Islander? Maybe not. S/He is looking at this from the wrong perspective.

  • Theres always some idiot ranting. as a black gamer it offends me for someone to say this game is racist when IT is NOT. SE is not racist nor is this game. theres all kinds of ppl in this game doing all types of things from hookers to bums to scientists. this guy is a fucking idiot.

  • Seriously? I mean i’m a black dude (not american, though) and can’t help and ask “who seriously gives a f*ck?”. If there is ANYONE who would actually notice or be influenced by something so little, that person need to stop playing video games and start meeting people of just any nationality. I think it really doesn’t matter: she could have been just anything. If there is one thing that should not be done, it’s to exclude the fact that a black person can be on the down sad of society because we need to be politically correct. That’s just dumb and aseptic. This question is as barren as the thought that allowed it. I’d be more concerned by the ridiculously small number of black main characters in general than by something like that. Because i believe that saying that people do not identify to the character is no longer a justification.

    Oh well…

  • This reviewer obviously doesn’t live in a neighborhood with a lot of low-class ‘urbans’.

    I do, and they do everything in their power to live up to the stereotypes. They’re every bit as loathsome as the worst writer can imagine and the majority can’t even speak intelligible Ebglish, despite being born and bred in this country.

    There is nothing ‘racist’ about telling the truth.

  • Japan is racist in general, and Square Enix HAS had racist portrayals in previous games. There is no escaping that.

    However, I don’t think this portrayal in particular is all that problematic. Yes, she is a stereotype (and let’s face it, the voice actor is god awful,) but they have had other portrayals in their main casts that are far more troubling.

    To their credit, Sahz in FFXIII was an extremely good character. He was a good man, was well-liked and depended on, and was an extremely good friend and father. This makes up for the walking Mr. T stereotype that was Barrett Wallace.

  • Just an FYI, I don’t have to reach for reasons this game is fucked up and racist/sexist when it literally fucking features blatant minstrelization, a black guy who doesn’t understand basic words, an Asian Dragon Lady who uses lust and deception, “Women always underestimate men.”, and stripper outfits for women plugged into hentai torture chambers.

    Fuck you if you defend it and please die.

  • It’s racist because they created a hobo who happened to be a black person who speaks like some black people do! … Perhaps they should have included no black people at all. That way the blacks would have nothing to complain about..
    And then it would he racist for having no black people. Fucking rolling my eyes hard right now …

  • I fucking laughed my ass off when talking to her. “Holy fuck, old timey jive niggress in a 2011 game?” can’t believe they put that in there, but I couldn’t respect them more for it. Video games are about entertainment, not political correctness, and that was certainly entertaining. Including an old-fashioned stereotype in a sea of characters that are very accurate isn’t racist in the slightest, albeit entertaining as fuck. There are plenty of accurately portrayed black people in the game, they made sure to include the spectrum – from intelligent company employee to homeless person who hasn’t had the wonderful privileged of a proper education. Apparently pointing out that some people slip through the cracks of society (especially the type of low-life that’s a police informant) is wrong, because some people can’t handle the truth.

    Now, however, future-punk-China is hilariously racist while drawing on truthful stereotypes. Anyone else almost lose it reading the emails about them replacing the parts that the TYM scientists said their augs should be made out of with shoddy, “cost-effective” materials leading to problems and the Chinese corporation not caring? They’re not just pulling these out of their ass to be hurtful. DXHR has one of the most realistic dystopias I have ever seen, and am (expectedly) pissed off that people, like usual, can’t handle the truth.

  • love how the major counter-arguments are “they noticed a pervasive ethnic stereotype therefore they must be the racists!!” or “many black people are like that! stop being politically correct!”..

    In the end, this is really insignificant, but that thing was a really awful caricature.. If you’re gonna stereotype the fuck out of people, then do one that’s atleast up to date and kind of badass (see GTA: San Andreas).

    On another note: I wonder if it’s politically incorrect to express an interest in seeing people who use the term “politically correct” lined up in front of firing squads?

  • The Time article is an example of everything that is wrong with educated discourse in America these days. Supposedly educated people are trained to be so hypersensitive to the issue of racism that they constantly see it where it doesn’t exist, and perform elaborate mental acrobatics to deny that stereotypes exist because they have a core of truth.

    Stereotypes are not necessarily racist, despite the typical conflation of the two today. It’s the association of the stereotype with all members of the race that is racist, and conflation of racism with the stereotype actually perpetuates this. It is not racist to note that some Blacks are poor, or homeless, or drug dealers; it becomes racist when one fails to note that some (many, in fact, but the trap can be avoided simply by denying the universality of the stereotype) Blacks are not. But the negation of universality is not a negation of existence. It would be equally foolish to assert that no Blacks are poor, or homeless, or drug dealers. It is then, an injustice to equate the acknowledgement of the existence of the type with racism (the assertion that all members of the race fit the type, or at least tend to it).

    Furthermore, it is Black writes and directors that have perpetuated the jive-talking street person image as much or more than White ones. That’s because it’s something that really exists, and thus rings true to Blacks (at least urban Blacks, who are often the target audience). Again, stereotypes exist because there’s a kernel of truth to them. Are they often exaggerated for effect? Sure. That still doesn’t make them racist as such.

    The other thing that struck me was what he said in passing about welfare queens being a myth. Really? Odd given that I’ve known more than one (and heard tell of several more, because someone in my family is a social worker and regularly comes into contact with them). I live in an overwhelmingly White part of the country (we actually have more Asians than Blacks), and most of them were White, but they definitely exist.

    The portrayal here is not racist, and certainly not dehumanizing, as Mr Narcisse would have it. I suggest that if prospective journalists spent more time in school studying formal logic and less in race-relations seminars, that this kind of misunderstanding might be avoided.

  • Her voice is awful, that’s the only thing I can find wrong with it- you wouldn’t point to an actual black woman talking with such an accent and call her a racial stereotype in real life, though. If it’s something that could and can be encountered, it’s not racist.

