“Youngest Ever” 9-Year-Old Prostitute Recruits 20 Lolicon


Taiwan is aghast after learning of the ease with which its “youngest ever” prostitute, a 9-year-old girl, was able to recruit lolicon suitors looking for sexual services so she could afford $35 with which to buy cards.

The incident unfolded in Taiwan’s capital Taipei,when a local 9-year-old girl found herself in need of funds with which to buy game cards.

The girl apparently accessed the local equivalent of a deaikei site, announcing “I turned 9 this year!” and soon had 20 men expressing interest in her services, with the girl selecting a 16-year-old boy from their ranks.

She then invited the boy to her home and performed oral sex on him in front of her twin sister, in exchange for NT$1000 ($35).

Despite her apparently precocious antics, it seems she did not really know what she was doing – she later boasted of her success to her mother, saying “I got the card by kissing a boy on his wee-wee!”

Her horrified mother immediately reported this to police and soon the boy was in custody and the girl was receiving “guidance” from child protective services.

The mother was later quoted tearfully admitting that “I am a bad mother!”

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  • “Cardcaptor Sakura”, eh? And now she ruined life of one more, who din`t do anything that damages her, both physically and mentally. Also requesting MOAR ABOUT TWIN-SISTER – may be all that is her initiative (after moment, that this girl “accessed the local equivalent of a deaikei site”)?

  • Why is anyone surprised about this? Guys and girls, it’s time to live in the real world: THIS ISN’T ANYTHING ABNORMAL!

    Need I say it again: since we are BORN with genitals (and we could be born with just a pee-hole if some ‘god’ created us) that are fully functional outside of reproduction (and the 4 year old getting pregnant in Peru might bust that thing), we are supposed to be having sex from birth or soon afterwards.

    • If that were that much true, kids left alone boys and girls, maybe naked, would have sex often. But this is rather exceptional. They do get curious but they do not have sex.

      On the other hand, there are countless activities kids wouldn’t think on their own and that they’re taught about by adults.

  • The newest announcement (8/14) from the police proves that this is a misleading fake news.

    On the BBS, the girl only complained that her mother refused to give her money to buy the point card of the online game. The 16 years-old boy deceive her that he would like to give her his card and help her installing it and then rape her in her home.

    I know probably most of you can not read the Chinese, but this is the corrected news:

    • I’d like to issue a correction if it is indeed incorrect, but the level of discrepancy here is frankly so large it’s all rather suspect… if anything the second version scarcely sounds any less odd than the first (“online sex predator youth raped my daughter” if anything sounds like something made up by press, parents, police or politicians).

      In any case, thanks for bringing this to our attention…

  • Am I the only one who laughed at the derp CGI reenactment?

    Seriously though this is going to give those idiots who wish to censor the internet more ammunition for their cause which of course would do little to prevent more incidents like this.
    In reality the blame lays with the kid’s parents for allowing a nine year old on the internet unsupervised and not warning her about certian types of strangers.

  • The mother was later quoted tearfully admitting that “I am a bad mother!”.

    I feel bad for the mom. I mean the kid is 9 so they probably haven’t had “the talk” yet. Maybe we should start educating kids about sex earlier. I know I’d be giving my future child lectures as soon as she’s 6 months. Better safe than sorry.

  • So what. I’d have done it too at 9. It’s not the kind of thing that leaves you traumatized, so who were they “protecting” by arresting the kid? The parents?

    In fact, I’ve done similar things.

    • ‘Can you explain why it’s wrong for a willing girl, who was happy with the outcome, to engage in sexual activities? Why is her age relevant?’

      The age is relevant because human neuroplasticity varies with age.

      The “willing” is debatable because she can’t give informed consent.

      The “wrong” term is slanted; it’s more accurate to say that the activity harms society.

      ‘It’s not the kind of thing that leaves you traumatized, … In fact, I’ve done similar things.’

      You *claim* it doesn’t traumatize. You can’t prove your claim.

