“My Life as a Schoolgirl Prostitute”


A Japanese schoolgirl shares the shocking details of her sordid career of prostituting herself to creepy lolicon online, a practice otherwise known as “enjo kousai,” supplying a personal account of the kind of events normally only read about as the endless reports of lurid sex crime arrests which fill Japanese newspapers.

The exchange, via 2ch:

“Is anyone interesting in hearing about my past experiences with enjo kousai?”

[enjo kousai (often abbreviated as “enkou,” meaning “compensated dating,”) is an extremely common form of informal prostitution in Japan, with the archetypal form being that of a schoolgirl or student who advertises her services to older men using one of the vast number of “deaikei” dating sites, or one of the big Japanese social networking services]

“We’re waiting.”

“I’ve not written this up so it may be a bit slow in coming.

I started enkou in my first year of middle school.

It seems depression runs in my family, and my parents often lashed out at me, out of their own depression perhaps. I was pretty much a hikki.” [“hikki” = hikikomori]


“I had tons of free time so I started using my PC a lot. First watching stupid movies on YouTube, but one day I came across a certain chat service. Well, it was Yahoo! Chat…”

“Were you a bitch type?”

“I’m not a bitch now.”

“I’m just going to start up Yahoo! Chat…”

“Tell us your specs.”

“Chibibusa. I’m not a fattie though.”

“So I was chatting all day and eventually I got bored, as you might expect. What next – I wanted to make some cash. I considered affiliate blogging, but I couldn’t do it on my own so I started looking for someone who do it with me.

Then some old guy hooked me. At first I thought he’d help me, but he started saying there was an easier way to make some cash… I was interested.”

“At first he just wanted to meet me for lunch and said he’d give me 10,000 just for that. I was only in middle school so that was a lot of cash, it was too good an offer to turn down.

As I been stuck in my room for so long I decided to go out. We met, he was more handsome than I thought, we ate and he gave me the cash and that was it.”

“What, you’re too good at this!”

“Making money so easily, naturally I wanted to make more. So I posted my email up on a certain board, and soon I had vast numbers of enquiries. I arranged a hookup with a suitable guy.

I thought we’d eat and spend some time together like before, but that day was different.”

“So he was 25-year-old guy, quite hot, and he told me there was something more interesting we could be doing – at a love hotel. I knew a little about this, but I didn’t really know about love hotels and I was interested.

I was pretty interested and he was quite hot, so I agreed to go with him.”

“Was it good?”

“It was my first, so I thought it was going to be incredibly painful, but it was OK. However, it did not feel good.

He was really excited, but I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about.

Anyway, I went home with ¥30,000.”

“Once I was home I thought about it, and how easy it was. So I went onto the board again to find another guy.

If you say you are in your first year of middle school and your periods haven’t started so coming inside is OK, you certainly get a lot of attention!”

“So, I couldn’t believe it – my best offer was ¥80,000. I couldn’t understand why anyone would pay ¥80,000, but I went ahead with it anyway, did him and got the cash.

Like the last time, it didn’t feel good or bad, I just let my rather excited partner get it over with. Then I got the cash and went home.”


“I kept doing this over and over. I wasn’t going to school much and had no friends so I had no real way of spending the money.

But I understood the value of money (or so I think) so I saved it up. I kept doing it and raking in the cash, and before I knew it I was in my second year of middle school.”

“In year 2 I thought I’d give actually going to school a try. It was more fun that I thought!!

I had friends and gave enkou a break, and my period started so I became a real girl.

Soon the money I saved dwindled with me being generous with my friends and such.”

“6 months later I had no more money, so I decided to start enkou again to get some more, it was the only way I could go back to my old life, and I was burning through cash horribly.

I arranged another encounter, met up with him, but this time was different.”

“Good! Keep going!”

“This time it wasn’t a hotel, it was his house, and there were 4 other people there. I thought it was pretty hairy and I should go, but I was only a kid and couldn’t really get away, so I was passed around. It wasn’t good or bad, but I was terrified and I could only think about when it would end.

He seemed nice enough, but I was really scared. And they all came inside, so I was really worried. In the end, I didn’t get paid, and they all came inside, so it was the worst day.”

