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The End of Aya Hirano: “I Quit” “My Fan Club is Closed”


Aya Hirano has announced that she has “decided to quit” her agency Space Craft, and that she has closed her fan club (which apparently still had members) as well.

In a lengthy (for Hirano) update on her official blog, she claims that in fact she intended to quit her agency all along, having been engaged in stalled negotiations to leave since last year.

Hirano’s explanations have not always accurately reflected the actual course of events, but even her explanation does seem compatible with the leaked explanation that she was stripped of her musical career as punishment for having sex with her band and sexually harassing her recalcitrant bassist, only to be liquidated by the agency by way of the recent leaks, all of which seem to have come from sources close to the agency itself.

In fact the only allusion she makes to the scandal that has engulfed her is a conspicuously oblique one:

“I had intended to officially announce the closure of my fan club via this blog and Twitter on the 20th, but due to a variety of overlapping and astonishingly unexpected circumstances, so as not to further worry fans I will be bringing forward the announcement.”

The letter fans received today:


It is not clear whether the closure of her fan club was forced by her departure from her agency, or whether it was simply down to the sheer difficulty of maintaining a fan club in the absence of actual fans.

She gives no specific information as to the future direction of her career, although apparently she still entertains the notion that there will be one:

“We’ll be arranging future developments here after on a daily basis, so there should be happy announcements to follow.”

On the other hand, the only concerns being voiced by “fans” at this stage appear to be over whether Haruhi should be recast and when Hirano will make her appearance in an AV…

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