K-ON! Goes To London – “Hopefully They Won’t Be Mugged!”


The upcoming K-ON! movie has been revealed as taking place in London, an unfortunate choice of setting in light of recent events.

The salient details about the movie are that the girls resolve to go on a post-graduation trip to London, taking Azunyan along with them.

The movie itself opens in December, in the form of a December roadshow with complicated and (so far) completely sold out ticket arrangements.

Kyoto Animation are probably cursing themselves for not picking Paris or New York at this stage:

“If Azusa is going at least take Ui!”

“London!? Are they going to a private university? What scum…”

“Mugi’s doubtless paying for them all, isn’t she?”

“Will they be going here then?”



“In the world of K-ON! there are no men, so in their UK nothing like that happens.”

“K-ON! is amazing!”


Fans will doubtless be hoping the girls escape being mugged and maimed by the capital’s friendly inhabitants…

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