      The fact that you admit to similar activities indicates that you have a vested interest in excusing, even justifying such actions.

      • > The age is relevant because human neuroplasticity varies with age.

        Possible point, but that applies to everything, not just sex or kinship.

        > The “willing” is debatable because she can’t give informed consent.

        Again, same is true with everything. If one cannot claim a child is willing for sex, then one cannot claim a child is willing of much things.
        If we’re okay on this balance, then possible point.
        Frankly, I say kids usually do not have a clue what they’re doing nor what they’re made doing, but may be perfectly willing. It sounds like either the law or the prosecution distinguishes here. But based on what?

        > You *claim* it doesn’t traumatize. You can’t prove your claim.

        You cannot claim making a child stand doesn’t traumatize. Your point? *What* makes sex traumatizing and that does not make everything traumatizing? There are perfectly good examples. But they’re nothing like the story told here.

  • why not?

    Thank heaven for little girls
    for little girls get bigger every day!

    Thank heaven for little girls
    they grow up in the most delightful way!

    Those little eyes so helpless and appealing
    one day will flash and send you crashin’ thru the ceilin’

    Thank heaven for little girls
    thank heaven for them all,
    no matter where no matter who
    for without them, what would little boys do?

    Thank heaven… thank heaven…
    Thank heaven for little girls!

  • What’s so fuckign terrible in her sucking dick if she haven’t catched any STD?

    There’s no rational point to view this case as something bad. Hell, if not for STD’s, I’d say prostitutes are the most beautiful human beings, by body and spirit.

  • Bad sakura lick card…
    So innocent who chose to suck wee wee..
    But as it has the Pedobear 16 will come out soon..
    In the next ad should put her sister together and make more successful…

    Will lay blame on the cards/vg/web? 😛

    And yes bad bad mother!!

    • Unsupervised easy stranger communication. Unsupervised home where the visit of a stranger is possible.

      If you think none of this is to blame, maybe the whole affair, if like it’s told, is not that much of a shame.

  • It makes me sick. She’s just a little slut, nothing more. As for the mother…she probably didn’t give a shit what her daughter was doing, until after the incident.

    It’s a known fact that gooks suck.

  • You guys underestimate the maturity of a 9 year old, I am sure she just said that so the guy would get arrested and she would not get harassment from him or others on the site, and she gets away with a nice game card.

    • Did you forget she was taken away from her parents?
      I have no doubt it was just fun for the girl. She discovered a way to make money so she can buy what she wanted. She was proud of that, that’s probably why she told her mummy, and you know the end…

  • Wow what a dumbass mother.

    What’s done has already been done, she should’ve put it behind her and tell her daughter what was wrong with what she did. Not tell the media.

    Instead now the whole country knows. She’s going to be known as a slut in school and be bullied about it. Probably drop out of school and become a real prostitute in high school.

    She’s probably going to get more traumatized by this than the actual BJ.

  • I think she did it for the lolz, I seriously do. Astonishingly many 5-6 year olds that I know are incredibly smart for their age. However, they tend to be bratty and full of themselves for their own good. Go figures -.-

  • It is shocking but when you think about but seriously? A 9 year old set this up all by herself? I wonder how much of this info is true. If it is true I bet most adults are in denial that she set his up by herself.

    It just goes to show society. Kids aren’t as stupid and sheltered as adults think they are. I’m glad the mother is at least reflecting on how she didn’t properly educate her daughter instead of blaming everyone else. Then again this case is probably a very rare one in deed where there was no manipulation from the very beginning, so there wasn’t really anyone else to blame other than how she raised her own daughter.

  • I don’t think we’re getting the full story about how much the girl understood, but either way it’s awesome to see someone accept responsibility like the mother did here and not try to blame everyone else.

  • Whoa, this article left me chuckling but horrified at the same time.

    I’m all for sex-ed and teaching kids to understand their bodies, but starting out at 9?

    I hope this won’t be a common thing for the new generation.