  • Did this game not ever have an original Japanese voice cast (rhetorical question)? Just give the option of keeping the original dialogue with English subs… and then they could leave out the English voice option all-together and it’d probably be much cheaper overall for the total production.

  • Maybe before making a stink about issues like this, they should read up on relevant statistics to see how likely someone in this position would be black? How DARE they make a realistic scene! Blacks must be idealized! (and god help them if they didn’t have ANY in the game…)

    Besides, doesn’t Square itself usually put at least one cool black character into FF games?

    …but that voice acting IS ridiculous and does harken back to blackface era – it sounds a good 50 years outdated! I think it’s just… cheesy and badly done.

    • Beret was meh, 8 didn’t have one set character like 7, 10 made up races (wouldn’t that be stupid if they had black as a race in that game?)… but they did it when the character models got better.

  • I’m not surprised, almost any game I see will have a certain race that’s almost always portrayed in a stereotype manner. I’m black I have been noticing these stereotypes stuff since forever. I’m very intelligent, although sometimes I keep talking street words due to me hearing a lot of words from other people of my race. Chalk it up to some remembering old habits of “talking black” Anyway this is just another game where a character and it’s background info alone that gets people riled up for a reason.

    It’s understandable why people throw such a fit and start pointing fingers and saying that this or that is racist, no one has forgotten some of those times when not only blacks, but chinese, native americans, japanese, and any other race was treated badly back then. It took a lot of inspirational people to change all of that, and even after working to achieve equality, some racism still lingers, which is why almost every time something happens that is due to racism, a form a media will always get into someone’s face about it.

    Sorry for the long paragraph, I’m just saying that because of this stuff, some people feel like they still living in the past in the present times, As crazy things get, they feel strongly for people being oppresed and mistreated fairly because someone denied them of something because of their race, that’s why they go so far to even get at video games now, it’s crazy but when it happens, it happens.

  • They’re complaining about Letitia when Adam Jensen sounds like Christian Bale doing a Clint Eastwood impersonation? Yeesh. 😛

    It’s interesting to note that the writer of that rant, Evan Narcisse, appears to be African-American himself. That either makes him better qualified to judge the character’s alleged racist nature that many people posting here or overly thin-skinned when it comes to such matters.

  • Apparently if black people aren’t shown reciting Shakespeare and living in the white house then its racists. Look White people got poor uneducated population too they’re called hillbillies and no white man ever cried racism when the Beverly Hillbillies came on.

  • Those funny pc liberal journalists talking about racism.

    Why is it always some funny racism towards black folks they are talking about? Modern media is full of racism and prejudice towards whites and yellows.

    • The majority of black people don’t care about this stuff. They have more pressing matters to attend to and actual real racism to deal with.

      It’s always white people who make a big deal out of these things, usually to make themselves feel better. I usually think that deep down they are racists trying to ease their guilt.

  • Just to let you know, I’m black and I grown up in the hood. But Letitia sounds like a man posing as a woman, lol just saying. Sounds like she been blowing the pipe on a regular basis and that ain’t cute, lmfao.

  • S.E. didnt make the game. The studios that made it is forgettable like this game, but this isnt news and that isnt even a woman playing the VA for the character. This is pointless… Stop being so sensitive and blowing up nothing for an article. Like no race has EVER been stereotyped in a movie or game before… If they were hanging black people while wearing hoods, I can understand the point of this article, but this is just laughable. No ones offended by this unless its the bad voice acting of trying to play a black ghetto woman…

  • how the hell is that racist ? prob the same douchbags who kept saying Resident Evil 5 was racist just cuz you get to kill BLACK people. Well in 4 you get to kill Spanish ppl, and in 1+2+3 you get to kill WHITE ppl….. sighs =_+ ……… They need to make 6 in China, so there’d be looooooooooooots of asians to kill off. Then it’d be more balanced and those super-stingy-sensitive-black-racist-haters would shut up.

    • YEAH! Racists are the ones that think, but never do!

      Oh wait, there were those KKK guys, and the Nazi dudes… they did their share of doing, and not much intellectualizing…

      They “intellectualized” those black victims into being lynched up in that tree! They “observed” those poor Jews into those gas chambers during the Holocaust!

      Right on man!

  • I’ll ask that review this: “Isn’t it racist to think that all blacks talk like that, as you’re insinuating?” And besides, she’s not the only one picking though trash. There’s lots of white people doing it there too… so…?

    Is it racist if it showed a white, beer-drinking, trailer-trash character? Why, because she’s black, it just has to be racist? Either you’re racist to think so or you’re just trying to ruffle feathers on purpose for the attention.

    Still, she was incredibly badly done, but I doubt people would’ve even thought twice if she happened to be white with the same voice.

  • this is just stupid, i mean Japan made this game, there are hardly, if any blacks in Japan, they took what they knew of and used it, besides there was also that one under cover cop lady who was also black and there was nothing wrong with her. it just shows the difference between educated and uneducated people.

  • This reminds me of the whole controversies surrounding the Pokémon Jynx back in 1999, Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball and the racist sentence towards Haitians in one of the dialogs in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City back in 2004.

  • Can it be racist if it’s true? Some black people need to stop acting stupid before these types of characters can be rendered racist. Anyone see a famous rap star lately? They pretty much all speak in ridiculously broken, slurred English that no one understands. The wannabe rap artists that are poor as hell and living on the street are ten times worse.

    I am not racist. I am a member of an international college student association, and I have many black friends. Even these black friends of mine hate the way these other black people are acting.

  • Square fucking died to me when they decided to region lock Deus Ex:HE in Europe. Fucking assholes. I wish their shitty company would die and the half-way talented people it owned would work for other labels.

    • This is very weird. I have bought the UK version, and I didn’t have any trouble activating it, even though I don’t live in the UK. My Steam account isn’t a UK one either.

