Aya Hirano & Yamakan = “Ultimate Troll Combo”


Anime fans are aghast at seeing the two most controversial figures (or “biggest trolls” as some would have it) in the anime world join forces – scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano is now a follower of washed up director Yamakan.

For those not following his recent career, after his triumph with Haruhi, Yamakan has become widely ridiculed online – having squandered his reputation in a variety of provocative Internet exchanges, only to then become a laughing stock with the abject failure of Fractale, upon which he staked what was left of his reputation.

From the “idiot detector,” as Twitter is increasingly known to 2ch:

Yamakan: Oh! I got followed by Hirano!

Hirano: Dropping the honorifics are you!!

Yamakan: In that case, it’s Hirano-chan.

Yamakan: Sounds a bit like Hirame-chan, doesn’t it? [a character from the manga Jarinko Chie]

The online reaction to this conjunction of dark powers:

“The ultimate troll combo!”

“Uwa! They’ve already been having secret liaisons…”

“Hirano must be grateful to Yamakan – however you look at it, Haruhi was a success because of him.”

“Yamakan has probably already done her.”

“They are a good match for one another really.”

“Does this mean we finally get a second season of Lucky Star?”

“Twitter specialists have to be on good terms as they have nothing else.”

“They have both been abandoned by the anime world…”

“She sure knows how to get ahead using her bed!”

“With all his bluff and bluster it seems he’s now out of favour with industry types. Now he has Aya…”

“So it’s to be flamewar marketing?”

“This pair can put on the ultimate Twitter performance.”

“She really loves men with no future…”

“It’s good that a pair of failures can get on so well.”

“Are the lifeliners still breathing?”

“There aren’t any left…”

“Yamakan and Hirano, two personages reunited in ruin. Well, I suppose it’s beautiful in a way.”

“True fans boost you even when you are on your way down!”

“Get on with Kannagi season 2!”

In other news, after glibly ignoring the scandal at her heels and nipping off to attend an event in Taiwan where she correctly wagered that her uncontroversial “Hirano = Haruhi” image still held sway, she returned only to tweet of her dismay at finding herself locked out of her own blog, saying she was looking forward to being able to make a “big announcement” in the coming days – though likely just the details of her new agency.

Whether this was merely the result of transient technical problems or some final spat with her agency is not clear – although it seems probable even a change of agency will not solve her image problems, and associating herself with the second most controversial figure in the anime business certainly will not…

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