“8 Male Fashion Faux Pas No Woman Will Tolerate”


A list of the 8 worst fashion blunders a man can commit (according to Japanese women at least) have lately been the topic of much ponderous debate – not least the crucial importance accorded to not tucking in shirts.

The 8 fashion faux pas (which it should be noted are based on some journalist’s efforts to divine the fashion sense of all women rather than an actual survey, and which strangely almost all appear to be pictured in the classic and otherwise unrelated “Akihabara Street View” shown above):

1. Tucked in shirts!

The thoughts of any woman about this can be summed up as “it’s just wrong!”

2. Otaku type fashion

Just what are they keeping in those rucksacks!

3. Shoes which taper to a point

Nobody likes men wearing shoes which make them look like Peter Pan.

4. Crucifixes

These get panned a lot as being “middle school fashion” – kids just developing an awareness of style seem to love their crosses.

5. Sloppy clothing

6. Flashy clothing

7. Narcissistic type fashion

8. Dressed in all black

The 2ch response is suspiciously defensive:

“I don’t see what’s wrong with having your shirt tucked in? Foreigners do it all the time.”

“It used to be expected for you to have it tucked in.”

“I really don’t see what’s wrong with it?”

“Shirts tucked in with casual clothing. Of course you’d tuck it in with a formal suit.”

“You wouldn’t wear a shirt under a jacket if it wasn’t tucked in. Women just sout stereotypes about fashion in cases like these.”


“Shirt in is cool!”

“That’s a white guy so it works. Japanese with their short legs and long torsos couldn’t get away with it…”

“Saying it has to be tucked in is so nineties. Some old woman needs to study up on recent fashions I see.”

“Someone wearing a jacket who doesn’t tuck their shirt in becomes an example of ota-fashion…”

“You lot are really touchy about tucking your shirts in. I wonder why…”

“You guys got hit pretty hard by 8 I see.”

“But black is so easy to do!”



“Otaku really love black?”

“If he’s hot they’ll still try to get with him even while they complain about his dress.”

“I can really agree about the pointy shoes. No matter how good the brand I can’t abide them.”

“3, 4, 7, 8 – so they dislike visual kei?”

“Can we wear Japanese clothing?”

“Like what a sloppily dressed bunch of women say matters.”

“I may only be a virgin, but it seems women are just treating their boyfriends as fashion accessories?”

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