“Why Is NTR So Creepy Yet So Hot?”


NTR, one of the latest fetish genres to emerge from Japan’s at times disturbingly inventive erotic output, has been the subject of much recent discussion, having as it does one of the highest barriers to entry of any non-freakish pornographic genre.

The reasonably comprehensive definition of “NTR” as offered by Internet denizens:

“NTR is a slang abbreviation of ‘netorare’ [ ‘寝取られ’ – from the Japanese verb ‘netoru,’ meaning to steal a man or woman’s lover, literally ‘to sleep with and take,’ rendered as ‘NTR’ in Japanese (used as both a noun and a ‘suru’ verb for those wondering)]

It refers to situations where the protagonist and heroine are in a loving relationship and she is taken (sexually) by another man, or when there is unrequited love between protagonist and heroine and she is taken by another man.

This generally comes in either the consensual type or the rape type. There are also those who prefer the type where the situation ends with the protagonist losing his girl, and those who prefer it when the protagonist stages a come back.

Also NTR often falls into the type where the taker is a hot guy and the type where the taker is a dirty old man. The heroine may be the innocent type or the bitch type as well.

Some fans of the genre may identify most strongly with the protagonist being cuckolded, whilst others may prefer to identify with the man doing the taking. Some also identify with the heroine herself.”

NTR has lately become a staple of eroge, ero-anime and ero-manga (and, of course, doujinshi involving established characters), although of course themes of adultery and rape have long been fetish favourites in much Japanese erotica.

As a relatively new genre which seems to tickle the fancy of both wastrel masochists and rape fantasists whilst simultaneously straining the sensibilities of virgin hunter otaku, NTR seems to be rather more engagingly divisive than most creepy Japanese fetishes:

“NTR is dangerous stuff – it may be creepy and unpleasant, but you should learn just how arousing it can be.”

“NTR is supreme!”

“Like this:”


“The protagonist’s fiancee is NTRed by some idiot whilst he has to watch… after that he marries her but never has sex with her whilst she becomes pregnant with the idiot’s kid. The idiot studies and becomes more successful than the protagonist.”

“Harsh! This stuff just pisses you off though, right? NTR lovers really get off on this?”

“What? Why can’t you get off to that?”

“It grosses you out whilst stiffening you up at the same time, doesn’t it?”

“You get 3 sources of emotional connection for the price of one (NTRer, NTRed, NTRee) – what a bargain NTR is!”

“A lot of appeal for creepy old guys, indeed.”

“Ones where the NTRer is the protagonist’s best friend are best!”

“It really is horrible, but you can really get off to it.”

“Ones where the NTRee woman is intelligent and tall are best!”

“It really makes you want to puke whilst making you rock hard at the same time…”

“Well, if it actually happened to you I don’t think it would be very arousing.”

“A sense of humiliation, corruption and perversion, all in one.”

“NTRing someone is OK, but give me a break from being NTRed…”

“Making the NTRed guy excited himself is important too.”

“I like the creepy old guy stuff.”

“The ones with some well hung kid stealing a guy’s wife are great.”

“I like it when she hates the scummy NTRer.”

“My girlfriend was actually NTRed. After that it became a weird fetish for me.”

“I like it when the NTRee says she can no longer go back to the NTRed guy’s little penis.”

“The most important element is the progress of the heroine from good morals to being controlled by her own corruption.”

“With some ugly guy it’s just like humiliation material. The best is with the girl falling for a hot guy.”

“Also when the guy ends up raising the hoy guy’s kid…”

“Am I the only one to prefer looking at this from the woman’s perspective? I think I identify more with her…”

“Nothing gets my heart pounding like NTR.”

“It seems everyone gets excited about NTR for different reasons, doesn’t it?”

“Anyone here actually NTRed anyone?

I was fondling and fingering a girl, and then I got her to call her boyfriend whilst I was doing this and tell him not to call her any more. She actually did it too, I laughed.

The volume on the phone was turned up and he was like ‘Eh… Why this all of a sudden?’ I laughed even more.”

“You are total scum, aren’t you?”

“I want to be NTRed.”


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  • Anonymous says:

    I tried a game the other day, I realized shortly thereafter that the protagonist you play as is a massive cuck having all the women in his life raped in front of him with nothing he can do about it.

    I did not like that game, I quit that game, I’ll play games as characters I wouldn’t wanna be, but not like this, this is just too pathetic, I couldn’t even feel sorry for the guy, I felt sorry for the girls for how pathetic this guy is.

  • I have read quite a bit of NTR, like so many others on sankaku, i have seen some shit i’d rather forget. In the end you gotta buck up and live with it, you chose to read it and no amount of catter-walling will get the images out of your head.

  • If a man rapes your girl, kill the man and his family. If the girl consented on the sex and cheats on you kill both and their families… Such should be the law of men… For vengeance is the only true justice.

    • Revenge, on his family IS STUPID, I would be content with nailing the edges of the guys dick to a tree in the middle of the park.

      The girl, likewise, her tits and clit will be impaled to the monkey bars.

  • HAHA! good thing in the Philippines, one can legally kill the NTRer and NTRee but the man should be surprised by catching them doing the sexual act. The bad thing is this law cannot be applied unless you’re married to the girl. ARGH!

  • cant really lol at this, everytime i see that in anime and i rage O_o destorying an innocent couple aint cool
    u dont only destroy their relationship but u also break them…
    srsly not cool

    just like in faust..

  • So NTR is kind of like “please bang my waifu”, yes?

    I find it rather underwhelming, specially when compared to such all-time favourites as nekomimi, yuri, loli or imouto (notice that none of those are exclusive – a loli imouto nekomimi yuri threesome would be pure win). However I can see how the current otaku crop – themselves unable to fuck their idealized girlfriends expect by proxy – can relate to this.

