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China Gives Rip-Off Anime Top Culture Prize


Anime fans are aghast at the news that the Guangxi government has given its highest award for cultural excellence to a Chinese moral indoctrination anime widely derided as a complete rip-off of 5cm Per Second.

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recently recognised “Soul’s Window” with its highest art and literature prize.

In 2009, this animation was accused of copying wholesale scenes, characters and story from 5cm Per Second.

Online in China, a variety of articles critical of the decision have appeared, although some seem more concerned with Chinese animation mimicking foreign anime than the plagiarism issue itself.

The producers claim to have removed the plagiarised portions, making it all alright: “There is no issue – this award is being given to the revised version with the plagiarised portions removed.”

The awards body promises “further investigation” and “strict action” if it decides the allegations are true and worth acting on.

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    • What a fuck up Westerner is and wat a fuckup Westerner mentality are. Hate them….oh please I can do the same.

      Stupid little kids. Seriously get some god damned education and learn what hypocrisy is. Oh wait we’re Westerners we love being hypocritical retards don’t we.

      Let’s look at Western mentality then shall we?

      *Loves being the World Police
      *Start wars for resources and say we looking for WMD’s.
      *Bitch about China’s piracy while downloading fansub anime, scanlated manga, mp3’s, games, torrents and software illegally.
      *Being ignorant is fine as long as it’s sounds morally good.
      *Complain about human rights of other countries yet not giving a damn about our own human rights problem.
      *Liberating countries that don’t need liberating and making things far worse than neccessary.
      *Cry about other other countries developing military technology and nuclear power while we carry on advancing the same things as priorities.

      I don’t like China’s way of doing things, but I’m not stupid enough to ignore our own hypocrisy.

  • I wanted to know, for all the people who are blaming china, who are they hating?

    The Chinese people
    The Chinese communist government
    The pirates who plagruzed and the awarders

    Which is it? Because I am Chinese and I absolutely hate this being plagiarized too(and bunch of others things about the government)?

    So which is it?

  • i remember a time when chinese had badass culture… oh wait no nvm that was before chinese became chinese… fucking communist government.

    all the smart people left for the west… or east depending on which part of the globe ur pointing at. and then when ever the government realizes something’s being watched by a lot of people, they will ninja that idea and try to copy it.

    AT LEAST the copied version doesn’t make you want to puke bucket loads anymore, that’s the good part, bad part? It probably has such a bad plot that you want to commit suicide after watching it anyways.

    Anime is a form of story telling, and stories should be atleast original to some extent, in the event where you want to make an allusion, please dont credit yourself, and make it a good allusion like what Blizzard and Gainax does (actually neither credits their sources, but who cares they make good story lines)

  • this is stupid its like one film company is claiming someone is copying another because they have the same shot. how many different ways are there possible to film a scene….they are bound to be redone

  • What the hell is wrong with you people? Why are you so ignorant of everything? You generalize everybody that this site reports. You don’t even take the time to use your brain and think. What if this website said something about Japan doing something similiar? Would you say the same thing? FUCK ALL OF YOU ASSHOLES!

    I like Japan and all but you people are just such asses.

  • It’s sad that modern China has created an environment that encourages these kind of behavior. If you hang out on pixiv much you’d see tons of artistically talented Chinese creators, some of them even do great homebrew animations.

    Chinese culture used to be innovative, now it’s all about taking shortcuts and imitating others, and sidlining all the actually talented Chinese.

  • How much did it cost to make this “Soul’s Windows”? Copying aka Plagiarising other’s works is often to do keep costs low in order to make money – so the cultural relevance isn’t there at all and awarding it makes it sounds so stupid. If the makers said it costs them a lot of money to make this “anime” then the Chinese Government is ripped off pretty much. What’s more stupid: getting ripped off and not knowing it’s not an original work at all, or knowing it’s not original, it’s pirated AND awarded for it’s cultural “excellence”?

  • hater gonna hate that also the fact here….
    There also some good thing in China as well but you wouldn’t expect something like “GOOD side of China” on Sankaku right?
    It would be impossible for many idiot here to realize what is the purpose of this site and mindlessly bash China.
    It happen a lot on many other country website as well no ONE would show their enemy in good light right?