      There was a mention of “UK version” some time during the installation process though, but not in my Steam library.

      Did they remove the region locking due to bad feedback later on?

  • I hate when people pull this card. Listen. I’m black. Did I give a shit about that? No and here’s why. There was nothing foreign about that speech. Back in the slave days when blacks were not educated, that was the general pattern of speech. Why in the hell would that change in these days? People obviously haven’t ever heard an uneducated black person talk….

  • How come reviewers like this keep forgetting that Japanese cannot tell what kind of element in their games would be considered racist in American eyes since the country’s history isn’t the same as America’s? Black and dark-skinned characters are put in simply because it adds an exotic feel, it gives the idea to the (Japanese) player that they’re in a foreign country, or even both.

    What they forget the most is that this is a Square Enix game and should leave it at that.

  • I’m Polish and I was never racist until I moved to Ireland. Well in Poland you can’t see any black People, but in Ireland I met loads and loads of them. They are mostly from Africa, and came to Ireland on french passports (french collony). Anyway, all of them go on by simply taking a job and every year making another baby. After making 5 of them, they are leaving jobs and move to social welfare. With goverment donation for the kids they are living on the low standard. Maybe they are not stealing, but they are rude, bad mannered, loud and absolutely annoying. Their kids are like little tornados in the stroes ruining everything in their sight. I can’t really imagine black people out of this stereotype. I’ve yet to meet one normal black person.

    • If you’ve yet to meet a normal black person then you are associating with the wrong crowds or you attractive stupid people. Any idiot could tell you that normal black people exist and that there are crazy people from each race, so why do you insist on staying in ignorance?

      • accidentally hit the add comment button ^^;
        Last sentence should have been that the N-word is the only one which was historically used to refer to the same population group as “African-American”.

      • What pisses me off the most is that obsessed US political correctness advocates mostly end up calling all black people “African American”, even if it’s a Black person living in Paris, with ancestors who’s only connection to the US might be to have sold others to slave traders.

        All Blacks have more recent ancestors in Africa than most other groups, but strictly speaking not all Africans are black, although the word is usually understood as a short for “Sub Saharan African”.
        Egypt is also part of Africa, but calling an Egyptian black would seem a bit off.
        Madagascar is part of Africa, but the original inhabitants are closer related to Polynesians.
        Boers have been recognized as an African tribe by their neighbors, and could be considered African although they originally came from the Nederlands.

        When people say “black” they refer to someone with pre-colonial Sub Saharan African ancestry (excluding Madagascar), and most don’t care if the one referred to lives in the Americas.

        Actually the only word which was historically used refers “African-American” N***er.

    • Depending on the scale of the welfare state having five or more kids will provide you with a rather decent lifestyle.
      The money you get per child and month in most old European countries is about US$300. In addition to the welfare granted to the parents (about $400) and a free apartment, which can end up quite large and expensive for a family with many kids.

      Including housing, 10-head family will be getting welfare equivalent to someone with an income of almost $10000 of which 50% would end up as taxes… (which will, to a large percentage, be spend on welfare)
      But it’s not all bad. The money might benefit the local economy in some states as using the child welfare on an Mercedes S-class rather than toys and food isn’t unheard of.
      The ones usually getting the most benefits are families from African Islamic and Arab countries, which unfortunately ends up shedding bad light on other groups which are hard-working and well integrated like the earlier generations of Turkish and Persian immigrants.

  • Cobaltiquity says:

    This has been discussed to death and outlets drum out this story as well as a majority of those that reply to it still don’t get the point. TIME (being amidst few others) wrote another sensationalist headline in regards to this poorly-written character from the game. The character itself is not racist as much as it is in poor taste to include a character that otherwise ruins the illusion of a futuristic society. It has nothing to do with the character being a hobo it’s just that you will NOT find any black person to this date that speaks like something you’d find straight out of Amos’n’Andy. The problem with the Letitia, Zeke Sanders and denizens of Hengsha is that it’s diverse look at the world through the eyes of those who have only experienced it through media portrayal. You can actually tell the writers and designers just attributed centuries worth of perpetuated stereotypes to piece together their idea of the world in 2027–especially when their idea of a Shanghai loading dock is boxes of Swine Flu vaccines piled to the ceiling.

  • Who care if they allow you to walk on Shanghai street and slaughter every Chinese there. The game is enjoyable, worth the money at least. Those people just dig some holes so people can see something through it.

  • That Time writer never been to LA hoods. Niggaz robbin’, cleavin’, rapin’ people like the cops don’t exist. Trash-talkers exist not only in rap music; niggaz do use that street slang. So now black people can’t be anything other than shiny high-income fatasses?

    I’d be bombin’ Eidos’ website with DDOSes right now if ALL black people in the game are thuggin’ hookers on the street and not have decent jobs, but they’re not! Might as well call your own bosses racist since there’s exactly no African-Americans in Times’ upper echelon! That’s some deep-fried bullshit I’d chug through his ass!

  • I can feel for them a bit. I’m a russian, and remember how russians are prtrayed in nearly every video game? I can assure you we don’t drink vodka all day in a snow-covered huts and dream about how we nuke everyone and bring communism. Also, there’s no bears on the Red Square in moscow, and 90% of russian territory only coved in snow during the winter. In summer it’s damn hot here.

    • I’m Brazilian and you bring it this way… samba, slums, drug dilers & football… (which was already the world’s best 😛 now is shi….)

      I find it funny that even here rolls of racism and if you diss someone black goes to jail , now black offending one white is OK?

      Following this reasoning or not to put more african Americans in games……. except they ‘ll be pissed anyway

      Or appears only as a millionaire with the power to fuck all white

    • Only Americans would be concerned about racism so much they make out racism from just about anything.

      I’m Chinese and well you know how many stereotypes of us being Scientists/No lifers/Nerds/Yao Ming there are.