  • Hmm I thought it’s simpler than that… I find a girl sexy when she, being a sweet girl at first, goes beyond morals and common sense for a good fuck, whether it’s NTR or not.

    But in NTR it happens often, so that’s good! I usually ignore emotional attachments in my hentai though.

  • I dont see why people would want to make themselves get angry unless you were a boxer or some sort of fighter and needed insparation before a fight…which seems to be the only good reason for NTR but what really gets me is when its from a series and ive gotten to know the character.

    Plus have you noticed when people get groped or raped in anime or manga they seem to get paralized from doing anything inless there a Tsundere???

  • I’m not a huge fan of NTR: it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, mostly because the plots almost always start with a rape or blackmail of some kind. The best NTR titles are more realistic, like Ai suru Tsuma, which is about a wife who confesses (slowly and obtusely) to cheating with an ex-boyfriend.

    NTR can create some very strong emotions, but I feel the stories tend to end in a silly fashion or inconclusively. Writers never make epilogues and things usually end when the women (almost always women) have fully succumbed to pleasure from the other man.

    That said, I prefer Netori (doing the taking), but those stories don’t create emotions as strong as NTR.

    • In theory you should throw in some sadistics who like to humiliate… But I admit that, given the expected audience of this kind of anime…

      Anyway a non-traumatic person’s fetishes appreciate at least some degree of masochism and some degree of sadicism. Of course, they’re fetishes. Like any tastes, when they’re not so strong as to define yourself, they come and go.

  • whenever i see these types of stuffs, i always thought that these would never happen if none of them screws up…

    … unless, there really is someone willing to screw their relationship up…

    anyways, i somewhat love-hate this… i always get epic-mad and get a boner at the same time… XD

  • I feel a connection with the protagonist of almost any story. If I read NTR, I seriously feel bad. Shame though, there are some good illustrators but some of their better works are NTR.

    I’m an NTR hater. This is my opinion. Don’t bash my comment.

    ~Black Rock Anon

  • Seen a hentai like this though the main char in the hentai was the NTRer. The womans husband was on a buisness trip. Eventually he has his way with her.. mutiple times. Was her Step son too iirc. Can’t seem to remember it all I know is the wife who was the NTRee had long purple hair. Least I think this counts as NTR.

  • Why is NTR so popular in Japan? Easy.

    Their society is founded on the principle to marry young because everything over 20 years old is “old”.
    In fact, everyone over 30 and unmarried has an automatic stigma upon them. It’s braindead, without a question.

    So, if a certain person takes his love-life rather casually they automatically end up hitting on married women. Add to that that almost every marriage in Japan is a unhappy one. Long working hours, no free time and social pressure freeze up every bit of joy.
    Japan has one of the highest rates when it comes to “unfaithfulness” in marriage.

    It’s a bad place to have a family.

    • Another aspect of Japanese society is the existence of hierarchy of power and acceptance of ones position in that hierarchy. In western terms it’s “kiss up and kick down”.

      NTR is a way to demonstrate domination and control by asserting sexual privileges over a subordinate’s mate or family. Japanese react to insult and abuse from a stronger individual in a passive way, then yell at and abuse someone below them.

      Bullying, public groping, pedophilia, gang rape, are all popular Japanese hobbies rooted in this subservience to the strong attitude. This syndrome is known as “gotnoballzu”.

  • NTR hmmm touchy subject……

    As long as its not me and i don’t think about it then its cool. But once I think about it like how the protagonist feels its just shoots mr Happy and Mr flopples comes out to visit. i can see how this could be hot and stuff but meh too much of a mindfuck for me to want it to happen. Maybe if I only got a girl to date simply cuz i wanted in her pants then this’d be cool. but nah.

    I think my first dose of that was from True Blue. hot stuff but man if you think about it its just terrible.

  • Using the rapist/NTRer as an avatar, rather than the good guy/NTRed is like putting yourself in the place of the zombie, rather than the protagonist who can’t do anything but run and weakly bonk a zombie on the head, which does not kill the zombie.

    The point of the NTR genre is to piss you off. Because what kind of an end would it be if the protagonist wins the girl in the end? A lame, boring one.

    Like. Secretly, you wanted the Joker to win in Dark Knight, because Batman easily beating Joker makes the Joker a lame supporting character, rather than a valid villain worth genuinely fearing. Likewise, you know who the good guy is in a NTR story, but you sort of enjoy getting pissed off when the good guy doesn’t/can’t do anything to save his girl from the uglier, fatter, middle aged man who is giving the aforementioned girl a good boning. In her uterus. Where he comes repeatedly in an effort to get her pregnant. (And she does that ahegao face.)

    • The fuck? I wanted to Joker to fucking die for all the things he’s done. He’s a complete monster that can’t be saved. I also completely drop a story when I know it’s NTR since it’s just gonna fucking piss me off. Unless I was told it has a happy ending, I wouldn’t read it.

  • NTR should always be enjoyed sparingly, like guro and stuff, unless you’re a total dick then go right in ahead.

    unless its slightly softcore, i always seems to have a major urging to kill the characters and rip the manga apart

  • I once saw something like this. Towards the middle of it I was beginning to rage and lusted only for the blood of the NTRer and NTRee. It actually becomes a turnoff if you empathize at all with the characters (which is admittedly silly in most hentai). This stuff is totally unsatisfying unless you hate the protagonist.
    Dumb article that doesn’t cite any arguments against this fetish.

  • I Hate those kind of whore, I mean “heroine”, if it’s a hentai, that’s ok, but on animes and mangas it’s completly ridiculous, seriously, it’s just what is needed to end the of the world…

  • Someone tries to NTR me?
    BOTH the girl and the guy are going to die. If some kid is born from it. It dies too. And if I get caught. I’ll plead guilty as I stare at the deceased ones family with a GIANT grin on my face. Then point and laugh as the guards take me away.