  • I actually have seen 5cm per second as well as the Chinese ripoff. The art is plagiarized but the plot is completely different. The Chinese version teaches viewers to honor the family, and remain faithful to peers.

    Granted, the artwork is copied, the animation is like 5 frames per second and the plot is propaganda bullshit, but it could have been worse

  • China has a lotsa people in that country , yet they can’t make something original, i know why , they were feed with garbage literally, look at their product food. thats why chinese is idiot and can’t speak english clearly , talk like dipshit

    • that was more than 4 yrs ago.

      Actually, Chinese government has always been a joke, for the past 60 yrs… Who cares about the prizes it gave?

      Recently there have been a exhibition-tour of Shinkai-san’s animation art in multiple cities in China. I went to one. Shinkai’s animation films are very popular in China.

  • lmao they just completely jacked it and now trolling damn I fear if the world just becomes a world of knockoff and copies because china too lazy to do stuff themselves, why if your so proud of your culture would you not want to make your own masterpieces rather than copy others

    • It’s already like that. you don’t watch the news there some German minister used someone else’s thesis for his own doctorate promotion. Nick Simmons, remember him, he’s the one who plagiarise Bleach etc.., simmonising is a popular word in the internet now because of this. There are many other non-Chinese example about pirating, plagiarising etc.. Just find them yourself via Google.

      • Globo(literaly globe),the most popular tv channel in Brazil rips off popular movies scenes in its soap operas(their most prized content) since Carrie(1976).
        It’s really sad how brazilian movies and games can’t get its market share because this channel monopolizes the brazilians minds(wich have really poor education, so they don’t care).

  • Question: When a Japanese artist/anime production company comes out with something, such as 5CM per Second, does the anime get some kind of copyright protection which penalizes the potential plagurist/protects the original maker of the anime? It seems from what is shown here that there was blatent plagurism here, are there any protections in place to deter things like this from happening usually?

  • America: thousands are jailed for viewing an illegally downloaded movie.

    Meanwhile in China: Plagiarism and pirating is awarded the highest honor.

    When is China taking over the world again?

  • “The producers claim to have removed the plagiarised portions, making it all alright: “There is no issue – this award is being given to the revised version with the plagiarised portions removed.””

    They just admit that they plagiarized. damn.

    • USA, they live with bimbos off the curves, shooting everywhere, so many fat chicks, weird pedos, oh and don’t forget the frequent gang violence.

      Point of that was?
      Every country has their bad points, none of them really outweigh eachother too much. Just don’t only look at a tiny section of it that you were exposed to.

    • I think those people who do this must have thought that they are not killing people so it’s okay; that kind of mentality is in a lot of people in China, and also outside China of course; see what happened and has caused the economic break-down in Europe and USA for example. To think of that the Chinese already did some great animated films in 1961 (“Havoc in Heaven”), this award for this Chinese “5 cm per Second” clone is pretty much a giant facepalming embarrassment.

      The mentioned “Havoc in Heaven” video:

    • I heard the song start up and I was like “ahh, i remember this…” then i saw the china-edits to that very song and was like…

      “Pfff haaaa…”

      yeah… I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing on the inside, a song like that set the mood perfectly for the ending of the original movie and seeing it set to horrible china-level quality edits and imitated shot by shot just looked comical at best.

      My god man, when will they learn… I almost feel sorry for them but at the same time I really dont… O_@

    • “Plagiarism is an important part of modern Chinese culture, so it’s only natural that this anime should receive the culture prize….”

      It’s neither a modern nor a culture thing. Some (a lot) of people just don’t buy into this whole idea of “copyright” and “intellectual property”

      It’s not modern because copyright and IP and the whole concept of plagiarism as we know it today is a relatively modern thing (first copyright law was 1709, 300 years ago compared to thousands of years of human history). China just didn’t jump on board as other nations embraced the concept

      Besides, copyright and IP wouldn’t have helped China much/at all for these last few hundred years (and even now), where they have bigger problems to deal with like their people being mostly uneducated and poor

      Alas, China-bashing is an important part of Sankaku culture, so it’s only natural that this post would receive flames and voted down

      • “It’s not MODERN because copyright and IP and the whole concept of plagiarism as we know it today is a relatively MODERN thing.”