    • The boy goes to prison. She gets ‘counseling’. She advertised for it and he responded. It’s a double standard, but I think the boy probably feels that something bad came out of this.

    • None, really. They get a lesson in sex-ed, her virginity’s intact, she had fun and got what she wanted, and now she’ll get educated that she shouldn’t be a slut just yet before she knows what that means in terms of repercussions. Actually this is pretty damn tame compared to what I expected… and to be honest, my first thought was “This is the most enterprising little girl I’ve ever heard of in my life.”

      What amazes me though is she had the mental faculties to set all this up, and yet people still think because she called it ‘kissing’ on the ‘weewee’ that she didn’t really know what she was doing. She didn’t know the terminology, but she sure as fuck knew what she was doing. It’s a lie to say otherwise. She might not have had full anatomical understanding, but the way this sounds at least, this girl is definitely more mature than anyone is willing to give her credit for before this even gets into the ‘right or wrong’ argument about the event itself.

      Oh well, it’s all back into the argument of adults stupidly project their own stupidity on children.

      • Her mom could have paddled their asses (the one for doing it, and the other for watching) and tore up the card, to help drive in the lesson, “Don’t suck cock for game cards,” but I’m old and don’t believe in a lot of the touchy-feely child education stuff either.

      • As I was reading your thoughts I realized this girl reminds me of Kokonoe Rin, precocious little scamp. Anyway, personally I believe the the boy should have had enough reasoning at that age to see how unethical it would be to accept services from a nine year old.

        OR we could go in the other direction and assuming he was being altruistic, maybe 9 is too young for him. But with all the other lolicons going for her maybe he decided to be altruistic. Instead of pulling out of the bidding he stayed in, hoping she would pick him. Someone who would not do anything worse than advertised.

        But then, if that was the case, he probably could have just given her the cash.

        • While I could think like that, I would never be able to shut up the voice telling me she’ll do it again, with confidence from the first time, and that I’m neither able nor willing nor entitled to keep giving out free money to a little girl.
          If you really want to protect her, you’re supposed to go more along the line of reporting her. Admittedly, having any effect without you being the chosen client is doubtful. Also, it might be complicated to find a way to join the family and explain that their 9-years-old daughter offered you a blowjob for cash, and that in the matter you did nothing else than pretend you accepted.

      • Definitely an entrepreneur in the making! She needs to take some basic business courses though as she was undervaluing what she was selling.

        I’m sure she could have walked out of there with a PS3 or an Xbox 360, maybe both plus the cards under the right circumstances with the right individual.

        Chalk it up to the follies of youth. She would be well served to read these:


      • Personally if its consentual between both parties regardless of age it shouldn’t really be illegial but thats my take on it. Its sort of stupid to arrest anyone for something that they both consented to, and Don’t give me that “The 9 yr old is innocent” crap, she knew enough to offer herself up on that BBS or whatever, so she knew full damn well what she was doing.

      • @ Anon 18:11

        True enough, can’t really argue with that, but that doesn’t change the fact that true law should be used only as a basis and should be adaptable to all situations. He did nothing to permanently harm the girl against her will, and as such, that should be taken into account when it comes to his punishment. Although the irony is that in this situation, the girl’s ‘punishment’ which isn’t really a punishment, is exactly the type of thing the teenage prostitutes in Japan should be getting as opposed to arresting Johns and letting the girls just go back to whoring themselves out without any form of recognition that it’s something that could be considered reprehensible.

        Although as much as I can recognize the reprehensible nature of it, I also cannot objectively consider prostitution or teenage sex wrong. People would argue things like ‘that’s someone’s daughter’ and I can say “that argument can be used when a woman is 8 or 80, it’s a fool’s argument.”

        If the parents care enough, then perhaps they’d talk to teenage prostitutes and work something out. Yet of course the irony is that in many cases the girls are prostituting as a direct result of the parents’ influence or lack thereof. If someone asks “Would you allow your daughter to become a prostitute?” then I would say “She’d never feel neglected enough to need to, because she will know how much myself and her family cares for her and her future.”

