Otaku Shock as First K-ON! Girl Gets Boyfriend


Moeblob fans have been spluttering in astonishment and indignation as the first K-ON! girl appears in the manga with a male identified as her boyfriend…

From Azunyan’s manga:


Fortunately, it was only Jun – here she claims her male companion is actually her elder brother, but Azusa and company seem to recall that she is in fact an only child, and on seeing her “gyu!” arm cling as she leaves are less than convinced by her explanation.

Creepy fans hold forth:


“Jun-chan has a…! Jun-chan has a…!”


“Who is that anyway?”

“This may be family, but expect more men.”

“This is fan consideration by Kakifly. He knows you’d all die of shock or fly off the handle otherwise. He’s introducing a vaccine of sorts now so you can develop immunity. Stop fussing!”

“So this is her elder brother. I see.”

“Jun-chan uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

“So she has an elder brother, right.”

“She’s certainly all over her brother there…”

With the rest of the girls at university, it seems only a matter of time before one of them become involves in some kind depraved normal relationship with the opposite sex, an incendiary prospect if ever there were one.

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