    • It might be tempting to think that you’d be capable of such a violent and manly response, but it’s another thing entirely to follow through when faced with the actual situation.

      Once you realize that she doesn’t love you, and never did — what’s to accomplish? The impulse for violence is a fleeting one, and once it passes you realize that hurting the guy wouldn’t make the girl think kindly of you, and hurting the girl won’t heal your wound.

      The only appropriate option, really, is to grab a friendly bottle and contemplate the cold, pale truth of this world.

    • NTR is more than just “cuckolding.” For one thing, the guy getting NTR’ed need not even be the woman’s lover. And NTR isn’t just about some slut fucking around, it’s always about the defilement of a formerly pure character. NTR has to show the progression from good wife/ mother to cock-craved bitch.

  • Well usually I hated if the girl got taken by some loser, an old man or some fat asshole or something but I don’t mind if is just normal guy. However if the protagonist is an idiot who does know how to keep his girl then by all means take her

  • Because of this Post, I just watched a Shitload of NTR Content and Yeah I liked some of it but Mainly was Pissed off at the characters and Sadly Enjoyed their Exit off Stage….. *wink*
    I am Currently Pissed off at Humanity as a whole and Now feel the need to cherish any Loving relationship i have or will Gain.
    I have no Interest in Cheating on anyone, Hordes or Harlems in my Wake or Children in several countries around the world.

    I Hope your Fucking Happy! I Care now…..
    I’m Ruined!!

  • Im not a fan of NTR but once in a while I read it. Not because I am a masochist but because I want to see women being cock hungry sluts. And what woman is a bugger slut than one who has sex right in front of her lover. Anyway happy sex still makes for the best hentai 😉

    • This. To me it is just the eroticness of how slutty the girl can be. It is very hot to think of her seducing different men to fuck her. When my girlfriend cheated on me I was devastated but eventually I realized that thinking about those acts made me horny more than mad. Now I fantasies about her seducing her coworkers and begging for their cocks.

      • That’s not really what NTR is. NTR is always about the girl being STOLEN. If the chick was a whore to begin with, IMO, it’s not NTR. The verb toru that’s part of the word implies theft. What is freely given can’t be considered as “stolen.”

        • Mostly yes. Because of the Japanese mentality. 90% of NTR is “dark-themed”. The protagonist is alomst always a sex-crazed asshole and the women are almost always broken, defiled or blackmailed into being unfaithful.

          Meh, whatever. I don’t like the “genre” at all. It’s just like that “densha” or “groping girls on train” fad a couple of years ago. Forceful sex, sex without consent and blackmailing is for weak people with mental problems. I really don’t like how this niche content infiltrates other genres lately.

  • Yeah, I think NTR gaining popularity is caused by the prevalence of Harem anime/games/manga, where the dude, (or namely, the avatar of the viewer) gets lots of girls despite not having a lot going on for him. (Keiichi Morisato- I think the MIDGARD series of doujinshi was great for illustrating the example)

    So NTR is like a deconstruction of the harem genre, the same way Evangelion addressed the question as to what would actually happen if you make emotionally unstable teenagers pilot giant robots.

    This time, the question is, what would actually happen to normal Japanese guy who expect girls to love him without doing anything aggressive.

  • A lot of NTR situations depend on that old hentai staple of “Girl getting raped then liking it.” What makes NTR different (And delicious) is that it sets up the experience so that it’s slow enough and builds up the premises to a point where we actually care about the guy and the girl and their relationship, but then there’s some sort of catharsis when we’re shown that she realizes how much she LOVES being fucked violently by someone other than the person she supposedly loves. Because she’s a fucking whore who loves being a cumdumpster after all. And for us, that’s fucking hot.

    Try watching these anime: Triangle Blue and True Blue.

    Recommended reading: ShindoL’s “Becoming a Girl” about a dude who becomes a girl and the consequences it has with his relationships among his former bros.

  • NTR with gangbang, pregnancy, and likable protagonist is the best.

    My first encounter with NTR is with Takenoko Seijin’s “When You Let Go Of My Hands” About childhood friends in a situation where, because of the guy’s inability to confess his love for her, she ends up losing her to the popular guy. Horrible stuff happens afterwards.

    Then it was Cuvie’s “The Girl’s Truth” where a guy’s best friend fucks a girl he liked first.

    Ootsuka Kotora’s “Crossing Man and Woman” = I came buckets. About this married guy who was bored and tried swinging with another couple. Best feeling of catharsis from my penis, my friends.

  • In Japan where the office hours are long and the husband doesn’t get to see the face of his wife much, the NTR genre is prevalent. Even more so with the ‘unpaid overtime’ thing. Most people find it creepy, but it is a normal thing in Japan.

    Remember the Japanese ‘Things you seek in partner’ poll? Fidelity is up there. But the NTR is best limited to 2D and other fictional works only.

    • Oh and if anyone is interested, the 2ch described NTR image is from:

      [Atelier Sakura] Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Harande mo Ii Desu ka…? 3 Boku no Shiranai Tokoro de Iki Kurutteita Saiai kanojo -Kimajime na Gakuen Huku Kaichou-

  • Wow. I’m pretty open minded for porn. Really, anything consensual and non-disfiguring is ok – or so I thought. Even things I don’t get, I just admit it’s not for me. Rape? Not my thing. Guro? Not my thing. Scat? Not my thing… NTR? Fucking warped, sick shit.

    If I got NTR’ed by someone who does it on purpose – like as a hobby? Well… I’d demonstrate for them firsthand that while that sounds like the worst thing in the world, there are yet worse fates one could encounter…

      • Nope. I can see the appeal – evolutionary motive and all that – but I have too much empathy. If she’s not having fun, neither am I.