        Now this little girl blows many things out of the water (no pun intended ^^). In the end, it’s kind of like the extreme difference between the tragedy of 1 person dying and the statistic 1000 people dying. You just kind of go “…wow, impressive.”

        • > I’m also sick of parents telling me “You don’t know what it’s like to have children.” when I say things like this. Yes. I do. It’s like being a camp counselor, just for the entire day and night.

          You fail to address that emotions are different when the children are yours, or more to the point that you are responsible of only like one to four of them, thus more emotionally attached to each.
          They mean that too when they say that, and they’re correct. It is not so easy to suppress your emotions, and fighting them too much might actually render you unable to attend correctly to the rest of your parental duties. There is no such thing as a perfect parent*, as well as there is no such a thing as a perfect anything.

          * Well, I’d rate my parents close to perfect parents, but people might differ based on the outcome.

        • > If someone asks “Would you allow your daughter to become a prostitute?” then I would say “She’d never feel neglected enough to need to, because she will know how much myself and her family cares for her and her future.”

          You’re overestimating your skills, dude. Raising children with caring and presence is not ‘just a matter of.’ Though I admit many parents don’t even try, some simply not realizing they don’t even try, that does not mean that you get expected results with committed and educated raising.
          Maybe you’ll success in making your daughter feel that way, maybe you won’t. Maybe it will trigger her to become a prostiture, maybe it won’t. You cannot predict the outcome as you cannot ensure it. It is not within your power.

          So, ‘Would you allow your daughter to become a prostitute?’ I wouldn’t. Too freaking dangerous. I’d relunctantly accept she becomes sexually active. My home would still be hers if she decided to go for prostitution anyway, but I would not allow it. When she becomes an adult, I’d rather she counts on my income than become a prostitute, but I’d accept if she has different opinions.

        • I’ll give a reason for this to be nowhere near as bad as it’s made out to be. Simply put, it’s because it was her choice. Think carefully for a moment. Why can adults, who drink themselves into stupidity, lie perpetually for self-preservation, dupe one another to get ahead, and generally are assholes whenever they get the chance, have the right to call children, who have the purest form of A+B=C logic on the planet, unready for certain things that have the potential to make them feel good?

          If we’re talking about danger here, then of course there’s danger, and preventing a child from getting into a dangerous situation is paramount. The consequences of sex are unknown to children because of one fundamental reason: the adults are too embarrassed to tell them. My mother educated me about sex the moment I asked the question at age 7, and her having a medical background and a child’s picture-book to help me understand visually made me have understanding of sex and its consequences and purpose as early as 10 years old. Because of this, I knew not to disrespect it. Simple as that.

          Adults, by and large, are unaware, uneducated cowards. Quite simple. We specialize in one thing much of the time, and most other things are forgotten or ignored because we lack the discipline to go beyond what we need to do to survive. 90% of us are NPCs, nothing more.

          I will give you an example of why this situation is more of a tragedy because punishment is involved. A friend of mine has a daughter, whom he was dropping off with his ex-wife for the week once. He accidentally locked the car in front of her building, with the keys inside, as well as his daughter, who was nonchalantly playing around in her chair in the back. He knew not to make a big deal out of it, and simply make her feel comfortable as he got the door open so she wouldn’t recognize anything was wrong. His ex-wife came out, and he told her. What did she do? Immediately freaked out, screamed in the window “We’ll get you out, sweetie! Don’t worry!” What did the young girl do? Became immediately terrified and started crying and calling for her mommy as if she was being taken away forever.

          Exact situation here. Treat the girl and the situation with a little respect (yes, you must respect a child. Only an idiot would say otherwise. Ever wonder where the ‘teenage rebellion’ comes from? Years of disrespect from stupid adults.) and explain to her with maturity and understanding why there are things she needs to understand about what she did. If she starts feeling guilty and ashamed, you stop her. You say “No, no, sweetie. Listen, you shouldn’t be afraid! You were lucky nothing happened, but don’t be afraid of sex, just wait until you understand a little more about it. If we want cards, help me around the house with some chores, and we can get you some, all right?”