“You didn’t get paid?”

“This is harsh…”

“My periods had started so I was terrified of getting pregnant. Luckily, it was due on the next day so I decided to wait.

It came, I was relieved.
But I didn’t have the money.

I thought I had just been unlucky, and started looking for my next partner without learning a thing. Of course, this time it would be a guy who would use a rubber.”

“The next time I found a guy, I was really nervous because of what happened with the last one. It was some guy in his forties.

I thought we’d do it with the condom at the hotel, but when we got there he offered another ¥30,000 to do it without protection, saying he’d pull out, so I agreed and we did it. He did come outside, but I was still really nervous.

I got ¥60,000 and went home. Unfortunately, I learnt I could get more by offering unprotected sex.”

“Enkou is scary stuff.”

“So you were selling your body.”

“I want to come inside too!”

“After that I did guys who would use condoms, and my period came as normal, so I just thought I wouldn’t get pregnant if they came outside.

But a lot of the time I let them forego the condom in return for more money, if they’d promise to come outside.

I was lucky and didn’t get pregnant with all that unprotected sex, so I became firmly convinced that I would not get pregnant if they did not come inside.

I was going to school a bit and treating my friends and buying what I wanted, so I was happy enough.”

“By this time I was in my third year, but I still kept doing enkou. I got used to finding these guys, doing them, getting paid and going home, it was just like a job.

I also learnt about bad days as well. I still did it on bad days, but I made sure it was with a condom. Then it happened.”

“Thinking that a girl like this is going to end up as some poor guy’s wife… ´д`”

“Girls with prostitution experience like this still manage to catch and marry men.”

“He was supposed to be wearing a condom, but he was not wearing it and came inside me. I didn’t notice whilst he was doing me.

On the train as I was going home, it started dripping out, and I was like ‘what? what?’ and got pretty unhappy.

So I thought it would be pretty bad if I got pregnant and told my parents I had been doing enkou.

If I think about it now, I should probably have told them it was my boyfriend or something.

My parents were furious and my mother was in tears. I finally understood the seriousness of it all. I was taken to hospital and made to take some medicine, and I threw up.”


“Morning after pill?”

“After that I was taken to the police, and told them everything. Even the police were furious with me, I really thought I’d quit then.

It was a while ago so I don’t know the details, but that day’s partner was arrested. Others I had done were also arrested.

After all that I changed school and tried to be a normal girl. I’m in my second year of high school, I don’t really think I’d do anything like that again…”

“Interesting stuff, keep going!”

“The end?”

“It’s ended, right?”

“Also, I was checked for STDs – I didn’t get any. I was pretty lucky.

What really troubles me now is if I have a boyfriend, should I tell him of my past?

Honestly, you wouldn’t want to date someone who had done enkou, would you? I’ll answer any questions if you have them.”

“It’s best you not tell anyone you’re dating. If you never tell anyone this, they’ll never find out. It’ll only hurt them, so you should take it to your grave.”

“I’ll do that.”

“How much did you make in total?”

“I think it was over ¥3,000,000. I’ve used most of it up.”

“Sex with someone you love is the best. It would be nice if you can have that. Do you have a lover at present?”

“I had a boyfriend, but it was more him liking me and me not caring much.”

“If only there was enkou for men…”

“It’s not that there isn’t anything. A host I know told me he had been paid 1,000,000 to eat some old woman’s excrement. It’s a long story though.”

“Do tell.”

“He was working as a host [at a club] and agreed to meet a customer outside the club. He thought it was just going to be sex at a love hotel or something.

As soon as he got there, she crapped on a table and divided it into 4, offering ¥250,000 to eat each portion. He said he ate all 4 and got ¥1,000,000.

Even if you aren’t hot, if you’re a good talker you can get in with some rich old woman or something?

Though he said he could still taste it in his mouth a week afterwards…”

“That’s a bit harsh. Though I’d think about it if it were a JK.” [JK = “joshi kosei”/”highschool girl”]

“It’d be harsh with anyone’s…”


“I can’t believe it!”

“Women are scary.”

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