      • TIME isn’t just read by Americans, obviously, and obviously, DX HR isn’t just played by Americans. If there’s something in it that is racist then, yes, people should be concerned about it.

        You complain, you can change something. You pretend there isn’t a problem and the best you can hope for is things will remain exactly as bad as they are now; really though it will just make things worse.

        (Irish here. And no I am not wearing green, chasing leprechauns, drunk and fighting and chewing potatoes and praying to god and blaming the British for everything…)


    • We’re both rather well off though, I’m German.
      And only being portrayed as ether ruthless bad guy, scientist or beer or vodka drinker, is something you can get used to f^^;

      Just remember to tilt the first impression towards rocket-scientist rather than alcoholic when meeting people for the first time.

  • I read this article elsewhere. Just because black people in this game talk like actual black people its racist. LOL Really was to busy enjoying how great this game was to think it was racist because if it was Id have payed attention.

    I could go on but not worth it just a game.
    Ive had bad run ins with black people and they have always pulled the “racist” card for their own benefit.
    Im no racist but this shit is just stupid.
    Go play GTA San Andreas. Call this game racist now :3

  • You think this article is a farce? Think about the white people who feel second-hand guilt leaving comments like “He’s RIGHT, it IS bad. I won’t buy this good game because someone else got offended!” It’s like, really? Shut up, kid. You’re too young for it anyway.

  • I guess Time’s writer should also be called racist for not mentioning the fact that many of the researchers and scientists in the game were black. I can’t wait to see this writer’s review for Gears of War 3 once he runs into the Cole Train.

  • LoL, i dont see any racism in this video. Everyone have the rights to go to the trash can and get some stuffs there (sarcastic).

    Will this be a racist if the other person is asian, white, or blue (smurfs???).

    • How in the world can machines be racist? I’m black and I still don’t see it.
      Say Medabots: Medabee has a manner of speaking (most would associate it as black) and likes watermelon.
      Racist maybe…
      I’m shocked no one mentioned FF 13 where the black man loses his son to the government…

  • I’m black and didn’t really find it all that bad. I kinda rolled my eyes, smirked, and played the game. I just think maybe Montreal is a sheltered place without a lot of black people. *shrug* A the welfare queen is a myth now because of laws set in, place poor mothers(Welfare Queens) can no longer be on welfare indefinitely.

  • this is a meh issue to me. I’m black, so I understand exactly what he’s talking about. At the same time, this is something that’s really not worth talking about IMO. It happens, you can’t please everybody, people just need to deal with it.

    • Sazh was an awesome character. He also spoke PERFECT ENGLISH with inflections typical to his culture/community. If they gave a voice to Irvine Kinneas and he spoke like a Texas cowboy would you be pissed off? Or is it okay because he’s not black?

      And black people have, surprise, a different hair type and can grow afros.

  • Wow. Way to be butthurt.

    I bet there’s like over 9000 white persons in the game who are made to be the biggest scum and assholes of the planet, but hey, there’s on black person diggin through the trash, we cannot allow that!

    Not being racist does not mean always portraying black, or any other people for that matter, only as super successful goodie goodies…

  • This guy needs to watch the Boondocks. There are several characters in there like Letitia. But since Aaron Mcgruder is black it probably falls under the category of, “That’s our word.” I’m sure if a white guy made the exact same show it’d be considered a hate crime. But it’s Eidos Montreal, there should be at least a few black people working there so that makes this alright.

  • Talking about racism. I so understand that if this hobo was white, or asian, or whatever, it would be OK for Time’s writer.
    “Black hobo? – oh, no!, black hobos doesn’t exists in real life, and especially in far bright future, so it must be racism!”

  • Look a majority of people are racist.Japan has always been racist against China and Korea(and a majority of Americans,Asia),but the minute a black person is in the street digging though trash the whole world feels that some injustice is made here.SE has a few black characters so what’s the problem?Most of my black friends can’t wait to say a racist Asian joke(unless their the minority in the group then they just sit there).

    • Have you ever been in one? I have never met a black person that spoke in that way but in old films from the 20s. You are about as ignorant as they come. More than black people milk the system, but there are those that legitimately cannot make ends meet, especially if you have to put your address on an application.

      Go fuck yourself instead.

  • The only real racist here is the dude ranting. He’s the one noticing racial differences and he is the one who assumes Letitia is “less of a person”.

    Who cares if a black person was depicted as a hobo? Would it be any less “racist” if Letitia was white, speaking like those retarded southerners? No.

    Those politically correct defenders of black peoples’ rights is what generates more racism these days. In most modern societies blacks are accepted as equals, and in this here game, Letitia doesn’t seem to have a problem getting along with the protagonist, so where lies the problem?

    • You wouldn’t know unless you are African American. They are said to be treated as equals, yet are not truly. Partly because of how blacks portray themselves through rap music, but that is only a few that were raised in the ghettos. That is their way of life.
      What many see is them as a whole, even if not intentionally, people view them that way.It is usually those speaking through ignorance like you who don’t have a clue about how prejudice and racism is carried on in modern times.
      By the way, a southern white digging through a trash is still racist. How many whites do you think will point a finger at it if they don’t even consider them on the same status?

  • “I bees right hears wait’en for you cap’em”

    I had to laugh at that last line. Yes, it is awful stereotyping at its worst. They (company geeks) knew exactly what they were doing knowing it would create controversy.
    But being African American I understand that if a poor, white hick speaking “red-neckanese” was portrayed, absolutely nothing would have been said about it. It’s the overly PC culture we live in right now. I do not speak that way. Neither did my parents or grandparents for that matter. Any non-hued people think that we(black) all speak in such atrocious dialect need only listen to the current President/1st Lady of the USA(enough said). There are simply WAY more concerns out there than this. This is coming from an aging “vidiot” who has played games since 1980(atari2600). I’ve seen it all….