          I’m also sick of parents telling me “You don’t know what it’s like to have children.” when I say things like this. Yes. I do. It’s like being a camp counselor, just for the entire day and night. The only difference between a camp counselor and a parent is the amount of time on the job. That and they won’t get fired for answering questions about sex and religion. I’m sick of parents pretending it’s a miracle and only they can do it. If every human on the planet can make a child, it’s not a miracle. Shut up. What’s a miracle is parents who don’t utter the phrase ‘Don’t tell me how to raise my children’ because those are the exact people who DO need to be told how.

        • @6:52

          Holy shit, you actually are crazy. I gave you logical reasons as to why your asinine examples have no relevance and not only do you completely ignore everything I said, but you return to your “that boy should burn for what he might have done” attitude immediately. I pray to whatever deity might have the power and willingness to smite you down that you never end up in the position to draft legislation, because it terrifies me that there are people who would want to apply punishment for crimes someone didn’t actually commit just to cover all the possibilities.

          My argument does not in the slightest absolve the two children of the laws they broke. The two were involved in prostitution and a non-penetrative sexual act between two minors. BOTH of them should absolutely be held accountable for the prostitution charge, but treating the boy as though he had raped the girl when the reality is that he did not is ludicrous. The day “innocent until proven guilty” completely vanishes will be a tragic day in history indeed.

        • @00:52

          If you want to play it like this, I can also make up stuff just to counter you, and it actually seems right too?

          – A girl can handle a gun because she probably knows what killing means, and she is aware that dead creatures can’t be brought alive. If she wants to kill someone, she’s fully responsible for her deeds, just because she really understands the concept of death at her age. Yes, it’s okay for her to have a gun, and when she actually kills someone, it’s her own fault and she needs to be locked away.

          If nothing happens, all the better, you can’t punish people for just OWNING a guy, can you?

          – Why can’t she drive a car? It’s much faster than a bike, and scientific results have shown that a car is much safetier for the driver if an accident occurs?

          – Let’s teach children about cursing, because you know, they’ll learn it some day anyway. The quicker they understand what something means, the better, so they can defend themselves when people insult them. Also, words are just words, they don’t hurt physically, so I think children should insult EVERYBODY if they can, just in case. It’s better for them if people are intimidated by them, so they might leave them alone.

          Yes indeed, I can make up “arguments” too, and they all sound quite right, but it’s totally ridiculous what you all are saying.

          Like I said, I don’t even mind pedophiles, as long as they don’t actually hurt children. And you all make it sound like fellatio has NOTHING to do with actual sex or whatsoever. Don’t be stupid, you all know better than that. The point is, who is willing to admit? Just because the majority here likes stuff like lolicon, it’s a right thing what that guy did? Taking advantage of a girl who thinks a blowjob equals Yu-Gi-Oh cards, do you really think she understands things beyond that?

          If she really wanted to have sex, she would have done it without needing money… She only did it because she wants cards. How hard is that concept to grasp in your silly pedophile fantasies?

          You guys do realize it’s only in this community you get thumbed up, and where you get to defend each other? I’m not saying that it’s because the majority is against pedophilia that you guys need to be too. I gave it a chance, gave it a thought without prejudice of what “should or shouldn’t” be. If you’re logical, you know sexual acts WILL hurt children. Like I said, maybe it’s as “innocent” as a blowjob now, but if she wasn’t as lucky, she could’ve met somebody else who could’ve raped her.

          Yet, you all pretend there’s no possibility that someone would do that… If I have to repeat myself “A blowjob is totally irrelevant with actualy sex” /sarcasm.