        I can’t really hold it against someone if they like it – it’s probably a pretty basic urge. I think my perspective is kind of half female or something though, at least by stereotypes: For me, a huge part of sexy is in the mind, not the body… and the mind recoils at rape.

  • Honestly? I think people just like it because it reinforces their pathetic “all women are whores” rhetoric. I can’t see any other reason for a guy to like it- it’s not like the cuckold fetish, where the appeal is usually that the man is unable to satisfy his woman, so he wants to see her have total satisfaction with a better, more endowed, or otherwise superior lover. In those cases it’s basically renting out some other guy as a sex toy.

    NTR seems to be much more about humiliation and betrayal, and of course in these situations the cheating woman will always be the “bad” character. Men, especially virgins with no chance at touching a woman in their lifetime, seem to delight in fantasies that project women as vicious, sadistic, whoreish creatures.

    I’m sure that there are other reasons people like it, but I think a lot of people must like it for the reason above, as well- after all look at Japan- and all otakus- obsession with requiring herbivorous, innocent, virginal women… the thought of seeing them as such corrupt sluts must delight those who’ve been shunned in real life by women.

  • NTR is quite a wonderful fetish that I don’t particularly care for. Physiologically and Psychologically, there’s a lot going on seeing your girl getting fucked by someone else. Standard male reaction is jealousy/anger, which are some decent emotions to fuel a strong orgasm.

    IRL NTR, though, is something completely different than its fictional counterpart – just like pedophilia, rape, sadism, etc. So, considering we’re discussion ero manga/anime, NTR must be treated consistently. All of the previously mentioned fetishes are likely crimes, NTR only being a crime in some parts of the world. NTR as a practice isn’t even new, niggas been stealing bitches for decades – getting off the the fact that they have some other nigga’s bitch.

    So, honestly, it’s not too much of a surprise with the increase in NTR ero because NTR has existed since the dawn of man. The remarkable thing is _how_ NTR is sexually exciting people. I barely see any lovers of NTR identify with the guy doing the NTR, but instead with the guy undergoing emotional stress/torture. I suppose that’s just a natural result of porn being a beta thing, as betas will likely identify with the situation of the pathetic loser far more strongly.

    tl;dr Bring on the psychological masochism

  • There’s one category of NTR being left out here: Guy getting NTR’ed by a futanari fucking his girlfriend. It’s rare, but amazing!

    From an erotic standpoint, the point of NTR is watching the change in the girl as she almost inevitably winds up preferring the NTR guy over her boyfriend/husband, gradually reducing herself to a base individual who cares more about fleeting physical pleasure than emotional attachment. Not only is the woman treated as a sex object, she comes to view the men as sex objects too–and often chooses the NTR’er over the protagonist on the basis of sex alone.

    Since the guy is often ugly (if it’s a good-looking guy he usually will wind up dumping her for another girl in the end anyway, making it a double NTR), it’s a degradation and corruption fetish driven to an extreme by mixing in the emotional trauma of the betrayed male. As Kohaku once said, the more pure and innocent something is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.

    • all are the same thing, girl stealing girl, girl stealing the girlfriend of her ex, man stealing girly boy, man stealing man, etc.

      in the end what it matters is that someone steal the loved one of others

  • NTR is alright.

    ero-anime and games that feature NTR always have the best looking girls and the best protection values, so it’s very fappable from a strictly visual point of view.

    storywise, NTR can offer alot to a large variety of fetishes but I can see why people may hate is so strongly.

  • Omg Artefact you make NTR look bad with your shitty Type-B tastes. NTR isnt about rape or violence or any other stuff, its about creating distressing emotions in the reader. Its about upsetting the reader and being hard to read. Thats what makes it good, its emotional. Most Doujins and games are just shallow shit revolving around how cute the characters are but NTR is actually about the protagonist. It makes you angry, sad etc.

    I personally feel that people to relate NTR to rape and talk about how only freaks and sickos like it are ignorant and stupid. These are the people who just read doujins to satisfy sexual desires with cutesy vanilla and moe characters. It takes a good author to make a doujin that actually distresses you and makes you feel emotional. Thats the point. Type-B fans who just play games and read doujins to whack off wouldnt understand NTR.

    I garrentee that anyone who starts reading NTR will actually begin to enjoy it after awhile. Not because you will start to feel good about it, but because you will understand it more and feel the experience rather than the horniness.

    • Agree with you there. Some of the well-written, well-drawn NTR manga bade me come buckets. It’s not about “All women are whores” because that’s the assumption the guy raping/stealing the girl has, and if the writer did it very well, the main character being very sympathetic adds to the arousal a viewer gets the same way housewives gossip about married so-and-so having an affair with that hot stud. But with actual fucking portrayed.

      It also is a good medium or setting to portray a sort of change in character based on how much pleasure is derived from the act of fucking, and doing it -because- it’s forbidden, and that there’s a danger of being found out, or something that makes it exciting, rather than the normal, consensual, romantic thing that people call “vanilla”

  • I find NTR hot because it is all about the thought think a girl who is head over heals for someone fucks another guy and she becomes obsessed its such a huge turn over that your mind realizes that the sex was so good that it broke true love. These thoughts will happen once you really get to know a girl so well that you know shed never do anything.

    When you get into the territory with anime or even role play it can be very satisfying.

  • There’s been a series of AV’s about this for quite a while, Gameshow types where a boyfriend and girlfriend are present, and if they guy can’t pick out his girlfriend from a lineup of girls (when only the breasts and pussy are shown), she gets fucked by another guy and he has to watch.

    Not my thing personally, but I can see the draw for some sadistic folks.

  • NTR rules. It makes me feel crazy excited, not school love stories or such a thing – that’s fucking sleepy.

    But hell yeah, i like ntr here and hate it out there, i’m normal guy.

