Cathay Pacific Sex Leak – No Wonder It’s Called a Cockpit…


Top Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific has been embroiled in a high altitude sex scandal after one of its pilots inadvertently leaked photographs of his stewardess girlfriend fellating him in the cockpit and posing salaciously about the plane.


Cathay Pacific claims the plane was on the ground while all this service was going on and thus posed no particular danger to anyone:

“There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that the act took place inflight, and there are no reasons to believe that any safety breaches have occurred.”

They seem less sure of themselves in other comments to Chinese media:

“One of the photos appears to have been taken inside an aircraft cockpit. There is no way to tell conclusively whether the photo was taken while the aircraft was on the ground or airborne.”

They have pledged to investigate this unpardonable misuse of company property, whilst the pictured pilot has apparently since filed a police report saying the pictures were stolen from his PC.

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