  • Lol why are people quick to throw the race card when it comes to black people? There just as many if not more Chinese stereotypes in this game, I say people need to stop bitching stuff like this ruins great games and movies just because they have to add and remove things just because some one ethnicity was shown in some way where they are not perfect in every way, sorry to tell you but the in the real world there not everyone is blessed and people need to show the gritty part of life otherwise it kills the immersion.

  • Isn’t the person pointing it out being racist instead? I’m getting pretty damn tired of reverse discrimination like this. To me it seems like just another character, do they expect some homeless person to be speaking perfect english?
    But let’s speculate, what if the character looked and spoke like Dudley from SF?
    Character credibility might go down and players would think too much about something being up with this one insignifigant character as it stands out way too much, also losing focus on the rest of the cast. If their thoughts aren’t satisfied there will be a few complaints like “Hey whatever happened to that great homeless character? It should’ve gotten more ‘screentime'”, etc.

  • Much ado about nothing. If she was the only black character in the game he would have a point, but if she’s just one (poorly written, badly acted) among many quality ones then it’s the exception that proves the rule that most of the characters are fine. Rather, to completely ignore the fact that there are, in fact, black homeless folks, and that black people are disproportionately represented in that unfortunate demographic, ignores a sad reality of our times in favor of political correctness. I’m a fairly well to do (now, not when I was growing up) well educated dark skinned Puerto Rican, but it’d be idiotic for me to pretend that there are no poor or thuggish Puerto Ricans in existence.

    That said, I do balk whenever I see someone talking about welfare queens. Those have never really existed, they’re a myth made up by Reaganites to justify gutting the social welfare system in a way that people can sleep at night–one of many.

    • I find it ironic how you can lump every imaginable negative stereotype known to man onto a white character and no one so much as bats an eyelash at it. Yet you protray a black character in a slightly negative way and people start screaming racism.

      Racism indeed.

      • And how many white stereotypes have you seen in a game? Hillbilly ones for sure, but they exist. As for a black person that speaks that way, I have never heard it before.
        I think it stands out because there is more than one negative connotation attached to this character.

        • Try: “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.”

          And yes, that is Wesley Snipes in that movie.

          And yes, I’ve heard African-American drag queens who talk in the exact same way as the character in the game.

          Plus, we’re talking Detroit here, somewhere in the near future. Who do you think is going to show up as a member of the less affluent population? An Amish guy?

    • No, they definitely exist. There aren’t the entirety – or even a majority, I suspect – of the people on welfare, but they do most assuredly exist. While it is seriously unfair to associate all people on welfare with those who play the system, it’s ridiculous to assert that no one cheats. In fact, it does injustice to those who are really deserving of pity to lump the cheaters in with them.

      I’ve know too many people on welfare – of both sorts, mind you – to believe otherwise. That’s not “Reaganite” propaganda; it’s the truth. Has it been misused by politicians who want to do away with the welfare system entirely? Yes. However, it’s also vital to recognize the problem so the system can be properly reformed. Being blind to the problem is not going to make it go away.

      • I know they exist. I’ve sat with my mom while she’s trying to get medical for my little brother. i specifically remember hearing the following conversation; “You know, the more kids you have, the more money they give you” “If you play it right, you will never have to work”

        Of course i modified it to terms that can be understood by the typical educated american, it was so heavily ridden with slang you couldn’t understand.

    • I say fuck it. Give her some fried chicken and a watermelon and a bunch of kids running around. In fact, let’s go all out. Change her texture to look like old looney toons black people with lips that look like a red rubber tire. And make certain she never speaks a word of English, just ebonix through and through, to the point that you need to spend skill points in another language in order to even understand her. Then maybe this writer will get the chance to feel completely justified and can be right all he wants so he can be some sort of a fucking hero.

      Maybe if many of the black people who refer to other black people who dress in self-confident clothes, enunciate their speech, and communicate in a clear, professional manner as ‘acting white’ stopped doing so, then perhaps this wouldn’t become one of the perceptions of black people in America and that the ‘acting white’ perception is merely acting like someone who cares to project an air of confidence and presence regardless of the color of your skin or your background. As long as that’s the stigma, it just seems that many black people who are stupid will remain stupid just to spite their misunderstood perception of white oppression.

      Until then… god forbid the fact there ARE people who are like this character who really exist becomes self-evident. I’ve even seen worse in real life.

      If nothing else, we can just blame Detroit. Even in fiction it can induce facepalming.

      • “And make certain she never speaks a word of English, just ebonix through and through, to the point that you need to spend skill points in another language in order to even understand her.”- lulz

      • “Maybe if many of the black people who refer to other black people who dress in self-confident clothes, enunciate their speech, and communicate in a clear, professional manner as ‘acting white’ stopped doing so”

        My teenage years sucked because of this…

      • No one has been like this woman…possibly ever.She sounds like an exaggeration from the cotton fields days which is what is so stupid about this. If people have an issue with ebonix,whatever…

        This isnt so much ebonix as it is making her seem sub-human . The dev was stupid,that is all.

        • baesin, to be completely honest, it couldn’t hurt for you to widen your social circle or simply do some wider observations. Reality is not black and white and though that character is in some ways a stereotype of “low class” African Americans it is certainly untrue to say that no one acts in a similar manner.

          It is, sadly enough, a well done character. Not a character that everyone will like but it is natural that some characters will be better received than others by some and this applies to many media types such as characters found in games, novels, and my favorite…Hentai. =D

      • Well, we freed them from slavery but I dare say their laziness to better themselves seems to suggest that they (a large portion of them), at perhaps a subconscious level, desire to be the slaves of other races. *shrug*

        • rofl, guys, guys, 08:59 (me) wasn’t being literal about being one of the people who actually freed black Americans from slavery. Heck, Abe Lincoln didn’t due it out of a dislike of slavery either but that’s a different story. I was just pondering some of the sick situation the USA faces regarding how many (but not all) African Americans (though they are not the only issue) have such a wonderful opportunity to live the American Dream but not only squander their own chances but make it hard for others of their race that really do try and also making it harder for others that are not of their race. Certainly you would agree that the USA would be a much better place if we actually stood by the motto shown on the flag of Missouri “United we stand, divided we fall.”