  • Ok, wow. Believe it or not, this is a rare case of the West beating Japan to the punch by several centuries in the international Fetish arms race.

    The so called new fetish NTR already exists as a fetish. It’s called Cuckholding.

  • I got my former girlfriend pregnant she told me about it, then we go our separate ways, then a few weeks later, she married an old guy, she then gave birth to a baby girl several months later, the guy that married my former girlfriend probably thought up until now that the little girl is his daughter.

    This is how real life NTR works.

    As for NTR, no I still prefer loli genre.

  • heres the thing most NTR always starts with a good guy thats also a spinelless idiot and focuses on the girl being raped and ultimately in the end she starts to enjoy it, which makes most NTR unrealistic, lets not forget that most of the dialogue that comes from the girl makes her sound like she has an IQ of 12 points, this is what consists NTR stealling an idiot from another idiot that are in a loving relationship.

    then we have normal cheating manga were the guy or girl are in a loveless or doomed relationship and by time or by other circumstances, like the other character being an idiot, dead lay, being ignored, etc, the man or woman falls out of love with the other and then starts having sex with random dude A or B,C,D, etc. this is not NTR.

  • NTR is supposed to spur emotions in the reader, thats what makes it appealing. New NTR people always run away from it because they find it so hard to read and tragic, but its the same with long time NTR readers, theyve just grown accustomed and intrigued by it. I like NTR because it makes me feel emotional, thats what makes it more deep then your standard vanilla, not that i dont like vanilla as well :3. You feel sorry for the protagonist, it draws you in.

  • NTR is supposed to spur emotions in the reader, thats what makes it appealing. New NTR people always run away from it because they find it so hard to read and tragic, but its the same with long time NTR readers, theyve just grown accustomed and intrigued by it. I like NTR because it makes me feel emotional, thats what makes it more deep then your standard vanilla, not that i dont like vanilla as well :3. You feel sorry for the protagonist, it draws you in.

  • NTR is straight up retarded. The protagonists are straight up pansies who don’t have atleast the motivation to say “fuck this, I’m outta here” and move on. They just go “NOOOOOO Why?”

    Here’s a great NTR:
    Guy loses girl to playa
    Guy works out and injects steriods
    Gain mad bulk from the juice
    Gets equally hot chick and starts messing around like a playa with other girls.
    Girl sees how pimp he is, playa stealer rolls up and runs his mouth off “I’m still fucking her”
    Manly protagonist knocks him out and then bitch slap ex with pimp hand.
    “If you gone be cheating on me bitch, atleast get my money with that smooth tongued mutherfucka”
    Smoke weed everday.

  • At the end of the day, this kind of thing with netorare (NTR) can be made to happen in the doujinshi/manga when the author creates it, and can really happen in real life in a sense. It sucks seeing someone hurt by a a girlfriend/or boyfriend, or their spouse who didn’t love them as much and as a result ends up in another man’s hands. But sometimes that chalks up to reality and you have to deal with betrayal when it happens.

    However don’t harbor that much resentment and think that every women or men is a slut/manwhore. Because some of them aren’t. Who knows, all you have to do is find out for yourself, Know that guy or girl inside and out, Both sides to that guy or girl, and look and see for yourself if she is that guy or girl you want to be with. If you find out that he or she’s just another one of those men/women with an awkward sense of love and sex, in other words, a slut/or manwhore, don’t be with him or her. There’s so many men and women out there and you’ll find that person. All you got to do is give it as many shots as you can.

    Anyway bottom line, I don’t like NTR that much for some reason, although it may be fun to realize after you’re done reading, when you think about it. Sometimes things don’t go well for the the cheaters at some point and they deal with plenty of problems. That’s just me. I believe in karma that’s all.

  • So it for guys who like to watch? Like a threesome but you don’t get to do you own girl? I don’t see how it’s hot I wouldn’t want anyone doing my girl unless it was another girl.

    Unless you’re one of those loser who reach to high and thought it was hot watching Aya fucking her bandmates and thought it was hot they were fucking “your” girl.

  • Isn’t this like the primal women’s desire? One soft man to pay the bills and take of her (and can’t seem to get away from these situations) and a raw sexy man straight up for the good sex and kids?

  • NTR is fun,because of all those spineless anime protagonist who for some reason can get literally 2-4 girls tops for being a bitch.Say a few good lines you probably ripped off from another shounen manga hero who has balls and the girl your protecting all of a sudden kicks the villains ass or powers the protagonist never had all of a sudden shows up to kick the villains ass.It basically gives another point of view in the situation,where the type of guys who usually just get girls loses them.This fills up some mens insecurities.

  • Just like raep, I can’t say I hate NTR. I’m a pretty broad-minded lad, liking all-around happy sex as well as the extreme opposite. The only things I can’t tolerate very well at all, however, are futa and yaoi.

  • NTR is a love-hate relationship for myself. I hate the storylines but damn is the art good(so many good artists tend to flock to this genre nowadays). Also never project yourself into the story and focus mainly on the girl, you aren’t exactly fapping to this for the guy. Keep these facts in mind and fap away my brethrens

  • dimanganime says:

    I have a unique relationship of love and hate with NTR. I usually either like an hentai and keep it or i dislike it and delete it, either for awful artwork, or unnapealing themes such as guro or yaoi. Now, NTR is the only genre that i become very excited about downloading and reading (often, more excited than with stuff i already know i’ll like), just to end up deleting it once i’m done reading/watching it (because it makes me sick to the core).

    I don’t understand. I don’t think i’m a masochist, but i get a rush from the intense hate for humanity and desire to put my hands on the villains on NTR stories. That of course after bitch-slapping the “boyfriend” who is initially the cool nice guy every reader normally tends to identify with, and then just becomes a pussy coward that only peeks at his gf being taken advantage of by NTR fiends instead of rushing to the garage to pick a hammer and open the motherfucker’s skull like a pumpkin.

