Charity Idol Boob Grab “¥1000 for 5 Gropes”



Breast fans are being confronted with the opportunity to indulge themselves in some boob groping and aid a charitable cause at the same time.

The charity event, organised by adult TV station Paradise TV, is intended to raise cash for international efforts to “save the earth,” fight AIDS and similar.

Rather than anything so tame as a traditional handshaking event, attendees will be offered the chance to cop a feel of the breasts of 3 “idols” if they shell out ¥1000, which yields 5 gropes.


Hopeful participants need to find their way to the event site near Park City Isetan in Shinjuku on the 20th and 21st, from 10AM to 6PM. Attendance is limited to over 18s, with an explicit “no schoolboys” policy in effect.


There are some doubts online:

“This is just prostitution.”

“Their breasts are going to be ruined.”

“They do this every year.”

“It’s on every year, somebody whose been needs to spill the beans!”

“What happens when you constantly grope someone’s breast for that long?”

“It’s just an oppub?”

“That is going to be painful.”

“It’s too expensive. I suppose if there is no time limit it is OK.”

“You are going to try some slow motion fondling aren’t you?”

“These girls put out 60 movies a year and have their own fans. Compared to AKB this is good-natured stuff.”


One of the more recent videos featuring “Strawberry” may also be familiar:


It is interesting to reflect on why an event like this can proceed without difficulty whilst Comiket apparently feels it necessary to ban cosplayers from wearing less than two pairs of underwear

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