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80% of Men “Oppose Women Only Carriages”


According to a recent survey, as many as 80% of Japanese men object to the existence of Japan’s women-only carriages.

Some 80% of male survey respondents oppose the existence of such carriages, usually on grounds of unfairness, whilst 60% of women quizzed about the introduction of such services in Kobe approve.


Such services are frequently popular amongst women for being more comfortable than normal carriages, and for preventing chikan activity.

Most of the women-only carriage services are concentrated in the most overcrowded lines in Tokyo, with carriages typically marked with girlish pink stickers and additional markers on the platforms.

Boarding the women-only carriage as a man is not itself a crime, but is likely to be greeted with an icy reception from passengers and eventual intervention from conductors. There have been some doubts about the legality of forcibly excluding men from the carriages, but this being Japan nobody has actually tested the matter in court.


The major practical objection raised against the carriages is that they are supposedly much less full than ordinary carriages, so by their provision train operators are in effect providing discriminatory and inferior service to male customers.

Other practical objections tend to hinge on the fact that the carriages do not actually do anything to discourage or catch chikan, and may in effect simply concentrate more chikan on the remaining victims.

More principled opposition naturally picks up on the various gender equality implications of favouring women with such facilities whilst promoting the perception that male passengers are all predatory perverts.

Some men actually approve of the carriages as an effective protection against the not infrequent incidence of false groping allegations, which are typically successfully prosecuted based solely on an accusation of groping in a crowded carriage by the supposed victim – though so far operators have completely ignored demands for men-only carriages as an additional measure.

Others simply observe that if train operators did not run such horrendously overcrowded services as a matter of course, the conditions for widespread chikan activity would cease to exist.

Online, opposition is particularly strong:

“Be honest. You lot just want to rub up against young women, don’t you?”

“In every thread about these carriages it’s nothing but woman bashing, but the worst are the chikan doing the groping and the train companies packing people in to the trains like that.”

“It’s odd how they get away with packing their trains well over 100% capacity. Who determines the safety requirements? Shouldn’t everyone be seated in any case?”

“This is the first report saying most men oppose them that I’ve seen. Usually they claim everyone is in favour – possibly because the people conducting the surveys are the train companies and they are also the ones promoting the schemes.”

“Men-only carriages? If the sexes are equal, they would be provided. I’d support that.”

“Japan has so many chikan.”

“Make them. It’s worrying being near women on a train.”

“They’d be better off having carriages for the elderly and infirm, wouldn’t they?”

“It’d be better just to ban women from all but their own carriages.”

“They really should separate the sexes on trains, it’d stop any false chikan accusations completely.”

“Make more of them. They are so crowded now you never know when you might get accused of touching up a woman near you.”

“More of this feminist propaganda!”

“Just punish them more severely!”

“Crack down on false accusations!”

“I got on one by accident and was warned by a conductor. I was so glad to finally get a seat, but when I looked at the window it was women-only… the normal carriage was totally packed, what’s up with this discrimination?”

“Wasn’t this supposed to be a voluntary type thing? I saw a old guy who looked as if he had got on one by accident get surrounded by squawking women and then get dragged off the train to the station offices by a conductor though…”

“Men-only carriages would save us from false accusations. Why is everyone so against it?”

“There was a bunch of female diet members pushing for a ‘kids’ carriage, just for parents with children – a bunch of scumbags using kids as an excuse to grab even more carriages.”

“They don’t care about protecting anyone, there are no carriages for the elderly or children. They are only interested in treating men as potential criminals.”

“In Nagoya the carriage is right in the middle closest to the platform stairs, it’s a real nuisance.”

“Yes, in Nagoya the men have to walk to the ends of the platforms to get on.”

“I’ve never seen any chikan-related incident on the trains. Isn’t all of this just a huge overreaction?”

“I’ve been groped by a woman…”

“80% want to become chikan!”

“They should make chikan-only carriages.”

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  • Anonymous,

    1) How legal is the women-only train car? Why nobody has tried a lawsuit?
    Certainly in western countries men immediatelly would have called to constitutional court.
    Same price for the ticket-equal rights.

    2) What children are thinking about, especially boys, what do they feel?
    Although boys younger 12 may be allowed to enter, are they not ashamed to enter the pink women-only cars and consequently packed with the men like sardines in the next car? How women-only cars will influence the next generation of men?