    NTR + Punching bag = great exercise

  • NTR is simply the most realistic genre of hentai. Having had several married women, and several other opportunities I didn’t take, I can assure you that women are not to be trusted.

    • You forgot the despair in any of us getting into an actual relationship to care. I mean, come one. I don’t have a girl, so I really don’t care what happens to someone else’s. Hard to sympathize, it’s like a different language.

      Also, I get fucking HARD at NTR. Especially when the NTRer is more muscular, and better in everything other than morals.

    • Indeed, being able to focus of the sex and separate it from the other unpleasant stuff is a useful skill. Kind of like how I can barely tell you what commercials just played during a show I’m watching.

  • sorry nothing for me, I would get rage… and both would have go to hospital.. in the best case.

    ps: NTR != go strange … it’s quite more than just this. it’s more like a “promise” that just carnality is nothing compared to the love between the man who is getting “ntr’d” and the girl which letz fucks someone other. .. well for myself, I can’t do this, I have too much doubts in myself to believe that the other one, would love me more than my body or so.

  • To each his own, I suppose.

    If one can harbor fantasies of being ravaged by sentient, intergalactic agriculture, then a simple “easternized” cuckoldry fetish should be nothing to the delightfully unorthodox minds of the Japanese.

    • What makes easternized cuckoldry great for men who fap to it?

      There isn’t the concept of “Feminism” where the woman is empowered to be a whore and be proud of it. There isn’t the possibility where she simply thinks she’s her partner’s equal and can break off a relationship she doesn’t like.

      In the West: A man finding a woman sucking his best friend’s dick would prompt the woman to shout “You don’t own me!” And you just want to kill everyone out of frustration rather than despair from seeing someone pure and innocent and -womanly- be corrupted by someone who is less worthy, i.e., a fat, balding, middle aged man. (In the West, it’s more likely that those dudes have erectile dysfunction.)

  • My older sister got NTR’d by her best girlfriend who stole her husband. It really sucks to watch somebody you care about go through the pain and betrayal of that shit.

    Watching that would piss me off. It’s might be fun until it’s real and it happens in your life.

    • the fun of this is that when stuff like this happen that is when you really know who you really are and what you’re capable of. I think that betrayal like that would be the only thing that would make me be able to actually kill someone with no remorse. Is like a test, can you handle it or not, it’s exciting.

    • Thats why NTR is a turn off for me, in rape hentai and stuff like that usually there isn’t so much connection with the characters but with NTR it gives them an emotional attachment and I hate seeing it severed by some dirty pervert while the connection really loved them, it just pisses me off to see it. Sometimes I’ll recall them when I’m not fapping and think to the story of it and it just makes my chest tighten up and piss me off

      • newbs

        ntr isnt about the rapes, its about the emotions you feel for the protagonist having his loved ones stolen away from him. Its supposed to piss you off and make you feel emotional, if it does its successful NTR.

        Tbh i find people who run away from NTR to be shallow pleasure seekers who dont about the story and only really care about whacking it off. It takes a good author to craft a story that can make you feel truely hurt and sad.

        • I love how people are implying this is a collection of well-written emotional masses even though, whenever I’ve seen it (which is a surprisingly good amount of times), it’s just a guy looking sad or angry in the background while two people are having sex.

        • @ anon 06:42

          Doesn’t it become just another hackneyed trope that will be used a 1000 times till our eyeballs bleed.

          It’s not good writing if the plot point been used to death. It just becomes a gimmick like the little kid who’s dog gets run over is supposed to make you sad but it doesn’t because you see it coming a mile away.

          Lazy writing is more like it IMHO.

        • Impliying sadism, love and other tendencies aren’t deeply mental pleasure as well. NTR isn’t my cup of tea, but I sometimes enjoy reading some NTR material.
          That said, my best “get off” ever was with Saber’s sex scene on FSN. I find a sex scene to be way more powerful and satisfiying when the two characters are deeply involved, in a positive manner.
          It’s all about taste and colors, and these are not to be discussed.

        • No, it doesn’t take a good author to make someone “truly hurt and sad” especially with something like this which is simply attacking people’s empathy, rendering them more disgusted than sad.
          To be strict, people who “run away” from NTR aren’t masochists which admittedly is a deeply mental pleasure.

      • given the fact that there are plenty of sick fucks out there… it makes sense that the more fucked up fetishes are rearing their ugly heads…

        that and the fact that japanese society tends to be very against openness in sexuality in public, it makes sense that such sick fetishes appear… suppressing things makes it get really… bad…

        • Because the term “sick fuck” is a normal term in the psychological community. Let’s go check it out in the DSMIV-B

          No, I’m not going to accept being called a “sick fuck,” just because I have different tastes from you.

          My apologies if I went a little wild before, I might have been using you as an outlet to release some aggression and frustration I feel towards someone I know who does happily say that all these “sick fucks” need to be shot or dismembered or locked up for the rest of their lives.

          Still, you aren’t a shrink, so don’t pretend you are one.

        • seems like anon doesnt understand the point im trying to make.
          when it comes to “sick” i mean psychologically unhealthy, the last time I checked, getting off to someone getting killed in a gruesome manner does not qualify as showing the person has a psychologically sound mind. nor does getting off to the fact that your lifelong partner is getting fucked by other people a sign of a healthy mind.
          this kind of behavior and development in tastes is encouraged by sexual repression.
          you need to stop jumping to misinformed and hasty conclusions, fool.

        • I don’t see what’s so sick about NTR… actually, I don’t get your fetish for the word “sick” to describe what appears to be any fetish you don’t like.

          “I like fucking chicks with glasses.” “Dude, that’s so sick, you need to go to an institute.”

