Aya Hirano “Sacked”


Scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano has reportedly been sacked from her agency “Space Craft” as a result of her controversial conduct finally becoming public.

According to media reports, she has “left” (nobody is ever sacked in Japan) her agency as a result of her reputation hitting the gutter after the recent leak of her efforts to turn her band into a harem.

Hirano watchers will recall that this is the agency that she previously complained was “stopping her making new music” and that she claimed that “nobody in my new team knows anything about my past career” and that “they forced me to change career direction” – in retrospect it appears she had been making certain massive omissions in describing the situation.

There is also some suspicion that the timing of the leaks and her removal are connected, with her agency having decided to wash their hands of an unmanageable performer by ensuring the details found their way into scandal rags.

However, despite the reports she is still listed on the agency’s site and  has still been making various appearances, at worst suggesting that her removal is to be a gradual affair.

Hirano still has not commented at all about the scandal, but oddly all the post-scandal photographs on her site seem to show her wearing dark sunglasses indoors or surgical masks in public…


Hirano watchers are, predictably, rather excited by these reports:

“It’s here!”

“Whether she’s been sacked or not, she’ll have no work from now on!”

“Let’s decide who will replace her as Haruhi!”

“Keep voicing Haruhi!”

“She probably wanted to get out of the agency and sold the photos to the rag herself.”

“It looks like she won’t disappear from the industry yet.”

“I thought she just had a normal boyfriend and was just being bashed by creepy otaku, but I was shocked to find out she was actually a total slut!”

“Why did it end up like this?”

“Serves her right.”

“The only role she’s indispensable for is Haruhi. Everything else hardly matters if she is sacked.”

“We were all calling her deko-bitch and in the end it turns out she really was one…”

“This bitch really is an idiot. Everyone might be doing this, but they don’t let people take pictures of them doing it… she must have been excited.”

“Her Twitter account has lain dormant ever since that day.”

“So, time for the AV yet?”

“If she did one, would you even buy it?”

“Hurry up and do the porno, before it’s too late.”

“MUTEKI debut incoming.”

“Here comes the AV!”

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