        • Can you explain why it’s wrong for a willing girl, who was happy with the outcome, to engage in sexual activities? Why is her age relevant? She got what she wanted, and she didn’t seem to regret anything.

          As for knowing if anything more happened or not, then you’re right, we can’t be sure nothing more happened, but this doesn’t only apply to this situation. In almost any situation, an outside party could not know every detail, thus, we are never SURE about anything, but taking it from what information we are given, we can make the conclusion that nothing happened.

          And as for how ready she was physically, people put things in their mouths since the day they were born, I’m pretty sure 9 years later is no problem.

        • @23:57
          This kind of argument is exactly what religious extremists push today. That because they believe something is “wrong” or because their holy book says it is “wrong” then anyone doing it must be evil. But when it comes down to it, when you start damning people for what they might have done rather than what they did do, and that is absolutely wrong. Ever seen the movie Minority Report? They arrested people for things they were supposedly about to do. It’s pretty terrifying that a lot of laws lately are moving in that direction. A little boy gets his dick sucked by a girl who asked him to come over so she could do it, he leaves after it’s over, and then he’s put in prison because he could have sexually assaulted her. What? How the fuck do you make that leap when it DIDN’T ACTUALLY HAPPEN? Obviously, the practice of prostitution is dangerous, and they should absolutely be lectured and warned about the dangers of it. But the punishment should fit the ACTUAL crime, not what could have happened.

          As for your alarmist examples:

          Personally I don’t think anyone should have a gun if they’re not hunting for food. Most of mankind is not capable of separating themselves from their emotions well enough to prevent the kind of tragedies that happen every day with firearms, not to mention the accidents. Unfortunately the reality is that they are out there now and so limitations are placed so that only those who pass the proper qualifications can receive one. A 9-year old cannot do so, and thus should not have a gun.

          Words don’t mean anything without intent to injure behind them. I can say anything I want, and if someone else doesn’t take offense to it, then it’s the same as any other word in the language. “Boat” could have ended up a bad word if someone had decided to hurl it as an insult before it was attached to the sea craft, just like “gay” used to describe happiness before it was modified by society as a descriptor for homosexuals. The bottom line is, people decide for themselves to allow language to be used as a weapon, and it has no relevance to this argument.

          As for the car, there are logistical reasons a 9 year old should likely not be driving a car. For one, their hand-eye coordination, arm strength, and peripheral vision are possibly not up to par to even control the vehicle safely. Not to mention that due to the size of their body they may not even be able to reach all the controls. They may also have a difficult time multi-tasking well enough to keep traffic rules in mind while avoiding safely other drivers breaking them. Their minds are also in a self-centered stage at that point, which is dangerous in a system where you’re expected to allow others to safely pass around and in front of you. I would actually not mind seeing the age restrictions for licenses rise even higher than they already are for that particular reason. Teenagers cause a lot of accidents by “hogging” the road, and there are brain chemistry reasons for that selfish and often reckless behavior that don’t usually sort themselves out until they fully form as an adult.

          But really none of that matters in the topic at hand. I just want to see the world move less toward alarmist punishment of what could have happened, and return to the punishment fitting the actual crime.

        • @Anon 22:17:- Your way to emotional man, first thing first, everything that life house has said was accurate, the girl, set the thing up, she went online, found buyers, chose the youngest out and set a price and place, she did (tho inexperince) had oral sex with him and got the money, the ONLY thing she didn’t do was use the correct terms, you have to admit this girl is more mature and intelligent that they would give her credit for, sure at her age she didn’t compenhend what she was doing however heres the scary part, am sure she is going to do it again, why ? because she got what she wanted from it and is properly going to get the cards taken away and a yelling that is all while the guy (which again, is the only one going to be punished) is going to jail, I think for this case, they need to give him community service if this is a first offense, he did break the law, he does need a punishment too but what happeneded here seems more like a logical reasoning, she agreed and was the one to set it up that has to be taken into constration but am not expecting it.

