The Fan Club Fiasco of Aya Hirano


Scandal stricken seiyuu Aya Hirano has announced her new agency (“Grick”) and pledged a new fan club after closing her old one – but soliciting names from her “fans” on Twitter may not have been the brightest of ideas…

She went so far as to acknowledge the least offensive of the suggestions (“Aya Style” from her famous bikini blunder and “Lifeliners” from her “fans are my lifeline” speech, as well as chirpy quote from her post-scandal quit announcement):

“I’ve got to think up a name for my new FC, it’s pretty tough… I have to think something up soon!”

“Lots of fans were kind enough to send suggestions – if you have any, tag it and send it over please!”

“As expected, AYA STYLE came up.”

“And yes, Lifeliners also got suggested. Are you being serious with me?”

“Your kind suggestions may or may not be used – thanks everyone.”

Not surprisingly, asking 235,000 of what appear to be the Twitter equivalent of ambulance chasers to submit these names may not have been well advised – though at least she did not ask 2ch:

“I laughed at ‘sex tape ignorers’…”

“That one got banned pretty quick.”

“It’s not funny that even she recognises the lifeliner one…”

“At least think up your own fanclub’s name yourself.”

“We won’t give up until ‘sex tape ignorers’ is the top candidate!”

“Stop it, my sides ache…”

“That is going a bit far even for her. Still, she’s the one ignoring it, not us…”

“I’m starting to wonder whether this is actually her tweeting now…”

“How about ‘Kiss shot’?”


“Screwing about bitches!”

“Life Liners Style (LLS)”

“A loser and her loser comrades!”

“Leave her alone already!”

“She’s just mocking her fans now. It’s too late if even she’s talking about some of this stuff…”

“Will it have any members? She hasn’t offered a word of explanation about the leaked photos.”

“Just how many fans of her as a talent rather than a seiyuu are there?”

“This person’s threads are always endless. She certainly attracts a certain kind of attention…”

In other news, the level of harsh treatment meted to Hirano by her old agency seems to suggest more than a little acrimony – not only are they the prime suspect in leaking her sex photos in the first place, they have apparently forced her to abandon her old fan club and even stripped her of her old official domain, which now helpfully redirects all her traffic to Yahoo.

Rumours of her having been humiliatingly forced to grovel on the floor in front of her old agency’s staff in the traditional Japanese fashion, by way of atonement for sexually exploiting her band, seem increasingly believable.

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