          “I like fucking fat chicks.” “You’re sick!”


          “I like watching my romantic partner/love interest get fucked by other men… even though it hurts inside.” Aw man, here’s your cyanide pill…

          Actually, I know someone like you. If you like anything they dislike, or hold a different opinion, you’re automatically in the wrong and SHOULD BE SHOT/DISMEMBERED/LOCKED UP.

          Oh, and I’m with you on the suppressing thing, it’s better to be able to release your impulses in a controlled fashion than to do something that’s going to hurt somebody.

        • > I thought once you broke up in a negative fashion you would break all form of contact?

          Wow, either your exes you broke up with in a negative fashion were extremely reasonable women, or you didn’t experience it a lot, did you?

          When you break up with a woman and leave her pissed off (even if she’s the one who cheated on you and she didn’t try to keep you, she’ll wager there were reasons for it to happen, which, admittedly, bears some truth,) she’ll try to hurt you for some time. Can be very naive and petty, and can be a major nuisance. Anyway, you’ll hear a lot about her for some time, and it’s easy to infer what her life’s like from it.

  • Nope, probably will never like this kind of stuff except if it involves three yuri girls; one girl got tied and then forced to watch a dominatrix lesbian girl violating her little sister/lover, only to be ended into a threesome yuri scene.

    If it’s one involving a male main character, the only good comeback is if he eventually slay down the guys who gangraped his girlfriend.

    Also, why does pic 2 sorta looks like Araragi going emo over a ginger version of Meme having sex with Senjougahara in front of him…

      • Same here. If I was the guy in the secod pic, I woulda started beating the shot out of the guy fucking my women. I would leave him in a bloody mess and then… Well idk if I would kick/hit the girl. Might out of rage but even then my own morals might trump said rage. I would definitely scare the shit out her though. ie: glare with murderous intent while cussing her off in the deepest, loudest voice I could muster at the time.
        Though if this were 2D, I’d kill ’em both ‘less I could tell the girl wasn’t whiting around.

    • hmmmmm maybe its creepy but come think of it its preeeeety hot too i would let my friend F***k my girl and iwill watch hmm or A KID i will let that kid watch then i will make my girl to touch the kid hewhehe

      • i won’t class that as NTR, that sounds more voyeur

        besides, NTR make you wanna kill someone, especially the hardcore ones … god, i hate that genre, the only exception i have is ‘night shift nurses’ as that is slight NTR-ish … i think

      • Agreed. NTR shits lack that kind of reaction. I mean, the artist never allow the protagonist to strike back against his girlfriend or the fiends who raped his girl or whatever. In NTR all the protagonists are miserable people without a hint of a spine when in reality, the first thing everyone would do is to grab the first fucking knife and gut everyone who had a part in hurting you.

        • Being a guy could incline you to feel for the guy? Makes no sense to me.
          The end is fucked up, but that’s just japanese writing. I hated the guy balls, not so much for fiddling around but for having a genuinely asshole attitude. I would actually like to watch a show where the protagonist is actually charming and not a lucky wimp bastard, who is loved by many girls because he actually likes and loves them all in return. Like a japanese Casanova, he just can’t help loving them all. So he’s unfaithful in regards to the moral conception of monogamy, but still a good guy.

          Add some wit and method to the guy’s persona and I think that would be an amusing story.
          I type this as I remember an episode of that navy lawyers series (happened to watch that at one time) in which a guy is being charged with polygamy. And as he is confronted by both lawyers and wives, he explains that he simply loves all 3 of them. And they still love him back as they believe in his sincerity and how he’s supported their dreams and wishes. That’s pretty paragon to me.

        • I’m a guy but I still found myself hating the guy on School Days. He really was an asshole for cheating on not only his girlfriend, but the girl he was cheating with. That’s just bad…

        • it is only hot when it happens to the guy who deserves it… then again, a lot of the guys who are being ntr’d are meek faggets who don’t deserve the girl to begin with.

          however, the fact that the girl is enjoying her betray of the person she made a commitment with while she is still with him, you can only trust them as far as you can throw them.

          really now, as a man, you have a duty to your woman to fulfill her needs too but if she still gonna fuck around like this, i’ll slap her a bit, push her down and stomp her once or twice and tell the bitch. then you go and beat the shit out of the guy who is fucking around with her.

          however didn’t the surveys and polls state that japanese women want to be raped?

        • How about noone kills anybody? You folks seem to lose it in these interwebs conversations.
          Unless it’s rape, noone deserves to die over sex. And I consider rape the exception because I’m a westerner, albeit a softy.

        • > nah… just put each one of them in a locked small room full of turd and old cheese for 48 hours: that will serve as an unforgettable punishment

          I doubt about that, sure they won’t forget but they won’t act any better in the future. On the contrary, scarring them then letting them loose is probably worse.
          Besides, getting away with a kill is indeed likely when doing it right. Getting away with a serious offense whose victim can identify you, is rather tricky.

        • ‘Course they’re both accountable but to me it is not reason enough to blame. I can accept not being the preferred choice, or only choice, of my preferred choice. I can accept unfaithfulness. I can accept that a guy would want to take advantage of such an opportunity, I could myself.

          I *will* blame the guy if he lured the girl by lying to her or manipulating her, the most likely instance would be if she expected being in a relationship but he only wanted one fuck (and only because I’d know.) Applied vanilla, it is just the usual game of predators against prey. But here the guy is deliberately messing with me and with the girl under my protection. Too much to let slip.

          I *will* blame the girl if her sleeping with him is not so much her discovering she prefers to be with him, as it is wanting to taunt me. While I might deserve ill-treatment, (and unless I believe so,) I did not deserve that much. It is unfortunately fair game if I was dumped at least like half a day beforehand. But it is not otherwise.