    3) Do safety regulations have changed since introduction of women-only cars? Women-only cars are somehow a cheap fix of a certain security problem. It would cost more to increase total number of cars. Do men feel more unsecure since then? Are accidents or injuries happen more frequent in the owercrowded cars?

    Just my 5 cents


  • LoL i was thinking Italy sucks since i’m italian
    and all ( i hate my country )

    but this….. this is nazifeminism.

    Well imho this planet of idiots and nazists
    deserves to be destroyed by meteorites or
    something like that.( no sarcasm here )
    when you have this huge amount of people hating
    people , it is clear that society is
    sick and insane… it is rotten….

    what kind of progress can be or
    can be achieved when you hear news of hatred
    just like this one ………

  • we should just split those carriages into women and men-only carriages to protect the men,too. We don’t want the presence of those stinky,ugly face-paints in our carriages anymore who accuse us of groping or whatever even when they’re unattractive as hell…

    It would be truly heaven not to have those women sit across with their tendency to talk about any crap loudly on the phone,showing no shame for anything and annoy you if their perfume-stench is way too strong for your nose…

    anyway, it’s a good thing if they exclude themselves from us men rather than keeping to annoy us with their presence 😀

  • Why do American men always whine when things don’t go their way when they are so adamant about not giving a shit when things aren’t equal for anyone else?

    American men are a whiny lot.

  • Why should the women be helped with this groping “problem”

    Girls should be enslaved to a man when they are a young girl, obey him in everything, love and respect him, and be his slave forever not able to ever leave or have rights.

    They shouldn’t be on trains.

    Westerners worship women, like most people in the world.

    They are “hag fuckers” as someone said. They prefer old women over young girls (yes girls).

    • And the results are as follows:

      -Japanese women don’t want to sleep with Japanese men anymore and the population is steadily dropping.

      -Japanese women no longer respect Japanese men because they treat them as sub-human and will gladly get with foreign men.

      -Western men don’t have to enslave girls to force them to “love” and “respect” them.

      -Western men have no shortage of women who want to be with them to offer them real love and respect.

      Yeah, “worshiping women” sucks. While you’re bitching about that and feeling insecure, Western men will gladly sleep with your women.

    • This. Everyone is bitching about this being sexist instead of saying anything about the women getting groped.

      This is a product of Japanese stupidity. If Japanese people didn’t sit by and ignore it when girls were getting molested then this shit wouldn’t happen.

      This wouldn’t happen on most trains in the west because either the girl would kick the guys ass, or the girl would get the other guys around her to kick his ass.

      Japanese people act stupid so they get stupid solutions. Just like Ishihara getting elected.

  • I am a woman and I wish we had this in my country!

    When will men learn that their sexual deviance threatens the fabric of society? Imagine a world where no man undresses you with his eyes! Imagine peace without perversion. This is our goal. A world where no man thinks perverted thoughts. A world where women do not have to worry about men seeking sexual deviance with their bodies. I will live to see this world!!

  • I miss all those good old whites-only establishments. They protected us whites from the African menace. You know niggers, always raping our children, rampaging drunk through the streets, making rap music, etc. Japan is on the right track.

    (This is sarcasm BTW)

  • I’ve already said this in a few Anon comments, but everyone needs to remember that the issue here is the abuse, correct?

    Now then, having separate car for females solves this problem to some degree, yes?

    Well, a new problem has arisen from all this. As you’ve all figured out, it is a question of equality. Is it equal? No. What if they make separate cars for males too? Then it’s “separate but equal”, which was proven in America’s past to NOT be truly equal; and were ended by the Civil Rights Movement.

  • So, guys, I’m now officially a gaijin in Nagoya / Ichinomiya. I saw a pink sticker in my car and can’t read kanji to save my life, but I think it’s women-only just at certain times. Is there anything I ought to watch out for on the trains?

    • 女性. Just memorize this compound and watch out for it, it’s not that hard. As for time, Japanese use the same Arabic notation that the rest of the world, so you should be able to guess the meaning. Finally, if you see a lot of suspiciously empty space inside and only female passengers inside while all the other men avoid it, you should probably stay away.

      I doubt you will get into much trouble if you are not Korean or otherwise look very much like a Japanese person through. It’s a honest mistake.

  • I really, really wanna see some high-profile chikan incidents on these carriages. Carried out by some dirty old hag on some underage school girls or the like.

    Gender discrimination is such a sad, sad tragedy.