        Okay so you say that it’s not modern yet it is?

        “China just didn’t jump on board as other nations embraced the concept.”

        So here you say China doesn’t give a crap about copyright. Great, that’s basically what everyone is saying.

        • “Okay so you say that it’s not modern yet it is? ”

          Allow me to clarify: I’m saying the ACT of plagiarism is not modern, but the concept that plagiarism being wrong is.

          China didn’t just suddenly started plagiarizing within the last 50 years. They, along with the rest of the world, have been plagiarizing since the discovery of fire (we aren’t paying royalties to that caveman’s descendants now are we?)

          It’s Western culture that came up with the idea that plagiarism being wrong.

          “So here you say China doesn’t give a crap about copyright. Great, that’s basically what everyone is saying.”

          I was addressing the comment that plagiarism is “modern” China “culture” thing. I never claimed they didn’t. I’m just saying plagiarism – the act of copying stuff without permission/acknowledgment – is neither modern nor culture.

          Oh and Anon@13:40: if someone copied my work, I’d be quite fine with it as imitation (in this case straight copying) is a form of flattery. In case you didn’t know, Osamu Tezuka started off with trying to mimic Disney, while Disney’s Lion King had a nice little controversy of being similar to Kimba the White Lion.

          Thinking copying is such an evil thing is actually a modern WESTERN cultural thing (I’m sure nobody here EVER downloaded a single mp3, don’t use cracked software, don’t watch anime unless it’s properly imported, embrace any and all DRM presented by game companies, etc)

      • It’s hard to say anything about China as a whole, considering how many Chinese there are and how little representation the “average” Chinese citizen gets in the world’s theater. What we DO get to see are the leaders (and some of the overambitious merchants) show a willingness to take shortcuts to get what the rest of the world has.

        Considering that they plagiarized entire CITIES, it’s easy to think that everybody in China was okay with this sort of thing, but while there were many, MANY people involved in building these places, how many of the people who built them will never get closer to an Austrian village, a Bristol neighborhood, or anywhere else in the world than these facsimiles?

        IMNSHO, I think that China copies so it can bring the world to its people, rather than letting them leave and see it for themselves. If they truly didn’t care about copyright, if they truly didn’t understand what the fuss was all about, they’d be trying to push rip-offs to other countries, but generally, in my admittedly limited experience, it always seems to be something sold on the Chinese markets, to the Chinese (and tourists, but hey, who can keep them out?).

        I’ve also heard recently that in the Chinese middle class there’s a growing demand for authentic imported luxury items, such as (wait for it) Budweiser beer. It seems the average Chinese person DOES place some value on authenticity after all. As for flavor, now…

        • 1) He didn’t say their leaders represent them rather their leaders set examples where people follow. Ie. If everybody accepts bribes wouldn’t you offer or accept bribes so you can jump the line? Now change bribes to imitations, it’s a whole lot cheaper and people will accept cheaper items; it’s acceptance of the practice even if it’s not approval.

          There are Chinese critics and other disagree-ers as mentioned in the article who are not approving or not accepting the practice. So how many would disagree to the practice and how many don’t care and just accept it? If the small minority can’t act or are unable to remove the stain that the majority don’t care/accept then the honest minority becomes the exception to the rule.

        • Wow, you read a lot into that that wasn’t actually said.

          1.) “Countries are lead by their leaders”, therefore the Chinese people approve of their leaders’ actions? Last I heard, China was still technically a Communist regime, with only one party. The Chinese really have no say in who their leaders are, so it’s not really fair to say their leaders are representative of them.

          2.) “Greater good”? I essentially said the Chinese government copies the world and brings it back home because the leaders want to keep them from going abroad on their own. So, you’re saying I’m praising them for keeping their populace under lock and key?

