World’s Fastest Boob Grabber Caught on Camera



Cameras have caught what may be the world’s fastest boob grabber in the act of high-speed fondling, all thanks to his excessive speed.

The grabber was caught in the act on an automatic camera system in operation in China’s Sichuan province, travelling at 92km/h on an 80km/h stretch of road.

For reasons that can only be hoped will remain obscure, the image was leaked online and Chinese Internet denizens began one of their infamous manhunts (which, as some have pointed out, is particularly unfortunate as the phrase for such hunts in Chinese is literally “human flesh search”), eventually turning up the driver’s life history.


The man’s apparent nonchalance and his passenger’s lack of reaction have also stoked speculation as to just what it is they were up to.

The entire affair probably ranks as amongst the harshest punishments ever for being 12km/h over the speed limit.

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