  • Well, what can you say?

    It really doesn’t seem to register for them that this is basically them saying “all men are rapists”.
    Democracy and freedom are not on good terms with the Japanese.

  • It’s only fair to have male only carriages as well if they’re going to have female carriages. That would be (gasp) equal and would at least possibly solve the issue of these carriages indirectly causing more crowding in every other car because there aren’t as many people in them.

    That said, it’s hard to get reliable numbers on how often this chikan thing actually goes on, between false accusations and women not reporting real cases. It is true, however, that the case (as in general in Japan) is very heavily weighted against the accused, and if this system stops people getting their lives ruined by malicious or mistaken false accusations, it’s probably not a bad idea overall. That said, the current implementation creates several problems with overall crowd logistics and gender equality issues.

    Japan’s not exactly a feminist paradise, but it’s certainly possible to have “reverse” (hate that term) sexism, despite what some people think. Saying “well, if you’re a man, you’ll deal with it” is analogous to saying “well, you’re a woman, stop whining and do what you’re told.” Maybe it’s crazy, but I think “you’re a person, let’s try to accommodate everyone as fairly as possible” would be the best approach.

  • You know what? The existance of female-only carriages is PURE SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION!
    What the hell? People were fighting against racial, sexual and other forms of discrimination, and now we come came to the opposite end: it’s hard to win a court against (for example only) a black dude or a female in US. Female-only carriages in Japan? What the hell, they should make a special carriages for chikans and girls who like being groped.

  • i have the solution:
    men-only carriages

    to compensate for the lost boobgrabbing opportunities they could have other forms of entertainment like a giant tv-screen or some gaming machines.
    noone will complain when they can play tekken on the train.

  • Why can’t they just have men-only and female-only carriages? I don’t get why females can’t “pack” into female-only carriages as well, unless they’re worried about female+lesbian chikan…

    • That’s unfortunately an incorrect statement. A more accurate metaphor is people would get angry because Shoujo is pushing classic reading material out of book stores.

      The issue is space, in a country that is already dealing with intense space issues.

      Watch that. If you do not recognize the legitimacy of the complaints against (and technically for) such cars after witnessing that, I’d be surprised. The issue isn’t that they are against protecting women from chikan (even if it’s also protecting innocent men from women wanting to treat everything as a grope and destroy their lives), it’s that these trips can become torturous to the average commuter.

      The crowding leading to accidental groping is not an exaggeration. There is a real danger of misunderstanding that can snowball into some terrible consequences.

      • Ignore HouseLife. He thinks women should gladly accent getting groped and jizzed on in public as a “compliment” and “get over it”. So anything he says is self-serving, misogynistic bullshit in disguise.

    • Actually, that’s a clever ploy to get a ride in a nice, comfortable train car with a reasonable amount of people on it. You won’t make any friends among the ladies of course, but it depends what your priorities are that moment 😀

  • It’s not just an issue in Japan, though. I used to live in London and the crowding on the tube there can get horrendous at times. Last winter, I was wearing a thick jacket with large buttons on it, and got pushed right up against the back of this girl with very long hair.

    When she went to get off at her stop, we found that her hair had somehow got tangled in my buttons. I tried to untangle her and she screamed and shouted at me asking me what I was doing, so I said, it’s fine with me if she spends the rest of day with me, but I thought she would want to get off there instead. She was really pissed.

    • In Tokyo, anyways, the women only carriages are only in effect during certain times… at least, that’s how they were last time I was there. Felt kinda weird riding one that said “WOMEN ONLY” all over it with little time schedules on it so you’d know when.

  • I’m pro about that, but I understand the issue of crowding but I think they should at least allow for example a man to accompany his wife into the woman car. or a mother take her son in with her. there are at least gray areas where there wont be a cold icy glare for those circumstances.

  • “for being more comfortable than normal carriages”

    If the idea was just for anti-chikan measures then sure, fine, whatever… but comfort is a luxury, that right there should be one reason, albeit a small one, to start complaining.

    If that’s the case then all trains should be made to accommodate the comfort of the customer if one were to make that argument.

  • I can just picture a man wearing only a trench coat and nothing underneath getting on “accidentally” on one of those and then removing it and going to jail, that would show them not to have women only carriages

    or the opposite a innocent man gets on the train and its so nervous to the idea of being accused of being a chikan that he has a nervous break down and runs away as he runs he is stopped by the police for “suspicious activity”

      • It is in essence the same at a very different scale. Laws of racial segregation were argued for partly on the basis of protecting either side.