          3.) “China is changing for the better”: Compared to the China that Nixon reached out to, it is better…but let’s be honest, that’s not saying much. Do I think China’s improving? Yes, but I also believe the current route is not the best route for improvement, nor do I believe that improvement is sustainable, not economically nor culturally.

          Being clear-minded means understanding what people are trying to say to you, not deciding they’re disagreeing with you and then building a bunch of straw-man arguments to debate against. All I’m saying is simply that “OMG, teh Chinese are all copyright pirates!!!1!!1!1!1” is too simple a viewpoint, and will not help any of us deal with the issue…although I’ll admit it’s unlikely any of us will do more to “deal with the issue” than post in internet forums. ¬_¬

        • Countries are led by its leaders. China is no exception. If your leader is willing to follow a short cut, how many ordinary citizen would go the other way?

          You may say that China is trying to bring the world to its people, but that is not something that’s simultaneously decided by the mass of people themselves. What WAS simultaneously agreed by the mass of people is that it’s OK to copy things and sell them. Clear-minded ones like yourself might want to think that it’s for a greater good, but most people are truly and honestly in it for the profit. That profit, however, is gained on wronging others, and with your government’s approval, people wouldn’t even think that they’re doing something wrong.

          So in the end, what I’m trying to say is, you should stop pretending that China is changing for the better, because with what’s leading it, it’s not.

      • This is the stupidest thing I have ever read. How would you feel if someone copied what you wrote? Wouldn’t you feel hurt that someone else might now be looked at as stupid as you are?

        • what they (these Asian wannabe’s) forgot is that the Japanese culture has already been deeply influenced by the Chinese many many years ago. To say China is copying Japan is like saying your son is copying you. For example, in Naruto, they use a thing called Chakra, but guess what, that’s the Chinese way of thinking of Chi. so who’s copying who now? there are way more examples of Japanese copying Chinese concepts. How many anime do you see featuring the concepts of Kung Fu, and Yin and Yang? If you westerners are embracing the Japanese concepts, in a way, you are embracing the Chinese, cause they are the grand daddy of it all.

      • I assume they invented cars, internet, and diet coke, too?

        Primitive stuffs like that come from China because your country is old and those things can be made with simple tools.

        However, you can’t compare that to plagiarism nowadays, where China is notorious for copying works that costed massive skills and intellect from the people who poured their efforts into creating them, and then produce mass copies of inferior quality for profit. That, is stealing. The economy doesn’t work that way. The world doesn’t go that way. China is committing crimes against every nations and people who earned their livings by their own hard works.

        And that, is wrong

        • Are you an idiot?

          You completely contradicted yousrself right off. As long as something’s “primitive” it’s ok to plagerize? Your bias is as obvious as China’s plagerism and piracy.

          But the one thing that really showed how much you know of the real world, is the fact you said “The economoy doesn’t work that way”. It’s been working that way since trade had become available to anyone in history.

          Japan has been doing the exact same not that many years ago, and it sure hell isn’t primitive work either. It’s seems majority of people here just love sticking their heads in the ground when it comes to Japan doing or have done bad things (if the article on that Amusement Park wasn’t evidence enough). Not that I’d expect less from some idiots that plague this site. Some of you Wapanese actually believe that the Japanese would get to where they are now without ever resorting to plagerism? For that matter, you same guys believe most countries got to where they are without having to resort to cheap imitations or exact copies during some time?

          Look I know that China does have plagerism and piracy. But if anyone here is that stupid enough to believe that world runs on nothing but innovation and creativity needs a fist to the face to wake them up from dreamland. Kids these days…I do worry how ignorant and naive the generations are becoming now. Before I forget. Let me leave some of you hypocrites a question: How did you get your hands on some mp3’s, games, movies, anime, manga and software?

      • If you can’t tell the difference between adopting customs of trading partners/war enemies/colonialists/colonies and copying something wholesale and claiming it as your own, I can’t help you. This is more like if The Tale of Genji turned out to be a translation of old Chinese scrolls.

        Also, paper depends on your definition – wood pulp paper is from China around 200 BC. Papyrus is from Egypt around 3000 BC and is where the term “paper” originated.