          As seen here :

          Hope that cleared up my thoughts. ^^
          Also, believe it or not I’m not actually racist.

          To be racist is to believe that one group is superior or inferior to another. I have no such thoughts of that to any group of people, no matter their size or influence.

          The word Prejudice is often the proper word to be used but understand that there are two forms of Prejudice. “Prejudice For (in favor of)” and “Prejudice Against (in favor against)”. In this all humans are naturally prejudice in favor of some things and prejudice against other things and that applies to countless topics. Racism, as mentioned above, is exactly as I mentioned it.

          I apologize for the careless nature of my comment though and I am not necessary in favor of what I said. It was my pondering a sick situation. But thank you for your comments as it allowed me to take a better look as to what I mentioned.

        • OK. Let’s say you did free the slaves. Are they supposed to say thank you? “Thank you for giving us our freedom and nothing to support ourselves. Thank you for not giving us the skills, land, and resources needed to start a new life. Not to mention doing nothing to ensure that we aren’t treated criminally unfair and still viewed as less than human by our white ex-oppressors.”

        • YOU freed them? I find this very unlikely unless you are over 200 years old and a veteran of the American Civil War. Don’t take credit for something your forefathers did. You did nothing but support the current status quo. Not really something to take pride in.

      • it’s not real. you can’t be racist against a digital character. also if being a bum digging through trash is in fact a black stereotype, maybe these people should better themselves. in today’s economy, i don’t think being poor or homeless is a black stereotype anyways.

  • Too busy hacking, elbow knifing or admiring my augmentations that turn guards into swiss cheese to care how one bleeding NPC speaks. It’s not like she was rumaging the bin for chicken wings or liquor (wait, thats my job. Where the hell do you find Hot Devil anyway?) to depict actual racism. Heck, you hear most of those lines in a movie or two but everyone knows it’s an act, but when it come to games its taboo? Pffft.

    And its Eidos Montreal for the record, not SE.

  • wow… just wow
    its amasing how few people realise that the only real racists here are the ones taking insult for other people. this character is not even slightly racist, the reason, because shes SUPPOSE to be a street rat informant, only a moron who cares about race would look at ther skin colour.
    some people need to get over the evils that are political correctnes

    • It never fails with the comments on articles like this:

      The White people:
      -bitch about black people
      -bitch that it shouldn’t be seen as racist
      -bitch about how black people care too much about it
      -bitch about how black people made them racist
      -start phrases with “I’m not racist but–”
      -start comparing all black people to thugs or rappers or welfare sponges
      -act as though they’ve never seen positive black people
      -start throwing around the N-word
      -bring up insignificant parts of their lives and their tiny social scope to justify hating black people
      -confirm the fact that tons of white people are racist against black people

      The Black people:
      -are indifferent
      -don’t find it racist
      -think it’s racist but don’t find it significant
      -don’t say anything racist
      -have to put up with all the hatred because some douche wrote a bad article

    • I am racist. I spent 2 years in jail. Just living with them that long is enough tomake anyone racist. i am fully convinced of my own contrition that they are a plague on america’s soil. 90% crime rate… Blacks and don’t start that “It’s because they are treated so badly that they are forced into crime” bullshit, you all know weell that they can do what any white, mexican, asian, or any other race can do… get a job and work, earning their money. That aside, there are many whites, mexicans and asians that cause the same problems the blacks do. As far as im concerned, if they make an Honest living, I’m okay with them. i guess you could say, i simply don’t like the fact that they make no attempt at making an honest living. I call myself racist because most of what i hate, and am angry about, is caused by the african americans. I will likely be banned for this comment, but i feel that it must be said.

      Oh, right it’s about a poorly designed character… WHO GIVES A FUCK its a game. to claim racism on this basis is absolutely retarded, and whoever though of it this way needs to be shot.

      • The fact that you’d base your knowledge about millions of people from the time you spent in jail makes you nothing short of a complete idiot.

        Spend some time with African Americans who serve and protect, save lives, and help others, and then come talk to us. Until then at least acknowledge that only someone incredibly ignorant can label so many people at once. And only a complete dumbass would actually believe that ANY group of people has a 90% crime rate.

        The vast majority of black people I’ve met do make an honest living. So I suggest you associate with a better crowd. Start treating people as individuals and not colors and maybe you wouldn’t be so ignorant and pissed.

        • Yes but then why on earth would you only associate these negative attributes with black people? All races can be horrible people, so why would you only choose not to associate with black people?

          And the fact that you choose not to associate with them at all really explains it all. You don’t leave yourself open to seeing the good ones, but you seem to think it’s okay to do so for every other race.

        • I did say that if they make an honest living, i have no problem with them. i probably wasn’t clear enough for you. the only reason i call myself racist is because most of the people i do not like, are african american. i would not use the n-word, it aonly applies to those that steal, do and deal drugs… etc for their living. im not gonna be like most people and say “I have some black friends” i simply try not to associate myself with them. but once again, if they make an honest living, i can respect them.

      • “To be racist is to believe that one group is superior or inferior to another.”

        Interestingly enough this tends to make most people that practice a religion racist since religions often teach that their people are superior and that others are inferior.

        Please research the definition if you are unsatisfied the one given here. Unfortunately words are being corrupted all the time. Most people say Hack when they intend to mean Crack, for example. : /

    • i have to agree as a black gamer i do NOT find this game racist it has ppl from all back grounds in multi postions from scientist to hookers to bums im more than 80% thru the game and ive felt not one iota of racism.. the guy that claims this is just plain stupid and needs to relax. theres always some idiot ranting about nothing. deus ex is a great game period. who ever feels racism from this game needs to get a grip. really.