          Also, vengeance works well for me. It’s like closing an open resource. Applying a reaction according to an action. Also, it is good at preventing twice the same culprit of the same crime. Which I understand better than most death penalty mechanisms.

        • You are a fool. They both were inconsiderate unless the situation was rape. If you are going to put those conditions on reaping vengeance or not, just don’t kill either. You aren’t going feel any better unless you express how you were hurt to both of them….through the act of murder.

          I personally don’t agree with killing infideles but if you going to do it, don’t be prejudice. They both should be held accountable.

        • I like to think I am a very fair man.

          I will only kill the guy when after the NTR he ruins the feelings of the girl I’ve been trying to love and protect. When he reveals it was just sex, he was only interested in NTRing, he’s acting like having a relationship is openly using her…

          I will only kill the girl when she reveals (no need to pretend, it shows, I’ll know soon) she was merely interested in taunting me.

  • Carrot_Glace says:

    Haruri Murakami’s novel “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” (1995) has one of the most NTR themes I ever read. It makes me sad and furious for what happened to the main character, Tooru.

    No hentai manga could nearly match this novel.

    • You’re right about the NTR theme in “Wind-up Bird Chronicles”. Then again it’s Murakami (my favorite author)and considering some of his other novels I’ve come to expect the gutwrenching heartache,empty sadness with just a little touch of the bizarre, “Kafka on the Shore” “Norwegian Wood” ? His books never really end well for protagonist do they?

      Eagerly awaiting the English translation of IQ84.

      • Carrot_Glace says:

        Yeah, I’m nearly obsessed with his novels =D

        I can’t say that “Wind-up…” has a happy ending, but neither the contrary.

        I already read 1Q84 in Spanish (first and second part, Spanish third part will be publish soon.). It’s very good, and it’s very linked to “Wind-up…”, same year, lots of coincidences and they share a character. I think you would like it a lot.

  • It’s not creepy. It just sucks. Well, for some people. But I do think it’s sorta fascinating. Maybe that’s the wrong word to use, but it’s just some sort of “thrill” when you see artwork of netorare.
    NTR in 3D sucks like hell, but 2D NTR is hot. That’s just my opinion.

    • HAHA!

      Oh, you.

      She ends up liking a wimpier, more successful guy because you’re so overprotective.

      You can thank feminism for empowering women to leave the man and look for another. And repeat the cycle if desired.

  • NTR is the reason I still watch Hentai. Series like Triangle Blue, I Can, Grope: Yami no Naka no Kotori-tachi, Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu, Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu, True Blue, etc. are sooooooo
    (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ delicious!

  • Every doujin/manga with it gets “WTF NTR!! I hate this shit!” but if you research it the same people read/watch EVERYTHING involving NTR posting the same comments.

    Seems like it’s a “I know it’s bad for me, but I can’t fucking stop!!!” more then anything.

  • Yet another way to make women the objects of sexual conquest. I believe Helen of Troy was one of the west’s first female “victims” of NTR, if I’m not mistaken. This is not a new obsession, people.

        • Menelaus was the one NTRed by Paris and Helen. The reaction he had is literally EPIC.

          It’s the sort of reaction any red-blooded, heterosexual men would have, even if 6,000 years apart, if some punk took your woman.

          What NTR does, is make Menelaus powerless in front of the hot, sexy, Trojan dicking Helen enjoys.

          And everyone else masturbates to it.

          It’s like how zombies are more terrifying if you didn’t have a chainsaw/shotgun/substitute for a dick/etc. And you’re basically powerless because of your psychological state of terror and fear.

  • Personally, I love NTR because it’s so true to life. I just can’t identify with the protagonists in vanilla-happy-sex stories; the only women I’ve ever loved all chose other guys instead of me.

    NTR is the true face of reality. More than that, it’s also a complex and nuanced pleasure. Fapping to NTR is like biting into a sour apple; you get a mixture of conflicting qualities. In the apple, you have sweet and sour; in NTR you have pleasure and shame. It’s the entire emotional spectrum of sex — excitement, elation, hope, ecstasy, terror, dejection, sorrow, shame, and worthlessness — distilled into one potent draught.

    • There’s different kinds of netorare, but Netorare with a girl (TRULY willing, not force into submission through rape or and blackmail) willing to cheat on the guy and doesn’t care at all and event taunts him is probably one of the better kinds of NTR. It would just show that the girl was a terrible human being in the first place and doesn’t deserve the right to love the protagonist or anyone at all for that matter. Just like that one NTR manga where the girl cheats on the protagonist’s friend, telling the friend that she loves him, and then the friend himself discovers that she’s NTRing with a lot more people. In the end, the friend tells the protagonist to drop the girl then forcefully convinces him by opening a door to a dirty room where she was having an orgy like insects would.

  • The rapists are more than likely going to get arrested after leaving DNA evidence of their crimes. Then, they’re going to get sent to a Yaoi filled place called prison. Anyway, NTR is just as bad guro (worse if combined with guro). I just wonder why the protagonist doesn’t just stab their fingers into those motherfuckers’ eyes repeatedly or kill them some other way. I also wonder why the victimized girl just bite of the guy(s)’ dicks when they put their offending organs into her mouth. Seriously, they invite the opportunity every time they say “eat my dick” or something and I always expect the girl to eat it. Of course if such things ever happened, that would be a subversion and NTR fans wouldn’t buy it, so that wouldn’t happen in a NTR work. Although, I’ve seen NTR tropes subverted, averted , or defied Epicly before in other H manga, also sometimes specifically called vanilla.

  • You guys are doing it wrong. You are not supposed to be looking at this by the “NTRed” side, unless you failed mitosis. Take the other side, it’s pure WIN.

    Fantasizing about stealing someone’s girl in front of him and fucking her with all your might, how could that ever be a bad thing?