        And sometimes this is how patriarchies and matriarchies start out.

        Discrimination has its place in building a society, but one needs to be very careful in its application.

  • They have men-only and family sides to restaurants in some Arab places. I saw it on No Reservations. All the booths had saloon-like doors on them, as well. As for overcrowding, you should watch footage of them shoving people into these trains. Even Germans would be, like, “we needen spacen for zem, danke much.”

  • In Japan, you can never be sure the woman next to you is actually a woman anyway, so personally I dont see the point of these carriages.

    We have specialized train carriages on the lines in my city, but those are for people who want quite environments for reading and not having to listen to bad hip-hop with scratchy sound quality coming out of peoples phones.

    • They exist because women getting groped by men is a thing that happens, while men getting groped by women really isn’t except for the rarest of cases. If ladies groping dudes was a problem too and only ladies got the women-only carriage, that would be inequality. Otherwise? No.

      • whatever dude, we don’t have enough cases in HK to validate this kinda BS, and I don’t think its that bad in Japan either.

        But let’s say that it is, you know what also happens often? False accusations settled out of court for money!

        THERE’S your reason for male only carriages you sexist!

      • That there is a groping problem doesn’t mean that this isn’t inequality. You can now (on some lines) get an infinitely more comfortable ride just because you’re a woman.
        Meanwhile men, most of whom not chikan, are forced into carriages where one can hardly breathe. Saying this disparity is okay is an abject endorsement of collective punishment.

        • I want to know if they added a women only carriage or if they just changed one into a women-only carriage… if the latter was true,it could be called sexism because men would have to put the same amount of people into 1 less carriage… + japan is a country where still most women only work until they marry, so who knows if the capacity of 1 whole wagon is wasted on a few women.

          Another point is that if they still have 1st class,they should get rid of that first to solve the problems of crowded trains,noone uses 1st class anyway because it is way too expensive…

        • You guys act like every woman who says a man groped her is evil and every man accused is some innocent man who was falsely accused and didn’t do anything wrong. You guys are idiots. This is Japan FFS.

        • “So calling the absence of a men only car inequality or sexism is wrong, because the women only car is specifically to solve groping and only unintentionally brushes against the crowding problem.”

          You’re retarded.

          It may be to solve a different problem, but it’s caused this new problem of “sexism”, by not allowing the opposing gender to ride.

        • So the men who lives are ruined by false accusations, does not require a mens-only carriage ? grope for the women is disgusting however the men who are false accuses life ends up in ruin, which one deceives it more ? sheesh people don’t use common sense.

        • Just a side effect? Are you nuts? Its a direct effect, as well as the discrimination.

          Do you live in some sort of vacuum where treating people differently only achieves its purpose and doesn’t harm anyone else.

          I pray you will never be a politician.

        • Yes, crowding is a problem. But crowding and groping are -two different problems-, and the women only car’s lack of crowding is just a side effect. So calling the absence of a men only car inequality or sexism is wrong, because the women only car is specifically to solve groping and only unintentionally brushes against the crowding problem.

          Look, here’s a similar example. Women get maternity leave, because women need it to have babies. Men don’t get maternity leave. Men not getting maternity leave isn’t sexist and it isn’t inequality, because -men don’t have babies-.

          On that line, women get a women only car because groping is a problem for them. Men don’t get a men only car. Men not getting a men only car isn’t sexist and it isn’t inequality, because -groping is not a problem for them-.

          Yes, crowding in Japanese trains is a problem. Yes, the Japanese transit authorities should work on solutions for it. But to call women only train cars sexist is dumb, because it’s not about that.

    • people feel up women on trains and busses, because its crowed and hard to get caught.

      female only trains, however are so un crowded that its discriminatory against men who can hardly breath they are so fucking packed.

      • I don’t think it’s much of a problem here in Osaka. at least on the JR ring-line there is the same amount of people in the female only and mixed carriages during rush hour. for most of the major stations the female only carriage is actually not in a convenient place (car 5 of 8), the main stairs are usually at the ends of the platforms. also the rapid service trains coming in from the outside of Osaka forming the fast services on the ring are as far as I can tell not restricted (roughly every 3rd to 4th train).