    • I don’t understand why anyone would be offended or why SE (a company that in recent years I have come to loathe) should find a need to apologize for such a well polished game when all they did was provide realism that is often lacking any many other games.

      This isn’t to say that all colored Americans (or African Americans for that matter) are trash or that they don’t have the decency to speak normally. Far from it but it would also be pure ignorance to think that such people do not exist when they most certainly do.

      If at all possible I think it best to just judge each person on an individual basis but only so long as it doesn’t put yourself in harms way.

      So, remember folks, it’s okay to cross the street if you see what looks like a bunch of thugs coming your way. You’re not being politically correct by not avoiding such a situation. After all, what is the use of political correctness when your dead?


      PS: This applies to the trash of any group.

      • I guess the reviewer has never heard a hood rat talk. I’m sorry call me racist if you want, but they do speak a damn alien language. It’s not even slang. It’s just downright stupidity defined in an entire cultural language. Now I’m not saying the entire African American race are composed of such individuals, but to think that they don’t exist, is just being downright ignorant to be polite. They do exist, and this character is a way to express that. Call it culture, call it racist, but it’s yet another part of our society. Don’t like being portrayed like that among the other races that are equally portrayed in a stereotypical way, stopping perpetuating the stereotype. It’s that simple. Don’t give society a stereotype to use at all. That way you can’t bitch about it.

        Hell I wouldn’t even call it a stereotype, I’d call it a damn culture. That culture is centered around gang related behavior as well as many other things equally repulsive.

    • Time please..! Shove a pipe-bomb up your ass and loosen up…

      Look at “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”…

      No one gave a sh*t about racism, because they were too busy making a big f*cking deal about the “Hot Coffee” sex game even though the entire game is a HUGE stereotypical portrayal of African Americans…

      Learn from Rockstar, Square-Enix…Add a sex game to shut the fools up about racism…

      I mean, the Spanish didn’t give a sh*t when “Resident Evil 4” came out and all your enemies were Spanish, mind-controlled parasitic drones..!

      Hell, you see yellow, white, brown,…No one gives a sh*t in videogames about them…

      But black…Ho ho…

      When Resident Evil 5 came out, they were all “OH RACISM!!!” all over the bloody thing…

      Like I said, make a sex game to divert their attention from the racism sh*t they so righteously spout…

      In the end, it’s all about what the head honchos running the US of A will deem what is racist and what is not…And if it ain’t them, it’s ill-informed douchebag (i.e. media, organizations, religion)…

      Ugh…At least it’s not sexism too…

      Now that would be quite an ugly combo…

      • And GTA:VC is a stereotypical portrayal of Italian men. And GTA4 is stereotypical portrayal of Slavic people. And GTA3 is… ok this is getting ridiculous now.

        GTA series are inspired of different forms of real criminal societies/rings. If you want to call someone racist, blame the Italian mafia, all the Black-only street gangs and the cheap Russian mafia knockoffs.
        The game portrays real things as they are, more or less. It doesn’t use died out or purely fictional overemphasized stereotypes. GTA characters are incredibly realistic, especially considering the overall premise of the series.
        I myself am Slavic person from the Balkans and I had a good laugh at GTA4. How some people get hurt feelings from anything they perceive as politically correct is beyond me.

      • PPl were pissed at Resident Evil 5 because of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. no where in recent history has anyone linked and media fucked latino culture with AIDS and how easy it is to get it over there. I can see why ppl hated RE5, but in Deus Ex it’s not as serious, no one is saying a nation is the cause of some infection or whatever. The reviewer is just a sensitiv’o if you will.

      • Yeah I completely agree, I’ve seen so many black people talk about how San Andreas was the best gta and I always smh and ask them don’t you think that game was a bit stereotypical? I hate san andreas so much I don’t see how anyone can like that piece of shit, vice city is clearly the best gta followed by gta 3.

      • Your brain works just like the brain of the guy who wrote the damn article. Learn to comprehend data that you are presented with. Oh and wait till your balls drop before using the internet (I say this because your comments always make me feel like you’ve just entered high school). I’m sick of seeing your eighth witted(his would be half of half of a half wit) bullshit on these news articles. Nothing you have ever written has shown me that you could be remotely capable of anything that requires a brain. You may be a social deviant, but you are of average intelligence- which is really low here in the US. inb4 “I’m not from there you’re dumb hur-dur”; if this was going to be something you were going to use to defend yourself then you’re just further proven me right. The same principle applies to the previous statement: I never claimed to be omniscient, but simply stated that it was an expected response and that it is not relevant to what I had to say.
        I still don’t feel that I’ve properly expressed myself in way you can understand. “Please leave the internet and go colour you fuck!”

      • If the game (or movie, book, etc) is about WWII, use a German villain. If it is about oil, use a Texan American. Anything else: use British. To suggest that anyone besides the above three can be a villain is racist!

        • @03:52

          I can’t remember the last time I heard someone use the term being ‘political correct’ to defend them selfs from saying something insensitive, ignorant, or hateful. If anything it is the opposite, people avoid saying what most be said and pretend certain truths don’t exist to avoid offending someone so to be “politically correct” and that is the way it is used mostly.

          I say ignoring the truth to avoid hurting someones feelings(being politically correct) is a false virtue.

        • That was then, now it’s basically some sort of boogeyman that anyone who wants to say something insensitive or ignorant tries to use as a flimsy shield whenever they say something insensitive, ignorant, or downright hateful and someone else inevitably gets offended. Political Correctness isn’t holding anyone back from saying anything, although I do tend to think white people are so afraid of being called racists that as a group they are too afraid of discussing race and racism in any meaningful way.
          Maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing though, as it seems that browsing through the comments that a lot of these people are about as racially sensitive and culturally open as the Daleks.

