“Why Do MMORPG Japs Love Queuing So Much?”


Japanese have been pondering the love their race seemingly exhibits for forming orderly queues, even in games…

2ch holds forth:

“Japs are too civilised!”

[NB: these Japanese are ironically referring to themselves as “Jappu” in Japanese]


[The players pictured are queuing for a mob – for those not familiar with MMORPGs, many rare monsters which need to be killed for quest or crafting purposes respawn on long timers or are simply in huge demand]

“How moving!”

“Reminds me of FF11. Nobody ever had to say anything, people just formed orderly queues…”

“Please give some thought to the poor mobs (´・ω・`)”

“Unicorn queues are so funny:”


“What the hell!”


“This is idiotic…”

“Form a party already!”

“What is this, a holy pilgrimage?”

“Very Japanese…”

“Do these people have some kind of social disorder?”

“Is this Comiket or something?”

“It’s like a line of slaves being led to their work camp.”

“Just how high are our cultural standards? Overseas there would be a free-for-all…”

“I can’t help but think just how awful these online games are for making people queue up for things like this.”

“Queues? Really? If you think about it, anyone who acted out of turn would be exposed online.”

“Japs queuing after a disaster:”


“Japs queuing in game:”







“Only Japanese would do this.”

“Why are they queuing so solemnly? It’s a game, isn’t it?”

“Well, if they queue they will probably get what they came for more quickly, I think.”

“This is what you see when you get Japanese.”

“I like this about Japanese. I’m so happy to have been born Japanese.”

“Japanese always act for the benefit of all, like in those screenshots. We shouldn’t give up on Japan just yet.”

“Quit glorifying queuing, you lot.

In Tera’s case, they could have formed parties and completed the task in a fraction of the time it takes to queue up as solo players. They just stubbornly insisted on soloing rather than joining a party.”

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