    • I’m all for it. There are way too many cases of Japanese men groping women. As usual Japan targets the wrong problem. Instead of bitching about women’s only carriages, they should be finding out how to stop the groping and molesting so they don’t need them.

      Also, Japanese people need to stop being weak little bitches and help the people being molested when it happens. That would also cut down on a need for these cars.

      Until then, I’d be perfectly find with my girlfriend riding in a woman’s only car when I’m not there. Jap guys won’t stop groping, and Japs in general aren’t actually doing anything to be of real help, so why not?

        • You guys are fucking idiots, and if there are men who think this way I can understand why there would be woman-only cars.

          So if some gay guy starts rubbing all over your cock it won’t be a big deal to you? Understood.

          And I sure as hell wouldn’t want some woman I cared about getting felt up on a train.

        • In a country without Victorian or puritain influence, why should women be outraged about being groped? It shouldn’t even bother them. It’s not like the Japanese culture values purity or chastity. I bet the bitches only complain about groping because they aren’t getting paid for it, but then they’ll happily go suck a random stranger’s dick for 10,000円 as soon as they get off the train. It’s the height of hypocrisy.

        • I live in Japan. All the people here who are against these cars seem to be thinking of things as if they were happening in their home countries. But not all countries are the same and there are different circumstances for everything.

          Until Japan has the guts to actually deal with these crimes instead of trying to cover them up, and when people get the guts to step up and help people in trouble, then I can understand why the cars are needed.

          I shit you not every time someone has stepped in to help a woman who was getting groped it was a westerner. Every fucking time. The Japanese people just try to ignore it and hope it will go away.

        • Yes the groping is a problem and needs to be solve but wouldn’t equality that everyone and their granny is bitching about be better because if some of you don’t know false chikan accusation have ruined lives, example a student who was falsely accused, beaten, questioned and he killed himself, doesn’t that give enough reason to give the men a carriage to if that isn’t I don’t know what is.

        • Which of the following…

          A) 20:21 has seen a lot of chikan porn.
          B) 20:21 has seen a lot of accusations.
          C) 20:21 has done a lot of goggling.
          D) 20:21 has done more than one of the above.
          E) 20:21 has provided his opinions as fact.

        • Where the hell have you guys been?! There are TONS of valid groping incidents in Japan. And yes, I’ve seen it, and I’ve seen a lot of it. It happens so much you wouldn’t believe it.

          Stuff like this is unheard of in the west, but in Japan it’s ridiculously common.

        • You say there are alot of groping incidents, but how many of those are false accusations hrmm? we’ve already heard of a few, it’s more than likely that there are alot more that don’t get found out that the woman was lying.

          Of course thats not saying that they’re all lies, but it can go either way pal.

        • No, there ARE a lot of groping incidents, many of them not even reported.

          I think the more serious issue is that trains are overpacked which allows for those incidents to happen.

          I do think it’s somewhat discriminatory and all but I don’t explicitly disagree with the carriages. Whatever works for them.

      • Ever get rubbed up by a female fatty? It’s not fun.

        Also, if they want to be retarded by providing female only carriages then they should also provide male only carriages to keep the men safe from false accusations.

      • Because we don’t like hypocritical, whiny, bitchy females either. Women called for ‘equality’ and it is given by the intelligent among us in reasonable fashion. But when women pretend that equality is to seek more than men for one reason or another, then the so-called ‘whining’ occurs when it’s against women getting special treatment under the guise of ‘equality.’ ie – Hypocrisy.

        Those who grope are in a minority. The accidental touching is because of the packing going on. The issue is not sexism, equality, or any such bullshit. It’s dealing with the trains being put at risk due to overcrowding that will start a true solution. And the false grope charges are going beyond the law, violating due process at the word of a single woman with no witnesses or evidence, and destroying lives in a land where your reputation determines your career, among other things.

        So if you want to pretend that men being against women getting special treatment at the detriment of everyone else is the mark of ‘whiny crybaby beta males’ then don’t be surprised when you find out what happens when men get mentally castrated by bullshit for a long enough period of time. Equality will stop meaning anything, and women will lose the respect of men for being petulant and the work of feminists for decades will be ruined because of greed. If women lose the respect of men due to trying to take more than they deserve, it will be a spiraling down of worse things occurring in society.

        We are equals, and most intelligent men will be more than happy to agree to that. But when ‘equality’ becomes a trap for men, then it’s become something impure and not worth wasting our time.