        • I tend to find it as a combination of our longstanding negative relationship with the British, even if in modern times we are allies, and the fact that the British accent is just foreign enough, and commands enough authority to us Americans, that it gives the feeling of an intelligent, commanding person, and thus gives a subconscious effect of an intelligent villain regardless of the actions in general.

    • Leave it to messed-up writers to incite something on a work of fiction. They’ll think of shit like “the game dictates the makers thoughts” just to justify their rants. It really seems that the word “fiction” was taken out of their vocabulary so they can write anything worth paying attention to.

    • i totally agree with u man. its the person that’s writing the article that has racist sentiments since he felt that the black was portrayed as a street rat while others wouldn’t bother if shes white or black.

      • And remember people, if you have a black person digging trough trash it’s racist. Only white people can be broke or insane or have any other negative characteristics. White is the “default” race, that’s why it’s OK, since if you have a black guy he is already “the black guy” and any additional characterisation (especially negative) is racist, since it means that you (as the creator) think that all black people are like this.

        Only white people can have personalities, all black people can only be one personality and status, that of a successful person.

        • That sounds retarded…
          Are you an African-American? I am…
          I bet you were confused when the Mexican president said “we do the jobs the niggers won’t do.”
          I don’t think the Chinese like the light they get when mentioned. Bad accents, triad related, always recognized by the Chinese attire or looking like Bruce Lee.
          Or how every Asian (oriental) knows a Martial art.
          Or how everyone outside of Japan are hairy barbarians or spiteful Koreans…
          Or that the Japanese males all have small penises…
          The fact that an almost completely avoidable character in a game set in the FUTURE where you would think that type of thinking would change with the technology has that kind of role in a game is what makes it upsetting (to me)…
          But the fact that the game play mechanics are good, I want it and may buy it… I’ll suffer through that dialogue like when I saw those racist loony toons cartoons…

  • I’m so sick of America’s hyper-sensitivity to racism. Truth be told this supposed “broken English” isn’t as out of place as you might think. It’s called Ebonics. Just listen to any popular black rap artist and you’ll hear most if not all of the slang Letitia’s character uses. Maybe if parents did a better job of teaching their kids proper English this awful “dialect”(yes those are sarcastic air-quotes) will fade into memory. For now, though, black people are stuck with a stereo type of sounding like they all dropped out of school in the third grade. It may suck but people are just going to have to get over it and slap the next person they hear saying shit like “A’ight nigga”

    • While this was clearly Eidos’s decision Square Enix is more than just a publisher. Both the the cut scenes and the boss fights, things people have been complaining about, where additions made at the request/hand of Square Enix. Studios do make decisions and changes based on publishers.

      • I don’t mind that, what bugs me is that they don’t mention Eidos whatsoever outside of the quote. Square Enix is also at fault for letting this get passed the radar, but Eidos is the one who chose the voice. They made the design.

        • Eidos didn’t choose the voice, Square Enix Europe did. Eidos officially no longer exists, its been swallowed by Square Enix and renamed Square Enix Europe. They only use their name on products that Eidos used to make to help sell copies.

          “Although Square Enix said earlier that it would let Eidos Interactive remain as it is currently and not meddle in its internal affairs,[17] it has stopped publishing games under the Eidos brand, with new games coming out under the Square Enix brand instead. Currently the Eidos Interactive logo only appears for games developed by former Eidos-owned game studios.”

  • Holee shat XD The voice over.
    Okay really. TIME, have a sense of humor.
    Stop crowing racism in games. Is Latilia not a nice, helpful lady~? “A very really bad part of the game”? It’s only racism if there’s negative denotations.

    Also, weren’t there Latino and black gangs, and the Italian (I think) mafia in the GTA series?

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  • Apparently anything that’s remotely accurate about any minority in America is now called “racism.”

    I suppose every porch monkey in this neighborhood is now “racist” on account of acting and speaking just like Letitia, huh? Not to mention the malt liquor bottles, used diapers and empty KFC boxes they leave littered all over the streets.

    Seriously, every single racial guilt monger that shits up the presses like this has never lived in a black neighborhood. If they did, maybe they’d realize that all this “racism” is just an accurate accounting of what black Americans are like in general.

    • Well, huge lips and curly hair is genetic and much more common for people with sub-Saharan African ancestry.
      It’s only racist if you consider depicting a Scandinavian person blond, or giving a NE-Asian character an Epicanthic fold to be racist.

      I get it! every video-game an movie character has to be bald, sexless and green-skinned. Without facial features and simple dots for eyes.
      As features found on real humans will be considered race and sexist.

  • Without looking at the comments, I’m sure most of them will be whites and other non black people using their vast expertise to explain why this is a non racist, non issue. In their world racism doesn’t exist and blacks just complain about imaginary bigotry at every opportunity. While at the same time I’ve yet to meet any person who does not harbor racist thoughts towards blacks. Even if different groups of people have nothing racist to say about about anyone else they all at least come together to look down on blacks.

    -goes to look for the ‘im not racist one of my best friends is black’ comment-

    • the French would like to discuss with you americunts about all these gay designer/hairstylist characters who always have french accent.

      Racist stereotype in my US movies and drama ? NO FUCKING WAY

        • Most French are descendants of western Celts (Galus). Not seeing past White/Black/Red/Yellow and only recently adding “al-Qaida”-ish is a simplified American thinking pattern.

          The most obvious mistake is to group NE-Asians an SE-Asians together, as Han-Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are closer related to Germanics, Celts and Native-Americans than they are to Southeast-Asians.

          It gets really odd once you look at the “Black”ness of an Australian Aborigine and South-African Bantu.
          They are the most unrelated groups on the planet, making it the most ridiculous definition of “race” possible.

          The error doesn’t occur very often though, as there are very few Australian Aborigines living abroad and almost all other “Blacks” are of Sub Saharan African descent.