“My Doujinshi Only Sold 3 Copies! I Want To Die!”


Whilst tales of top tier ero-doujinshi circles netting tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales each Comiket are common, unfortunately for the vast majority of circles the results of Comiket are rather more humble…

From an exchange on 2ch’s VIP board:

“I participated in today’s Comiket and my sales didn’t hit ¥10,000… I want to die.”

“What did you sell?”

“I only sold 3 copies of 50 printed…”

“If you only sold 3, just upload it. Applications for winter have already begun, you know.”

“You sold each copy for ¥3000?”

“You couldn’t even sell 20 copies for 500 each?”

“You say only, but for a no-name circle to sell 20 isn’t bad at all.”

“I thought so too… how godly would I have been if I had sold 20! I want to die.”

“How much of a loss did you make?”


“You just have to make the cover sexy and high quality.”

“How much did you flog them for?”

“¥500 a copy.”

“It’s actually amazing you sold even 3.”

“Show off your art, your art!”

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What do I do with my stock!!! I can’t sell it come winter!!!1 Shit, die diei dife dfs1!”

“This is it you damn fools:”

[He quotes another poster posting about his doujinshi on another thread:] “I found a really bad one! It’s an Aria book,  I laughed reading it! When I bought it, the author said ‘the illustrations have some flavour to them, yes?’ This is doujinshi quality!”






“I’m sorry.”

“I laughed.”

“You could make this into some quality AA.”

“You guys have never been to Comiket, have you? There’s a lot worse that that…”

“Sorry, I laughed.”

“It’s not that bad. But for a ¥500 debut it’s not there.”

“It’s amazing this sold at all.”

“There’s always next year!”

“I’d buy this for a laugh. But only for ¥200.”

“I quite like the final panel there…”

“I can imagine the person who bought it onanising away with that expression.”

“I’m going to bed.”

Demoralised artists are advised to stick at it, for fame awaits the select few.

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