        • @17:11, 17:12, and 17:29

          My mistake for writing it incorrectly, but I did say it would make me unpopular. Let me clarify. If they actually ejaculate on you, I said you have DNA evidence, and therefore have a reason for prosecution. I wrote it badly because I was tired.

          I will clarify what I meant by not wanting to hear about it. I’m sick of hearing that all men are being blamed for the mistakes of the few. Women who blame all men for the mistakes of a few who can’t contain themselves. In that regard, I became defensive, because I’ve been accused of things that were completely untrue before by girls who quite frankly did it to cause me trouble, and did so. You women may know what it’s like to have people want to touch you on the backside or something, but frankly, when I get accused of something I didn’t do, and my life is affected because of it, frankly, I lose sympathy. I was nearly having permanent affects to my life because of the lies of some women. Give me a specific instance of a woman who was traumatized, and you will have my sympathy. Otherwise, generalities such as the topics like this article make me want everyone to shut up and look at the real problem.

          The real problem is shitty train service and the sexual repression of the Japanese in general. Trying to treat a symptom with methods like this is one step forward and two steps back. All this will do is segregate men and women and send society back to times like the 60s in our country. Women have already struggled enough to be treated as equals amongst us men who unfortunately back then did (in some cases) in fact take power over women to literal extremes. If segregation becomes the ‘solution’ of fools, then you’re going to solve something in the short-term, and in the long term, society will fall backwards.

          In regards to the compliment aspect. Ask yourself seriously. Is it that hard of a concept? It’s not an accepted one, but yes, a man did think enough to want to be near you. It means they were attracted to you. Whether you want it or not, it is still a true expression of them liking you. If you don’t want it, you don’t want it, and you express it. Simple as that. Everyone makes such complicated matters out of simple things, and while that might seem insensitive, in the end, frankly this is the type of stuff that happens when the very normal aspects of male-female interaction are so withheld for this long and we’re not allowed to be the sexual beings that we are. Both male AND female.

          I apologize if I didn’t clearly write what I meant, and I was trying to say that while a light grope shouldn’t be a bigger deal than to tell them to stop and confront them (which I know is a generality and can be more complicated) but when it escalates, then evidence becomes apparent and witnesses can be involved. This is when prosecution should occur. I will never ever agree, no matter what, that a simple grope in any instance is enough to ruin a person’s life. I don’t care how insensitive it makes me sound.

        • So ejaculating on a woman in public is no big deal? Right.

          Earlier I said I rode the crowded cars on principle. I won’t be doing that anymore. What’s the use?

          With all these “get back in the kitchen” and “let men grope you and get over it” comments why bother?

          You can’t treat people like garbage and then expect them to stand by you.

        • Houselife, I can easily say that you lost any respect I had for you. Telling girls to just brush off getting groped or even ejaculated on because you are “tired of hearing about it”? You’re telling girls to take it as a compliment and be understanding of that kind of sick violation of her space? Go to hell, seriously. You’re no better than these scum, and your blame the victim mentality is sickening.

          I made a point to ride in the cars with both sexes, but fuck it. If men think so little of us that it’s okay to get jizzed on by strangers then there is no reason in hell I should stand up for their rights.

        • “Women are fundamentally inferior to men. Granting women’s rights was opening up a can of worms. Bitches belong cleaning our homes, in the kitchen making us a sandwich, or on their knees sucking our dicks. They should be treated like the chattel that they are. The Islamic sphere is the only culture left that’s doing it right.”

          0/10 troll

          Or do you really think it’s cool to sound like you rolled out of the 18th century and like you clearly have no redeeming qualities to get a woman? Oh yeah, you’re awesome and we all respect you.

        • All the men here are really bitching about train cars? And all the while none of them gave a shit about all the other millions of ways Japanese women aren’t treated as equal.

          Just goes to show that men will go to any length to be on top, no matter what the cost to the woman. And why should girl stand up for you guys when you won’t do shit for us?

          If there are women out there who aren’t being treated as equal in value by a society, the men have themselves to blame for not doing enough, and have no right to bitch when things get out of control.

        • So you guys will go on and on and write books against how bad you men are treated with this train car incident, but no one speaks up to 6:29. Not one of you guys says anything. Got it. =/ Good to know you believe in equality.

        • @20:33

          What male discrimination issues are you talking about exactly? You know what I consider a male discrimination issue? Sexual harassment as a whole these days.