          Now everyone thinks differenly YOU included anon, your sounding butthurt because lifehouse was trying to use reason, if you had read most of has post you would of realized he didn’t accept or approve of what she did but realized that the girl is mature enough to think up and execute the plan.

          “It takes two to tango.”

        • The problem with all situations like this is that they’re designed around reacting in all situations to what “could have happened” rather than what “did happen”.

          In this case, both children should have been lectured and explained to why such an action is wrong, with warnings that future violations would result in the actual punishment, because in reality, nobody was actually hurt. We’re talking about two children here that both willingly engaged in the deal. The girl went looking for the site and invited the boy, and then willingly did a sexual act that in no way hurt her to get what she wanted. If the boy had forced her to extend that to penetrative sex against her will, then absolutely it should be considered rape with all its legal implications. As it is, the punishment did not fit the “crime”, if that’s what you call a girl sucking on a piece of flesh and likely spitting out warm liquid when it was done. Yes, there is a potential risk of STDs, but the reality is that nothing bad happened.

          I’m in no way a lolicon but I can clearly see a distinction in specific cases that the law should be taking into account. The punishment needs to take into account the actual circumstances of the event in question. In almost every case now the female is automatically labeled the victim, and the male is thrown in prison. It’s a particularly disturbing idea that if a female asks you to do something, you may soon have to weigh the odds of if you may end up in jail should she decide to spin it against you.

        • you can’t argue with “but something could have happend” because nothing did. You seem a little (excuse the term) butt hurt going off of your post. And she was the one who chose to engage in sexual activity. did I say it was right? no. But she made the choice and no bad came of it, so why make this a big deal? Just as well, my sister is in her 20s i don’t care who’s dick she sucks.

        • >only as a basis and should be adaptable
          That used to be the way law was applied were I live, about 500 years ago. It led to completely arbitrary judgements, often to the benefit of those with social status. And no one could do anything about it, precisely because law was supposed to be flexible, and you couldn’t pin judges down on the wording of the statutes.
          Since then we’ve had massive political and social reforms, and the most important improvement is that nowadays people can trust what the law says, and that it will be meted out equally and impartially in all situations. If certain situations aren’t covered by the law, the law should be corrected, not thrown out of the window.

        • @Kixiv and Evil

          I sound butthurt? Oh come on, I could care less about what happens to someone I don’t even know. What does get “my butt hurt” is that people think they’re intelligent here, because they have “arguments” about something that’s clearly wrong.

          Actually, I have the feeling that people here just like to jack off to stories like that, and that’s why they think it’s ethical that incident like this occurs.

          To be honest, I don’t mind pedophiles, it’s nothing they can control. And you can all fap on animal porn all day for all I care… But claiming that this could be allowed is simply STUPID. I’m not even defending the law because I think this is disgusting or anything (which most people of this community seem to think).

          The girl knows what she does? Well yea. I’m not even going to claim that she didn’t enjoy it. But using that as an argument is retarded as hell. It’s not because that someone is aware of something, that it’s right in the first place?

          To give you a total irrelevant example, based on the same PRINCIPLE (yes, before some random douche says it’s irrelevant, understand the PRINCIPLE). If I were to murder someone, and enjoy it, that doesn’t make it right, does it?

          Second of all, what does she know? She’s 9 years old. Being aware of what she did doesn’t mean knowing what the consequences are. For her, it’s just sucking someone’s dick and get money, but in her mother’s mind (and anyone who’s sane in their head) it could end up having her getting raped or abducted.

          Do you really think she understands that? If she did, she wouldn’t do it.

          “you can’t argue with “but something could have happend” because nothing did”

          How do you even know? If this guy wasn’t caught, something really could have happened. Stop being naïeve, you’re fully aware that there are perverts roaming this world. Do I have to repeat myself again? So it’s all okay until something happens? And if something really did happen, would you even disagree?

          What do suggest then? Having this child prostitution service where people only could have their dick sucked off, while someone’s watching so nothing more happens?