      • So what did China invented these recent years? Because appart from the exploding stuff, I don’t see much…

        I wonder if one day they start using the fork, will they dare to say they invented it too? In case you didn’t know, China already claimed that they invented Soccer.

        • A very large portion of goods we consume in America are produced in China….

          As for Low quality Chinese products “exploding” or of being extremely terrible in quality, basically goods they produce for internal consumption are generally of far lower quality than goods produced for exporting. This is because the cost of living in Asian countries are significantly lower than western countries (ie: i could live pretty comfortably on 1-1.5k USD monthly salary in Taiwan, but in the US, i definitely would not)

          This is true for alot of other Asian countries as well.

      • Except that Japan invented 99% of the terms for words of modern and Western origin, and China stole those words. Even the words in the official name of China are stolen directly from Japanese coined terms.

        • Every country will defend itself when provoked. Japan did not have the military strength to take over China back then, and certainly does not have the power to do so today. The fact China left Japan off the hook and didn’t bother chasing them all the way back was an act of mercy.

        • Had they “finished the job” US would be Japanese territory, Europe and Africa would belong to Germans.

          Ultimately, it’s impossible. Japan don’t have the people or resources. The attrition in China was killing off the Japanese population far faster that they can reproduce. Resources used in pre-war buildup weren’t being replenished, especially oil, post embargo. It was doomed from the start.

        • Speaking of history…

          Kanji weren’t “adopted” by Japan. As direct descendants of original Chinese colonists, they simply kept using the language themselves. It wasn’t random Chinese fisherman landing in Japan and spreading their culture to natives, but rather a single well organized colonization effort ordered by Chinese emperor after unification of China 3000 years ago. There were Japanese natives, but their culture were suppressed by the newcomers, who makes up Japanese population today.

          The colonization fleet were led by people who amounts to today’s equivalent of political refugees, trying to get away from the first emperor, widely regarded as a tyrant. After his empire fell apart after just one generation to revolt, no one in the mainland bothered looking for the colony to the east. Colonists were happy to be cut lose anyway.

          After 3000 years, Chinese culture in the mainland has been diluted and changed through trade, while Japan was isolated from rest of the world until the 1800s. There’s a reason traditional Japanese icons from kimono to paper umbrellas are basically identical to ancient Chinese versions.

          Japanese are entitled to things like chopsticks, because they are the original decedents of China, purer in both blood and culture than mainland Chinese. Most han Chinese, especially northerners, carry significant portions of Mongolian and Caucasian blood.

          The bad blood runs deep. Journals of some Japanese military officials revealed that invasion of China before and during WW2 has to do with this 3000 years old feud. At times, it was even used to justify war crimes, which were significantly worse than that committed by Japanese elsewhere in Asia. Whether they actually believe it or just used it as justification of landgrab for the resource hungry military state is another matter.

        • please, do some research before you start talking random stuff, Latin is what paved the road for modern western language, and also, China did not steal from Japanese language, to the contrary, Kanji, as it is known now, was brought over to Japan by Chinese fishermen landing there… they adopted those characters because to them, it made sense

          get ur facts straight first

      • Butt-hurted Chinese is butt-hurted.


        You know, the next thing China should “replicate” is the White Mansion itself and there you have it!


        • You aren’t making yourself look any better you little ignorant kid. Seriosly “THIS” and almost everything similar is why many call us simple people who just like anime or Japan, weeaboo’s. Because we start shit like this.

      • Strictly speaking it wasn’t plagiarism, it was cultural exchange from a bunch of dudes that decided to live in that bigass island (current Japan) rather than the continent (current China). Feel free to remain an idiot and not use your brain, though.

    • That’s kinda true; also the commercial about that Chinese high-speed trains where “anime” characters were eating onigiri (Japanese riseballs) which are absolutely not Chinese food at all. The Creators didn’t even bother to change the onigiri into some real chinese food. Damn, I guess some zombies were and are still working in China. Sometimes I think that Obama should really say that China as a nation should stop copying stuff, right in the face of that Chinese President in a meeting.