          Part of the mating dance is to show physical attraction to a woman, however these days, since foolish men in the past made inappropriate decisions and used their positions of power to elicit sexual favors from women in the work force, now the pendulum has swung so far in the opposite direction that we’re not allowed near any women at all for fear that we’re automatically a pervert if we touch them even on the shoulder in any way that could even be misconstrued as sexual. We can’t even be free to speak of sex with women or even joke about sex, which is in fact, quite funny in reality much of the time. And that’s not to say that women wouldn’t have the chance to say when it makes them uncomfortable, but it’s become ridiculous.

          Do you know what it’s called to be a man who would like to be close to and flirt with a woman, even a little physically? A heterosexual man. “Pervert” is thrown around so freely these days. I’m a pervert because when a woman has a hot ass and accents it with tight jeans, I stare, but I’ve been called a pervert when caught. No. That’s not what perversion is when the intention of the clothing IS to attract attention there. The definition is in the damn word, it’s an abnormality. I don’t see a hot ass and chase her down so I can hang her upside down with meat hooks. THAT’S perversion.

          I will say something that won’t make me popular, but frankly the groping is getting annoying to hear about. Yes, I have sympathy for young women who don’t know what to think and get scared in an uncomfortable scenario, yes, I have no desire for rapes to occur as an escalation of groping, but groping itself is an impermanent event. Even as far as the actual perverts who do ejaculate on a woman’s clothing, it’s still an impermanent event that can be taken care of with a napkin and a washing machine.

          And of course I won’t ignore the ‘psychological’ aspect, but honestly… if a man touches a woman’s backside gently or with a little pressure, or fondles her breasts a bit, and that is the end of it, I’m reaching a point after all this where all I can say is “Okay… a man thought enough of you to put himself at risk. Take it as a compliment… now get over it. Or next time, scream or slap him or something. If you do nothing, then I honestly can’t say anything.”

          My original comments were that a solution could be found by updating their rail system with cars designed to hold more people. Even adding a couple more cars at the end that people can walk into and a door-holding system so that they won’t miss their stop due to crowds could be implemented. But false groping accusations ARE a worthy thing for men to be pissed about, because they violate our basic legal right to due process. So in summation, while women may get a potentially uncomfortable impermanent squeeze, we have the potential to have our lives ruined by vindictive women with no defense in our favor.

          Are you going to claim foolishly that it’s a pointless thing to pay attention to? Need I explain the concept of the Domino Effect?

        • Women are fundamentally inferior to men. Granting women’s rights was opening up a can of worms. Bitches belong cleaning our homes, in the kitchen making us a sandwich, or on their knees sucking our dicks. They should be treated like the chattel that they are. The Islamic sphere is the only culture left that’s doing it right.

        • @20:33:- did you and I read the same post ? because obviously your reading skills must suck, your trolling or your way to ignorant to take seriously, I suggest you re-read what lifehouse said because it makes sense.

          By the way it would be “equality” if men got they own car, cause if you don’t fucking know in japan, a accusation like that fucks with your life and people have commit suicide for it, so next post please show some class.

        • The USA sure seems like it could use a Mens Rights and Whites Rights movement to balance the scales due to the inequality that occurs through Womans Rights and Affirmative Action.

          Or does my saying so make me out to be some sort of fascist prick? But who are the real pricks?

        • Blah blah blah. You whiners are making a huge deal out of this, but the women only cars in Japan make perfect sense.

          Anyone who has lived in an urban Japanese area would know that a large percentage of women get groped here. Not bumped into, not brushed against, GROPED. The fact that any of you are trying to make that less than it is is pathetic and disgusting. And the people who grope are in the minority, but in Japan it is a fucking HUGE minority.

          Not every incident of women getting treated differently (especially for valid reasons like rampant molestation) deserves all this whiny crybaby bullshit. Not all incidents are equal.

          You whiny beta males will jump on anything that your insecure asses perceive as unfair, even when they are perfectly logical courses of action. No real man is bitching that women get their own car, especially if a woman they care about is faced with picking one or the other because fuckers can’t keep their hands to themselves. If you’re mad that the cars are too crowded, then bitch about that, not a women’s only car.

          Real men can pick their battles for something really important and unfair. And all I see here is crybaby whining from a bunch of bitchy, catty, beta males. You’re whining about trains. Go whine about male discrimination issues that matter and stop acting like little bitches. And stop pretending you’re not just insecure that you’re not getting your way.