          And what bothers me is, you all seem to think this “cultural perception” is what made the law, and complain how unfair it is that pedophilia isn’t accepted. Don’t act like it was just invented randomly on a day. There’s a reason for that. There used to be a day in the past where there was no law like that, and one day, it got approved because of incident that were totally wrong. Don’t you forget that.

          You also seem to give this girl a lot of credits, because she’s smart enough to plan all this shit. For fuck’s sake. A girl that age can handle a gun, do you trust it? She can use words like “fuck”, “shit” and “retard”, but does she understands how grave it is? She could drive a car too if she wanted, but would it be safe? A girl of the age of 13 can even be pregnant, but is it wise to do that?

          Don’t mix up “being able to” with “it’s right to”, you bunch of morons.

        • Wow, what ignorance here. I’m ready to be thumb-downed, but at least try to understand what I’m saying here.

          Sure, HouseLife seems to be really open-minded, and anybody who says otherwise isn’t. But that’s not how it works here. I have the feeling that people already have a mindset, and THEN make arguments for it.

          Of course it’s not right for a girl of 9 to engage in sexual activities, even though she didn’t got traumatized or anything. And no, it’s not about cultural perception, I’m fully aware that the consensual age varies in different countries (and time), so you can leave that argument out too.

          Just logically speaking, do you guys REALLY think it’s okay to have a girl sucking other people’s dick? What if it was your sister, or your daughter? No harm was done, that’s true, but how could anyone be sure that nothing could’ve happened? So you just think it’s okay, until something happened? That’s just no excuse.

          Now, I’m not even talking about perception, but if you guys are all being “logical”, then sure, I’ll play along. How about the girl’s not even ready, physically? It seems pretty fair to say that a girl’s only ready when she starts having her menstruations. Or am I “spouting bullshit”, because you guys simply like lolis and start making up arguments afterwards?

  • OMG I just saw the video. That animation is funny as shit. And lolz @ how those chinks pirated the word 援交.
    Come up with your own words chinks. Oh yeah, I forgot even the terms in the name of your country are pirated from Japan.

  • (1) I watched the video (not understanding Chinese), and
    thought, “Is this real, or some sort of campaign-against

    The video shows a 3-D animated incident re-creation, and
    interviews of some guys (one of which was wearing a set
    of furry kitty-ears) and a woman.

    (2) That’s some damn fast police work, to sort through
    13,737 potential suspects (source and math below)!

    Or, did the police just show the girls a line-up, or a mug-
    book, and say, “Point to the guy who did it,”? (Doing
    this assumes/presumes the real perpetrator is in the line-
    up or mugbook.)

    Or, did the police just arbitrarily decide someone from
    “the list of the usual suspects” was the perpetrator?

    Or, did the 16-year-old actually call her from his home
    phone or his own cell phone?!

    From http://english.dosw.taipei.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=143567&ctNode=15826&mp=107002

    Taipei Population Stats

    0-1 years of age: 44,453
    2-5 years of age: 91,983
    6-11 years old: 153,118
    total: 289,554

    The numbers of youth 0-18 years old is 481,881 persons,
    accounting for 18.28% of the total city population.

    481,881 (0-18-year-olds) minus 289,554 (0-11-year-olds)
    = 192,327 (12-18-year-olds)

    Approximating now …

    ord( {male, female] ) == 2, so,

    192,327 / 2 ~= 96,163 (male 12-18 year olds)

    ord( {12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18} ) == 7, so,

    96,163 / 7 ~= 13,737

    giving roughly 13,737 male 16-year-olds.

  • I generaly hate pedos, but she was 9 and he was 16 so they were both minors right? Why would they arrest him? I can understand for paying a whore I guess, but kids fucking (or just having oral sex it sounds like) isnt somthing to get the cops involved over.

  • Lock the johns up in cells with anal rapists. One month later record their wimperings and lamentations in the infirmary as they’re being treated and use it in ads which should provide an excellent deterrent for others.