          Yes, we’re equal in value, but as men we’re generally bigger and stronger than women. And I’ll gladly take more discomfort so I’m not crushing a small woman against the side of a train car. No real man would say otherwise.

  • I don’t consider molestation a serious crime requiring extreme measures because it occurs completely at a psychological level.

    But these carriages probably do more good (by reducing number of criminal cases that result in false convictions–equally unjust but far more cruel than a false acquittal) than harm (being unfair).

    I think these carriages should be removed if Japan can find a way to credibly process claims of molestation.

  • They should just fill train cars with male uncover cops dressed as women to strike fear into the hearts of gropers. The problem would likely go down because would-be offenders would be scared out of their wits from the lack of not knowing who or what they’re grabbing. 😛

  • After seeing the shit I’ve seen, I’d waste no time taking a woman-only car.

    Sorry, it may seem unfair, but in certain areas I fear for my safety.

    Gentlemen, keep in mind that if your wife or girlfriend gets groped on a train, it’s her (foreign) word against the guy’s (Japanese) word to the (Japanese) police. I’m sorry to tell you all that this often doesn’t end well for foreigners in Japan, especially if the woman uses any sort of self-defense.

    I knew a foreign woman who was nearly raped on a train and she tried to defend herself. Guess who the cops wanted to take away until some witnesses actually got the balls to come forward?

    Japan has a lot of other issues that need to be resolved before we start worrying about these train cars.

  • Groping is such a problem in Japan that this is necessary. On my trip to Japan, I was only there for two weeks and were fondled THREE TIMES on different trains. And I’m not even that cute.

    I support female only trains, but I also support male only trains.

  • personally let women marry each other, keeps them the hell away from me. if it becomes socially acceptable as well I wont be getting pressured left and right into marriage anymore either by society.

    • lol I read “marriage” when I typed this. wow I must be tired. as for “Carriages” what I typed mostly still applies, keeps them the hell away from me which has the advatages of.

      A) women are no where near me so I can retain my sanity.
      B) There’s no possible way I can be called a molester if they aren’t around me, no mistaken crime.
      C) The Women got what they wanted so they can Shut. The. Hell. Up.

      really, why oppose this at all?

  • Those who naysay against the carriages because they’re unfair, gender-wise, are idiots. There’s never mention about men getting groped (and if there are, I’m sure that man was very pleased- given the attractiveness of the grouper). The only disadvantage that I can see is the other carriages becoming crowded, while the women-only ones are not so. That’d be discriminatory for those who have to put up with rubbing up against other men!

    • >There’s never mention about men getting groped

      dooesn’t neccesarily mean that it doesn’t happen.
      men are even more reluctant to report that kind of thing than women.

      >and if there are, I’m sure that man was very pleased-given the attractiveness of the grouper

      yeah… right
      what kind of people grope others on a train, what do you think? i sure wouldn’t like getting groped by some ugly and/or fat bitch.

    • Lo idiot, search the archives, there are such cases, a few of them – and the large number of fake accusations (to settle out of court for payment) make it QUITE the issue. There are NUMEROUS reports of fake accusations on this site, but I suppose your mind could only hold one side of the argument.

      Try doing some research from more than one angle next time.

    • BloodLegacy says:

      “Perfectly normal” does not mean morally acceptable. If any company attempted this tactic in the United States, they would be sued into bankruptcy before they could cash their first check. I’m not so arrogant as to belive that all of US policy is correct, but one thing we certainly have done right is equal rights.
      Right, wrong, or indifferent, as a rule in the US it doesn’t matter what race, sex, religion, etc you are, in ANY kind of public affair, if any kind of discrimination takes place, the offending party isn’t long to be in buisness because most parties observing wont patron a company that discriminates by principle.

      (this opinion is from someone who lives in Oregon, a rather liberal state)

        • BloodLegacy says:

          It is precisely the point. Trains are operated either by a tranportation company, or by the government. Such a train would not be allowed to exist in the US on the basis of discrimination.

      • You must have a very idealized vision of the country you live in.

        Where I live its definitely more difficult to get a job based on gender, appearance, and once you get hired people discriminate based on religion.

        The US is nowhere near equal yet, because it allows religious and appearance-based discrimination to go on. Sexism is also very hard to prove.